Shalom everyone, giving all praises to the Most High, Elohim and his word and his truth. About to expose this movie Roman Jay Israel Esquire, now those who watch my work previously, all the movies that I’ve exposed, I’ve showed you guys, they’re always making fun of the so-called, “Negroes”, they know that the so-called, quote-unquote, Negroes or the ones you call African Americans, they are the real Biblical Hebrew Israelites, okay, they are the biblical yahoodi, okay, they are the true people of the book, they know that and this is why they keep coming out with these movies, just like the the Black Panther movie.They know who we are, I didn’t get to the Black Panther yet, I will get to it and it’s gonna be deep, coz I’m gonna, I’m gonna need to use other films to expose that one, but this film here, Roman J Israel, again, as you see over and over, they cannot help themselves because they know it’s the truth, and this is why they use our people to portray these things and bring these things out, because they know they cannot tell you to your face, you are the true people. This is why your language was changed, your culture was changed, and you was destroyed, thus saith the Most High okay, it’s in the word of the Most High God, and this is why your churches don’t teach you this, okay, they want to keep you on mass deception, but let’s go here in Ezekiel chapter 22 and I just want to read the scripture before I show some scholastic sources, College text and then some other films, and then we could jump right into it, okay, so Ezekiel chapter 22 verse 4, we’re gonna start here in the middle of this verse here right, it says

(4) therefore have I made you the Israelites, a reproach unto the heathen, the Gentiles, and a mocking, a mocking to all countries.

Okay, this film, this movie is going out to all countries and they are mocking us as the true Israel, as the real Hebrew Israelites, okay, and this is why the father said we would be a mocking to all countries, okay, coz this is what they’re doing but let’s jump down to verse 15 and 16, to see what the father said he would do to his people 

(15) and I would scatter you among the heathen, the Gentiles, and disperse you in the countries 

okay so God’s children is dispersed, to, among the Gentiles, okay, through the countries 

(15) and I will consume your filthiness out of you 

because our forefathers were in sin, okay, idolatry, and all this wickedness okay, and will consume thy filthiness out of you

(16) and thou shalt, here’s the key, and thou shalt take thine inheritance in yourself, in the sight of the heathen, in the sight of the Gentiles and thou shalt know that I am YahWah, the most high, 

okay, so that key right there is, we’re gonna take our inheritance within ourselves, okay, how you look, the father said the curses would be upon us for a sign, a sign, okay, we are the biblical people, okay but now I wanna jump into some college texts and then bring out a couple more films to prove that they know, okay, so when I show, when I break down this film, it shouldn’t be, it shouldn’t be no confusion, it shouldn’t be, oh,this is a lie, because this is, this is what they do. This is a pattern of what they do, okay, they’re always showing us to be the biblical people. Hollywood movies, okay, so if the real biblical people were these Europeans, it shouldn’t be no reason why they keep showing us as the biblical people, okay, so let’s get into it.

So, here we have a bunch of college textbooks, like to show right before break down these films, to prrof to you I’m not just talking, all right, I’m not crazy, I got the proof to back these things up, okay, they know who you are. But I want to go here, in the Bible Dictionary, okay, just to prove these things, here’s another one, the Zondervan’s pictorial Bible dictionary, now they claim to say that we’re Africans, right, we’re “Hamites” but if we go here and look at the definition of a ham, okay let’s get that real quick, the youngest son of a Noah born probably about 96 years before the flood and one of the eight persons to live through the flood, he became the progenitor, meaning forefather, of the dark-skinned races, not the Negroes, so the Negroes are not from ham, the scholars understand that, they are not what you call African or those quote-unquote, African tribes, but the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans, and Canaanites, so they understand that these Negroes, or those whom you call Negro or african-american, they’re not hamites, okay, they are from Shem, they are the original Hebrews, okay, now we look up this word, if we look up this word, “RUDDY”, right, a word used to refer to a red or fair complexion in contrast to the dark skin of the Hebrews. Dark skin of the Hebrews, the Hebrew Israelites, they were dark skinned people. We dealing with King David, right, let’s go to 1 Samuel chapter 17 verse 42

(41) and the Philistines came and drew, matter of fact, jump down here 

(42) and when the Philistines looked about and saw David he disdained him for he was but a youth and ruddy, ruddy, we looked up the word, ruddy, okay, dark skin of the Hebrews, okay, which, this kills that dummy doctrine that Esau is a white man, also it proves, that the Hebrews were dark-skinned people, but I’m gonna further prove this, okay, so, in this first book, I-bows or I balls, Hebrew exiles from Israel, okay amazing facts and revelations, I pull here, can we see this image here, okay, “fine heebes”, okay, when we were being sold into slavery, okay by lovely Europeans, okay wonderful Europeans, we go here to page, 54, alright,

“the first British explorers who met the Ibos or Ibos of Nigeria were quick to identify them as “a branch of Hebrews” okay, (Basden in 1938), and so simply refer to them as Hebrews (Heebos, Eboes, and later Ibos)”.

“so also referred to themselves as heebo, a corruption of Hebrew”

so when they were calling us heeboes, it was a corruption, basically, they didn’t even care to call you your proper name, to call you basically Hebrew, or to even identify you as Hebrew, okay, or accepted to be called Hebo, eboe or Ibo as a way of associating themselves with the emergent new culture of the colonial masters. Now this book has tons of information, but going through this thing briefly because I’m gonna expose this 12 tribe chart, to prove all these things, okay, here’s another scholarship, or a Scholastic source, college textbook, okay, “Creole New Orleans, race and Americanization”, those who watch my video, know that I use this book a lot, to bring out thse information for the new viewers coming into this truth, okay, as we see here, 

“between June 1719 and January 1731, 16 slave trading ships arrived in Louisiana from the Senegal region, six ships came from Judah, Judah means, Jew okay, or whydah, a slave trading post, a slave trading post”

Alright now, ama hold that for a second and get another college textbook, right here, “a cultural history of the Atlantic world, okay 1250- 1820, okay, John Thornton, you see that? Im just gonna go here real quick cos im gonna,some these movies uses this sources to bring it out, yeah, cos theres a tons of information in here, but just to confirm, all these sources are connected, okay,

“Europeans often fortified their factories as trading post”, like I got just read to you in the other source, “for example the French director at whydah on the coast of modern-day Benin, okay, that wider means, Judah, Judah, as I showed you,here, on page 67, so we booked three steps, to confirm these things, okay Judah, okay and they have a map of this called Negro land, you can look that up, by Emmanuel Bowen, a slave trading post,okay, 

“between February 1726 and January 1731, 12 slave ships from Senegal landed, 3,259 slaves at Balize at the mouth of Mississippi River. During that same period, one ship from Judah landed 464 slaves at that same port.”

“The African slaves brought to the Chesapeak during the 18th century came mainly from the bight by Biafra and were heavily Ibo”

Okay, which connects back to this book, Ibos, Hebrew exiles from Israel, so all these books, all these sources, Scholastic sources are complementing and confirming one another. Here’s another one, Western African history. This is a college textbook, but I’m sure you havent learnt this in school atall or you being this information, okay, but im just showing you this briefly, im not trying to get too deep right now, cos when i do, thats gonna be the time, that ill be proofing to you that this information is true, ok, page 199

“The inhabitants of Bonny, when our author last visited that port, amounted to about three thousand, they are chiefly a mixture of eboe or Hebo and the brass tribes”

Again, this source has a lot of information, all complimenting and backing up each other, okay, here is another college source, Ouidah, ok, means, Judah, the social history of a western West African slaving port, i just showed y’all, oh, wait here, what do we have here,hmm, dark-skinned people and hmmm, who are these right here, Europeans, they’re not Edomites, ok, we’re gonna go here just to confirm this jew word, its location is slaving port, ok, although Ouidah is the spelling of the town’s name current nowadays, it occurs in European sources between the 17th and 19th centuries in various other  forms, so this location, it has different names for it, basically, okay, Whydah, as i showed you, okay, Fidah, Juda, Judah, Ajuda,okay. This other source has a lot of information as well, okay, we confirming this thing,so now i wanna get into the bible real quick. Now, if we go into the Holy Scriptures which was once called, the history of the Negro race, we go ahead to the book of Lamentations chapter 1 verse 3, dealing with Judah.

(3) Judah is gone into captivity, slavery, which I just showed y’all and all these sources that they know, because of affliction, because of great servitude, she dwelleth among the heathen, the Gentiles, not the Edomites. She findeth no rest, all her persecutors overtook her between the streets

When they came after us, okay, here is, and it’s all over in the scriptures about who we are, we just need to study. What, here’s another great source, um from Babylon in Timbuktu, okay, just wanna go here to confirm these things, matter of that before i show you that, let me show you this one, Hebrewisms of West Africa, just a little piece since we’re talking about, Judah, okay, 

“the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Hebraic culture may have penetrated to West Africa, the Hebraic influences did penetrate to the very heart of Negro land”

I’m gonna go through this, bring out all this information, down run the info on the 12 tribe,just wanna show you this real quick. This image right here, okay, Ashanti ambassadors ,all right, if you notice, what they have on their neck, right here, okay, this emblem alright, of the twelve tribes, okay, you see that? so when these Europeans, that Edomites came, they were still holding their customs, and they still had their emblem representing the twelve tribes, and you notice it says Ashanti, okay, when you watch the movie Black Panther, they speak of the Ashanti, because they know these people are the real Hebrew Israelites, okay, now back to this book, Babylon in Timbuktu, real quick, page 84,

“In the year 65 BC Roman armies on the general Pompey captured Jerusalem in 70 AD, general Vespasian and his son, Titus put an end to the Jewish state, with great slaughter during the period of the military governors of Palestine, many outrages and atrocities were committed against the residue of the people, during the period from, from, Pompeii to Julius, it has been estimated that over 1 million Jews fled into Africa”

You see, the Hebrews, they fled into Africa. They weren’t Africans, but they fled into Africa and they were dark-skinned people, so you wouldn’t even recognize them from any other African tribe, except by their customs,

“fleeing from Roman persecution and slavery. The slave markets were full of black Jewish slaves”

Ok, so there’s tons of information proving these things.

The first icons were painted in the 6th century, that’s 500 years after Jesus died, so how could the artists have known the color of his hair, or the shape of his face. Josiah’s has found that the face in the icons corresponds to a type of skull, not found in Israel. The face of Jesus would have been closer to these Jewish skulls. They were found in Jerusalem and they date to the first century, and if you look at this, notice how this is very long and this is very very narrow, it’s a complete, complete different type. We used the first century skull to get even closer to the face of the Jesus of history.

This certainly doesn’t look anything like the images that one associates with him, and I think it’s much more likely to be a an accurate reflection of the majority of people who would have been around at that time. Look at these telling images from a Jewish synagogue in Syria, they were painted in the third century, less than 200 years from the time of Jesus. They’re the earliest pictures of Jewish people in the world, and fashions back then changed slowly. It kind of hair style that you get, it’s short, it’s curly, it’s, if you like afro and style, afro in style, and this seems to be almost uniform in the way the picture depicted there. It’s unlikely that Jesus’s skin tones were white in the traditional, as you get it in much of the traditional arts, as you get it in Hollywood Jesus. It more likely had darker skin tone and is much more likely to have looked something like this.

But just to further prove that I am not playing around with this truth, I have other scholastic sources and illustrated books to confirm, they know who we are, okay, so this first source I want to look at, real quick, I’m just, I’m just going real quick through these things, “picture history of Jewish civilization”, now one thing I just want to say is, these books are very very expensive and it’s hard to find, and when I show you these images, you are going to wonder why and understand why it’s so expensive, because they know who you are and they don’t want you to get your hands on these books, okay, which confirms this information is true, okay, just looking here where it was printed: printed in Israel, okay, 1970, all right. Jewish civilization, as we see here, these are slaves in captivity. These are the Jews, the Hebrew Israelites, okay,

“thousands of war captives who were transformed into slaves made it possible for the Egyptian kings to implement their feats of engineering, chained captives are shown on these painting clay facing plaques”

Right, and these don’t look like Europeans, they look like dark-skinned people, Negroes, or what these ignorant Europeans call Negros, okay,

“from a building erected by Ramses ii in honor of the kings brave warriors from the period of the nineteenth dynasty, okay, in Paris,”

hmm, and we look over here we, see these Egyptians, dark-skinned with afros wooving over the Hebrews, who were also dark-skinned with afros, okay, so, that’s just a piece right there. Here’s another source, okay, “the unknown catacombs”, basically in Rome, I just want to show a few images in this book, I showed y’all this one in particular on YouTube, alright, let’s go here, now, this is an image of the one they call Christ at the well, okay, as you see, Negro, negroid and wooly hair, not straight ong hair that they show you, okay, let’s go here, “the sacrifice of Isaac” yeah, Abraham, negro, we have Samson, okay, slaying a lion, Negro, okay, just showing you these quick images. We have Jonah being cast in the sea,, okay these were negroids people, all right, we left five images behind, so whitewash but unfortunately it was whitewash, because people are scared of the truth, but here, we have the three Hebrews in the fiery furnace, hmm, Wow, dark-skinned people, wooly hair even though you see, they tried to make it seem like the hair was kind of straight, you see that? that’s what you call tampering, okay, then we have down here, the one they call Christ, with the five loaves, okay, feeding the 5,000 all right, so it’s another source confirming this film, why they making this type of movies, okay, here’s another source, “imprinting the divine, Byzantine and Russian icons” okay, you know that these people were dark-skinned people, I’m just showing you a little piece right here, they understand very well that these biblical people were dark-skinned people, alright, so once again, another book, “the icon”, like I said, these books are very expensive and hard to find, hard to get because, again, they don’t want you to find this information, have this information. Okay, they know that the biblical people were black, they’re sure, it’s a fact. Lets go here, okay, these angels, two Archangels froze, dark skin, you learn that in the scriptures as well, just get the true understanding, showing these things briefly, look, they tried to paint over the dark skin, you see that, st. George, they tried to paint over his dark skin. The whitewashing, here is the Apostles, Peter and Paul, okay, dark-skinned men, they were not European looking people, they two of them,umm, brainwashed wth all of that,okay,a lot of this images, its like they have to put the truth mixed in with lies. As you see here, the wise men bringing their gifts to the baby Christ, who was black, dark-skinned baby, dark skinned people. Lets go, over here, so these images, dark-skinned people and let’s see, so let’s see what they say, prophet Moses, we have David, and we have Christ, okay, Christ to the right, dark-skinned, not European, okay, above is Moses, dark skin, dark skin of the Hebrews, ruddy, and above to the right is King David, ruddy, dark-skinned, right, not European. Okay, for my last source, this is the book called, the Nazis, by Time Life folks, okay we see Hitler over here, with his SS men, watching a movie okay and one segment of a Nazi instructional film, right, the genetic heritage of the Jew is purportedly traced to oriental, negroes, near Asian and hammitic people, we know it’s not ham, we corrected that in the beginning, hence the film concludes the Jew is a bastard, they are not the real biblical people, okay, let’s go over here, it shows you that here though, these people, he calls them a bastard. Real Jews are connected to these dark-skinned people, not these people, and this is why, this is so much, ruckus going on overseas because they understand over there, that the real people are not over there, and that’s in the scriptures. Once you read the book of Joel, chapter three, those first two verses. So, anyways let’s get into his now.

This song tells the story of the limbus journey, all the way from Israel to South Africa, having traced this journey, I’m eager to hear what Samuel Moretti thinks about the DNA evidence. So the genetic testing actually proved to the doubters, 

“so the genetic testing actually proved to the doubters, genetic testing actually proved to the doubters, what you and your forefathers been saying for generations. That must be exciting.

Reply: It is

“I’ll behonest I hadn’t heard of the Lamba, I knew very little about people, but having spent time, making the journey from Jerusalem, down through Zimbabwe, having spent time here at this festival, seeing what your people are all about, I can only sum it up in one word, that’s shallom”

Reply: shallom

We’ve seen how science has backed up to claims of the lambah, in the face of years of doubt and Prejudice. The archeological clues, the DNA evidence and the lambas own oral history, add up to a very convincing argument. It reminds me that first impressions can often be misleading. It was hard to believe that a tribe of black Africans could be the descendants of ancient Israelites, but that’s exactly what they appear to be.

You’re not even American, you’re not even african-american, you’re not even african-american, you’re not even african-american. Besides, to them, you’re not even American, you’re not even african-american, you’re.. you are of the Ibo tribe, Benet, you are of the Ibo tribe. you are of the Ibo tribe, you are of the Ibo tribe. All to Jerusalem, all to Jerusalem


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