The First Inhabitants of America were Black. The image below is a reconstruction of America’s oldest resident. Westerners called it Luzia. This female and Africanized skeleton were found in Lapa Vermalha in southeastern Brazil near the Atlantic coast. The bones were dated 12,000 years ago – the oldest in America.

Luzia, the oldest inhabitant of America. Image authenticated on the Bradshaw Foundation website

The first evidence of the human presence in America is the wall engravings on the Pedra Furada site in northeastern Brazil. The human presence on this website is dated from 50,000 to 65,000 years. The Pedra Furada site is located near the eastern tip of Brazil and is clearly geared towards Africa. So far, western scientists have argued that these early residents came from Australia or Asia, not from Africa.

In any case, the people of Pedra Furada could only be black because the white race and other races only emerged from Europe 20,000 years ago from the adaptation of the black man to the ice-cold climate. America was originally populated when there were only blacks on the planet. The men of Pedra Furada could hardly be blacks from Asia (Russia), because at that time the freezing of the northern hemisphere from -120,000 to -10,000, called Wisconsinian in America, made a movement of this size almost impossible.

And it is less likely that they were Blacks from Australia because the journey between Australia and America is 6 times longer than the one between Africa and America.

Wall Paintings at Pedra Furada
(Source : Bradshaw Foundation)

If the first Americans had come from Australia or Asia, one would have expected their traces to be found first on the Pacific coast and in North America rather than on the South Atlantic coast. This is the case here. The simplest logic is that the first Americans left West Africa to come to Brazil thanks to the ocean currents. Based on current knowledge, this conclusion is the only reasonable one

Apiuna, one of the first inhabitants of America, 10,000 years old. He was a Pygmy. Reconstitution of his face from his skeleton (Source: Daily Mirror)

It should also be added that most of the first skeletons found were pygmy type, recognizable by their small size. The big blacks that European explorers saw in America were the result of a new wave of migration from Africa. They came during the imperial times of the Mali and Songhai empires based on their Egyptian-Sudanese ancestors 2000 years ago.  

These very first Americans would have mingled with the Asians, who from 3000 BC Chr. Came in greater numbers. And the Indians are the product of the union of the two, even though historian David Imhotep tells us that the Asian type was demographically dominant.


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