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The Bantu Are The Ancient Hebrew Israelites Of The Bible


When Bantus came to Africa, they controlled west, central, east and Southern Africa. They took all the forest to pygmies to avoid the spreading of Islam. Those from the west joined Bantu gala in the forest to shield against Muslims. And they called themselves bar-kongolo in DRC. Bantus’ also called themselves yahounds. (yehud-Aramaic Hebrew) meaning ‘judah’ which is the same capital of Cameroon to day (yahounde).

Most of the tribes in Zambian and Southern Africa can trace their roots from West and east Africa. Most of the tribes kept the samba (Shabbat) which is still being practice in Brazil and Cuba. Others have kept the circumcision of male’s among African tribes ; others lost the tradition.

Most of them were killed if they kept Shabbat. Bantus were also given a title by the Muslims as the “people of the book”. This is because the arabs stated trading in slaves 1,000 years before the European slave trade. Hence, informed the Portuguese about the people of the book, a people cursed by God and predestined as slaves (Deuteronomy 28: 15-68).

The Muslims also called the western Sudan yahoode which means, “the lost tribes of Israel”. These Hebrews were also led captive in to many African nations by many indigenous tribes on the west and east coast of Africa. Some were sold on the basis of losing in a war. Tribes men would sell Hebrews directly to Europeans and Muslims.

The word “Kongolo” ancient ‘koungelo’ is derived from two Hebrew words; In this case, we have “kun” meaning established and “gelo” or “golo” means exile, today It is called CONGO. 95 to 99 of Bayithu or Bantu slaves came from the following places along the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Zanji land or Zanzibar in Tanzania is one of the first places were slaves came through and more accuracy is needed to determine the percentage. 2.Congo DR and Angola 39.4%

Southeast Africa Mozambique and Madagascar 4.7% Nigeria delta, Cameroon, Equatorial Guine and Gabon Bantu slaves 14.6% Senegal and Gambia 4.8%


Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leon 4.1% Liberia and Ivory coast 1.8%

Gold coast (Ghana and Ivory coast) 10.4%

Around-900, Israel, (in Kongo language, isolele, I chose you), sometimes identified as, Jizrael, YISSA’HÉ in Kongo language Ntoto ya Beto today Bantu, already bears the germs of a fully constituted state, with fortified administrative centers and palaces in Stones of size, in Megiddo, buildings identically reproduced by the Hebrew Bantu exiled from Great Bantu Zimbabwe before the Edomites (Europeans) Discovered Africa.

They were surprised to find that the Bantu architecture on the right, in great Zimbabwe, looked strangely like the current Jerusalem architecture occupied by EDOM and the nations EZEKIEL 36:5-10, look at the photos left. SUBA, ancient village in ISRAEL current, Jerusalem, village of the Tekoites (Tékés) in current Jerusalem, in the Middle East, in ruins village that still bears the name Bantu: SUBA (Pee in Bantu language) as illustrated in the current Jerusalem tourist book, left photo, SUBA village of Jerusalem, beloved, this proves that it is the Bantu who lived in the present, Middle Eastern Israel… for they left, and kept the same architecture and Bantu names… This book will prove it to you even more, beloved, read this entire book, taking notes!

So around 900, Jezreel or YISSA’HÉ and Samaria. Jerusalem, in contrast, is really urbanized only a little before-700, the industrialization of production beginning only after that date. Israel or NGALAS and Judah or Bakongo have in common the cult of Yah-Abe, בוֹאָי, h3097, translated as Yah the father, JEREMIAH 31:9 and Matthew 23:9, but they also practiced the cult of other gods of their wealthy Phenitian neighbours (Nilotic Canaanites who are today: the Somalians, a sea people, fierce pirates, other canaanites such as the Afars, Luos, Massais, Tutsis, Oromo,


Falashas…), their gods and goddesses, such as Baal, Baalah or Baalis, or astarté or Assi, Moloch god of the ammonites today known as the Berber Tuaregs moreover the Berber ammonites of Morocco have kept the name of their ancient capital RABATH, read Deuteronomy 3:11 today Rabat

So the gods of the nations… seduced the Bantu, in spite of warnings of the prophets…

The Kongos like the Ngalas have a close Hebrew dialect: The Lingala for Israel, and the Kikongo for Judah (Yah-andi: The chosen one: which gives Yahoundé H3063 or H3061), and, from-800, they will use the same alphabet the KONGO DIA SONIKA, (the word SONIKA, is an Egyptian word, a word formerly, for commercial use, Sonika was the name for papyrus formerly manufactured by the ancient Egyptians, neighbour of the SOUTH OF ISOLEE, read NUMBERS 34:1-5, the Soninke,Egyptian scribes, or sarakolé, the word “Sara” in Egyptian language means “son”, today the Soninke, like the other ancient Egyptians, live in West Africa scattered in Mali and Senegal) mingled with the cushites, Sudanese,Dinkas, now in West Africa Madinkas.

Solomon whose name was Salamah H8004 םלֵשָׁ(to be fulfilled in Kikongo whose root is Kongo is Salah, be done,

do, perform, in Kikongo) sometimes called Kaqah Qohélat H6953 תלהֹק: Union, unifying, marriage in Kikongo, read


(BIBLE TOB QOHÉLETH 1:1 Ecclesiastic in Latin), so Salamah (Solomon) took

700 wives and 300 concubines. He allowed to development of the religions of the ba-ngos, or pagans in his entourage and it happened that, in the days of the old age of Salamah, his ba-ngos or foreign wives turned his heart to other gods 1 Kings 11:4-5.


Salamah’s infidelity to keep the covenant with HÉ YAH- ABÉ led to a divine wrath: “Because you did this (…) I will tear you away from the Kingdom (…) Only, I won’t do it in your days, because of Dawidi, your father. But I’ll rip it out of your son’s hand. “

1KINGS 11:9-13 the bana beto, descendants of the same family, divided into twelve independent tribes, unified around the davidic family, David whose real name in lari kongo was DAWIDI (he who hears), the once unified kingdom, splits into two kingdoms 1KINGS 11:35-37. The ngalas in the north and the bakongos in the south close to the Kamata (KEMET) the ntoto dia tangou Africa,often translated in the BIBLE as Egypt, in the cham land Psalm 105:23, the breakup between Israel (( in Kongo language, ISOLELE , I chose you read Isaiah 44:1)) Ngalas and Judah (YA’OUNDÉ) of the state, gave birth to two twin States, fully organized administratively, legally and militarily. The Kingdom of Israel, the BA Ngalas, the 10 tribes, whose biblical names are Ephraim (HIPHOLANII in the Narayanan language), house of Joseph (YO’SAPHIO) today the ba ngalas.

1kgs 11:30-33, and the Kingdom of Judah, Makongo and BENA’YA MOUNU, my son in Kikongo (Benyamun among false Jews) translated as Benjamin, and many Ngouzas and Zabas, Lembas: Levites and scribes, religious center of the ba ngala was Bethel in Samaria (Betou’el city of Betou: This name, Betou, came with the ba ngalas, it still exists in northern Congo Brazzaville) Betou-El (House of HÉ (God) Genesis 28:2 (Chouraqui Bible): Remember Genesis 31:13 “I am the (HHÉ) God of Bethel (BETOU’HÉ) where you set the pillar , and where you made me a wish; Now get up, out of this country, and return to the country of your kinship. “The name of the HHÉ of the Bantu, BETOU’HÉ, the final consonant is deaf in paleo-Hebrew, it is silent thus it gives BETOUEL = BETOUE) in Samaria. for the ba ngalas, some cites of JUDAH kept the same Name 1chronicles 4:30 “to Bethuel (Betou’hé), to Horma, to Tsiklag”

and JERUSALEM in Yiddish, edomite language of the present false Jews, the real name Kongo was Salamah (SALEM salamah H8004 םלֵשָׁ, place where everything is done, or is accomplished, which comes from the verb Kongo Salah, to do, to be fulfilled: Salam Bantu city of Tanzania Dar es Salaam (in Arabic د مﻼﺴﻟا را Dār as-sal Shām) Read Psalms 76:2-3, thus SALAMAH was the religious town of the bakongo (Judah, YAHANDIS, YAOUNDÉ in Hebrew Aramaic h3061 דוהי Yĕhuwde) which comes from the mighty Kongo word “yah-andi”: It is he, the designer, the chief, or the chosen.

2 SAMUEL 5:7 known as Zion in Kongo Laris language, it is TSI’YANI, translated as his new land in your Bibles as Zion (translated into modern Hebrew Khazars Yiddish Tsi’yone (h6726 ןויצ Tsiyown), the bakongos are the only people in the world, to have kept the good translation Tsi’yani)

Note that The Bantu languages are all 100% Semitic, the languages of the bana beto, or Bantu as the majority of the Semitic languages, are synthetic languages, very concrete, which contain few abstract words. Verbs are combined with accomplishment and unfulfillment, thus a verb to the accomplishment can be understood in the present or in the past. It is up to the listener, or the reader to understand the sentence according to the context. Another peculiarity is that there is no verb ‘to be’, and the noun always precedes the adjective…

On the other hand with the exo-Semitic languages the adjective precedes the noun example in French MON EAU ,


becomes in English MY WATER, in Spanish MI AGUA, remark (the possessive adjective MON)

  • (noun EAU), the writing goes from the left hand to the right, by contrast in Semitic language in biblical paleo-Hebrew For example, my water will become, water to me, water (the noun first) to me (the adjective then).

In Biblical Paleo-Hebrew, the word: WATER, is pronounced as, MAYIM the final consonant “M”, is silent, MAYIM = MAYI H4325 םִ מַי, in Yiddish, the fake German-Hebrew of the Khazars, spoken by the fake Edomite Jews or mindele people, my water, is said MAYIM SHELOY, the right pronunciation is in Lingala MAYI ya NGAI H4325 םִ מַי, in kikongo MASSA MNU, MASSA H4532 הסַּמָ (note the NOUN first + then the possessive ADJECTIVE ), Kikongo, and Lingala, are languages which like all other Semitic languages were written from right (NOUN) to left (ADJECTIVE), unlike non-Semitic languages that are written from left to right.

Conclusion, just the grammatical structure and the vocabulary of the Bantu languages already betray their Semitic


and non-African origin. Note, all the Semites were black except EDOM, the Mindele, the albino Genesis 25:25. As concernes the Arab Ishmaelites Bedouins, the people of the desert, they are Métis, a MIXED RACE, JEREMIAH 25:24 “All the Kings of the ARABS, all the Kings of the Metis, who dwell in the Desert “TOB TRANSLATION.

In this book, we will tell you, who is who; we will open your eyes with the help of the almighty YAH- ABÉ.




BEFORE YOU START, KNOW THAT THE BIBLICAL NAMES, ORIGINALLY BANTU, WERE WESTERNIZED, BY THE UNGODLY “NTANTUS” EDOMITES, as had been prophesied by the BIBLE in the book of Romans 1:25 “they (THE EDOMITES) who changed the truth of HE YAH-ABE into falsehood … “, Example: the name of the Prophet NOAH, who was NOKHA, deluge, rain, and to rain in the bakongo and ngala languages, became NOAH in the Bible, GENESIS 10:1, while in Paleo-Hebrew it

is always H5146 חַ NOKHA,ֹנ or KALEMBE, KALEMBAY H3612 בלֵכָּ,Bantu name, certainly ba Luba, which became CALEB, in the Bible NUMBERS 14:24, THOMAS in the Kongo lari language means: Beauty JOHN 20:24 Beloved, check, for yourself, read NEHEMIAH 3:4, you have evidence, in your Bibles, the 100% Bantu NAME Kongo, BAANA, which means CHILD, an exclusively Kongo Bantu name, conserved in the BIBLE. But Wake up!!! The word ANGOLA, is in the BIBLE, as HOGLA, read NUMBERS 36:11, the name GUEHAZI, in 2 KINGS 4:14, comes from the Kongo word, GEHAZI, which translates to repugnant, dirty…, this fits well with the story of GEHAZI in 2 KINGS 4

SO, BELOVED, I PROPOSE YOU an Internet link graduated from all Biblical versions to check:, I PROPOSE A FIELD OF VOCABULARY, TO PLOW TO HELP THE LAYMAN TO UNDERSTAND, READING THIS BOOK, BELOVED, YOU WILL MEET THE LETTER “G” for the Greek “H” Hebrew and the numbers, (EXAMPLE H2290, KHAGO “R” רוֹגחֲ), BELT in PALEO-HEBREW. Here is a free link in English:





-KONGO (H2290 comes from the word Hebrew-khag • Ōr-dressed and belted גחֲוֹרfinal consonant is often voiceless in paleo-Hebrew, so it is silenced “r”, which gives kango) understand that, the Kituba, the prefix KI-(the, the, the, or earth, place in akkadian, Babylonian + TUBA H8421- tuwba (Aramaic) answer, talk) = KITUBA. But where does the name KONGO come from, what is the ORIGIN of the name KONGO? The SECRET

Indeed the name KONGO derives from the verb in Kikongo, Lingala, as in Biblical Hebrew: KANGA “R” רגָ ַח, H2296. רגָ ַחwhich means close. Originally this was the belt, as you can see on the wall photo, below,on the right dating according to archaeologists Edomites between 1400-1352 BC, we can see four KONGOS soldiers (JUDAH, the YANDIS, YAOUNDÉS, YEHOUDIS) and the other image, a “nkaka bana kongo” an elder, with bonnet, earrings and RED belt, of the temple of RAMESES III, estimated between 1184 to 1153 B.C. according to Edomite archaeologists


So the four kongo soldiers below, are represented on walls in EGYPT from the tomb of HOUY vice-king of Kush at the end of the Eighteenth dynasty under the reign of Tutankhamun. The tribes of JUDAH (KONGO) were neighbors close to the Egyptians, read NUMBERS 34:1-5 and they regularly visited EGYPT. HOUY succeeds Djehoutymes, who served under Kenatu or Akhenaten known as Amenhotep IV, Amenophis IV. This tomb where one can still see the true Jews, four represented Kongos located in a place in present-day EGYPT called Gournet Mourraï (or Qurnet Murrai or Gournet Mar’eï) it is one of the necropolises of Western Thebes. It is a small hill that lies west of the Amenhotep III burial temple on the West Bank of the Nile, just south of Sheikh Abd el-Gourna.

So you can see yourself how the ancient Egyptians represented, their neighbors of the north on the walls of their temples, the true Jews (known as the kongos bana yandis, yaoundé) of the Bible, were all

Blacks, kongos, and girdled, and these belts (comes from the paleo-Hebrew word khago H2290, dressed and belted רוֹגחֲconsonant final is voiceless in paleo-Kongo Hebrew, so the “r” is silenced, which gives kango, khago’r-khag•ō which later becomes KONGO), these belts were crimson, purple that is (RED) it can be seen here with the nzabas-lembas (Levite bakongos) of KINKALA CONGO BRAZZAVILLE, of the tribe of merari, now molari, with raphia and red belt


THE BELT is a spiritual symbol of TRUTH, read EPHESIANS 6:14, or YISSA’YAH, הָיעְשְִַׁיH3470, (JESUS) is SPIRIT, his name can only be spiritual, so symbolized, he said this I am the TRUTH, John 14:6

Ah bana beto, the Bantu my people, HIS NAME? Behold, I reveal to you, his name: IS YISSA’YAH KONGO, spiritually, the one who comes in the NAME OF YAH, the TRUTH because KONGO is the belt, symbol of TRUTH. EPHESIANS 6:14 “So hold firm: Have at your waists the TRUTH for Belt…” Ah you understand that’s good. This book will please you. This is just the beginning.

EXODUS 28:8 “The belt shall be of the same function as the ephod and fixed upon it; It will be of gold, of blue thread, purple and crimson, and fine crafty linen. “Observe the two images on the left, the belts of the ancient Jews, ba kongos, are they not red? Read this book, we will reveal to you the hidden secrets.

TAKE NOTE OF THE IMAGES IN OPPOSITION, THE EDOMITE IMPOSTORS, how they copy the old belted kongos, watch carefully these IMAGES especially the painting of the VATICAN of the angel…


It is here wisdom (NGOMA), the first two at the top, with the four bakongo soldiers and the molari priest above, date according to Edomite archaeologists between 1400 to 1352 B.C. and 1184 to 1153 B.C., the true Jewish KONGOS wore the RED BELT, Belt in Hebrew means, KONGOS (H2290 Khägo in hebreuרוֹגחֲ) see for yourselves here the edomite impostors copy. The BIBLE describes how this RED BELT, was being put on, that is from the chest passing through the back, “mu kongo” read REVELATION 15:6 and REVELATION 1:13, the NKOT was going at the Waist “luketo” read 2SAMUEL 20:8 You have understood (BINAH), the SECRET IS HERE IN THIS BOOK, READ EVERYTHING UNTIL THE END YOU WILL GAIN WISDOM, CHOSEN PEOPLE, THE BANTU.

Before continuing, I would like you, to click, and scrupulously examine this map of AFRICA below, dating from 1700, the work of the Edomite Guillaume DELISLE or Guillaume de LISLE, called ” Delisle l’Ainé”, born in Paris on February 28, 1675 and died in the same city on January 25, 1726, is a French Jesuit, geographer and cartographer.

As you can see from the maps of Guillaume de LISLE, below, the Bantu had 12 KINGDOMS from Central up to SOUTH AFRICA, or southern: as the 12 tribes of Israel read JAMES whose name was Y’ QUBA, which comes from the KONGO verb “quba” hit, harden, strength.. , in your Bibles JAMES 1:1 “Y’QUBA, servant of HEY YAH-ABE and of the savior YISSA’YAH KONGO, to the twelve tribes that are in dispersion, I GREET TOU! “

EXODUS 39:14 “There were twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel (ISOLELE) each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes.”

These 12 Kingdoms, tribes were under the control of the Royal and DAVIDIC family of the tekoites known as the Ba tekes and the zaba lembas priests, of the tribes of merari which became molari, ba laris: the Macoco.

But what do the words “Macoco” and “ANZICAINS” which you see on the medieval Jesuit map mean?

-The Bantu prefix “Ma” expresses plurality, banana, in the singular form is “di kondi ” in the plural it is “ma kondi”, we find this prefix “Ma” in the Hebrew word “maleki” which is translated as “messenger or angel” but which means, ” Ma ‘ LEKI “brothers”

Read REVELATION 12:10: “Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ. For the accuser of our brothers (MA’LEKI), who accuses them before our HE YAH-ABE day and night.” As JOB whose real name was yombe (H3102 בוֹי bantu bakongo tribes: ba yombe) was also accused by Satan before HEY YAH-ABE JOB 1:9-12, so for the Angels, the Bantu, ANCIENT ISRAEL, are brothers, LEKI, the ” MA + LEKI in kongo language ISRAEL (ISOLEE) often represented as the woman, with 12 STARS who are the twelve Bantu kingdoms. REVELATION 12:1, MA’LEKI H4401 יכאָלְמַbecame MALACHI in your Bibles, the Bantu like angels are gods but mortal gods PSALM 82:6-7


-the suffix “COCO or” Koko, derived from the Kongo word, nkaqa “means the ancestors, the word KAQAH, betrays who are the true Jews of the BIBLE, this word is a mystery, it comes from the ancient Hebrew word, , the ki-kongo, the word nkaqak or KHAQA (h2710 קקח kaqaq). The final consonant generally with few exceptions, is voiceless, so khaqa in Kongo languages means: the elders, governor in Hebrew (קקַחָh2710 kaqaq). Some kongo, bakongos, say “coco”, the ngalas also say koko, so my coco means the ancestors, or the governors the nkaqa, take note, it is not a coincidence, it is the same word in Biblical Hebrew as for the bakongos in the (nkaka) kakaq H2710 קקַחָ

Don’t be mistaken isolele ancient (Israel), of your Bibles are the Bantu, this people have always been under the control of the “ba nkaqas” the elders since MASSA (MOSES, the LAW) read NUMBERS 11:16- 24 up to YISSA’YAH (GRACE) Read MATTHEW 21:23 “… The ancient (khaqas) of the PEOPLE “MATTHEW 26:3 and 47 and they were legislators feared of the people for they had mystical powers, read MATTHEW 15:2. Right up to their refuge in Africa, the elders, the ba NKAQAS, ba KOKO, ma KOKO controlled the PEOPLE, Examine the medieval Jesuit maps below “THE MA COCO” on which the 12 KINGDOMS depend.


These 12 kingdoms (TRIBES OF ANCIENT ISRAEL) BANTU, ISRAEL, former ISOLELE often represented as the woman with 12 STARS REVELATION 12:1 “A great sign appeared in the sky: A WOMAN wrapped in the sun, the moon under her feet, and a wreath of TWELVE STARS on her head “These TWELVE stars represent the TWELVE KINGDOMS or BANTU TRIBES whose names have been changed in your Bibles, by those who publish them, the majority of the Bibles which you possess, the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Bantu Israelites, but who in reality are not. REVELATIONS 2:9, but who lie REVELATION 3:9.


We will prove it to you in this book, look for yourselves at these medieval maps to the right, click, THE SECRET THAT OUR ENEMIES EDOMITES KNEW and to which they subtly prevent access to this truth to the Bantu people, and this thanks to the complicity of the masonic stables which they subtly placed at the head of the Bantu states in order to control the educational system: never teach that the Bantu had twelve kingdoms. The objective of the imperialist edomites is subtle: history, the languages of the Edomites oppressors must be official languages and taught, the ungodly culture of the oppressor must be taught and encouraged, the aim is to incite theholy Bantu people to denigrate their Israeli heritage: the traditional Semitic languages: The ki kongo, kituba, Lingala languages…, yet these are the sources of the whole history of the people. All this is done via Edomite, linguistic, neocolonialist and Satano- Religious organisations: la francophonie, anglophonie (Common Wealth) , lusophony, Catholicism, Protestantism, various Edomite sects: Evangelical, revivals churches… The goal is clear, to prevent the holy Bantu people from having access to the secrect, to the truth about their identity. AND you my people do not abandon the traditional languages which you are teaching your children. Know that the ungodly edomites want to prevent the Bantu people from having access to the truth, but what truth?

The truth. That they are ISRAEL, ANCIENT isolele OF THE BIBLE. Read this entire book, we will open your eyes, they killed the Bantu Hebrew blog, the Bantu Israelites blog because these blogs were a nuisance to them, but it was useless, we have over one hundred active blogs now, beloved Bantu brothers and sisters, I’ll tell you a Secret, if a blog or YouTube channel is never censored, know that this blog or this YouTube site pleases the enemy because the enemy loves lies JOHN 8:44


Today’s ancient ISRAEL resides exactly as the prophets Isaiah 18:1-7 and Zephaniah 3:10-20 had seen and announced, beyond the rivers of CUSH (often poorly translated as Ethiopia, the good translation is CUSH ancient NUBIA, CUSH is present-day SUDAN) From CENTRAL AFRICA to SOUTH AFRICA. Note the word OFFERING, which ISAIAH 18:1-7 and ZEPHANIAH 3:10 use in Kongo Hebrew, H4503, this word is minkhah, החְִָנמ, be attentive you will understand the importance of Bantu languages, this word minkhah, Minghah expresses BLOOD, or means blood in KONGO language , this word minkhah, offering also means blood, for there is no offering (MINKHAH, MINGHAH) before the KING, without BLOOD, let’s read the 2 KINGS 16:15 “King Ahaz then gave these order to Uriah the priest: on the large new altar, offer the morning burnt offering and the evening grain offering, and the burnt OFFERING (MINKHAH, MINGHAH) of all the people of the land, and their grain offering and their drink offering. Sprinkle on the altar all the BLOOD of the burnt offering and sacrifices. But I will use the bronze altar for seeking guidance.”


Another secret, about the importance of theHebrews Kongo language, the word Moon, for the bakongos is: qode,

qoda, goda, this word betrays, who the ancient Israelites of the Bible are, it is the same word in Paleo-Hebrew: שׁדֹח,


Qode, remember in Paleo-Hebrew, the Final consonant is voiceless, here in fact it is the sin (w) This word, שׁדֹח, H2320:


qode, qoda, at the same time means, the Moon and the Month, whereas the return of lunar cycle, delineated the month of Biblical Israelites, read the truth Why the words “qode , goda, qoda, mean Moon and month, to the bakongos as in the BIBLE. let’s read the TOB BIBLE, apocryphal SIRACH 43:6-8 “The MOON as well, stands as the indicator of the era and the signal of time .7-From the MOON, comes the indication of feasts, this star which decreases in the end, 8-it is from her (the MOON) that the month derives its name… ” EVERYTHING is now clear, the moon, marks time, PSALMS 104:19, Genesis 1:16, EVERYTHING is clear, the MOON = MONTH, qoda, qode, goda, like for the Bantu bakongo the only people in the world to have this secret, same word for the month and the moon, qoda, qode, goda, MOON = MONTH , as we have proved above, it is the lunar calendar that determined the life of the ancient Hebrew Israelites of the Bible, a calendar… different from the Gregorian solar calendar, imposed on us by the Roman Edomites today, DANIEL 7:25.


Beloved Bantu brothers and sister, another secret, is found in the same kongo words, qoda, qode, goda: moon, month. From this word moon, derives another Kongo word, qada, gada H6942a שׁדַקָ, which means holy, or rather outward, out of the house, set apart , in the Kongo language, which implies, that the new moon, qoda, goda, had and will have a holy connotation for the Bantu Israelites and the Book of ISAIAH 66:23, proves it.

Another secret, which reveals the fact that the Bantu are the ancient Israelites, is the Kongo and Lingala word, pessah, which means, share, give. This word, in biblical paleo-Hebrew means EASTER, H6453 חסַפֶּ, read DEUTERONOMY 16. EASTER, or Pessah, was a feast of remembrance, of the exit out of Egypt, but also a feast of sharing, pessah, H6453 חסַפֶּthat’s what was done by, YISSA’YAH during EASTER, he SHARED, GAVE, bread to his disciples MATTHEW 26:26-27. “

So beloved, the Bantu languages are useful and tell our Israelite history, we should teach them to our children first, beloved, but let’s go back to the history of the Bantu, I said, the 12 Bantu KINGDOMS or TRIBES, were controlled, as you can see from these medieval maps of the Catholic Jesuits notably the maps of Edomite Guillaume DELISLE or Guillaume de LISLE above, by the ba Tekes and by the Zabas, Levites in your Bibles: son of MERARI, the Molari, or ba Laris, the Macocos, the ancestors family of the sons of Tekoa, royal family of the tribe of Judah from the lineage of DAVID (DAWIDI the one who hears in Kongo Laris)

The word “ANZICAN” certainly comes from the group of words “keeper of memory, because the prefix ןוֹא” AN “H202 in Hebrew as in the Bantu language indicates strength, wealth, the suffix” ZIKA, or ZICA, ZACA “h2142 and h2143רכִַָזmeans: in Kongo language: bury, monument, memory, to remember, because the prefix “zi” could have a connotation with the memory, the verb “Zibana” forget “Zika” Bury, remember. The real name of the Prophet Zechariah, of your Bible, was ZIKA’YAH (YAH remembers, or forgets, buries)

So the Anzicans, the bakongos: Tekes and ba laris, were the driving force, keepers of the memory of the 12 TRIBES or KINGDOMS of ISRAEL, of ISOLELE in the KONGO language, as can be seen in DEUTERONOMY 32:7 “remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations; ask thy father and he will show thee; thy elders (ELDERS, NKAQAS), and they will tell thee.” In other words, if you lack memory, you Bantu son, ask the Elders, the Kakaq H2710 קקַחָ


JESUS, whose real name was YISSA’YAH,, הִָיעְשְִַׁיH3470, whose mother, Levite, the Zabas H2076 חבִַָז, which means: those who know, the priests, the Zabas. Meyamah (Miriam for the bedouins Ishmaelites, Marie, at Edom), LUKE 1:15, (MARY) Meyamah, from the kongo verb “yamaha” meaning pain in Kikongo, Echo name, gotten from the sister of MASSA (Moses). So Meyamah was certainly the result of the other tribes of the great Lembas priests, the Zabas (Levites in your Bibles) the clan of the MERARI, today MOLARI, or BALARI bakongo Lario, or at least linguistically, GENESIS 46:11, the MERARI or MOLARI, BA LARIS, were the most Important clans of the Zabas, Levites, once having 12 cities JOSHUA 21:40, having encompassed other clan of Levite Lémbas, including in their dialect, the Ki-lari, because the word “save, issue, come, providence” Yaqa come for the ba ngala , and Hebrew Yiddish Khazars Edomite amalekites “Yasha (H3467 עשַָׁי) Yassa” conjugated, Yissa, in the laris kongo is the word yissa, it is the same word in Biblical Hebrew, which means “come, save, issue” The Arabs, Bedouins, Semites people, don’t they call JESUS “ISSA” (ʿ īsā, ﻰﺴﯿﻋ, Jesus )?


Besides the equivalent of the kongo laris verb “Yissa”, to come, to save, in Kituba, is the verb kuissa, it is thus, that with the verb laris Kongo “yissa”, that one understands the influence, the power of the tribes of the bakongo, the ba laris. On the fate of ISOLELE, ancient Israel…

So “YISSA” YAH, הִָיעְשְִַׁיH3470, he who comes in the name of YAH, same name, as the prophet ISAIAH, of your Bibles, such was his name, such will be his NAME KONGO not ZEUS, G’ZEUS, YO’SHOUA, YESOU, or JESUS, leave these names of ZEUS, Greek deity, to the Edomites and all those who follow the great prostitute their mama Catho.. Remember that HE YAH-ABE forbids us from making mention with our mouths, of the names of foreign gods EXODUS 23:13.

Let us read the real and bakongo NAME of he that the world calls JESUS, lets go to, MATTHEW 23:39 “for, I tell you, you will not see me anymore, until you say (THAT IS, HIS REAL NAME MUST COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH, BUT WHAT NAME?): Blessed is he who COMES (Yissa) in the NAME of YAH, translated from the Lord (YAH)! It is KONGO, the angel, which had seen MASSA and YO’ZOUAH, he is the one who bears, and who has always bore the name YAH. Read EXODUS 23:20-21 YES, KONGO, this is our YAH- YAH (Firstborn) “COLOSSIANS 1:15.

YISSA’YAH, JOHN: 19:21, is the king of the KONGOS, Edom, through his film industry, blasphemy, his title, mocks him by calling him KING KONG (King of the Kongos) REVELATION 13:6.

YISSA’YAH, הִָיעְשְִַׁיH3470, one that comes in the name of YAH not JESUS you will understand it by reading this book full of revelation. Notice how the people called him

MATTHEW 21:9 “Those who proceeded and those who followed Jesus cried: Hosanna to the son of David! Blessed is he who comes (YISSA) in the name of the Lord (YAH)! Hosanna in the most high places! “


So the white JESUS, edomite with blue eyes, is only a pure fantasy Eurocentric of which PAUL had prophesied in these terms, ROMANS 1:25 “they (THE EDOMITES) who changed the truth of HE YAH-ABE into falsehood…

“Another prophecy is in ROMANS 1:23” and they (EDOM) have changed the glory of incorruptible HE YAH-ABE into images depicting a corruptible man… “Who is the corruptible man, shameless?

HEBREW 12:16 “that there is neither unchaste nor profane as Esau (the Mindeles), who for a meal sells his birthright”

To these fools who stubbornly continue to believe in JESUS Edomite mindele, ask yourself, is it shameful that a man has long hair?

If you say “yes”, because the BIBLE says so, your mindele JESUS is a big lie I CORINTHIANS 11:14-15 “does nature itself not teach you that it is a shame for man to have long hair…”

PAUL, PAULA, wet, saint, in the kongo language, whose name Kongo was also SAULA which became Saul in your Bibles (choose, chooses: In kongo ba lari language Echo name, of the first chosen KING, first KING OF ISOLELE) read ACTS 22:7-8, so SAULA, who wrote this sentence, under the inspiration of the HOLY SPIRIT: the Spirit of Truth, YISSA’YAH KONGO, appeared to him, he saw him 1CORINTHIANS. 15:8, was he not a Pharisee before his conversion ACTS 23:6, he knew JESUS (YISSA’YAH), he knew the disciples of YISSA’YAH, whom he persecuted 1 CORINTHIANS 15:9, so YISSA’YAH had no long hair as edomite propaganda make you believe in movies, pictures, and statues, and it is a shame, for a man, to have long hair, 1CORINTHIANS 11:14-15, because this, characterizes an effeminate man, and there is no place in the kingdom for the effeminate 1CORINTHIANS 6:9-10, Beloved, Bantu and Makongs brothers, , it is an abomination, but awake, why do you sleep?

Others will say, but my JESUS, YISSA’YAH is spirit, so he has no color, really! What does HEBREWS 13:8 tells you? Is YISSA’YAH not the SAME, YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVERY? Beloved, know that there are carnal bodies and spiritual bodies, 1 CORINTHIANS 15:44. What about YISSA’YAH, did he have a spiritual body after his resurrection? Yes, a BLACK body and 100% Bantu, his resurrection to prove that he had kept the SAME, appearance, given the fact was seen and recognized JOHN 20:25, did he have a spiritual body? YES we can read evidence of this in LUKE 24:39. CONCLUSION, the spiritual bodies have a color and the RACE of YISSA’YAH KONGO is Bantu.

The flocks of fools, in lack of arguments, will tell you, it doesn’t matter that YISSA’YAH KONGO Christ, be red, blue, black or white, what matters is his MESSAGE! Bunch of idiots. But what is his MESSAGE, have the LOVE OF THE TRUTH 2THESSALONISSIANS 2:10-12

Is the love of the truth the love of the lie? The dogs of EDOM, bark, send me messages, I get tons of e- mails like that, bunch of idiots, don’t you know that there are two gospels? : THE GOSPEL OF TRUTH, whose person is YISSA’YAH of whom these soldiers and defenders are HIS SHEEP, JOHN 14:6 and the GOSPEL OF FALSEHOOD WHOSE FATHER IS THE DEVIL AND HIS OFFSPRING THE EDOMITES (mindeles) and the enemies of HE YAH-ABE, and the dogs of Edom, 1JOHN. 2: 22 and JOHN 8:44

If you love lies you are for the devil, if you love the truth, you are for YISSA’YAH because he is the TRUTH, but prove that you love the truth by defending it, not by denying the TRUTH, under mindsets…


Here is what the BIBLE says 2 JOHN 1:7 “For many seducers have entered the world, who do not confess that Jesus Christ came in body. He who is such is the seducer and the Antichrist. “In other words, we must not be ashamed to confess that YISSA’YAH came in body, if he had a BODY, it means he had a COLOR, if he had a body, it means he belonged to a TRIBE (HEBREW. 7:14), if he had a flesh it was that was born of a PEOPLE. Why do the antichrists want to stop us from talking about YISSA’YAH and his people? What was his mission, was it not only to save his PEOPLE?


MATTHEW 1:21 “she will give birth to a son, and you shall give him the name YISSA’YAH: he that shall save HIS PEOPLE from their sins. “NOT THE WHOLE WORLD BUT HIS PEOPLE, THE 12 BANTU KINGDOMS AND THE BANTU CAPTIVES SONS OF SLAVES, WHAT IS THIS PEOPLE THAT YISSA’YAH HAS CAME TO SAVE? Beloved let’s read the scriptures—


MATTHEW 2:6 “And You, Bethlehem (LEKOUMOU, this name came with our fathers from ISRAEL (isolele), and still exists in Congo Brazzaville H3899 םחלֶland of YAOUNDÉ YA KONGO (JUDAH), you are certainly not the least among the main cities of YAOUNDÉ, for out of you shall come a (LEADER) Nkaqa who will graze Israel (isolele), my people “he did not come to make the new world order, or to save mankind, but for THIS MATTHEW 15:24 “… I was sent only for the lost sheep of the house of ISOLELE “Luke 1:68-69″ Blessed be HHÉ YAH-ABE, the HHÉ of ISOLELE, from what he has visited and redeemed HIS PEOPLE. 69-and aroused unto us a mighty savior in the House of David, his servant ” TO REDEEM AND SAVE HIS PEOPLE: The 12 BANTU KINGDOMS, his DISPERSED and WORSHIPPERS living beyond the rivers of CUSH, from Central to SOUTH Africa, ISAIAH 18:1-7 and above all Zephaniah 3:10-20. Our duty is to identify this people, according to the spirit of THE PROPHETIC TRUTH.

Others will say but the people has undergone mixtures, the intermingling, they’ll give you EXODUS 12:38 “a multitude of people of all species ascended with them; They also had considerable flocks of sheep and oxen. ” THEY use this verse, justifying that a heteroclite people come out of Egypt and formed a multiracial ISRAEL, with the true ISRAEL, Jacobins Bantu isolele, or son of Jacob, they will tell you that Isolele ISRAEL, was multiracial which is totally wrong, we’re going to prove it. What your fake pastors do not know is that it is true that the Bantu came out of Egypt with strangers, but they did not mingle with them, and the Book of NUMBERS 11:4, teaches us that, this multitude of people of many races began to incite the people to revolt, to lust, LETS READ NUMBERS 11:4 “The gathering of people who were in the midst of Israel (this multitude of people of all kinds) was seized with lust; And even the children of ISOLELE (Bantu) began to cry again and said: Who will give us meat to eat? ” This verse distinguishes between ISRAEL (isolele) and this MULTITUDE of Foreigners, the latter were among the people, but the BIBLE says, that they were not the people, but were in the middle of the people, they incited the people of Holy Bantu Jacobin to lust and certainly prompted the people to the great rebellion of EXODUS 32 and to the regrettable abominable cult of the GOLDEN CALF, they were certainly exterminated…


After the conquest of the LAND OF CANAAN (Land of the oromo, somalis, tutsis, falashas, maasai, luo who are Canaanites…) The bible no longer speaks of this multitude of aliens of any kind, for the sharing of the land of Canaan, was made according to the tribes of Bantu ISOLELE, no stranger inherited a land JOSHUA 18:4-7 “Choose three men per tribe, and I will make them leave. They will rise, roam the country, draw a plan for sharing, and return to me 5-they shall divide it into seven parts; Judah will remain within its limits at midday, and the House of Joseph will remain within its limits to the North .6 so you will draw a plan of the country in seven parts, and you will bring it to me here. I will cast for you the spell before HE YAH-ABE, our HOLY FATHER 7-but there shall be no part for the Levites in your midst, for the priesthood of HE YAH-ABE is their inheritance; and Gad, Ruben and the half-tribe of Manasseh received their inheritance, which MASSA, servant of HE YAH-ABE, gave them on the other side of the Jordan, to the East. “


The sequel JOSHUA 19, no stranger, or multitude of all hope coming out of Egypt with the people of Holy Bantu people did not have a share in the sharing, only the 12 BANTU TRIBES WERE HEIRS. Know that every time the people came out of captivity, or dispersal, they always returned with great multitudes of foreigners, and there was always separation, proof, after the BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY, NEHEMIAH 13:1- 3 “In this time, one read in the presence of the People in the Book of Moses, and it was found written that the Ammonite and the Moab should never enter the assembly of HE YAH-ABE, 2-because they had not come in front of the children of Israel with bread and water, and because they had called against them at silver price Balaam in order to curse them; But our HHÉ YAH-ABE changed the curse into a blessing .3-when the law was heard, all foreigners were separated from Israel (ISOLELE). ” ALL IS CLEAR THE FOREIGNERS (the others, ba’ngoy) WERE SEPARATED FROM THE BANTU PEOPLE… including the Bantu who pray to foreign women, those Bantu who refused to repent, to divorce their foreign wives, these Bantus were also excluded from the holy Bantu Kongo People, so avoid mixed marriages, and meditate well NEHEMIAH 13:23-27.

And when YISSA’YAH KONGO CHRIST, will return, here is what he will do MATTHEW 25:31-33 “when the son of man comes in his glory, with all the angels, he sit on the throne of his glory .32-all nations will be assembled before him. He would separate them from each other, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; 33-and he will put the sheep to his right, and the goats to his left .34-then the king will say unto those who shall be to his right: Come, ye who are blessed of my father; Take possession of the kingdom that was prepared for you from the foundation of the world.” MATTHEW 25:31-33, announces unto us a SEPARATION between the Bantu and the other NATIONS. But WHO ARE THE SHEEP? PSALMS 100:3 IT IS THE BANTU ISOLELE, who are the GOATS? It is the symbol of the nations DANIEL 8:21.


To these flocks of pretentious fools, and rebels, here is a link of all Biblical translation, go check: who told you that the LAW has changed? What you said the LAW TOB Translation SEE BIBLE OF PEOPLE OF DEUTERONOMY 23:3 “The BASTARD (METIS, RACE MIXED), will not enter the assembly of the Almighty YAH-ABE, even up to the tenth generation of his own will not enter the assembly of the Almighty YAH-ABE “IN OTHER WORDS A MIXED BANTU, WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED A BANTU. Only those of the third generation in their genealogy DEUTERONOMY 23:7-8, if they do not mix. We can’t do anything for anyone who does not have grandfathers, or grandmothers who are not Bantu, on both maternal and paternal sides. You have to be Bantu, it’s all about mother and father.

Even the HOLY SPIRIT which is the key of the KINGDOM to the twelve gates is given only to the Bantu read the ISAIAH 44:1-3 “Listen now, O YA’QUBA (THE FATHER OF THE 12 BANTU KINGDOMS, YOU HAVE THE MAP TO SEE), my servant! O Isolele whom I have chosen!


2 So speaks THE ALMIGHTY YAH-ABE, who has made you, and who has formed you from your birth, the one who is your support: Fear nothing, my servant YA’QUBA, my ISOLELE, whom I have chosen. 3 For I pour waters on damaged soil, and streams on dried-up earth; I pour MY SPIRIT (HOLY SPIRIT) upon thy RACE, and my blessing upon thy offspring.


ZEPHANIAH 3:10 reveals to us that the scattered and worshipping people of HE YAH-ABE will come from beyond the rivers of ETHIOPIA (CUSH, EX NUBIA), so from Central Africa to the SOUTH, here is the question that arises again, can one be worshipper without the Holy Spirit? The BIBLE answers no, for here is what YISSA’YAH says be attentive JOHN 4:24 “TATA YAH-ABE is SPIRIT, and it is necessary that those who adore him adore him in spirit and in truth” a true worshipper must adore HE YAH-ABE in spirit in truth for this it is necessary to have the HOLY SPIRIT JOHN 14:17 “The Spirit of Truth, which the world cannot receive, because it does not see it and does not know it…”

But the HOLY SPIRIT is a Spirit of Truth, without the HOLY SPIRIT we can not adore HE YAH’ABE in spirit and truth because HEY YAH-ABE is SPIRIT, the world can not RECEIVE THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, it is a gift EXCLUSIVELY reserved FOR THE BANTU it is ISAIAH 44:1-3 which says it


Read JOHN 14:17 and ISAIAH 44:1-3. This concludes that the worshippers of HE YAH-ABE living in CENTRAL Africa right up to the SOUTH are the true Jews of the BIBLE ZEPHANIAH 3:10, because it is impossible to be true worshipper as explained by JOHN 4:24 without the HOLY SPIRIT, it impossible to worship the LORD Without being Bantu Israelites, ROMANS 9:4 “who are Israelites (Bantu), to whom belongs the adoption, and glory, and covenants, and the law, and WORSHIP ” PAUL is 100% clear, adoption (the power to become son of HE YAH-ABE JOHN 1:12 YOU CAN’T BECOME AN ADOPTED SON WITHOUT BEING BORN OF WATER AND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT JOHN 3:5-6) belongs only to the Bantu, THE GLORY (The KINGDOM of Heaven, to the 12 gates according to the 12 Bantu Kingdoms Revelation 21:12, it is necessary the Holy Spirit to enter John 3:5) belongs only to the Bantu , the two COVENANTS, DEUTERONOMY 5:2-5 and HEBREW 8:8, belong only to the Bantu, the LAW was given only to the Bantu PSALMS 147:19-20, the whole Bible is theirs. Thank you for reading Nabi YAH’MOSSI’s book (AMOS 2:11)


Beloved Bantu Brothers! THAT IS WHY THE NATIONS DO NOT LIKE US PSALM 83:1-9, and EDOM. The mindeles, CONTINUES to divide us to better reign, the Masonic presidents of two CONGO, the puppets of Edom, divide the two brother people of Brazza and the DRC, confronting them in the campaigns of mass and programmed expulsion, hatred fanned, in the shadows it is Edom who pulls the strings, and the politicians at his pay. Edom continues to plunder our countries, to set up his stables of masonic sorcerers at the head of the Bantu states, who make sacrificial rites of the people and drink the bloods of Children, worship male genital organs, with sex tourism to sodomize male children, to multiply homosexuals, to encourage the architecture of ancient Egypt,

Edom, the Mindeles encourage religious organizations such as the bundu dia kongo of NE MUANDA NSEMI, or the nzila kongo of NABI LUKOMBO, who preach the return to Voodoo, to the cults of the Egyptian deities, to the kemetic Bitekes, to the statues made by human hands of the ancient Egyptians: Yoruba, Igbo, Soninke, Wolof and Beninese and other Egyptians and cushites, of the Ivorian and Ghanaian Akans, Horites Genesis 36:27… While the father warned us that we Bantu Israelites and the Egyptian Africans, were two different peoples read EXODUS 11:7 these demonic organizations preach doctrines of the demons, such as reincarnation, which means two or multiple lives and deaths, live your life, they teach, HE YAH-ABE will give you a second chance, purify your soul, in an alleged second Life: LIES! , there is no second chance, the wages of sin is spiritual DEATH and leads to carnal death ROMANS 6:23… Men are destined to die once, not twice, thrice or four times, after death comes judgment, HEBREW 9:27”

Flee these organizations of the Mbouas za ntantous: the Bundus dia Kongo, and Neo Kongo. Flee from them, for they want the Bantu to mingle with other black people, they speak for the black race, they forget, that the Egyptians also were blacks, and according to the BIBLE, the Africans, Egyptians, Cushites or Sudanese, are still in Africa, and although being black like us, they are different (EXODUS 11:7) from us, from the Hebrews Bantu of the lineage of y’qubah, the West African Egyptians, like, the Bantus, (LAMENTATIONS 1:3-5), have endured slavery, among the nations,( EZEKIEL 29:12-16). Africans like the Bantu also have captives among the nations.


Moreover, these Afro-centrists, blinded in black color, forget that HHE YAH-ABE also has enemies who are black, PSALMS 83:1-9, the Tuaregs, Berber Moabites, the Amonnite Moors (ammonites), the Philistines…, the Sidonians, Somalians, Tutsi Canaanites, Oromo, Luo, Massais, Falashas? Aren’t they black?

Meanwhile, Edom, the mindeles, multiply abominations, the French edomite soldiers rape male children in CAR(Central African Republic), Edom the ungodly, multiplies the pharmaceutical experiments by making Bantu these guinea pigs, the Edomites sell war weapons, vaccines to make the people sick, so as to sell drugs, AIDS is EDOM, the slavery of the Bantu is edom, the Arabs Ishmaelites, and the Berber moabites ammonites, colonization is edom, the AIDS which he has inserted is Edom, EDOM multiplies liquor factories, breweries to better destroy, youths,: PRIMUS, TONTON SKOL, WINES and other beverages. Beloved consecrate yourselves entirely to the father, LEVITICUS 10:9. Beloved! Just avoid drinking alcohol 1TIMOTHY 3:3, avoid all excesses of these things. PROVERBS 20:1 REPENT YOU READ THE BIBLE ISAIAH 34:16




HERE IS WHAT AWAITS US, LET’S ALL READ, WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT IT WILL HAPPEN, as explained by the Book of YISSA’YAH, ISAIAH 46:10 “I announce from the beginning what must happen, and long ahead of what is not yet accomplished; I say: my judgments (MY WORDS) will subsist, and I’ll carry out all my will!” In other words everything that is written will be fulfilled… whether you like it or not.., biblical prophecies will be fulfilled… Be attentive, it is your life that is at stake, let’s read what happens on the DAY OF GREAT RAPTURE.

REVELATION 20:12-15 “and I saw the dead, the great and the small, who stood before the throne. Books were opened. And another book was opened, the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to their works, from what was written in these books. 13 The sea rendered the dead who were in it, death and Hades made the dead who were in them; and each was judged according to his works. 14 Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the Lake of FIRE. 15 Anyone whose was not found written in the Book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.


-SO WHAT IS TO BE DONE TO AVOID THIS SENTENCE OF ETERNAL SUFFERING, WITHOUT END OR HELP? OR ACCORDING TO DANIEL 12:2 “ETERNAL SHAME”. IN OTHER WORDS, HOW CAN ONE BE SAVED, AND ENJOY BLISS OR ETERNAL LIFE? Examining the WORDS of the Holy KING, YISSA’YAH Kongo in MARK 16:16, “He who will believe and be baptized will be saved, but he who will not believe will be condemned…” Two verbs always show up: the verb BELIEVE and the verb BAPTIZE. Question. What should we believe in? And what baptism is he talking about?

1)-BELIEF lets examine this other WORD of MARK 1:15, he said: Time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of the ALMIGHTY IS NEAR. Repent, and believe in the good news. Here we have two other verbs, BELIEVE, and above all REPENTE, so as MARK 16:16 said, it is necessary to believe in the good news that is not other than the WORD OF THE HOLY FATHER HE YAH-ABE expressed in the mouth of the HOLY KING, YISSA’YAH KONGO, CHRIST as had announced MASSA (Moses), in DEUTERONOMY 18:18 -19, I will raise from the midst of their brethren a prophet like you, I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall tell them all that I command him. 19 And if someone does not listen to my words (GOOD NEWS) which he shall say in my name, he will be answerable to me. “


2)-BAPTISM Examining, this good NEWS expressed in JOHN 3:5-6, YISSA’YAH replied: Verily, verily, I say unto you, if a man is not born of water and spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of the ALMIGHTY YAH-ABE. 6 What is born of FLESH is flesh, and what is born of the SPIRIT is SPIRIT. “

We have the answer, so to be saved, we MUST be born again. How? By WATER, and by the SPIRIT. So we are facing two stages: WATER AND SPIRIT. WATER symbolizes repentance, and the WORD, EPHESIANS 5:26. This is the first step, the baptism by water is symbolic, no need to go diving in a river, it is symbolic, it means, abandonment, renouncement to sin, read ISAIAH 1:15-18 you will understand.

EZEKIEL 18:21 “If the villain (sinner) turns away from all the sins he has committed, if he observes all my LAWS and practices RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE, he SHALL LIVE, he shall not die”

Let’s go to ACTS 2:38 to better understand what to do. ACTS 2:38, Peter said to them: repent, and that each of you be baptized (WATER) in the name of YISSA’YAH, for the FORGIVENESS of your sins; and you will receive the GIFT of the Holy Spirit.

Everything becomes clear, so we must REPENT, in order to obtain the forgiveness of our sins (symbolized by WATER ISAIAH 1:15-18), it is not WATER that purifies, but rather it is the word, read, JOHN 15:3, for whosoever among the Bantu sons and daughters, listens to the WORD of the FATHER , (biblical word), and puts it into practice, remains pure, for the pure soul, remains in the HOUSE of the FATHER, YAH-ABE, on the other hand, the one who ignores, and refuses to put into practice, the word of FATHER YAH-ABE, remains polluted, and I tell you clearly, the polluted soul , because of its stinking smell: fruit of the works of the flesh, does not dwell in the HOUSE OF THE FATHER, it is good for the trash and FIRE.

So beloved, as I was saying, immediately PURIFIED BY REPENTANCE, and forgiven, we will receive free of charge the promised gift of the HOLY SPIRIT as a PASSPORT: THE SEAL OF THE HOLY FATHER,



But how can we repent and obtain the forgiveness of our sins? Let’s read PROVERBS 28:13, he who conceals his transgressions (sins) does not prosper, but the one who confesses and turns away from them them gets mercy (PARDON). We must, first confess ALL OUR sins to the ALMIGHTY in prayer, secondly abandon them without compromise, 1 CORINTHIANS 15:34, NO LONGER COMMIT THEM read JOHN 8:11 (SIN NO MORE), it is only at this price that we will obtain forgiveness, this is the REPENTANCE. Here are some examples, Bantu woman, if you prayed without covering your head, cover your head, do it because of the Malekis, the Angels, for they protect you 1 CORINTHIANS 11:5-10, you Bantu man, if you were a thief, steal no more, if you loved lies , lie no more, always tell the truth, if you dated a girl, without marrying her, marry her, for fornicators, sex without marriage, sex before marriage will not inherit the kingdom as well as adulterers, 1CORINTHIANS 6:9-10, indeed, an adulterer, or a adulteress, is a married man or woman who has sex with other partners than her spouse, this is an abomination, if you did it beloved, do it no more, repent thee, and do no more, DEUTERONOMY 22:22, you will save your soul, the boyfriend, girlfriend formula = fornication, and this is not biblical, marriage is Biblical HEBREW 13:4…., if you

masturbated, watched the pornography, stop fast, find yourself a wife 1CORINTHIANS. 7:9…. avoid sin, stop right

now, you will save your soul, that is REPENTANCE.

Here’s what the apocryphal YASHA’YAH BANA TSI’RA says, hidden books (TOB BIBLE) Sirach 17:25-26 “Return to HE YAH-ABE, leave sin, pray before HIM, and so diminish your offense .26-return to HE YAH- ABE, and turn away from injustice, hate abomination with all your strength”

-Once this step is stamped, you have to go to the next step are gotten over, get the HOLY SPIRIT. So what is to be done?


Being washed of my sins, my heart becomes clean, obeying the LAW (the voice of the FATHER), JEREMIAH 7:23. He can finally harbor the HOLY SPIRIT of the FATHER, who will make you, an adopted son ROMANS 8:14 -17, read what is to be done LUKE 11:13, if as wicked as you are, you know give good things to your children, how much more will the celestial Father give the HOLY SPIRIT to those who ask him. We have the secret, so you just have to make the request by prayer, supplications, or fasting, if possible, remember this is conditioned by REPENTANCE which means TO ABANDON ONES SINS, DOING THEM NO MORE. ISAIAH 1:15-18,


Know, beloved, that an obedient child, makes the joy of his father, and will easily receive satisfaction to his demands, but a recalcitrant and disobedient son, makes the shame of his father, he will receive nothing from his father, if not punishment. So beloved, obedience to the LAW of tata YAH-ABE is more valuable than anything you do to please tata YAH-ABE. Your songs, your Sunday going to corrupted churches… DO NOT WHAT YOU WANT, BUT DO WHAT TATA YAH-ABE EXPECTS OF YOU, THIS IS THE KEY TO YOUR SALVATION. PROVERBS 14:12 and PROVERBS 3:5, but, what does,HE YAH-ABE, want of you, as a Bantu? FIRST that you LOVE tata YAH-ABE sincerely, him ALONE, and that you obey him, and that you keep his laws and that you apply them. But, first you have to know his LAWS. What to do?

Reading the BIBLE PSALMS 1:1-6, ISAIAH 34:16. Secondly, you must fear his SON, KING AND JUDGE, YISSA’YAH KONGO, PSALMS 2:11-12. Thirdly, remember that you are one of the Bantus, the chosen people scattered in CENTRAL Africa beyond the rivers of ETHIOPIA, read ZEPHANIAH 3:10-11, as such, tata YAH-ABE, has loved you, has put you above all peoples on this earth, and you have a duty (DEUTERONOMY 7:6-7), your duty is to be exemplary, in all your freedoms and your choices, in righteousness , faith, and in truth, ISAIAH 43:10


Let’s listen to the WORDS of the HOLY KING, MATTHEW 7:19-20. Any tree that does not bear good fruit is cut and thrown into the FIRE. 20 so it is from their fruits that you will know them.


GALATIANS 5:16-26 “I say therefore: walk in the spirit, and you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh. 17 for the

flesh has desires contrary to those of the spirit , and the spirit has contrary to those of the flesh; They are opposed

to each other, so you don’t do whatever you want. 18 If you are led by the spirit, you are not under the LAW. 19

whereas, the works of the flesh are manifest, they are fornication, the impurity, dissolution,20 idolatry, magic ,

enmity, quarrels, jealousy, animosities, disputes, divisions, sects,21 envy, drunkenness, gluttony, and similar

things. I tell you in advance, as I have already said, those who commit such things will not inherit the kingdom of



So he who has made the choice to be born again no longer accomplishes the works of the flesh, those who maintain the desires of the flesh love death and they are and remain enemies of the HOLY FATHER HE YAH-ABE, ROMANS 8:5-8; TITUS 3:3-7

GALATIANS 5:22-26 “but the fruit (WORKS) of the SPIRIT, is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, benignity, fidelity, gentleness, temperance; 23 the law is not against these things. 24 those who are in YISSA’YAH CHRIST crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. 25 If we live by the SPIRIT, let us also walk in the spirit. 26 Let us not seek a vain glory, provoking each other, by envying one another-


To preserve the presence of THE HOLY SPIRIT in oneself, it is necessary to nourish the HOLY SPIRIT by constantly reading the Bible (MATEYA, teacher in Lingala, now MATTHEW) MATTHEW 4:4, ISAIAH 34:16, PSALM 1:1-6, if you read the Bible you do well, but the one who puts this into practice that which he reads in the BIBLE, practicing justice of HE YAH-ABE, does better JAMES 1:22-24, because he who fears HE YAH-ABE hates evil, sin, falsehood, duplicity (PROVERBS 8:13), he takes pleasure in the works of JUSTICE, he does no harm to anyone , he feeds, teaches the HOLY BANTU PEOPLE, obedience to the word of FATHER YAH-ABE, 1 SAMUEL 15:22-23, the love of the law of the father, his word: the Truth, MATTHEW 5:19, the WORD OF THE FATHER must live in us and be manifested in our daily life.

Psalms 119:11, in order to keep your NAME in the book of LIFE, beloved Bantu brother! Never grieve the HOLY SPIRIT EPHESIANS 4:30 at the risk of extinguishing it 1THESSALONIANS 5:19, by the bad works, or the works of the flesh, for if we walk according to the SPIRIT, the works of the FLESH must GALATIANS 5:16-21 NEVER AGAIN dictate our habits, the HOLY SPIRIT does not like INIQUITY, EVIL, anyone who loves the FATHER, loves his neighbor. But who’s your neighbor?



LEVITICUS 19:17-18 “Thou shall not detest thy brother in thy heart, but thou shall take up thy neighbor, so thou shall not be charged of sin because of him. 18 thou shall not avenge and thou shall not hold a grudge against the MEMBERS OF THY PEOPLE. You’ll love your neighbor like yourself. I’m HE YAH-ABE “KING JAMES 21, SO ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, YOUR NEIGHBOR REFERS TO THE MEMBERS OF BANTU TRIBES OF YOUR PEOPLE. LOVE YOUR BANTU BROTHER OR SISTER; TEACH THEM TO FEAR THE FATHER HE YAH-ABE AND TO OBEY THE HOLY KING YISSA’YAH KONGO PSALMS 2:11-12, FOR IT IS THEY, THE BANTU, THY NEIGHBOR. Beloved Bantu brothers, live in peace with all men HEBREW 12:14. Do not hurt anyone, be he Bantu or not, be fair and perfect. Here is an example: if you pick up a valuable object, money, piece of diamond, a mobile phone, that belongs to a Bantu or even to the Edomite, Mindele enemy, beloved, RETURN IT, DO NOT KEEP IT, THAT IS JUSTICE. Be just. It’s not because it’s Edom, the Mindele, that we must keep his good, OR HARM HIM, ROMANS 12:17, NO, DO NOT HURT ANYONE, 1THESSALONISSIANS 5:15 by doing so, the nations will know that we bantu are, worthy of the KINGDOM, and are, of REAL witnesses of HE YAH-ABE, and YISSA’YAH, ISAIAH 43:10-12.


Know that anyone who loves the FATHER hates EVIL, hates this world 1 JOHN. 2:15-17. Here is how THE BOOK OF WISDOM OF SALAMAH, expresses it (TOB BIBLE APOCRYPHAL HIDDEN BOOK) WISDOM 1:4-7

“wisdom does not enter into an evil heart, it does not dwell in a being dominated by sin. 5-It is the Holy SPIRIT that educates humans. It flees deceit, departs from men with foolish thoughts, feels repulsion before anyone who commits injustice .6-wisdom is helpful to humans, but it punishes anyone who offends HE YAH-ABE by his words. HHE YAH-ABE sees to the depths of man’s heart, he knows exactly his feelings and hears everything he says. 7-The spirit of HHE YAH-ABE fills the whole Earth, it ensures the cohesion of all things; that’s why he knows every word we say. 8 If someone speaks wickedly, he does not go unnoticed and will not avoid the punishment he deserves.


So avoid mixed marriages, nature itself does not teach you 1 CORINTHIANS 11:14 said PAUL observe the animals, the same breed felines, a lion can never sleep with a female cheetah or a leopard, reciprocally, leopard, cheetah, tigers…, animals do not mix, a lion will never go to bed with a cat, on the pretext that they would be felines of the same breed. Observe, does nature not teach you, as other animals not to mix, it is a biblical law, LEVITICUS 19:19 “You will respect my prescriptions. You will not mate two beasts of different species. You will not sow your field of two seed species. And you will not wear a woven garment of two species of yarn»


Similarly, we too should not mix as the edomites and their corrupt globalist pastors want. Here is what the apocryphal words of YASHA’YAH BANA TSI’RA, Hidden Books (BIBLE TOB) says; SIRACH 13:15-16 “Every living creature loves his kind, and every man his neighbor 16-all flesh unites according to its kind, and man attaches himself to his fellow man”

A council, Bantu man, take a Bantu woman Bantu woman, take a Bantu man it’s not me who says it but the BIBLE read NEHEMIAH 13:27 “Should we therefore learn about you that you commit such a GREAT CRIME and that you sin against our FATHER HE YAH-ABE by taking foreign women?”

To these fools who send me insulting emails, and who make videos, idiots without tails and heads, these sons Cham, and who know nothing, what is SIN? Lets read the DEFINITION 1 JOHN 3:4 “Anyone who sins transgresses the law, and sin is the transgression of the LAW”, NEHEMIAH 13:27 says well, that taking a foreign woman, who is not Bantu, is a sin, and sin according to 1 JOHN 3:4 is the transgression of the LAW. To whom has the law been given? To the whole world? Or only the Bantu?


Let’s read PSALM 147:19-20 “He reveals his word to YA’QUBA, his LAWS and ordinances to isolele” 20-he did not act the same for all nations, and they (THE NATIONS) do not know his ordinances. Do they worship HE YAH-ABE! The NATIONS DO NOT KNOW HIM; even YISSA’YAH confirmed it for the gift of the Holy SPIRIT JOHN 14:17 “The SPIRIT of truth, which the world cannot receive, because they do not see him and do not know him; but you know him, for he abides with you, and he will be in you.” If sin is the TRANGRESSION of the law, ask yourself the question why the prophet says this

ZEPHANIAH 3:10-11 From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia MY worshippers, MY dispersed, will bring me offerings. LOOKING WELL AT VERSE 11 “On that day, thou (the people living from CENTRAL to South Africa) will no longer have to be ashamed (mistranslated as blushing) of all thy actions by which thou hast sinned against me…” HUM, what edomites have found beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia, of CUSH? 12 Bantu kingdoms, led by elders.

We learn that this people, living beyond the rivers of CUSH, has sinned against HE YAH-ABE, or sin according to 1JN. 3:4 is the transgression of the law, is not it?

Follow well, and PSALM 147:19-20, informs us that the LAW is a gift from HE YAH-ABE for ISRAEL only, not for other peoples. If this people living from CENTRAL to the SOUTH of Africa, whom the Prophet ZEPHANIAH 3:10-11 calls the worshippers, dispersed from HE YAH-ABE, if they have sinned against HE YAH-ABE, that means they have transgressed the LAW because sin is the TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW, 1JOHN. 3:4, IF THIS BANTU PEOPLE sinned against HE YAH-ABE; this obviously means that it is TO THEM THAT THE LAW WAS GIVEN, as stated in PSALM 147:19-20. If it is to them that the LAW was given it of course means that it is they who are ISRAEL, and also the cards of the Jesuits confirm That it is the only people in the world to have 12 KINGDOMS, tribes, under the control of the Elders (NKAKAS kakaq H2710 קקַחָsame word in Hebrew as in Ki Kongo).


So it is clear, ancient ISRAEL is located from CENTRAL to SOUTH AFRICA, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia (CUSH, EX Nubia), only a hardened fool will understand nothing. Examine for yourselves the Biblical archives in Syrian Hebrew, translated here in French click to read.

Let’s go back to weddings (EZALAH)

EZRA 9 All is good, but (EZALAH = accomplishment) Ezra 9:12 “Do not give your daughters to their sons, and do not take their daughters for your sons, and never worry neither of their prosperity nor of their

well-being, and so you will become strong , you will eat the best productions of the land, and you will leave it forever in inheritance to your sons. “

So to all the Bantu who read this book, if you love FATHER YAH-ABE, keep his commandments, 1JOHN 5:3, I tell you, openly, if you have a woman who is not BANTU, abandon her, be her African, black, Asian or worse edomite, if not Bantu , give her up.


You Bantu woman who reads me if you have a man, boyfriend who is not Bantu forsake him, it would be better for you to abandon him than to be excluded, cut off from the MALACHI People 2:10-12 and thrown into the ETERNAL FIRE MATTHEW 3:10, I tell you openly the JUDGMENT WILL BE WITHOUT MERCY (YA’QUBAH) now JAMES 2:13, seek mercy now not after, because if you waste time, if you don’t know when death will surprise you?

Once dead it will be too late ISAIAH 55:6-7, once dead you will have to wait for JUDGMENT, because in death there is no more MERCY, THE DIFFICULT CHOICES TO MAKE IS NOW. AFTER, it will be too late ISAIAH 38:18 BECAUSE HE YAH-ABE JUDGES SEVERELY HIS PEOPLE DEUTERRONOMY 32:36 and MATTHEW 19:28 WHAT IS THIS REPENTANCE, LETS READ


EZRA 10:2-3 “Then Schecania, son of Jehiel, of the Sons of Elam, spoke and said to Ezra: We have sinned against our TATA YAH-ABE, by associating ourselves with foreign women who belong to the peoples of the country. But ISOLELE does not remain for this reason without hope. 3-Let us now make an alliance with our ALMIGHTY YAH-ABE for the return of all these women and their children, according to the opinion of my savior and those who tremble before the commandments of our ALMIGHTY HE YAH-ABE and act according to the LAW. “YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WAKE UP.


The flocks of fools imbued with pride, shall answer but this is the old covenant, things have changed, I tell you read MALACHI 3:6 You will learn to keep quiet, here is the answer given by PAUL ROMANS 15:4 “Meanwhile, everything that was written in advance was so our edification, that by patience, and by the consolation which the Scriptures give, we possessed hope.” PAUL DOES SAY JUST PART, but ALL THAT HAS BEEN WRITTEN, INCLUDING THE BOOK OF EZRA 10:2-3 and NEHEMIAH 13:27, is for our INSTRUCTIONS, EDUCATION, COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW. Wake up JUDGMENT WILL BE SEVERE! We’ll have to be accountable. NO ONE will say, but this is not written, I did not know, THIS is written, for your instruction ROMANS 15:4.

Wake up, your pastors won’t tell you because they don’t care about you. They look at your purse, flee the churches, read the BIBLE, be attached to the FATHER, and to YISSA’YAH, our King, I’ll tell you. Imagine that you have a house, I am your neighbor, and that you go on vacation, you ask me to keep your house, on your return I notice poisonous snakes in your house, by love for you, I warn you, “DO NOT ENTER in your house because there are poisonous snakes”, but you answer me “but this is our house, we will do what we want” and you persist in spite of the advice and warnings to enter it, once inside the snakes bite you, and you are no longer than a corpse. Think! As (YISÉKA’HÉ) EZEKIEL, We are the sentinels of the 12 Bantu tribes Ezekiel 3:17 “son of Man, I set you up as a sentry on the house of ISOLELE, you will listen to the word that comes out of my mouth, and you will warn them on my behalf.” Those who listen to us will not be bitten, follow YISSA’YAH KONGO…

Apocryphal TOB BIBLE, TOUBA’YAH (Tobit) 4:12 “Keep away, my child, from any illegal (MIXED) union, and in the first place take a woman from the RACE of your fathers. Do not take a foreign woman who would not be from your father’s tribe because we are the sons of the prophets…. ” IT IS CLEAR, Bantu woman, it is in your interest to take

a Bantu man. And you Bantu man, it is in your interest to take a Bantu woman. HE YAH-ABE hates mixtures. He has separated the nations, and his RACE ARE THE BANTU, we will prove it to you.

DEUTERONOMY 32:8-9 “When the Most High HE YAH-ABE gave a legacy to the nations, when he separated the children from men, he fixed the limits of peoples according to the number of the children of Israel, 9-” For the portion of HE YAH-ABE is his people, YA’QUBA (12 Bantu kingdoms) is the share of his legacy “HE YAH-ABE is for SEPARATION, that’s clear. No MIXING. But who is his HERITAGE? Be attentive here is wisdom.


JEREMIAH 12:9 replied “My inheritance was for me a bird of prey, a hyena; Also the birds of prey will come from all sides against him…” Jeremiah has prophesied that true Israel is prey to the birds of prey, symbol of hostile nations, enemies. But where, in what part of the world? And ISAIAH, gives the answer, he no longer see them in ISRAEL (isolele) but grouped in AFRICA, ISAIAH 18:1 “Land, where the rattling of weapons (symbol of wars) sounds, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia! That is to say from Central to SOUTH AFRICA. ISAIAH 18:6 will confirm JEREMIAH 12:9,

Let’s read ISAIAH 18:6-7 They (people living from Central to SOUTH AFRICA) will all be abandoned to the birds of prey of the mountains and the beasts of the Earth; The Birds of Prey (hostile Nations) will spend the summer on their corpses, and the beasts of the earth shall there spend the winter. 7-At this time, offerings will be brought to HE YAH-ABE of the armed forces, by the strong and vigorous people, by the fearsome people since there exists a powerful Nation and which crushes everything, and whose country is cut by rivers; They will be brought to the place where resides the name of HE YAH-ABE of the armed forces, on the Mountain of Zion (tsi’yani).


ZEPHANIAH 3:10 confirms the words of JEREMIAH 12:9 and ISAIAH 18:1-7; the holy people are in Central right up to SOUTH AFRICA, the Bantu. Lets read the ZEPHANIAH 3:10 “Beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my worshippers, my scattered, will bring me offerings” Oh oh there are a people in CENTRAL to SOUTH AFRICA, who are prey to the birds of prey, and who shall bring the offerings into the house of HE YAH-ABE, and there, the voice of ISAIAH 66:20 is heard who is this people who will bring the offerings to HE YAH-ABE, let’s read.

ISAIAH 66:20 “They will bring all your brethren from the midst of all nations, as an offering to HE YAH- ABE, on horses, chariots and litters, on mules and camels, to my holy mountain, to Jerusalem, says HHÉ YAH-ABE, as the children of Israel bring their offering, in a pure vase, into the house of HE YAH-ABE.

Conclusion the people living beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, (CUSH, EX Nubia), from ‘ Central to South Africa, the Bantu, are the veritable Israel of the BIBLE… Let’s go back to mixed marriages…

The haughty fools, will say but the law, mixed marriages, changed with the new TESTAMENT, bunch of idiots who told you the NEW covenant concerns the whole world or the Bantu only HEBREWS 8:8 “because it is with the expression of a blame that YISSA’YAH said to Israel (BANTU ISOLELE) (NOT TO THE WHOLE WORLD): Behold, the days is coming, says the almighty YAH-ABE, where I will do with the House of Israel (HIPHOLANIII, THE NGALAS) and the House of Judah (BA KONGO) a new covenant.14


This new covenant, including YISSA’YAH KONGO, is the mediator according to HEBREW 12:24, is only for his scattered and adoring Bantu Hebrews 8:8-9, living as the Biblical PROPHECY stipulates in ISAIAH 18:1-7 and ZEPHANIAH 3:10-20, the true people of the FOREVER LIVING HHE YAH-ABE, ancient Israel, live today, beyond the rivers of Cush, not beyond the Jordan, we do not speak of the Middle East here bunch of idiots, his people are no longer there, but beyond the rivers of Cush in Africa, from Central to South Africa, it is they that ISAIAH (whose real name was YISSA’YAH) saw in his vision ‘ ISAIAH 66:20 ‘… as the children of Israel bring their offering, in a pure vase, to the House of the ETERNAL the NEW JERUSALEM. “Isaiah saw them in his vision on the DAY OF HE YAH-ABE, and the restoration of ancient ISRAEL bringing OFFERINGS to the mighty YAH-ABE creator of heaven and earth, and all things, and ZEPHANIAH 3:10-20 confirms it, but wake up you Bantu, and this holy PEOPLE is ISRAEL (isolele), known as the Bantu, it is you the chosen people not the Mindls Edomites. The spirit of prophecy speaks of the mindeles edomite as those who call themselves Jews (BANTU, MAKONGO), but are not, but are rather a people, an assembly, Satan’s synagogue. Read it in REVELATION 2:9, and the BIBLE calls the Edomite impostors liars. REVELATION 3:9. Only a hardened idiot will understand nothing. We can do nothing for the fools, the Kizenguis… I challenge you, show me where it is written that the New Covenant, concerns the whole world, I give you JEREMIH 31:31-34 and HEBREWS 8:8-13, you have to prove me otherwise!!!

Salvation? There is nothing for the Mindele Edomites they will no longer be on Earth read ISAIAH 34:5, when to other nations: sons of Cham, other Africans, or Asian Japheths, Ishmaelites or others, Ba’ngos in Lingala their fate; destiny is written in ISAIAH 60:12 + ISAIAH 14:2: Total submission to chosen Bantu and Kongos. Indeed, the chosen Bantu and Kongos will reign over these Bangos, nations, with an IRON whip, authority: THE NATIONS SHALL HAVE THE CHOICE: OBEDIENCE TO THE LAW or DEATH, READ REVELATION 2:26-27.


Others will say but what says JOHN 3:16-17 “because HE YAH-ABE has so loved the world (COSMOS) that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but that he may have eternal life. 17 HE YAH-ABE, indeed, did not send his Son into the world so that he may judge the world, but rather for the world to be SAVED by him “to fully understand the Bible or a chapter, one must read the context and understand the words, because it is HE YAH-ABE who creates the languages GENESIS 11,

1)-The context, to whom is-YISSA’YAH talking? John 3:1 to an authority of his people


the requirements to be saved, the process is the rebirth by REPENTANCE (WATER) and the HOLY SPIRIT which is a PROMISE exclusively for the BANTU according to ISAIAH 44:1-3, and ROMANS 9:1-6,


Mfumu YISSA’YAH KONGO reminds NICODEMUS that he is the mediator of the new covenant promised to the Bantu People only HEBREWS 8:8-13, between the Ngalas (ALL OTHER BANTU) and the ba kongos

ONLY, those who say that SALVATION is for all of mankind, I challenge them, to prove to me that the NEW COVENANT, is for all MANKIND? HEBREWS 12:24, HEBREWS 9:15 It is the embodied LAW become flesh, THE TRUTH the way to access, to the ETERNAL LIFE of JOHN 14:6, in one word YISSA’YAH KONGO is UNAVOIDABLE for the Bantu people of whom NICODEMUS is one of the religious authorities.

3)-THE HISTORY OF THE PEOPLE, YISSA’YAH reminds him of the scriptures, in his symbolic sense, be attentive to JOHN 3:14 “and as MASSA raised the serpent in the wilderness (NOT FOR THE WORLD BUT FOR THE PEOPLE OF WHICH NICODEMUS IS LEADER), it is ALSO NECESSARY that the Son of man to be

lifted high” and verse 15 ” so that whosoever (OF HIS PEOPLE) believes in him have eternal life “the story of the hung serpent, foreshadowed CHRIST YISSA’YAH, so the Bantu People formerly in NUMBERS 21:5-9 were saved in the Tribulation by the Serpent Hung on a perch, not the nations, the Bantu people must

turn to CHRIST YISSA’YAH KONGO, the new serpent on the perch so that whoever among the Bantu sons, sons of the promise turns to YISSA’YAH be saved. For YISSA’YAH is the TERRIBLE SON, KING:


4)-THE WORD WORLD. , the word used in Greek is COSMOS G2889, that comes from the root KOMIZO G2865, provide, receive, which means an entity, or there is more than one world. There are COSMOS, entities, worlds and CHRIST YISSA’YAH will prove it to us, let’s go to JOHN 17:9 “It is for them that I pray. I do not pray for the world (COSMOS), but for those whom thou hast given me, because they are yours “so we see in John 17:9, YISSA’YAH KONGO informs us that there is more than one world as expressed through JOHN 18:20: The world, cosmos of the chosen as against the world (cosmos) of the called.


Moreover, HE YAH-ABE did not so much love this world (COSMOS), but the world of YAQUBA, ROMANS 9:13, REVELATION 3:9. WHY? Because he recommends us NOT to LOVE this world (COSMOS)

1 JOHN 2:15 “Do not love the world (cosmos), nor the things that are in the world (cosmos). If someone loves the world, the love of the father is not in him; HE YAH-ABE demands us not to like this world (it proves that there is more than one cosmos world, there are cosmos’, worlds), so, as we have just seen JOHN 3:16, the world (cosmos) we are talking about is the world (cosmos) of Bantu, because HE YAH- ABE did not have so much This world (COSMOS), nations that he will come to judge for what these nations have done to his people, his COSMOS, his world the Bantu. The dispersal of the people in the year 70, the SLAVERY of the Bantu, the SHARING of the land of YISSA’HÉ between Ishmael and the Edomites , COLONIZATION of the Bantu, DIVISIONS, SEPARATIONS OF BANTU FAMILIES with the BERLIN conference from NOVEMBER 15, 1884 to FEBRUARY 26, 1885 which separated families, JOEL 3:1-6


HE YAH-ABE will come to punish, and take revenge on all his enemies whose list is in PSALM 83:1-9, JEREMIAH 46:10 and others he will simply exterminate them, as EDOM ISAIAH 34:5-10, these nations, this WORLD, which will wage war against him war because they will not accept the NEW LAWS OF JUSTICE, the reign by the iron whip REVELATION 12:5, of the new Black Bantu bakongo King, for ETERNITY, REVELATION 19:19, this same world which he will destroy, for a new world ISAIAH 66:17 that he recommends us not to love in 1 JOHN 2:15 , but he so loved the world of YAQUBA the Bantu, the ba Kongos, but HE YAH-ABE never liked the world of Mindeles Edomites ESAU, read ROMANS 9:13


It is necessary to be Bantu, to have the HOLY SPIRIT and to know the history of the Bantu, to understand the BIBLE. Beloved, was Cornelius Bantu?

YES he was BANTU, from the Ten Tribes of Israel (in the Kongo language, ISOLELE, I choose you) who separated from the house of DAVID, after the sin of SALAMAH, Solomon, read 1 KINGS 11:31, the Bantu under the sway of the House of DAWIDI, DAVID , divided into two kingdoms, Israel, Ephraim HIPHORANII, House of Joseph YO’SAPHIO in the north, the BA NGALAS, and house of Judah in the SOUTH, the BA KONGOS, they no longer agreed to the point of engaging in wars 1KINGS 12:21, 2CHRONICLES 28:6-8.


Later, because of the multiple failures of the northern kingdom, NGALAS, to obey HE YAH-ABE, the ALMIGHTY divorced with the NORTHERN KINGDOM the BA NGALAS, as a result the ten northern tribes became ANOTHER NATION, they were no longer Israelite, ISOLELE, and Bantu. Let’s read it in JEREMIAH 3:8 even though I had repudiated the infidel Israel (Northern Kingdom BA NGALA) because of all his adulteries, and that I had given her his DIVORCE LETTER, I saw that the treacherous Judah (BA KONGO KINGDOM OF THE SOUTH), her sister, did not have any fear , and she went to prostitution in the same way.” Translation KING JAMES

Divorced from the holy FATHER, the 10 tribes of the north, did NO LONGER BECOME ISRAELITES, ISOLELE, they became another NATION, like all peoples who are not Bantu, they were no longer the people of HE YAH-ABE,

Thus spoke the Prophet, YO’ZOUAH, OSEE, HE YAH-ABE speaking to the BA Ngalas, the ten Bantu tribes of the NORTH, says this OSEE 1:8-9…. You are no longer my PEOPLE; I am no longer your God. “


What about JUDAH, SOUTHERN tribes, the bakongo, JUDAH. Indeed, the bakongs, JUDAH, remained faithful to HE YAH-ABE, it can be read in the KING JAMES French version OSEE 12:1: “Ephraim (NGALAS NORTHERN KINGDOM) surrounds me with falsehood, and the house of Israel ( Still the Northern Kingdom) with Deceptions, but Judah (the Kingdom of the South, the Kongos) governs with HHE YAH- ABE, and is faithful with the Saints, King James French translation.

So when YISSA’YAH came, ONLY the tribes of the SOUTH, the BAKONGOS, were ISOLELE Israelites, Bantu, the tribes of the North were LOST tribes of the house of JACOB, the MISSION of YISSA’YAH KONGO, was to BRING BACK these lost tribes into the BANTU HOUSE, to make a SINGLE NATION, EZEKIEL 37:21, had prophesied it, that it would be fulfilled OSEE 2:25, KING JAMES TRANSLATION


MATTHEW 10:5-6 “Do not go towards, the PAGAN, the Mindeles, the Chinese, the Arabs, the Somalis, the West Africans, the other Africans; go to the lost sheep of the house of JACOB the Black Bantu. The lost Ba’ngala Northerners… Let’s go back to CORNELIUS.

Acts 10:1-2, tells us that CORNELIUS was a soldier of profession, and knew HE YAH-ABE, since he feared him and prayed, he was a Roman soldier. We know that for the Romans, it was sufficient at that time to have Roman nationality to be a soldier in The Roman army.

Question: Were there, in the time of YISSA’YAH KONGO, Roman Bantus? YES, PAUL, (PAULA in holy Kikongo, wet, purified) had Roman NATIONALITY you can read it in ACTS 22:27, but PAULA, was not Romans of strain, of blood, PAUL himself said he was a Bantu Israelite it can be read in ROMANS 11:1

Question: Why does PETER say that CORNELIUS was from another nation if he were Bantu? Acts 10:28, but because the 10 Bantu tribes of the north, were divorced from HE YAH-ABE JEREMIAH 3:8, they were no longer ISOLELE, Bantu Israelite according to OSEE 1:8-9,

Being ISOLELE no more, Bantu Israelites, they became another people, Wherefore, the southern bakongo tribes, called, the circumcised, because the guardian of the LAW, did not get along with the ba ngalas of the north, which he regarded as an unclean people, and the Parable of the Prodigal son, speaking of the NGALAS Bantu, working in a pigsty, house of the Ngulus, in Luke 15:11 -32, who left the house of the Bantu, became pagans illustrates this fact,

Question: Why was CORNELIUS called pagan, ACTS 10:45?, because, the tribes of the north, mostly Galilean, NGALILA, no longer Israelite, were called Pagans, you can read in MATTHEW 4:15, therefore the circumcised, the tribes of JUDAH, those who keep the LAW, the faithful, remember OSEE 12:1, were astonished to see, these ba ngalas, pagans receive the Holy SPIRIT, ACTS 10:45


So CORNELIUS, a bangala Bantu, was Roman of nationality, no of blood, like PAUL, from the divorced Bantu northern Ba’ngala who were no longer Israelite, today there are Bantu in the Edomite armies, in the sport of the edomites nations having the nationality, citizenship , of Edomites without being edomite of Mindele blood, and the MISSION of YISSA’YAH was to bring back these lost sheep MATTHEW 15:24, in the house of Bantu ACTS 10:36, confirms it

So YISSA’YAH’s mission was to bring peace between the two divided nations, bring them together ACTS 10:36, with YISSA’YAH KONGO; the Bantu are no longer divided, into 2 NATIONS. EZEKIEL 37:22 will make them a single nation in the country, on the mountains of Israel, and they shall all have one and the same king; they will no longer be two NATIONS, and will no longer be divided into two kingdoms. EVERYTHING IS NOW CLEAR, more DIVISIONS, TWO ADDITIONAL NATIONS

Others will say but ACTS 10:35, speak that all the nations that fear him, can be saved, NO, not all NATIONS, but the 2 divided BANTU nations; EZEKIEL 37:22 Because the answer, the proof is in the following verse, ACTS 10:36 tells us what these Nations are; read it in ACTS 10:36 “He sent THE WORD TO THE BANTU SONS ISRAEL, announcing them peace by YISSA’YAH KONGO, who is the MASTER of all.., OF ALL THE BANTU, ISOLELE,ISRAEL .Take note of the word PEACE between the two NATIONS, BAKONGOS and BANGALAS THE 10 SEPARATED TRIBES.

Acts 10:43-44 All the prophets render of him the testimony that whoever believes in him receives by his name the forgiveness of sins. 44 as Peter uttering these words, the Holy Spirit descended upon all those who listened to THE WORD. “WHO IS ANYONE AND WHAT IS THIS WORD THEY LISTENED TO, RESPONSE

ACTS 10:36″ he sent THE WORD TO THE BANTU SONS ISRAEL, announcing them peace by YISSA’YAH KONGO, who is the MASTER of all.., “OF ALL BANTU ISRAEL MATTHEW 2:6, Conclusion this “his word”, and that “whoever listened to him would receive the Holy Spirit”, was only for the Bantu ISRAELITES of which CORNELIUS was one of the lost sheep according to ACTS 10:36


If, you know nothing, you must keep quiet, do not be, Mateyah,


ACTS 8:27 -33. The BIBLE speaks of the eunuch, official, at the service of Queen CANDACE. The Greek word aithiops, means: black face, burned, the word Ethiopia, refers in the BIBLE to CUSH, Nubia, Great Sudan, not to current Ethiopia, whose name is felt, whose former Name was Abyssinia since 1630, Kingdom of Oromo mixed Canaanite people, in Amharic language of Oromo. So was the eunuch Sudanese of strain? No, why? Know, beloved, that citizenship has nothing to do with your race, PAULA (wet in Kongo language) was a Roman citizen ACTS 22:23-30, without being Edomite Roman, but Bantu, he asserts himself in ROMANS 11:1, one can be, German, French, Italian without being MINDELE EDOMITE? REMEMBER, AT THE TIME OF THE APOSTLES, THE BANTU WERE SCATTERED AT THAT TIME AMONG THE NATIONS, INCLUDING IN AFRICA, SUDAN, CUSH, read ACTS 2:5, ISAIAH had seen it, in ISAIAH 11:11, wasn’t APOLLOS PAUL’s competitor born in Alexandria, Africa? ACTS 18:24. Let us return to the Bantu Sudanese Citizen (Ethiopian), why was he Bantu?, because 2 clues prove it, first because he had the BIBLE ACTS 8:30, the book of the OLD TESTAMENT that possessed only by the “Levites” tribes, priests, who often did read it only in the SYNAGOGUES. Luke 4:16-19, the Assembly of the Bantu, SECOND ACTS 8:27 informs us, that they went to WORSHIP, or according to the law, only the Bantu could go worship in SALAMAH, JERUSALEM, not FOREIGNERS. Access to the TEMPLE was forbidden to ba’ngos, FOREIGNERS, nations. So the Nzabas-Kongos, Ngouzas keeper of the temple ensured that the

LAW was respected, let’s read the LAW EZEKIEL 44:7-9 “So speaks YAH-ABE: No stranger (those who are not Bantu), uncircumcised of heart and uncircumcised of flesh, will enter my sanctuary (TEMPLE), none of the foreigners who will be among the children of Israel.” EVERYTHING IS CLEAR, HAS TATA YAH-ABE CHANGED NO. READ Malachi 3:6, it is thus, that we see ba ngalas, Bantu, Hellenized, called Greeks, came to worship in the TEMPLE, read JOHN 12:20.


What about REVELATION 5:9-10 “and they sang a new hymn, saying: Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof; For thou hast been slain, and thou hast redeemed for God by thy blood of the men of every tribe, of any tongue, of all people, and of any nation; 10 thou hast made them a kingdom and priests for our God, and they shall reign upon the Earth , “Beloved, know that REVELATION 5:9-10, is the fulfillment of the promise of EXODUS 19:6” You Will (FUTURE) for me be a Kingdom of priests and a holy nation. These are the words you will tell the children of Israel (Bantu).” But, REVELATION 5:9-10 is also, the fulfillment of GENESIS 35:11, why nations, languages… Reading Genesis 35:11 “YAH-be told him (YQUBAH, father of the 12 tribes Bantu): I am yah-abe Almighty. Be fruitful, and multiply: a nation and a multitude of nations (plural) will be born of thee, and kings shall come forth from thy loins “All is clear the nations in Revelation 5:9-10, refer to the Bantu nations that speak the languages of the colonizer oppressors and slavery EDOMITES: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish..


MARK 16:15 is the echo of MATTHEW 28:19, go, make of all the nations disciples, BAPTIZING them in the name of the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Questions, of whom is YISSA’YAH KONGO speaking? To better understand,

THE WORD ALL NATIONS, let’s go to ACTS 2:5 “Now there was a sojourn in Jerusalem of Jews (the Bantus), righteous man, of ALL THE NATIONS that are under heaven” ALL is clear, at that time the Bantu were scattered among all the nations prophesied in DEUTERONOMY 4:27 confirmed in JAMES 1:1, beloved I leave you to read it. QUESTION, the baptism which speaks YISSA’YAH in Matthew 28:19, is this a promise, for Bantu only? YES, the Bantu only, as well said by ACTS 2:5 lets read PETER’S SPEECH, to better understand MATTHEW 28:19 or MARK 16:15


Let’s read PETER’S SPEECH, ACTS 2:36-39 “Let the whole house of THE BANTUS know therefore with certainty that YAH-ABE has made MASTER and Christ this YISSA’YAH KONGO that you crucified. 37 After hearing this speech, they (THE BANTUS) had their hearts deeply touched, and they said to Peter and to the other Apostles: Men brothers, what shall we do? Peter said to them: repent, and that each of you be baptized in the name of YISSA’YAH KONGO, for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the GIFT from the Holy Spirit.

Verse 39: because the promise is for you (the Bantu), for your children, and for all those who are far away (the Bantu of the DIASPORA JAMES 1:1 CONFIRMS IT), as many as YAH-ABE our father will call them. EVERYTHING IS CLEAR, THERE IS NO SALVATION FOR HE THAT IS NOT BANTU!

Others will say, but the ADOPTION of JOHN 1:12 “But to all who have received him, to those who believe in his name, she gave the power to become children of YAH-ABE, who were born,” JOHN 1:11 it, the word came among his own, the tribes of JUDAH , YAHOUNDÉ, bena BAKONGO, these tribes did not receive it, but the divorced Bantu tribes, lost from the House of YQUBAH, received it, YES, adoption is the power, to become, child of HE YAH-ABE,

But who has the right to ADOPTION, all mankind, or only the Bantus or bakokos? Let’s listen to PAUL, who has the right to ADOPTION, ALL RACES, MANKIND? Let us listen to PAUL, ROMANS 9:3-5 “For I would myself be anathema and separated from YISSA’YAH KONGO for my brethren, my parents according to the flesh (blood, DNA, RACE), 4 who are Israelites (Bantu), to whom belong (what?) The ADOPTION (the power to become son of YAH-ABE), and GLORY (The Kingdom), and COVENANTS (OLD AND NEW), and THE LAW (THE HOLY SPIRIT), and WORSHIP (ADORATION), 5 and THE PROMISES (ALL THE BIBLE), and the PATRIARCHS (ABANAH, Y’SEQA, Y’QUBA), and from where is derived, according to the FLESH, CHRIST, (YISSA’YAH was derived from the Bantu) which is above all things…” EVERYTHING IS CLEAR TO PAUL, ADOPTION, GLORY, CONVENANTS, WORSHIP, BA NKAQAS, KOKOS… Belong only to Bantu and to the BAKONGOS according to the flesh. PERIODE DO NOT ADD ANYTHING…

Beloved, let the HOLY SPIRIT teache you. SALVATION IS A PROMISE FOR BANTU ONLY, please read: ISAIAH 45:17 “It is by HE YAH-ABE that YISSA’HE Bantu gets SALVATION, an ETERNAL SALVATION; You will not be ashamed or confused, until eternity”


Those who are spiritual will understand MATTHEW 15:26 “he replied: It is not right to take the bread of the children (Bantu, salvation, the BIBLE), and throw it to the small dogs (THE BA’NGOS, THE NATIONS).

Other fools imbued with pride, will say but JESUS (YISSA’YAH), changed the LAW, so we can marry other peoples, who are not Bantu. God loves all men, OH, bunch of stubborn fellows! who told you that? Read ROMANS 9:13 and tell me if the Almighty loves EDOM, ESAU the MINDELÉS? Let’s read Matthew 5:17 “Do not believe that I have come to abolish the LAW or the prophets; I came not to abolish, but for accomplish, HE WARNS YOU ABOUT THE LAW,

MATTHEW 5:18 “For I tell you in truth, as long as heaven and earth do not pass, it will not disappear from the LAW a single iota or a single stroke of letter, until everything has happened.”

MATTHEW 5:19 “He who will remove one of these smallest commandments, and teach men to do the same, shall be called the smallest in the Kingdom of heaven; But he who observes them, and who will teach to observe them, that one shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven “


In good French, language of the Edomite oppressor, one will say, whoever teaches the abolition of the LAW must be careful. In the Kingdom of the twelve gates, could we marry foreign women, will the law change? Read the future. THE LAW OF MARRIAGE

EZEKIEL 44:22 “They will not take as a wife neither a widow nor a repudiated woman, but they shall take virgins from the RACE of the House of YISSA’HÉ; they may also take the widow of a priest.” Remember that THE KINGDOM OF THE PRIESTS is a PROMISE AND IT IS ONLY FOR THE BANTU, it is the worship

read ROMANS 9:4 and EXODUS 19:6 “You will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. These are the words you will tell the children of YISSA’HÉ (Bantu). “

Once again the BIBLE proves to you that mixed marriages, are an ABOMINATION, as the Prophet MA’LEKI said, MALACHI 2:11-12 “Judah (KONGO, especially the captives what went into captivity, slavery) proved unfaithful, and an abomination was Committed in Israel and Jerusalem; For Judah (YANDI, the BA KONGO) profaned what is consecrated to the almighty YAH-ABE, what he likes HE YAH-ABE. He merged with the daughter of a foreign god (mixed marriage). 12 HE YAH-ABE will cut off the man who does this, the one who watches and responds, he’ll cut him off from the household of Jacob, (ASSEMBLY OF THE BANTU) and he will cut off the one who presents an offering to HE YAH-ABE of the armed forces. “

The Bantu man who takes a woman who is not Bantu, or a Bantu woman who takes a man who is not Bantu, if he, or if she does not repent of this great sin NEHEMIAH 13:27, as EZRA 10:2-3 means, if he persists in forming the same body with a man or a woman who is not Bantu, he or she will be excluded from the Bantu people, and his bastard, Metis children with, they shall not enter the assembly of the Bantu DEUTERONOMY 23:3. THEY WILL BE EXCLUDED, you can think what you want, my role as a Zaba KONGO priest, is to warn the Saint Bantu people only on the judgments and the LAW of HE YAH-ABE DEUTERONOMY 33:10 “THEY ( ZABA KONGOS PRIESTS) teach your prescriptions to YA’QUBA, and your LAW to ISOLELE, ISRAEL, (in Kongo language, ISOLELE, I chose you) (BANTU) “


So these flocks of fools who say that the holy people, is a mixed people or will be a mixed people, will now learn to be silent. You know nothing, your thoughts are not the thoughts of the MOST HOLY HE YAH- ABE ISAIAH 55:8, and these Edom dogs can not understand the scriptures MATTHEW 13:37-43, for there is a SECRET in this PASSAGE, only the race of the Zaba KONGO priests know the SECRET, I would not tell you for the moment beloved.

The herds of fools will say do not be selfish those who are in ISRAEL are also, would be Jews. This is what the KONGO high Priest says in a dialogue with his disciple.


-THE PRIEST NABI MAKA’YAH, he says listen to the sound of my voice bana kongo, be attentive, for from my mouth will bloom the truth, the belt on you, IT IS KONGO, symbol of the truth, tie this belt, it is the word of the very high HE YAH-ABE, it is in the BIBL E, listen, and put this WORD into practice, it will help you. Listen, the land of Bantu Isolele, ISRAEL has become the possession, the property of EDOM (NDUNDUN H125 םדָּמְדַאֲThe biblical name of the Mindeles) and of the nations, EZEKIEL 36:5 “So speaks HE YAH-ABE: Yes, in The fire of my jealousy, I speak against the other nations (THE FALASHAS CANAANITES, THE ARAB ISHMAELITES, THE BERBERS…) and against EDOM (the MINDELES) as a whole, who have given my country in ownership, with all the joy of their hearts and scorn of their soul , in order to plunder the products. “You can read it at home, in the book of EZEKIEL 36:5,

You see, your heritage, that is to say your land of ISRAEL (isolele), NUMBERS 34:1-2, became the property of foreigners, of the nations LAMENTATIONS 5:2, you had lost it because of your multiple infidelities to HE YAH-ABE, JEREMIAH 17:4 and this will be so until the time of the reign of the nations (the BA’NGOY = the others) is fulfilled as YISSA’YAH KONGO had announced in (LUQA, vomit, from, come out of) LUKE 21:24. In this same passage, from LUKE 21:24, in that same verse, YISSA’YAH had prophesied the captivity (word that means SLAVERY) of the BAKONGOS, this captivity should only be fulfilled on the land of CHAM according to the prophecy of (JEREMIE, in

Kongo language, YILIMA’YAH, which means YAH arrange, fixed by the Kongo verb Yilima) JEREMIAH 42:17-18 “All those who will turn the face to go to Egypt (AFRICA), in order to remain there, will die by the sword, by famine or by the plague, and no one will escape, flee, before the misfortunes that I shall bring upon them… 18-.. You will no longer see this place (ISRAEL, ISOLELE)”


READ Beloved, JEREMIAH 15:2-3 YOU WILL HAVE MORE DETAILS, you’ll understand. Beloved and this happened, confirming the prophecy ON THE PUNISHMENT OF THE NATIONS of JEREMIAH 9:25-26 “Behold, the days are coming,” said HE YAH-ABE, where I punish all the circumcised who are not of heart, 26 Egypt (west africans), Judah (ba kongo), Edom (Soon they will be exterminated according to ISAIAH 34:4-10).. The children of Ammon, Moab, all those who shave the corners of the beard, those who inhabit the desert (the Arabs and the Tuaregs: because the ETYMOLOGY of the word BEDOUIN, Badawī (يوﺪﺑ) in the plural, means NOMADS, INHABITANTS OF THE DESERT: Bādiyah (ﺔﯾدִِ ﺎﺑَ),); For all nations are uncircumcised, and the whole house of Israel has the uncircumcised hearts”

As you see in JEREMIAH 9:25-26, the first to undergo SLAVERY IN AFRICA were THE EGYPTIANS, the true Africans, THE SONS OF CHAM (the west Africans: SENEGAL, BENIN, TOGO, NIGERIA, GHANA…), read detail in EZEKIEL 29:12-16, and EZEKIEL 30:26


Then it was the turn of the WORSHIPPERS, and the SCATTERED from HE YAH-ABE ZEPHANIAH 3:10-11, the Bantus living beyond the rivers of CUSH: The BAKONGOS, JUDAH from the coasts of CENTRAL AFRICA (CONGO, SOUTHERN CAMEROON, GABON, ANGOLA..) to the coasts of SOUTH-EAST AFRICA (ZANZIBAR, MOZAMBIQUE, COMOROS…), read ZECHARIAH 1:21 and LAMENTATIONS 1:4-5. Soon it will be the turn of EDOM LAMENTATIONS 4:21-22 and the other nations to go to the cashier… So the Bantu are no longer on this stolen land, looted since the year 70 by the Romans Edomites, the holy Bantu people fled to the land of Cham (EGYPT PSALMS 105:23), AFRICA, read the assertions of the Greek scholars, (photos at the top) on the skin color of the ancient Egyptians today the West Africans.

Westafs, OSEE 9:6 as the angel had implicitly recommended to YISSA’YAH’s parents, in case of danger flee to those who resemble you:Africans, Egyptians, read MATTHEW 2:13-14, for the Bantu Israelites were often called Negroes, read ACTS 13:1 “YISSA’YAH’S DISCIPLE Simeon (SHAMA) dubbed the BLACK (G3526 of the Greco-Latin word NIGER Νίγερ: BLACK)…” Bible translation of the SOWER. Remember that PAUL whose Kongo name was SAULA (choose, chooses: In Kongo ba lari language) was taken for an African (EGYPTIAN) by a Roman Edomite soldier, read ACTS 21:38-39 “(YOU PAUL) So you are not this Egyptian (today AFRICAN) who has rebelled lately and who has taken 4000 rebels into the wilderness?

39 Paul resumed: “I am Jewish (BA KONGO) of Tarsus in Cilicia”


Long before, PAUL, MOSES (MASSA) was taken by the MEDIANITES (FULANI), for an Egyptian (AFRICAN), read EXODUS 2:19. Moreover, the 12 tribes of YISSA’HE, were taken for African Egyptians by the African Canaanites read GENESIS 50:11 “and when the inhabitants of the country, the Canaanites (Canaanites), saw this mourning (GATHERING OF THE SONS OF DE YAQUBA) in the area of Atad, they said: It is a great mourning for the Egyptians (it was not the Egyptians but the 12 sons of YAQUBA); That is why he called Abelmitzaim, which is beyond the Jordan.” CONCLUSION, THE EGYPTIANS (Africans) LIKE THE BANTU ISRAELITES WERE OF THE SAME BLACK RACE, and AFRICA constituted an ideal refuge for the BANTU PEOPLE. It can be understood with the Ba ngalan king, living in the North, YAH’BOMA (which means YAH KILLS, JEROBOAM), to escape the wrath of SALAMAH (Solomon), YAH’BOMA will preferred to cross all of Judea (YAOUNDÉ) to flee to EGYPT (Africa) towards his ally of the South, than to go hide in his Syrian allies of the NORTH, 1 KINGS 11:40. Already, at the birth of YISSA’YAH thousands of bakongos and ba ngalas, were already in the land of CHAM, EGYPT (today Africa) according to PSALMS 105:23 you, Bantu who comes from Central Africa do not brag, telling yourself that you are at home in CENTRAL AFRICA , but know that thou art an Israelite refugee who will leave when YISSA’YAH, JESUS SHALL RETURN EZEKIEL 20:35-38 on the DAY OF SORTING, OF THE JUDGMENT OF THE SEPARATION OF THE 12 BANTU TRIBES MATTHEW 19:28, for the land where we are settled belongs to the natives people, the sons of Cham, the Pygmies, the Buchman…


BEFORE CHRIST YISSA’YAH came on Earth and AFTER the resurrection of Christ YISSA’YAH our people were already numerous in AFRICA, translated as Egypt in the Bible ACTS 18:24, ACTS 8:26-31, LAND OF CHAM, you can read it in the second book of MAKABA Apocryphal TOB. The word Africa dates from the middle Ages.


2 MACCABEES 1:1 “To their Brethren the Jews (Yahoundés) of Egypt (from Africa), greetings! Their brethren the Jews of Jerusalem and those of the Land of Judea (wish them) peace and prosperity! “

2 MACCABEES 1:10 “The Year One hundred and Eighty-eight. Those of Jerusalem and those of Judea, the Council of Elders and Judas, in Aristobulus, adviser to King Ptolemy and from the race of priests consecrated by the anointing, as well as to the Jews (Yahoundé) of Egypt (of Africa), Joy and health! “

Then, the land of isolation was successively occupied by multiple nations Edomites, Ishmelites, Japhetistes (Turks) then Edomites Amalekites today it is the property according to the prophecy of EDOM the Amalekites and nations. EZEKIEL 36:5,


Behold, said the wise priest of the Bantu, you will not hug and return to this land of ISRAEL with the new JERUSALEM with twelve gates REVELATION 21:12, only on the DAY OF CLOUD AND DARKNESS, access to the kingdom to the twelve Bantu gates is Conditioned, read REVELATION 22:12-15. Then the high priest NABI MAKAYAH asked his disciple to read the book of YISÉKA’HÉ (EZEKIEL)

-The DISCIPLE ABI’YONA took the BIBLE and began to read EZEKIEL 34:12-13 “As a pastor inspects his flock when he is in the midst of his scattered sheep, so will I review my sheep, and I will collect them from all the places where they were scattered to the day Clouds and darkness. 13 I will remove them from among the people, I will gather them from the various lands, and bring them back to their country (ISOLELE); I will graze them on the mountains of ISOLELE, along the streams, and in all the inhabited places of the country

-THE DISCIPLE ABI’YONA, answered him, high Priest MAKA’YAH, is really the day of clouds and darkness to which NABI YISEKA’HÉ (Ezekiel) makes reference in Ezekiel 34:12-13 which will be equal to our return!


–The NABI MAKA’YAH PRIEST answered; listen to the sound my voice and take note because, the HOLY SPIRIT, will reveal to you the secret. Takes note Bana Kongo, the day of Cloud and darkness of which EZEKIEL speaks 34:12-13, equates to the day of HE YAH-ABE, takes the holy book (read YAH’HÉ , JOEL 2:1-3) “Sound the trumpet in Zion, make it sound on my holy mountain! That all the inhabitants of the country tremble, for the day of HE-YAH-ABE is coming, it is near: 2 Day of darkness, day of clouds and fog,

It is coming like the dawn that unfolds on the mountains. Here are a large and powerful people; there never was and there will never be the same, from generation to generation. 3 before him is a devouring fire, and behind him a burning flame. Before, the country was like a Garden of Eden, and since then it’s an awful desert: KING JAMES 21

-The High Priest NABI MAKA’YAH, spoke, as you have just read in the book of JOEL 2:1-3, the day of cloud and darkness equals the day of HE YAH-ABE which is a day of devouring fire, according to (MA’LEKI) MALACHI 4:1, beloved, says the high priest , what’s the great day of HE YAH-ABE? HE YAH- ABE accuses EDOM and ISHMAEL, the two main enemies of the Bantu, according to PSALM 83:1-9, to have first dispersed the Bantu, among the nations, that is to say the Bango, secondly to have shared the land of Israel Bantu among Edom and Ishmael, with the sharing plan, follow the video below. JOEL 3:1-3 “For behold, in these days, at that time, when I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem, 3:2 I will gather all the nations, and I will bring them down into the valley of Josaphat; Then I will go to trial with them, why? (FIRST, THE DISPERSAL OF THE BANTU PEOPLE FROM CENTRAL TO SOUTH AFRICA, IN THE YEAR 70 BY ROME) about my people of Israel, my inheritance, which they dispersed among the nations, (SECOND) and about my country that they shared (UNITED NATIONS SHARING PLAN, SEE THE VIDEO BELOW). 3:3 (THIRD SLAVERY) they raffle drew my people; they gave the lad for a prostitute, they sold the girl for wine, and they drank. “AMONG THE NATIONS, THE BANGOS, WHERE ARE HIS SCATTERED GATHERED? ZEPHANIAH 3:10 “Beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my worshippers, my scattered, will bring me offerings.” THEY ARE FROM CENTRAL TO SOUTH AFRICA.



1)-The day of HE YAH-ABE is a day of VENGEANCE against all his enemies quoted in PSALM 83:1-9, Edom, Ishmael…. JEREMIAH 46:10 this day is for the ALMIGHTY, for HE YAH-ABE of the armed forces; It is a day of

vengeance, where he avenges his enemies. The sword devours, it satisfies itself, it drunks with their blood. For there are victims of the Lord, of HE YAH-ABE YAH’EHO of the armed forces, in the land of the north, on the banks of the Euphrates. “

2)-The day of HE YAH-ABE is a day of massacre of sinners ISAIAH 13:9 “Behold, the day of HE YAH-ABE is coming, cruel day, day of wrath and ardent fury, which will reduce the earth to solitude, and ANNIHILATE sinners.”

3)-The DAY of HE YAH-ABE is a day of JUDGMENT OF THE NATIONS, of THE END OF THE REIGN OF EDOM THE MINDELES AND THEIR EXTERMINATION BY YISSA’YAH KONGO. This is the secret, the LAST KINGDOM, which precedes the KINGDOM of YISSA’YAH, is the kingdom of the EDOMITE; you will read the apocryphal TOB BIBLE: 4 EZRA 6:9. But here, this biblical verse proves it to us. Who is EDOM? Go to OBA’YAH, ABDIAS 1:21 “Liberators shall rise on Mountain Zion, to JUDGE the Mountain (KINGDOM) of Esau (the MINDELES); And to the Lord will belong the reign.” In other words, the end of the reign of ESAU, and the beginning of the reign of YISSA’YAH KONGO CHRIST

The Mindels Edomites will NO LONGER be on Earth, ISAIAH 34:1-8 “Come closer, nations, to hear! People, be attentive! Let the earth listen to it and all that fills it, the world and everything it produces! 2 for the wrath of HE YAH-ABE will descend on all nations, and his fury on all their armies: he reserves them extermination, he delivers them to carnage. 3 their dead are thrown, their bodies exhale the stench, and the mountains melt in their blood. 4 The whole army of heaven dissolves; the heavens are rolled like a book, and all their army falls, as the leaf of the vine falls, as the fig tree falls. 5 My sword became intoxicated in heaven; Behold, it will descend on Edom (the MINDELES), on the people for whom have reserved EXTERMINATION, to chastise. 6 The sword of HE YAH-ABE is full of blood, covered in fat, blood of lambs and goats, fat of the kidneys of rams; For there are victims of HE YAH-ABE at Botsra (symbol of the House of EDOM), and a great carnage in the land of Edom (the MINDELES), 7 The Buffaloes fall with them, and oxen with the bulls; The earth is watered with blood, and the soil is soaked in fat. 8 for it is a day of vengeance for HE YAH-ABE, a year of retaliation for the cause of TSI’YANI (ZION)”


3)-The DAY OF HE YAH-ABE is a day of the return of YISSA’YAH (JESUS) and the NEW EARTH AND HEAVENS, 2 PETER 3:10-13 “The day of HE YAH-ABE will come as a thief; On that day, the skies will pass with a crash, the enflamed elements will dissolve, and the earth with the works it contains shall be consumed. 11-Since therefore all these things must dissolve, what must not be the holiness of your conduct and your piety, 12-while you wait and hasten the advent of the day of HE YAH-ABE, for which the fiery skies will dissolve and the ignited elements will melt! 13 But we wait, according to his promise, new heavens and a new earth, where justice shall live. “

A)-THE NABI MAKA’YAH KONGO PRIEST, let’s read REVELATION 2:9 “I know your tribulation (suffering) and your poverty, and the slander (insults, lies) on the part of those who call themselves Jews and who are not, but who are a synagogue of Satan. “


Listen to the sound of my voice, in REVELATION 2:9, YISSA’YAH prophesied usurpation, identity theft (by those who call themselves Jew) of the Saint Bantu people by the same who will occupy the land of YISSA’HE: The Edomites, they will tell themselves that it is they ancient ISRAEL, this passage also reveals to us that today the true Israel knows the suffering (tribulation) and they are poor, while the current false Jews run the banks, they have a wealthy state, powerfully armed by their American Edomite, and European cousins and they are in the memory of all mankind as the true Jews, while the prophet states that the true ancient ISRAEL would be erased from the memory of men, let’s read it. DEUTERONOMY 32:26 “I would like to say: I will take them with a breath, I will make their memory disappear among men!”

The high priest put the question to his disciple ABI’YONA, if the true Israel is wiped out today from the memory of men, who do we remember today?

-The disciple ABI’YONA answered, men today remember, or have in memory liars whom they believe to be true Jews.


-The High priest MAKAYAH, answered him perfect you’ve got it all figured out, know that it is through the blood, that Edom will live in ISRAEL, and it is by fire that they shall be exterminated by YISSA’YAH KONGO, who is, who was, and who comes, that is why the Amalekites elites who will survive the extermination of Edom, will come to bow before the Bantu, let’s read REVELATION 3:9 “Behold, I give thee of those of the synagogue of Satan, who call themselves Jews and are not, but who lie; Behold, I will make them come, bow down to your feet, and know that I have loved you. “Who is loved YAQUBA, the Bantu; you will read it in ROMANS 9:13

Listen to the sound of my voice ABI’YONA, here I reveal you a secret, here is what the nations will say when they know the truth about the false Edomite Jesus, that Edome sold to the world, by falsehood, here, the nations would say when YISSA’YAH black Bantu would show himself, let’s read the JEREMIAH 16:19 “YAH-ABE YAH’EHO my strength and my support, my refuge on the day of distress! The nations will come to you from the ends of the earth, and they will say: Our Fathers have inherited only falsehood, vain idols, which are useless”

-The NABI MAKAYAH high priest posed question to his disciple, tell me, has the day of HE YAH-ABE, the day of darkness and cloud come?

-The DISCIPLE ABI’YONA answered NO, Nkaqah, the wise MAKAYAH took the floor. So the gathering and return of the holy people according to EZEKIEL 34:12-13, will only be done on that great day, which according to 2 PETER 3:10-13, is same as the return of YISSA’YAH, Jesus. If that day has not yet arrived, it means that those who claim to be Jews are usurpers; they are only the fulfillment of REVELATION 2:9 and REVELATION 3:9


Know that when the true Bantu ISRAEL, when we return, this earth will be purified by fire. EZEKIEL 39:12, the Amalekites Edomite and the nations that are on this earth will be more forever NUMBERS 24:20

Tell all your Edomites friends, they will be exterminated forever by YISSA’YAH KONGO ISAIAH 34:5 and they will be no more JEREMIAH 49:10, I will read the prophesy. Who are the Mindeles who currently occupy ISRAEL? Go to ZEPHANIAH and EZEKIEL to see who will occupy ISRA EL in the end times…

ZEPHANIAH 3:8 “Wait for me therefore,” said HE YAH-ABE, to the day when I will rise for the loot, for I have resolved to gather the nations, to gather the kingdoms, to spread upon them my fury, all the ardor of my wrath; for by the fire of my jealousy the whole country shall be consumed.” Israel today will be consumed by fire. Now see the identity of those occupying Israel today..


EZEKIEL 36:5 “So speaks HE YAH-ABE: Yes, in the fire of my jealousy, I speak against the other nations (the FALASHAS CANAANITES, the ISHMAELITES, the BERBERS…) and against EDOM (the MINDELES) as a whole, who have taken my country in ownership, with all the joy Of their hearts and contempt of their souls, in order to plunder the products. “

CONCLUSION, EDOM (AMALEK) is the new and only owner of modern ISRAEL with the (Ishmaelite, Canaanites Falashas…) nations and they will be EXTERMINATED (NUMBERS 24:20)

ISAIAH 34:5 “My sword became intoxicated in heaven; Behold, it shall descend upon Edom, upon the people (PEOPLE means: woman, child, old, cousins all) whom I have set aside for extermination, to chastise” This proves that it is the KINGDOM that CHRIST YISSA’YAH will come to confront, JUDGE. Will be the last kingdom that governs the EARTH the Mindelele Edomite…


What means EXTERMINATION of the MINDELES? Answer- JEREMIAH 49:10 “But I, I disposes Esau (Edom, the Mindeles ESAU- IS THE NATION OF EDOM READ GENESIS 36:1), I will discover his retreats (THESE BUNKERS, UNDERGROUND SHELTERS TO ESCAPE THE FIRE TO COME), he will not be able to hide (so he’ll look for A lurking ER); His children, his brethren, his neighbors (THAT IS TO SAY HIS PEOPLE), will perish, and he shall no longer be.” This is the EXTERMINATION, THEY (the MINDÉLÉS) WILL NO LONGER BE ON THIS EARTH. IT’S THE BIBLE THAT SAYS IT.

Ask yourself the question “who in the world is multiplying the constructions of bunkers?” is it not EDOM? Had you not read REVELATION 6:15-17, should it be explained to you?


HERE IS WHAT THE TOB APOCRYPHAL BIBLE SAYS, what will be the last Kingdom on all the Earth before the reign of the Bantu?

4 EZRA 6:9 “ESAU is the end of this century, and YA’QUBA (the 12 Bantu kingdoms) is at the origin of the following” SO the end of the WORLD will rhyme with the end of EDOM the MINDELES, the last kingdom before the KINGDOM OF BANTU, it is the KINGDOM OF EDOM , the fourth KINGDOM in the vision of DANIEL 7:17-18 “These four great animals are four kings who will rise from the Earth; 18 but the saints of the very high (THE BANTU) will receive the kingdom, and they shall possess the Kingdom eternally, eternity in eternity “THE BANTU KINGDOM WILL BE AN ETERNAL KINGDOM

Guess, how many doors will this kingdom, the new SALAMAH have; 12, according to 12 Bantu kingdoms. And the Angels will guard the gates so that the good Bantu returns according to his tribes REVELATION 21:12 “She had a great, high wall. It had twelve gates, and on the gates twelve Angels, names written, those of the twelve tribes of the sons of the Bantu YISSA’HE “

So if we are, for the GOSPEL OF TRUTH, let our language is truthful, what does the truth tell us? YISSA’YAH, הִָיעְשְִַׁי H3470, (JESUS) was a BA KONGO HEBREW 7:14 “… Our savior came from Judah…” (BANA YAOUNDÉ in Aramaic Hebrew h3061 דוהי Yĕhuwde), now the question that arises, what was the color of the sons Judah (BAKONGO)? Let’s read the BIBLE

LAMENTATIONS 4:2 “The noble sons of Zion (TSI’YANI, his land in Kongo lari h6726 ןויצ Tsiyown, tsiyani), estimated to be equal to pure gold, are looked upon, alas! Like vases of Earth, work of the potter’s hands! Then we’ll read verse 8


BE ATTENTIVE, HERE IS WISDOM. Who are the SONS OF TSI’YANI? Answer- PSALMS 78:68 “he preferred the tribe of Judah (BAKONGO YAOUNDÉ), the mountain of Zion (TSI’YANI) which he loved.” So we have the answer TSI’YANI is identified to the tribe of JUDAH, ZION = JUDAH. Now OBSERVE how JEREMIAH will give us the description of the Sons of Zion (tribes Judah from which is born YISSA’YAH HEBREWS 7:14, Jesus in your BIBLES) let’s discover their color.

LAMENTATIONS 4:8 Their appearance is darker than black; They are not recognized in the streets; They have skin glued to the bones, dry as wood ” LOUIS SECOND, other versions it is said the coal, Hebrew and Kongo word which means burnt wood. Let’s read French KING JAMES translation of which here is the free internet link for those who can not afford this BIBLE dating from 1611,: http://456-bible.123-, LAMENTATIONS 4:2 “The Precious sons of ZION (TSI’YANI, this is the tribe of JUDAH according to PSALMS 78:68, the City of DAVID himself from the tribe of the 2 SAMUEL bena Yaoundé, 5:7), comparable to the fine gold, as they are esteemed as jugs of land, the work of the hands of a potter! “

LAMENTATIONS 4:8-9 “Their face is blacker than coal; they are no longer recognized in the streets; their skin attaches to their bones; it’s parched, it has become like wood.


9 Those that are slain by the sword are better than those who have died of hunger; because they are gradually dying, struck by the failure of the products of the fields.

THE RACIST VERSIONS will ADD “become” DARKER, the face, will become aspect, charcoal will become soot in the TOB version, THIS IS THE GOSPEL OF THE LIES that EDOM preaches and his mboua za tantous, these dogs, meanwhile here is the original text in Hebrew, according to the T original translation, here is how this text of LAMENTATION 4:8 is translated, I challenge anyone who claims to know the Biblical Hebrew to prove to me otherwise, it’s over the time of the so-called ignorant Negro, let’s read.

LAMENTATION 4:8 “THEIR (JEREMIAH speaks of the sons of Zion according to LAMENTATION 4:2 discovering their color) THEIR FACES ARE DARKER THAN COAL, THEY ARE NOT RECOGNIZED IN THE STREETS, THEIR SKINS ARE GLUED TO THE BONES, THEY ARE DRY, LIKE WOOD (h6086 ץע ‘ ets , itsi, same word in Kikongo as in Hebrew that expresses WOOD, itsi) as I tell you these Edomite, Mindele have come to steal the Bantu languages, and our history. The Hebrew word used for DARK is Qassa in Hebrew (h2821 ךשח Qassak)


Why did the Bantu scribe use the word: Qassa to express the darkness, qassa which means leaf in Kikongo, in plural ma’qassa (in kiKongo it means, leaves or dead leaf, because when it becomes dried and lasts it is called Ma’qassi = Force what C Hangs its color in dark), meanwhile in the text, it is not said that their faces were dark but darker than coal: look at coal and JUDGE!!!

CONCLUSION, JESUS ACCORDING TO HEBREW 7:14 was from the TRIBE OF JUDAH (YAOUNDE BENA BAKONGO), meanwhile according to the BIBLE, the faces the son of Zion (that is the tribe of Judah according to PSALM 78:68, City of DAVID himself from the tribe 2SAMUEL Bayou Yaoundé Yaounde 5:7), the people of Judah, according to YILIMA’YAH, JEREMIAH, their faces, aspect as you want were darker than COAL, black.


LAMENTATIONS 4:8, So what was the skin color of JESUS, as his people DARKER than BLACK, COAL for the Bantu is Ma’qalal, in Hebrew as in the Bantu, THE WORD Qalal, also means “that which is burning” consumed, indicates the past for the ngala, tango ya qalal, time consumed or past. Remember the Bantu prefix “ma” expresses the plural, and the final consonant is voiceless, ma’QALAL, H7044 ללָקָ(LAMENTATION 4:8), or as EDOM, the mindélés you preach a effeminate edomite with blue eyes and long hair what is a shame according to PAUL 1cor. 11:14-15. How can you be so stupid, dumb, so you don’t see the truth? Why are you so zealous to defend the gospel of falsehood, instead of defending the GOSPEL OF TRUTH? Bunch of fools, the TRUTH is what is written, and the lie is what is not written, HOLLYWOOD fiction. Do you believe that HE YAH-ABE loves those who take pleasure in the Gospel of falsehood? DOES THE BIBLE NOT RECOMMEND YOU TO PUT THE BELT (KONGO) OF TRUTH? (EPHESIANS 6:14), BUT YOU, YOU PUT THE BELT OF LIES; THE ALMIGHTY YAH-ABE DOES NOT LIKE THOSE WHO DO NOT LOVE THE TRUTH. “Really!” Do you surely say, let’s then read the 2 THESSALONIANS 2:10 “and with all the seductions of iniquity for those who perish because they have not received the love of truth to be saved.” We have to defend the truth, the GOSPEL OF REALITY, we must fight the LIE. The truth is that JESUS was like his PEOPLE, darker than black, LAMENTATIONS 4:8 and he had no long hair because it’s A SHAME, YES I CORINTHIANS 11:14-15


I’m asking the QUESTION. Who preaches the GOSPEL of FALSEHOOD, is it we Bantu, or EDOM (the MINDELES and their dogs, false pastors, and others?) I’LL LET YOU DRAW A CONCLUSION. A final point on the APOCRYPHALS, which mean HIDDEN BOOKS, take the TOB Bible, go read it, you will have the description of the Jews and the color of their skin. IT IS THE PROPHET EZRA of your Bible that speaks, let us read 4 Ezra 7:125 “For what essence should the face of those who practice abstinence shine more than the stars, if OUR, (THE JEWS) FACE IS DARKER THAN DARKNESS? Only the hardened fools (Kizénguis) will understand nothing, because they are the dogs EDOM, nothing can be done for a sleeping fool, everything is crystal clear, and I do not even need to explain to you. BE WISE!


Let’s read the history of the ba Tekes, the bakongos the tribe of Judah known in the Bible as the Tekoïtes 1CHRONICLES 2:24 “After the death of Hetsron to Caleb Ephrata, Abijah, wife of Hetsron, he was a child of the assignor, father of Tekoa” The Tekes were known as the Tekoites , they considered themselves at the time of the Prophet NEHEMIAH as a Royal class, they did not want to do dirty jobs in the reconstruction of the Temple of SALAMAH (JERUSALEM)

Read NEHEMIAH 3:5 “beside them worked the Tekoïtes (the BA Tekes), whose principals do not support the service of the ALMIGHTY YAH’ABÉ”

2 CHRONICLES 11:6 “The Son of Solomon, built Bethlehem, Etham, Tekoa,” Tekoa, was a town located about 9km from Bethlehem.

AMOS (YAH’MOSSI which means YAH IS ONE, or UNIQUE, MOSSI is the figure one, in Kongo language) YAH’MOSSI, AMOS, was a tekoïte, Bateke, read AMOS 1:1 “Words of Amos, one of the shepherds of TEKOA…”


Let’s go back to the Kongos. Aramaic is the linguistic heritage of the Babylonian from exile where the two tribes the KONGOS (Judah and JERUSALEM) and the NGALAS (EPHRAIM, HIPHOLANII) were captive. read


1 CHRONICLES 9:1-3, there are differences to distinguish, the Kongo language has undergone changes following the trades with the neighbors, or the multiple movements, captivities of which Kongos and Ngalas were victims. They entered AFRICA (EGYPT) with mixed languages, Egyptian languages, the sons of Sham known today as: The Yoruba, Igbo, Soninke, the Wolof languages of their neighbors, philistines, the Horites, present day Akhans, the Ashantis or Ivorian and Ghanaian GENESIS 36:27 The Cushites, today known as the malinked or Mandinka, the Dinkas, the Chadians… the languages of the Canaanites known today as the Nilotic Tutsi, Massai, the Oromo, the Luos, the Falashas, Afars, Somalis,… languages of their oppressors: the Edomites known today as the Europeans: Greeks, Romans, Sumerian languages, here is an example: the Aramaic say “bar” for son, the Hebrew say Bena, Bana, the Bedouins (the true BLACK Arabs, the real Ishmaelites) say Ben, the Bantu have kept in their refuge in AFRICA (EGYPT) These two qualifiers, “bar” becomes “BA”


Remember the final consonant is voiceless in ancient Hebrew, and Bena becomes BANA. It is their Semitic inheritance, the Semites were all Black only the Edomite (offspring of ESAU) were albino GENESIS 25:25

Glory to the Almighty YAH-ABE, who allowed me to learn and understand the Biblical Hebrew that is no other in the ancient Kikongo, glory to the Almighty HE YAH-ABE, in order to nourish my people of truth as had prophesied Ezra in the hidden books Apocryphal 4 EZRA 6:28 (TOB BIBLE) “Faith will blossom, corruption shall be defeated, and the truth, so long without fruit, will MANIFEST ITSELF” the TRUTH IS HERE in this BOOK.

YES beloved, the HOLY most high name revealed to MASSA (Moses) in EXODUS 3:13-14 was certainly, “YAH’EHO”, sacred name, certainly known only by ZABAS priests, Levites in your Bibles, read PSALM 99:5-8 the name in use by the SAINT Bantu people is YAH THE FATHER , JEREMIAH 31:9 and MATTHEW 23:9 the word YAH, h3050 הּיָ, in Paleo-Hebrew as just like for the Bantu expresses superiority, to say my big Brother NZABA, I would say in Bantu language “yah NZABA. YAH, h3050 הִָּיin Paleo-Hebrew also means (He, the GREAT, the HEIGHT), this word is the Ba-Kongo diminutive of the word YAH’ANDI; meaning that one, the chosen one, or the designated. From that word came the word YAHOUNDI, which gives YAHOUNDÉ, today JUDAH, JEW to the false Jews; fictitious words, since the letter “J” does not exist in Paleo-Hebrew or in the Bantu language, it is an invention of the English Edomites.. The word father for the Bantu was certainly the Aramaic word “ABE” H1. באָ


This word was abandoned in favor of the Greek word, “tata” which means in Koine, κοινὴδιάλεκτος Ancient Greek dialect as in the Bantu language “father, Papa”. Remember that in the times of YISSA’YAH Kongo, the Bantu also spoke the languages of the Edomite oppressors: Greek, Latin. read JOHN 19:20. Was the New Testament not written in Koine, ΚοινὴAncient Greek? Click picture of the dictionary to the right, please click:

So the Edomites Amalekites recommend you to say YAH’AVE or YAH’VE, but what your ignorant pastors forget to tell you is that the sound “B” is pronounced “VEE” in the Edomites Khazars false mindeles Jews. Together with the VATICAN they spent billions, sent Jesuits spies not in all Africa but only in Bantu Central Africa, especially in the CONGO land of priests, guardians of the holy language, to study the Bantu languages, Africans, sons of Cham, did not interest them at all.



Read the story, I said the “B” is pronounced “vee” in modern Hebrew, the false Hebrew of the Khazars, among the false European edomite Jews, it is them who publish the Bibles you read, they are afraid of the holy NAME, so instead of YAH-ABE, the Masoret Edomites and the Edomite false Jews Khazaro- Amalekites present say YAH’AVÉ, because having poorly studied Bantu languages, the “B” becomes and is pronounced “V” in Yiddish, the modern German-Hebrew, of your current false Jews. So beloved, YAH- ABE, בוֹאָי, h3097, simply means YAH (the superior, or he who) and ABE (the father in Aramaic, from where is drawn the Aramaic word “Abbe” among Catholics). Here is how YISSA’YAH asked the people to pray MATTHEW 6:9 “Here is how you have to (Duty, OBLIGATION), pray: Our Father who art in heaven: (and it reveals this NAME), hallow be thy NAME (YAH-ABE, בוֹאָי, h3097,). YAH is our FATHER, let’s examine it the in the original texts, David, expresses the Holy Name as “YAH” poorly translated as “JAH”; remember the “J” does not exist in Hebrews see French and English KING JAMES translation PSALM 68:4 “Sing to HHE YAH-ABE, sing Praise to his name; Exalt, the one who rides on the skies by his name JAH (YAH) and rejoice before him.” (Some VERSIONS are PSALMS 68:5) and the next verse expresses his paternity. In addition, DAVID’s nephew, JOAB, bore the name YAH-ABE as you can see in this dictionary of the proper names of the Bible, page 206.


Inquire; I only tell you the TRUTH, it is the fake tetagramme YHWH they gave you in order for you to be misguided. Oh my people, my people Bana ba zoulou, wake up my BANA BETO Bantu HOLY PEOPLE. This book will open your eyes holy people, every detail hides a SECRET, the enemy is afraid. Copy this book lest the enemy deletes. But they’re wasting their time; we have over a hundred active blogs on this, lol.

So why do some Bantu, they say ZAH-ABE, instead of YAH-ABE, בוֹאָי, h3097? The explanation is simple, it must be known that since the Bantu were under the domination of the Greek edomites, read the apocryphal books of the Makabas, (sharing) now MACCABES (TOB BIBLE), the Bantu Israelites adopted the languages the Edomite-Greek oppressor, and their alphabet, but kept the Hebrew Kongo and the Lingala for day to day use. In Greek the “yod” is equivalent to the Greek zeta, note, in Paleo-Hebrew, the Yod (Y), has the form of the letter “Z”, as illustrated in the annex image, therefore, some Bantu say have adapted the Greco-Roman pronunciation the-“Y” becomes the “Z”, so they say, ZAH-ABE, instead of YAH- ABE, בוֹאָי, h3097



JEWISH DOES NOT EXIST, IT IS AN EDOMITE INVENTION…..) Beloved Bana Beto or Bantu brothers, it is necessary

to know that the language of a people betrays its history and its drifts, here are the drifts of my people


In the Kongo land for example the verb to marry is quoelah, the Kongos say: Quoele or Quoelah: to unite, to assemble תלֶהִֶֹקin Hebrew (h6953), on the other hand for the Ngalas, the Ephraimite tribe (HIPHORANII in the Narayanan language) to marry becomes Baalah, betraying and explaining the cult that worshipped the Ngalas for Baal (h1167), Balaah לעַבָּ(h1166) in Hebrew means to marry, to unite, the BA Ngalas call their men mo ‘ Baali. The prefix, MO, M-U, mou in Biblical Hebrew as in the Bantu language, indicates the origin, for example: Mou’ngala, Mou ‘ Kongo, or Moab (coming from the father LOT posterity).

NB: The language of the Ngalas is Lingala, formerly in the time of YISSA’YAH; this language was called the NGALILA, in your BIBLE. PETER was a bakongo born and grown in the north, in NGALILA among the Ngalas, speaking only Lingala. MARK 14:70 “shortly after, those who were present (the BAKONGOS) still said to Peter: surely you are of these people, for you are Galilean.” Question, how did the bakongos know that PETER was Ba ngala?

Let’s read MATTHEW 26:73 “Soon after, those who were there, approached and said to Peter: certainly you are also of these people, because your LANGUAGE makes you recognizable.” So we can see that the tribes of the north (the BA ngalas), and of the SOUTH (the BA Kongos), were distinguished by their language.


Peter was betrayed by his language (Lingala), he certainly did not master the Kikongo language of the southerners, according to MATTHEW 26:73, let me remind you that they were in the region of the Makongo, the Judea (YAOUNDE in the Kongo language Aramaic h3061 דוהי Yĕhuwde.) See map on the left. The names were westernized.

So the language of the Ngalas was the NGALILA (Galilean in your BIBLE) read ACTS 2:7, even today the Kongos and Ba ngalas are recognized by language, some Kikongo, others Lingala, from these two languages come sub-languages found among the other Bantus.

Thus Mo’BAALI, was given in honor to Baal, the Ngalas name their man Mo’BAALI, Baal Canaanite and Phoenician divinity (Nilotic, now Somalis, Oromo, Falashas, Tutsi, Massai…). Baal was particularly adored by the wealthy neighbors of the Ngalas, the Sidonians, people of the seas, close to the northern kingdom of the Ngalas. Baal influenced other neighbors of ISRAEL (ISOLELE), such as the ammonites, so we notice the name BAALIS, in an Ammonite kings name (today Berbers) JEREMIAH 40:14 “and said to him: do you know that Baalis, King of the Ammonites, charged Ishmael, son of Nethania…” We can see Baal, was also called BAALIS. (h1180 ילעב Ba’aliy).


The Ngalas call their wives Mo ‘ ASSI, which comes from the ASSI. ISIS in Hebrew is ASSIR, ASSI (h617 ריסא ‘ Assir) queen of heaven, name given by the Ngalas to their wife in honor of Isis, read 1CHRONICLES 3:17: “Son of Jeconiah: ASSIR, whose son was Shealtiel” JECONIAH, King loyal to the Egyptians gave his son the name ריסּאַ ASSIR remember in ancient Hebrew the final consonant is voiceless, ASSIR was ASSI, “el” becomes “he”, other Kongos gave their son the name of ASIEL, or Camille (meaning ASSI is a goddess “el” is pronounced “he”) as you can see in 1CHRONICLES 4:35 “Joel; Jehu, son of Joschibia, son of Seraja, son of ASIEL (ASSI’EL)

Names that our fathers gave to their children in honor of ASSI, the Ngalas already divinized ASSI or ASSIR. 1 CHRONICLES 4:35; remember the final consonant “r” is voiceless in Paleo-Hebrew, ASSIR, was ASSI. Calling him “el” God here is a goddess; an abomination to say, ASSI is EL, and today the Ngalas, to say woman say MO ‘ ASSI (Mo, means, came, issue of ASSI ריסּאַ H617).


This word ASSIR or ASSI (h617 ריסא ‘ ASSIR) already existed among the Bantu, after their stay in Egypt, the Jewish Kongo; Jews of Africa (Egypt). Korah the rebel gave these children the names of the Yoruba deities and other Egyptians ASSIR in honor to ASSI, ISIS , or ABI’ASAPH, my father is Akanji (in Egyptian language OSIRIS was Akanji) Read EXODUS 6:24 “son of Korah: ASSIR, Elkana and Abiasaph. These are the families of the Korites. “

The Ngalas, the NORTHERN kingdom, of ISOLELE worshipped a cult to these foreign deities, today still the Ngalas continue to call their wife “MoASSI” coming from ASSI or ASSIR and their men Mo’BAALIS from BAAL. For a better understanding read the abomination of the people, the cult of ASSI, the Voodoo, divinity of the ancient Egyptians: the West Africans, Igbos, Wolof, Soninke and Yoruba

JEREMIAH 44:15-19 “All men who knew that their wives offered incense to other gods, all the women who were there in large numbers, and all the people who remained in the land of Egypt, in Pathros, replied thus to Jeremiah: 16 We will not obey anything you told us in the name of HE YAH-ABE. 17 But we want to act as our mouth said, to offer incense to the queen of heaven (ASSI ‘ known as ISIS feminine deity of the Egyptian Trinity), and make him libations , as we have done, we and our fathers, our kings and our leaders, in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. So we had bread to fill us up, we were happy, and we felt no misfortune. 18 and since we stopped offering incense to the queen of heaven and making her libations, we have missed everything, and we have been consumed by the sword and famine… 19 Moreover, when we offer incense to the queen of heaven (ASSI) and we make her libations (ACT OF SPREADING DRINK ON THE GROUND FOR THE ANCESTORS), is it without the will of our husbands that we prepare cakes and offer him libation in honor.


As you have just read in JEREMIAH 44:15-19 The bakongos like the ba ngalas, worshipped the voodoo, the cult of ASSI, the mami wata ISIS, ASSI, divinity of the ancient Egyptians: who are the Wolof, Soninke, Hausa, Igbo, Beninese, Togolese, Yoruba…


The BA Ngalas were true spiritual prostitutes among the sons of Yaqubah, they were the permanent target of the prophets who reminded them of their duty to return to the almighty HHÉ YAH-ABE the power of their fathers.

Read 1 KINGS 18:18-19 “ELI’YAH replied: I do not trouble Israel (the Ngalas); It’s you, on the contrary, and your father’s house, since you abandoned the commandments of HE YAH-ABE and you went after the Baals. 19 Now bring all Israel to me, to the mountain of Carmel (locality of the NGALA tribes), and also the four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal (BAALAH, Baalis) and the four Hundred prophets of Matarte (ASSI or ASSIR) who eat at the table of Jezebel (whose name was YISSA’BAAL translated as, which comes from BAALAH, BAAL, BAALIS, in French Isabel, Issa (come) + bel (Baal) A Nilotic sidonniene, now Somali. See map of where to find Biblical nations today. Until the arrival of YISSAYAH (JESUS) with their language LINGALA, the Ba Ngalas as some of the Bakongos will keep the names of Baal or Baalis (Mo’baalis) or (Mo’assi) or Baalah (to marry) Baalah (child for balaris bakong) in their mouths ,why?


Because the prophesy says that HEY YAH-ABE will give its scattered people, now located from Central to SOUTH AFRICA, it will give them a language, pure lips. Why? Because their language today is IMPURE, ZEPHANIAH 3:9. So only YISSA’YAH will come to remove these names from “BAALA, MO’BAALIS, MO’ASSI, from the mouth of his people, the Ba Ngalas to say “to marry”, say Baala, and Mo’BAALIS (h1180 ילעב Ba’aliy), to say “my husband, master”, Mo’ASSI” to say,” my wife”, all these names associated to the gods BAAL, and goddess, ASSI makes their language unclean. Hence the need to purify their language as announced ZEPHANIAH 3:9-11 “Then I will give to the people pure lips, so that they all invoke the name of HE YAH-ABE, to serve it by mutual agreement…” (Remember the word serve, it is service meanwhile service is worship, ADORATION: recall ROMANS 9:4 “The cult belongs only to Bana Beto, Bantu, YISSA’HÉ) ZEPHANIAH 3:10 will identify the holy people and what is this people and their place of refuge (beyond the CUSH River), from CENTRAL to South Africa, the Bana Beto, bana ba Zulu, my scattered, my worshippers (worship, SERVICE). Yes, the scattered of the CREATOR OF THE HEAVENS AND OF THE EARTH, are Bantu, the worshippers of the SAINT of SAINTS are the Bantu.

and ISAIAH 18:1-7 shoves the nails, he talks about his PEOPLE which himself ISAIAH (YISSA’YAH) comes from, he calls the Bantu, the real people of the ALMIGHTY HE YAH-ABE, here are the secret codes he uses: FEARSOME PEOPLE, POWERFUL NATION cut by rivers but abandoned to the birds of Prey ISAIAH 18:6-7, and who will serve, and bring the offerings to the saint of saints HE YAH-ABE. Here is the SECRET, I reveal to you, be attentive, ISAIAH 18:1-7 speaks of the fearsome people living from CENTRAL to SOUTH AFRICA, verse 6, says that they were abandoned to the birds of prey. Now here is wisdom, be attentive, JEREMIAH will tell us who is this people, pay attention to the words underlined, read JEREMIAH 12:7-9.

“I abandoned my house, I neglected my Inheritance (JOEL 3:2 SPECIFIES THAT THE LEGACY OF HE YAH- ABE are the Bantu, ISOLELE, ISRAEL in your Bible), I delivered the object of my love to the hands of their enemies.


8 My inheritance was for me like a lion in the forest, he pushed against me his roar; that’s why I took hatred in it.

9 My inheritance was for me a bird of prey, a hyena; also the birds of prey will come from all sides against him. Come on, gather all the animals from the fields, bring them in to devour him! (EXACTLY WHAT ISAIAH 18:6-7 said, speaking of the people living beyond the rivers of CUSH that is from CENTRAL to South Africa: the Bantu). Why is he saying my heritage? Answer- read JOEL 3:2… ISRAEL MY LEGACY. Now let’s make the comparison.


ISAIAH 18:1 Land, where the rattling of weapons (wars) sounds, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia! (from Central to South Africa) ISAIAH 18:6-7 They (this people living in Central Africa, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia) will all be abandoned to the birds of prey of the mountains and to the beasts of the Earth; The birds of prey will spend the summer on their bodies, and the beasts of the Earth shall go there in the winter “.

Now compare with JEREMIAH 12:9 “My inheritance was for me a bird of prey, a hyena; Also the birds of prey will come from all sides against him. Come on, gather all the animals from the fields, bring them in to devour him!



Let’s go back to the names of Baalah, Baalis, Assi, so YISSA’YAH, will remove these words from the mouth of his people I like this passage, it is the greatest proof that the Bana Beto, the Bantu are the chosen people: read the book of YO’ZOUAH OSEE 2:16-17 “in that day , says HE YAH-ABE, you will call me: my husband! And you will not call me again: my master (MO’BAALI h1180ילעב Ba’aliy)!! 17 I will remove from his mouth the names of the baals, that they no longer be mentioned by their names. “

So the holy people always mention the NAMES of Baal, BAALAH, BAALIS: I have just proved to you, the present false Jews never mention them in their vocabulary. The Bantu tribe of the Bandundus region of the Congo DRC, the BA’MBALA, (Baala) tribe certainly SIMEONITES, Shama, very close to the Makongo, Deifiaient also Baala, Baal, they gave the name of their city in memory to Bala. Read JOSHUA 19:1-2

Wake up, and when YISSA’YAH KONGO, the bridegroom will come his people will no longer mention them according to OSEE 2:16-17, which continues to mention, the names of baals? Well the Bantu, especially the BA NGALAS. This verse proves that the Ba Ngalas are EPHRAIM (HIPHORANII) (the 10 tribes) of the Bible, for they are the only ones in the world yet to pronounce the names of “Baalah, Baal, or Baalis h1180 ילעב Ba’aliy” in their mouths, as “Mo Baalis” my husband in LINGALA or marry , in Lingala the Ngalas say “Baalah” in honor of Baal. When their brother “the Kongos” say “Quoelah” as the House of Dawidi (DAVID), we also see that some Kongo, were also seduced by Baal as we had just read in JEREMIAH 44:15-19, that is the reason why they gave one of their cites the name of Baala, today’s children “Child” in the Larios today is Baala, some say Bana, Bayou here is one of the cities of Judah, who carried the name Baala JOSHUA 15:29 “Baala, Ijjim, Atsem”

So we can see that the Kongos were faithful, despite the drifts of some tribes of the Ngalas to follow their ba ngala brothers, and the Ngalas were unfaithful to the laws of MASSA, MOSES. So the BAAL, BAALAH, BAALI and ASSI, ISIS or ASTARTE couple were deities that were cherished by the ba ngalas


Read JEREMIAH 23:13 “In the Prophets of Samaria (city of NGALAS, north of ISRAEL) I saw extravagance; They prophesied by Baal (BAALAH or Baalis), they led my people astray from Israel (NGALAS).”

ETHIOPIA in the BIBLE, it is not present-day Ethiopia whose former name was Abyssinia, which is mostly Nilotic Canaanite with the Oromo and others. The cousins of the Tutsis, the ancient Ethiopians, were the Nubians; see photos below, the ungodly Edomites know that it is not the Nubians, but the ancient Kongo, Israelites, Yissa’hé, Jews. Moreover, the ALMIGHTY HE YAH-ABE himself likened his people to the Nubians, known today as the Malinkes, or Mandikas, the southern Sudanese, the Chadians, the Mursis, Dinkas, Hamers, Suri and others, living in the OMO Valley in Ethiopia, go to Google Images, put these ethnic names you yourself will find the Nubians… HE YAH-ABE likened his people to the Nubians, (YAH- MOSSI) AMOS 9:7 “Aren’t you for me like the children of the Ethiopians (CUSH, Nubians), Children of Israel (isolele)? says HE YAH-ABE, but the Edomite Mindeles know it’s” Kongos “the ancient YAHOUNDÉS, YEHOUDI, JEWS LES MAKONGO, BAR, BA (SON) KONGO (BELTED) Please click on the image

  • NGALA (H1540-Galah exiled, sent away in Hebrew הגּלָ) The Ngalas (the 10 separated tribes of the HOUSE OF DAWIDI, DAVID 1 KINGS 11:35) were the first to return to AFRICA (EGYPT) driven from Israel by the Assyrians, hence the origin of their name Ba Ngalas, driven sons, exiled. Others went into captivity others moved to Africa because of their iniquity, their worship of the Phoenician Canaanite gods (Somalis, Oromo, Tutsis and other Nilotic).

(YO’ZOUAH) OSEE 9:3 “They will not stay in the country of HE YAH-ABE; Ephraim (The BA NGALAS: 10 TRIBES) will return to Egypt (AFRICA, LAND OF CHAM ACCORDING TO PSALMS 105:23), and they will eat in Assyria unclean food”

The BA Ngalas are spread from East Africa, where their languages Lingala will mix with the languages of the Arab invaders, hence the birth of SWAHILI. some were moved to the Comoros islands, Zanzibars, others became Muslims, in Tanzania, Comoros… other ngalas moved from Central Africa to southern Africa, devoting a cult to Baal, Balaah, Baalis, Assi, Assir and eating pork ngoulous, blood, Ngados, reptiles, nguembos, bats, all Animals forbidden in the law of MASSA (Moses) LEVITICUS 11 despite the warning of the almighty HE YAH-ABE in


ISAIAH 66:17 “Those who sanctify themselves and purify themselves in the gardens, in the midst of which they go one by one, who eat pork meat (ngoulous), abominable things and mice (nguembos), sausage, sausage, bacon, ham… All of them shall perish, says HE YAH’ABÉ.” Beloved Bantu brothers and sisters, holy people. Learn to live according to the spirit, to fight the carnal desires, to fast, one, or two or three times a week, because those who have the affection for carnal desires can not please HHE YAH-ABE… ROMANS 8:6-7, For you Kongo and Bantu men, keep your beards, for a lion without his mane and a lioness, a Bantu without his beard and an effeminate LEVITICUS 21:5, and you Kongos and Bantu women, for the respect of the Ma’lékis, the Angels, who protect, learn to cover your heads with the Kitambalas, veil, ya mapouta, on your heads, like our mothers in the country, 1CONRINTHIaNS 11:6.

Let us return to the Ba Ngalas, in fact, those practiced the witchcraft NDOKI which comes from the word NDOKO, curse, cursing, here is what the prophet says concerning the Ba Ngalas, also known as Ephraim (HIPHORANII in Ngala language), OSEE: 9:3 “They do not remain in the country of HE YAH-ABE; Ephraim (BA NGALAS) will return to Egypt (AFRICA), and they will eat unclean food in Assyria.” The prophet OSEE has the same name as JOSHUA or YOSUÉ, for the letter “J” does not exist in the Bantu language or Biblical Hebrew, whose real name OSEE was YO ‘ ZOUAH (thee takes the, in Lingala) become YOSUÉ or JOSOUÉ, because JOSOUÉ Elder had taken over from Moses, or MASSA (because the name MOSHE, does not exist in Hebrew or Bantu language: it is an edomite fantasy). Know that the name of the prophet determined his mission, this proves the predestination (read JEREMIAH 1:4-5), so for OSEE, his name YO’ZOUAH (in Lingala you take it) predestined his prophetic mission, because HE YAH-ABE asked him to take a woman prostitute to illustrate the spiritual debauchery of his people the Ba Ngalas: read OSEE 1:2… Go, take (YO ZOUAH, in Lingala) a prostitute woman and of the children of prostitution…”


Here is what added the Prophet OSEE 9:6 “For behold, they (NGALAS) leave because of the devastation; Egypt (LAND OF CHAM, AFRICA according to PSALM 105:23) shall collect them, Moph (Africa) will give them sepulchres; what they have of precious, their money, (the wealth of their land) will be the prey of brambles (symbols of nations), and thorns (symbol of difficulties) grow in their tent (country) “

In other words they will live in AFRICA (EGYPT: THE LAND OF CHAM according to PSALM 105:23) and the Ngalas (Ephraim) shall be the prey of the nations, who plunder their property, their wealth, watch the great DRC CONGO, rich in everything, but do they enjoy their wealth? Are these not the thorns (symbol of the nations that take advantage of them), spines symbolize the difficulties: poverty, health problems, insecurity, unsanitary…

ZEPHANIAH 3:10-11 will give more precision to their place of refuge ISAIAH 18:1-7 and ZEPHANIAH 3:10-11 “from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia (CUSH Ancient Nubia, today Sudan) my adorers, my scattered, shall bring me offerings. 11 On that day, you will no longer have to blush at all thy deeds by which thou hast sinned against me; for then I will remove from you those who triumphed with arrogance, and thou shall not take pride in my holy mountain (ZION). “In other words the people of God, ISRAEL live from Central to South Africa today known as the Beto (the us, the together, the house) or Bantu.

JEREMIAH 19:5 says this of the BA NGALAS “they built high places for Baal (Baalah, or baalis), to burn their


children to the fire in Holocausts to Baal (Baala, baalis): What I had neither ordered nor prescribed, which I had not come to thought.”

As a result of the multiple infidelities of the Ba Ngalas, the latter received the DIVORCE letter, they were no longer considered as the people of Isolele (ISRAEL), they became the, Bo’ngos or Ba Ngos, the others, ( in Lingala language of the Ba Ngalas the pagan) Ngo or Nash in Biblical Hebrew. Remember the final consonant is not pronounced in Biblical Hebrew h1471 יגּוֹ

JEREMIAH 3:8 “Though I had repudiated the infidel Israel (BA NGALAS) because of all his adulterations, and that I had given her her letter of DIVORCE, I saw that the treacherous Judah (BA KONGO), her sister, did not have any fear, and that she went to prostitution similarly” It is the ngalas who are being spoken of in ISAIAH 56, the Eunuch, the stranger, separated from the people,


yourself the question before being separated (divorced) it is worth being united (MARRIAGE), ah this is the mystery of ISAIAH 56. This does not speak of the salvation of the nations or the Mindeles, Chinese, Arabs, Ivorians, Nigerians, Beninese, and other Westafs…

Certainly, the house of HE YAH-ABE will be a house of prayer, ISAIAH 56:7 For all people who escape the great judgment of JOEL 3:1-2, and JOEL 3:12 but this will be an OBLIGATION, they will have no choice: read ZECHARIAH 14:9, there will be no more ALLAH , and Muhammad and his false prophet, no more BUDDHA, more KRISHNA, more VOODOO, and other false demoniac gods, no more Freemasonry, no more PINK CROSS, no more JESUS the Edomite with blue eyes and Mary the Queen of Heaven, more of Mama CATHO, no more Edomite demon William BRANHAM, and other false religions, more Jehovah witnesses, no more various sects

Those who will not come to SALAMAH to worship KONGO, the TRUTH, and the SAINT of SAINTS will be punished:

read it in, ZIKA’YAH (Zechariah) 14:16-18


The whole BIBLE was written by the Bantu ROMANS 3:1-2, and for chosen Bantu AMOS 2:11, but the Bantu rebels will perish, especially those who have taken pleasure in trusting men, listening to men more than the HOLY WORD OF THE BIBLE, those who take pleasure in worshiping the gods of the nations, the gods of the enemies of HE YAH-ABE, to worship the images of the Edomites, read it; in all these rebels, and Bantu treats if they do not repent they will PERISH, read ISAIAH 66:22-24.

The Bantu are married symbolically to HE YAH-ABE, it is they the bride, the church, the assembly read ACTS 7:38 everything is clear, see the site of the biblical versions:, choose, for: ACTS 7:38, French King James translation, according to ACTS 7:38 the church was with MASSA, MOSES, in the desert, the church is ISOLELE, Bantu Israel not the Ba’ngos, other nations, and the future abode of the chosen Bantu, is the new JERUSALEM (SALAMAH), it will have only 12 gates. According to the 12 Bantu tribes, that we presented to you at the beginning of the book, those of Central Africa, East Africa, Southern, South Africa, and those of the Comoros Islands, Zanzibar… and the Ba Kongos, enslaved among the nations, they will return, they will be in the kingdom, but all must wake up, repent, confess their sins, abandon them PROVERBS 28:13 and ask the HOLY SPIRIT, it is for all Bantu only ISAIAH 44:1-3 (RIGHT CLICK)

Stop your one man show, your delusions; the BIBLE is clear we’ll read it. REVELATION 21:10-12 “and he transported me in spirit on a tall and high mountain. And he showed me the holy city, Jerusalem (SALAMAH), which descended from the sky from HE YAH-ABE, having the glory of HE YAH-ABE -11 its brightness was similar to that of a very precious stone, a transparent Jasper stone like crystal. 12 She had a large, high wall. It had twelve gates, and on the GATES TWELVE ANGELS, and written names, those of the twelve tribes of the sons of Isolele (Bantu) “The 12 angels will keep the gates, and will make sure that each door receives, the Bantu according to his tribe.


Your pastors who preach salvation for everyone, ask them the question, but the future kingdom, which all Christians expect, and even the Muslims, will have only 12 doors, the angels will stand before the gates, to watch, they know who is Bantu, and who is not, they know the tribes, the names of the tribes will be enshrined, the names of the 12 Bantu tribes, each shall return according to his tribe, and the Angels keep the gates of entry, those who want to save the Edomites, the ishmaéelites, the enemies of HE YAH-ABE D who’s list is inscribed in PSALM 83:1-9 will have gnashing of teeth. Where do they go? What gate, of which tribes?

Remember ZEPHANIAH 3:10 and ISAIAH 18:1-7 and watch the medieval map right, the Bantu had 12 tribes, kingdoms, NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, I CHALLENGE YOU, had 12 kingdoms living as the BIBLICAL PROPHECY SAID IT BEYOND THE RIVERS OF CUSH; ZEPHANIAH 3:10-11 (from Central Africa

to South Africa) my worshipers, my scattered, those I scattered, his people, (true worshippers, are not in your JERUSALEM, which has become the PREY, possession of Edom, EZEKIEL 36:5 and nations LUKE 21:24 Yes, the true people, the true worshippers, JOHN 4:23, will return to SALAMAH with 12 gates.


So the Almighty is not polygamous, as the ignorant pastors want us to believe, saying that the Almighty would have two wives: Israel (the Bantu) as a woman, and the Nations (ba-ngos) as wife, church EPHESIANS 5:25.

Lies! HE YAH-ABE, the almighty condemns polygamy MATTHEW 19:4-5. HE YAH-ABE, is monogamous, he has only one wife, the Bantu, read (YAH-MOSSI) AMOS 3:1-2, his WIFE, is the Bantu (NGALAS and BAKONGOS), a woman divided by TWO, because of the drifts of SALAMAH (Solomon) read 1 KINGS 11:35, but HE YAH-ABE will unite the Ngalas and Ba Kongos according to EZEKIEL 37:21-22

Remember ISAIAH 62:1-12 the love of HE YAH-ABE for his bride, the Bantu, YAH’MOSSI (AMOS) 3:1-2, YO’ZOUAH (OSEE) 2:18-19 “I will be your fiancé forever; I will be your fiance by righteousness, grace and mercy; 20 I will be thy betrothed by fidelity, and thou shall recognize the Lord YAH-ABE “understand well, BETROTHED by FIDELITY, take a second woman, who would be the nations, as preached by your Pastors, is this faithfulness?


So he YAH-ABE, could not by any means take a second woman who would be the nations (the BA-NGOS, the others), so the church of which speaks EPHESIANS 5:23, of which YISSA’YAH is married are only the Bantu. The Parable of MATTHEW 25:1-13, the bridegroom symbolizes (YISSA’YAH) and the 10 virgins, the wife symbolizes (Isolele, the 12 Bantu tribes), the number ten, symbolizes the law (the Ten Commandments EXODUS 34:28 and DEUTERONOMY 4:13), to whom the law, was given, to the 12 Bantu tribes only read PSALM 147:19.

Let us come back to the topic of discussion, the Ngalas received the letter of SEPARATION, of DIVORCE (JEREMIAH 3:8), but not the bakongos, JEREMIAH 7:15″ (The Bakongos) and I will reject you far from my face, as I have rejected all your brethren, all the seed of Ephraim (the Ba Ngalas), the Ngalas, separated, divorced from the people became Ba’ngos, the others (stranger and eunuch) as so means ISAIAH 56

The Bana Kongos, Judah, did not receive the DIVORCE letter, as can be read in ISAIAH 50:1-2, THE SPIRIT, REMIND THE KONGO: if they have undergone slavery, it is their fault, the word of HE YAH-ABE came as, YISSA’YAH, no one remembered him , among his own of the house of Judah (KONGO) .JOHN 1:11, he came among his (the Kongos) remember YISSA’YAH was from the tribe of JUDAH (KONGO) HEBREW 7:14 “For it is notorious that our Savior came out of Judah (YAOUNDÉ, BA KONGO)…” What your pastors and other ignorant clowns, do not know, I challenge anyone, dare come to confront me. When YISSA’YAH arrived, only the Kongos were considered the house of JACOB (KONGO Bayou YAOUNDÉ, Judah in your Bible and BENAYAMOUN, Benjamin) and the Nzabas (Levites In your Bibles). The others, the 10, Hipholanii, Ephraimites tribes were divorced, lost sheep of the House of JACOB (YA’QUBA).


Remember, the Ba Ngalas received the DIVORCE letter (JEREMIAH 3:8) since the time of JEREMIAH the prophet, so when JOHN 1:11 said that he came among his own, they did not receive him; his own. We speak only of the tribe of Judah, Yahounde, and it is because of the unbelief of the Kongos that YISSA’YAH did not perform many miracles in the land of JUDEA (YAOUNDÉ H3061-Yĕhuwde דוּהְִיHebrew) locality of the BAKONGOS. MATTHEW 13:53-58

YISSA’YAH turned to the LOST SHEEP of the house of YAQUBA, the divorced, the Ngalas. Read MATTHEW 15:24 and LUKE 15:32 These targets were GALILEE (the final consonant is voiceless, NGALIL later GALI, or NGALI, example: MOU’NGALI from NGALI, (quarter in CONG O BRAZZAVILLE), also preaching the ngalas of Samaria (Samalia, for the “r” sounds like the “l”, whereas according to the prophecy, salvation was first to begin with the Bakongos and then the Ba Ngalas: read ZECHARIAH 12:7 “HE YAH-ABE will first save the tents of Judah (BAKONGO) , so that the glory of the house of David, the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem does not rise above Judah (BAKONGO). ” MATTHEW 20:16 “So the last (NGALAS) will be the first, and the first (BAKONGOS ) will be the last.

ACTS 13:46… ” It is to you first that the word of HE YAH-ABE was to be announced; But since you’re pushing her away, and you judge yourselves unworthy of eternal life, behold, we turn to the Gentiles (the NGALAS) because they were no longer Israelites (remember the divorce )JEREMIAH 3:8, it was necessary that HE YAH-ABE adopts the Ba Ngalas As a son, so that they once again become Bana ISOLELE, Israelites. JOHN 1:12-13: to all who were received, they received the adoption.


Remember ROMANS 9:2-5 “For I would myself be anathema and separated from YISSA’YAH KONGO for my brethren, my parents according to the flesh, 4 who are Israelites (Bantu), to whom belongs ADOPTION (which means to become a child of), and Glory (The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN), and the covenants (the 2 covenants), and the law, and worship (THE BA LEMBAS PRIESTS), 5 and the Promises (ETERNAL LIFE IN SHORT ALL THE PROMISES OF THE BIBLE), and the Patriarchs (THE NKAQA, קקַחָh2710 kaqaq BA KOKOS), and from that is derived , according to the Flesh, Christ YISSAYAH

(a BA KONGO HEBREWS 7:14), which is above all things, HE YAH-ABE blessed eternally. Amen! “ADOPTION, SALVATION, ETERNAL LIFE, COVENANTS belongs only to the Bantu, if you are not a Bana Beto, or a Bantu, the adoption of JOHN 1:12-13 is not for you. Who had received predominantly YISSA’YAH? The Ngalas of Samaria, and of GALILEE (MOU’NGALI), which mostly, not all of them, had rejected him from the BAKONGOS of JUDEA, (YAOUNDÉ, which comes from the Kongo verb YAHA’NDI, the Chosen One)


Read MATTHEW 13:54-58 “Having travelled to his homeland (Judea, YAOUNDE, locality of the Kongos), he taught in the synagogue, so that those who heard him were astonished and said: Where does he come from with these wisdom and miracles? 55 is not the carpenter’s son? Is it not Mary who is his mother? James YA’QUBA), Joseph (YO’SAPHIO), Simon (SHAMA) and Jude (YAOUNDE), are they not his brothers? 56 and aren’t all her sisters among us? Where did all these things come from? 57 and he was for them an opportunity to fall. But YISSA’YAH said to them: A prophet is despised only in his homeland and in his house (HIS HOUSE, TRIBE OF JUDAH BAKONGO Read HEBREW 7:14). 58 and he did not do many miracles in this PLACE (JUDEA, YAOUNDE). Why? Because of their unbelief. “

YISSA’YAH turned to the Gentiles, Pagan, the NGALAS, from MOU’NGALI, Galilee, the famous lost sheep of the house of YA’QUBA. They were no longer Israelites; remember the divorce of JEREMIAH 3:8. So YISSA’YAH KONGO (belt), followed by gullible a mob of Kongos. Notice how YISSA’YAH named the BA NGALAS, the Gentiles Pagans, he was no longer from the house of YAQUBA, because of the DIVORCE written in JEREMIAH 3:8

MATTHEW 4:15-16 “The people of Zebulon and Naphtali (he quotes the names of their tribes these names are Westernized we shall reveal the real names to you), from the neighboring region of the sea, from the country beyond the Jordan, and from the Galilee of the Gentiles (BA NGOS , the others, so when the BIBLE makes reference to the Gentiles, to the Greeks, they are the Ba Ngalas, as the Ngalas, EPHRAIM, the tribes of the north, the Gentiles, Pagan, were called, because the purpose of YISSA’YAH’s mission was to blind some of the BANTU , the BAKONGO in particular, so that the whole of BANTU (isolele) be saved ROMANS 11:25-26. THE GOAL IS THE SALVATION OF ALL BANTU.

MATTHEW 4:16: This people, seated in darkness, saw a great light; And on those who sat in the area and the shadow of death, the light rose. 17 From that moment YISSA’YAH began to preach, and to say: repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near”


YISSA’YAH, was so invested in the Ba Ngalas that it was sometimes called Ba Ngala, son of MOU’GALIL, GALILEE by the Bakongos. Let’s read MATTHEW 26:69 “However, Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard. A servant approached him, and said: You too were with YISSA’YAH the Galilean (NGALAS)”

Let’s go back to the DIVORCE, of HE YAH-ABE and Ba Ngalas, at the time of JEREMIAH the Prophet JEREMIAH 3:8.

The bakongos did not receive the LETTER OF DIVORCE, read ISAIAH 50:1-2 “So speaks HE YAH-ABE: Where is the divorce letter by which I repudiated your mother? Or, to which of my creditors did I sell you? Behold, it is because of your iniquities that you have been sold, and it is because of your sins that your mother was repudiated. 2 I have come: Why was there no one? I called: why did no one answer? Is my hand too short to redeem? Don’t I have enough strength to deliver?


AT THE TIME OF JESUS (YISSAYAH), THE PHARISEES, THE NZABAS, THE NGOUZAS, THE BAKONGOS, NO LONGER MINGLED WITH the Ngalas (HIPHORANII in the ngala language, Ephraim in your Bibles). Yet YISSAYAH began his ministry in the land of the Ngalas, MATTHEW 4:12-16. IT IS THEY THAT WILL BE CALLED THE GENTILS. He called them the Gentiles, the pagan read MATTHEW 4:15, YISSA’YAH also named them THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSES OF ISOLELE: ISRAEL. MATTHEW 10:5-6 -The story of the PRODIGAL SON, THE DIVORCED, DIVORCED NGALAS, as ISAIAH 56, had illustrated, HAD TO RETURN TO THE HOUSE OF HE YAH-ABE


So at the time of JESUS, the peasants, were the guardians of the TEMPLE and of the MOISAIQUE CONVENANT of MASSA, yet bathed in the scriptures, but thereby ignoring the New Covenant, the Alliance of Reconciliation BETWEEN NGALAS AND THE BAKONGOS still visible in JEREMIAH 31:31-34 and HEBREWS 8:8-12 of which JESUS (YISSAYAH) was, is the mediator Hebrew 9:14-15

Of which are the clauses of the New Covenant, Hebrews 8:8 “for it is with the expression of a blame that YISSA’YAH said to Israel (ISOLELE): Behold, the days are coming,” said HE YAH-ABE, when I will do with the House of Israel (the NGALAS) and the House of Judah (the BA KONGO) a new covenant “It is clear that the new COVENANT only concerns the Bantu whose 12 tribes, kingdoms were under the control of the Nkaqa, the Koko, Macoco, the Elders, the BA-Ngos, the others, the nations are not invited.


“The New Covenant is an alliance of spirituality JOHN 4:24, the true worshippers, will follow the laws of the SPIRIT the LAWS of RIGHTEOUSNESS of the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, the new SALAMAH which shall have 12 gates, REVELATION 21:12.

This new covenant has a specific goal, you must be like HE YAH-ABE, be perfect as your Father HE YAH- ABE MATTHEW 5:48, if you are son of the almighty YAH-ABE, then be like your father who is in heaven.

The NEW COVENANT is spiritual, and foreshadows, the LAWS OF THE KINGDOM with the twelve gates, the LAWS are spiritual, because HE YAH-ABE IS SPIRIT, so also are his LAWS, sin is first spiritual before being manifested, adultery is no longer only carnal or tactile, but spiritual. HE who covets, by gaze, desire the wife of his neighbor, has already committed the sin of adultery in spirit, the one who hates his neighbor has already committed a murder in spirit, the one who covets the good of his neighbor is already a thief in spirit. MATTHEW 5:21-22 and MATTHEW 5:27-30, may your spirit be holy so that your body may be so too. This already gives us the idea, on what will be, the new Salamah with twelve gates, everything will be spiritual, the laws, like the bodies, because flesh and blood will not have their place in the new Salamah with the 12 doors. 1CORINTHIANS. 15:50


The role of Nkakas, Macocos, Zabas, priests, Tekes, Ngouzas Levites, from SALAMAH (JERUSALEM) once teachers of the people, became null. They will be unemployed, the teacher is henceforth the HOLY SPIRIT JOHN 14:26, only the voice of the Holy Spirit, will be audible, in our mind MATTHEW 25:6, the HOLY SPIRIT becomes the comforter, the revealer, the memory. All the Bantu who will house the HOLY SPIRIT in their bodies have a duty to teach the holy Bantu people, the KONGO and the NGALAS.

All those who have the HOLY SPIRIT have the duty to warn all Bantu who live in disorder so that they repent and receive in turn the HOLY SPIRIT for free LUKE 11:13, 1THESSALONIANS 5:14

Those who do not teach the BANTU PEOPLE, according to Kongo, the TRUTH will have to be held accountable, JEREMIAH 48:10 “Cursed be the one who negligently does the work of HE YAH-ABE…” Remember the Parable of MATTHEW 25:15-30 we have lost everything in this world, because to enter the new SALAMAH with twelve gates according to our tribes, we sacrifice ourselves, for days to study, to read, to pray for the entire Bantu people. Yes we lost everything, to graze you. JOHN 21:16, to give you KNOWLEDGE (NGOMA) for free because the HOLY SPIRIT gave it to us for FREE and we give it to you for FREE. MATTHEW 10:7-8, do not expect from us books, to extort money from you, it is up to you to select all this book, and print it, keep it in your hard disk, USB stick . BELOVED Bantu brothers and sisters.


Don’t expect us to have videos to glorify us, for you will not see our faces, we do not preach for our own glory, we do not preach to please anyone, but we encourage all those who make videos preaching with truth to do so, because everyone has received a gift of their own. 1CORINTHIANS 12:4-7. We have received free of charge, and we give it to you for free, do not expect us to sell the books, or to collect money. NO those who do these things did not understand DANIEL 12:4, that a blog can be as effective as a Book, because tablets, smart phones replace the books and the free one allows easy access to information to the largest number. MATTHEW 10:7-8


We say what we know, what we have received without compromise, the soul that sins will always be prone to diseases (apocryphal TOB BIBLE) SIRACH 38:9-10, and it shall die. ROMANS 6:23, for whoever sows sin reaps misfortune SIRACH 38:15. The repentance and the abandonment of sin heals and sustains Psalm 103:1-3.

Beloved, and when one says EDOM (the Mindeles) will be destroyed, they will no longer be on this earth, it is not we who say it but it is the WORD of the Most holy TATA YAH-ABE: read it in JEREMIAH 49:10 – we are not here, to flatter you, nor to make disciples, but we are here to give you discipline in the FEAR OF THE SON, because it is TERRIBLE. PSALMS 2:12, we do not like the glory of this world, the glory of men, for all the GLORY comes to the FATHER alone, the almighty HE YAH-ABE to whom is subjected YISSA’YAH who is the head of the body of the 12 kingdoms of ISOLELE Bantu.

COLOSSIANS 1:18- He is our KING awaited and promised. EZEKIEL 37:23-24, our only mediator 1TIMOTHY 2:5, YISSA’YAH is the king, to whom we too are all submitted according to the Holy hierarchy 1CORINTHIANS. 11:3

It is necessary to fear BOTH: PROVERBS 24:21 “My son, fear HE YAH-ABE and the KING..,” It is by YISSA’YAH that the gathering of the 12 tribes, his wheat in his attic, the straw, the rebels will burn MATTHEW 3:12

YO’ZOUAH (OSEE) 4:6 “My people perish, because they lack knowledge. Since you have rejected knowledge, I will reject you, and you shall be stripped of my priesthood; since you forgot the law of HE YAH-ABE, I’ll also forget your children. “

Beloved Bantu brothers and sisters. If you insist on worshipping, singing for your WHITE EDOMITE G’ZEUS, who is only a demon, salvation is not for you, the true JESUS (YISSA’YAH) IS BLACK AS HIS PEOPLE AS WELL. LAMENTATION 4:8, BANTU, BA-KONGO, what did he say ADORE FATHER TATA YAH-

ABE ONLY MATTHEW 4:10, here is how to pray MATTHEW 6:9 “Our Father who art in heaven (TATA YA BETO YAH-ABE YA MA ZOULOU)… HE YAH-ABE is OUR FATHER.


If we do it, it is because we love you, we love our people, all Bantus without exception. We do not want you to be thrown into the eternal fire, but if you persist in following the doctrine of the enemies of HE YAH-ABE whose list is visible in PSALM 83:1-9, you are victims of seduction, what did the master tell you in MATTHEW 24:4? Don’t let yourself be seduced. We are living the times of seduction, for the ancient serpent and its angels are on Earth. REVELATION 12:12. So stop worshipping, your Edomite Jesus with blue eyes, we have just proven to you that this Mindele Edomite Jesus is a seduction to lead you astray.

If we study night and day, it is to liberate you from the DOCTRINES OF THE ENEMIES OF HE YAH-ABE, Edomites, Ishmaelites, Amalekites and the others whose list is in PSALM 83:1-9. If we do, it is to free you from wolves clad in lamb skin who want to hold you captive of the doctrines of men, for he who has knowledge is free JOHN 8:32, but that denies knowledge remains a SLAVE. And the slave who likes himself in his condition as a slave, who refuses, to be FREE, who rejects KNOWLEDGE, as the said by (YO’ZOUAH) OSEE 4:6, will never be heir, he will be cut from the people and cast to the ETERNAL FIRE MARK 9:43 and JOHN 15:6, he shall share the same fate as, the hypocrites, his masters MATTHEW 24:51.

QUESTION: Of that use is a Bantu, who systematically rejects, the KNOWLEDGE of HE-YAH-ABE for the doctrines of

men: for the Bundu dia KONGO, for the Pope of the Edomites, for the Edomite doctrines, Catholics, Protestant, Evangelics…, for the Demon Edomite William BRANHAM, for Allah and Muhammad his false prophet, for Krishna Buddha, Moon, or other religions of nations and ungodly people…?


Answer: This Bantu, who honors, adores, the religions of the enemies of HE YAH-ABE whose list reads in PSALM 83:2-9, this Bantu who honors, the bitekes (word that comes from the ancient Kongo Hebrew h982 חטב Bitecka, or ball which means trust, object of trust ), this Bantu who adores statues and images made from the hands of men, and who trusts the doctrines of men, is cursed JEREMIAH 17:5,, if he does not change, if he does not give up, these doctrines of men, if he persists in his convictions, well he will be cut from the people and cast into the eternal fire, for it is only a Tougah MATTHEW 3:10, for if there is an ETERNAL life it means there is a punishment, a separation, an ETERNAL shame, DANIEL 12:2-3. So be careful do not let yourself be seduced MATTHEW 24:4, be firm, WORSHIP FATHER HE YAH-ABE ONLY, MATTHEW 4:10, HE IS SPIRIT JOHN 4:24, ask yourself the question, can we see a spirit? No. So avoid worshipping the statues and IMAGES LEVITICUS 26:1, pray to HE YAH-ABE in SPIRIT in TRUTH, and CONCENTRATE ON THE SON, his word which has become flesh: YISSA’YAH KONGO


PSALM 2:12, lest he be angry, and you ETERNALLY separate yourselves from the PEOPLE and BURN you in an ETERNAL FIRE for it is he who will JUDGE the 12 Bantu tribes MATTHEW 19:28 “YISSA’YAH replied unto them: I tell you in truth, when the son of man , at the renewal of all things, will be seated on the throne of his glory, you who have followed me, you will likewise sit on twelve thrones, and you will judge the twelve Tribes of Israel. ” 2CORINTHIANS 5:10-11 “For we must all appear before the court of YISSAYAH KONGO, that everyone may receive according to the good or evil he has done, being in his body…”

So meditate well MATTHEW 3:12 and JOHN 15:5-8

So I was saying, with the New COVENANT made for the Bantu only HEBREWS 8:8, everything changes 1CORINTHIANS. 6:19 The temple will no longer be stone, but in flesh, the body of all Bantu sons will henceforth be the temple of HE YAH-ABE, himself YISSAYAH will be in us JOHN 14:17… for he abides with you, and he will be in you “

EZEKIEL 34:10-11 So speaks HE YAH-ABE: Behold, I am hold grudges against the pastors (the bakongos, the Pharisees of JERUSALEM (SALAMAH)! I will take back my sheep from their hands MATTHEW 21 43, I will not let them graze my sheep, nor will they graze themselves; I will deliver my sheep from their mouths, and they shall no longer be a prey to them. 11 for thus speaks the HE YAH-ABE: Behold, I shall take care of my sheep myself, and make the review of it. ” JOHN 14:26 “But the comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the father shall send in my name, will teach you all things, and will remind you of all that I have said unto you.” The HOLY SPIRIT in us, we instruct us and instruct our brethren as we do for you.


JESUS, whose real name is YISSAYAH, הִָיעְשְִַׁיH3470, shall take home in our bodies JOHN 14:17 if we accept to receive him REVELATION 3:20-21 to receive a GUEST at home, you must put your house in order, you must host the guest in good conditions: it is repentance that means confessing his sins and then abandoning them in order to receive FORGIVENESS PROVERBS 28:13-14 Do not grieve the GUEST by injustice, by bad thoughts, covetousness, desires of the flesh, otherwise the guest will flee, he must be nourished; For the food of the SPIRIT is the word, from HE YAH-ABE the BIBLE, this WORD is SPIRIT and life JOHN 6:63. The BODY IS USELESS, the carnal man, who loves this world and the pleasures of the flesh, maintains his body at the detriment of his mind, he can not please HE YAH-ABE ROMANS 8:13- 14 his wage will be death ROMANS 6:23


The Bantu that hosts, the HOLY SPIRIT as guest, has the duty to make the joy of his guest by the good works of righteousness. The law must be written in our hearts and the law is YISSAYAH. Read PSALMS 119:142 “thy righteousness is eternal righteousness, and your law is the truth.” JOHN 14:16 YISSAYAH said to him: I am the way, the TRUTH (THE LAW), and life. No one comes to the father except through me. He himself is the HOLY SPIRIT, he will use our bodies as his abode his temple 1 CORINTHIANS. 6:19

Here is what it means GALATIANS 2:20 I was crucified with YISSAYAH; And if I live, it is no longer I who live, it is Christ (YISSAYAH) who lives IN ME; If I live now in the flesh, I live in faith in the son of HE YAH- ABE, who loved me and who gave himself for me.

Whosoever among the KONGO and NGALAS sons will accept to receive Jesus CHRIST (YISSAYAH) as master and savior shall be saved ROMANS 10:13 YISSA’YAH live in his body he will be the coheir of the coming KINGDOM REVELATION 3:20-21 and REVELATION 2:26-29 because JESUS (YISSAYAH ) is the HOLY SPIRIT, the spirit of HE YAH-ABE ROMANS 8:9 and the LAW GALATIANS 5:14 THE LAW IS THE LOVE FOR YOUR NEIGHBOR MATTHEW 7:12 the one who is spirit will live without the law Galatians 5:18, we must live in prayer in the love of justice , the fear of HE YAH-ABE, MATTHEW 6:13 in order to avoid temptation MARK 14:38 by eating spiritual food with pleasure MATTHEW 4:4 man will not live on bread only but from the word of HE YAH-ABE

ISAIAH 34:16 “Check out the book of HE YAH-ABE, and READ! …” The almighty HE YAH-ABE recommends you to read the Bible, not the Koran, or the book of false prophets, or false religions, read the Bible, not the watchtowers of the demonic sects of JEHOVAH witnesses, and put into practice what you will read PSALMS 1:1-6, there is the source of Wisdom and blessing


If you want to live long fear HE YAH-ABE PROVERBS 10:27 Because it is HE YAH-ABE who kills, if there is a dead it is HE YAH-ABE who made him DIE, if you live it is HE YAH-ABE who gives you the GRACE to LIVE

DEUTERONOMY 32:39 “Know therefore that I am YAH-ABE who is the ALMIGHTY, and that there is no POWER near me; I make LIVE and I make DIE, I HURT and I HEAL, and no one delivers from my hand “LIFE and DEATH are under his control, SICKNESS and HEALING are under control, everything is done by him, EXODUS 4:11


1SAMUEL 2:6 “HE YAH-ABE makes die and he makes live. He going makes descend in the land of the dead and he makes come back.” It is the Resurrection remember JOHN 11:25, here is the advice which DAWIDI gave to all those who rejects YISSA’YAH KONGO, the black Bantu, and that I give to you read PSALM 2:12


PSALM 2:12 “Kiss (CONNECT YOURSELVES) the son (YISSA’YAH), lest he be irritated, and you perish in your way, for his wrath is quick to ignite. Blessed are all who confide in him! “This chapter of PSALM 2:11-12 shows us that the son has the power of life and death and that he is trustworthy because he is not an ordinary man, for the word forbids trusting a man, JEREMIAH 17:5… But YISSA’YAH KONGO is extraordinary. Beloved remember that, the word “son” means “coming from”, so YISSA’YAH, coming from YAH.. Yissa, the Kongo word laris verb which means “to come” YES, YISSA’YAH is the central point, for our salvation, it is only the PURE WORD become flesh and revealed of HE YAH-ABE the father, so concentrated on YISSA’YAH Kongo, whoever among the Bantu sons, will concentrate on YISSA’YAH will save his life, I tell you, be careful, here’s a tip do like our fathers, at the request of HE YAH-ABE, focused on the brazen serpent attached to the wood in the days of distress in order to keep their lives NUMBERS 21:7-8 By love I tell you, for you my People meditate HEBREW 10:31 “It is a TERRIBLE thing to fall into the hands of HE YAH-ABE alive” do not harden your hearts, repent, be pleasant to the one in whom we should all be accountable, be pleasant to he Who created you, DAWIDI, warned us, fear the son, YISSA’YAH, PSALM 2:12



not be like the hypocrites, but be thankful, say at least thank you (MA’TONDO) before you sleep, before eating is only recognition, know that while you are awaken, there are others who will never wake up, while you eat, there are others who are hungry, so learn to say MA’ TONDO to the almighty HE YAH-ABE.

PRAY continually read 1THESSALONIANS 5:15-22. For it is he, the almighty HE YAH-ABE who gives to the good, as to the bad MATTHEW 5:45, even to these Edomites, Ishmaelites enemies and others quoted in PSALM 83:1-9, Oh my people. Wake up!!!

NB: HERE IS THE MYSTERY, THE FIGURE “TWO” ZOLE, GIVES ZOLA “LOVE”, to Love (Zola), it is necessary to be two (ZOLE), and the one who gives, is called, the Eternal “YAH -ABE”, the verb “to give” (h3051בהי Yahabe בהַ )ָיin Biblical Hebrew is also YAH-ABE, and (he who receives) conjugates the Kongo verb “YAH’MBA”. The verb, praise, sing, means “Yemba”, everything revolves around YAH -ABE, those who are Kongos will understand.

Here is an advice I give you, out of love, for my Bantu, Kongo, Ngalas people for you know nothing about the day when you will leave this world, for death often comes by surprise, once you are dead it is over, you will be SEPARATED until the great JUDGMENT ISAIAH 38:18 “It is not the living of the dead who praises you, it is not death that celebrates thee; Those who have descended into the pit no longer hope for your fidelity.”

So, my Bantu people, people of the almighty HE YAH-ABE, listen, THE HOLY SPIRIT, do not harden your heart, while you are alive, look for HE YAH-ABE, read ISAIAH 55:6-7 “seek the eternal YAH-ABE as he stands; Summon him, while he is near. 7 let the villain forsake his ways, and the man of iniquity his thoughts; Let him go back to HE YAH-ABE, who will pity (mercy) him, to our ALMIGHTY, who never tires of forgiving. “


HE YAH-ABE does not grant the prayers of sinners, of those who take pleasure in the sins JOHN 9:31, to those who worship men, do not believe in those who call themselves prophets, believe in HE-YAH-ABE of which YISSA’YAH KONGO is his WORD (JOHN 1:1 and John 1: 14), his WORD is found in your Bibles, do not believe in statues, religions, but be firm and faithful to the ALMIGHTY YAH-ABE.

Do not say in your minds, ah I am a Bantu, a Yaoundé, a true Jew, Kongo, Ngalas, so I would be saved. You make me laugh. What tells you MATTHEW 24:13 “But he who perseveres to the end will be saved” so it takes PERSEVERANCE, resist temptations, do not give in to sin, and produce the fruits of the Spirits; Galatians 5:22-26, do not grieve the Holy Spirit.

Don’t be mistaken, I tell you openly, any trees that do not produce good fruit will first be cut off from the people, then cast to the Eternal Fire MATTHEW 3:10 “Already the hatchet is put at the root of the trees: any tree then that does not produce good fruits will be cut and thrown to fire (H6723-tsiyah the TIYA הָיּצsame word in Hebrew as in Kikongo: Source of heat, desert, fire “) הָיּצ

For HE YAH-ABE will judge severely his people the Bantu but he shall pity his servants, those who fear him and do his will DEUTERONOMY 32:36, So wake up. Abandon the carnal inclinations, the pleasures of this world: Video games, TV series, cinema, nightclubs, wasting time watching football: all these things are made for the stray of pagans, of the Bangos it is not for the Bantu.


Buy the time, teach your Bantu brothers to REPENT, confess, forsake sin, teach them to repent. But before, teach yourself before teaching others, then teach them to abandon the sin of adultery, theft, falsehood, of fornication, worldly distractions, multiplication of sexual partners… avoid evil: You are there dancing, distracting in the distractions of the ungodly edomites, football, TV series, cinemas, video games, nightclubs, sex galore, multiplication of sexual partners, iniquity, sensual and romantic dialogues on social networks, Facebook and others. But know that time counted for you to repent, and to receive the HOLY SPIRIT. Ta QUOELAT (ECCLESIASTICS) 12:1 “young man, rejoice in your youth, deliver your heart to joy during the days of your youth, walk in the ways of thy heart and according to the glances of thy eyes; But know that for all this HE YAH-ABE will call you to judgment “


Know that 1 THESSALONIANS 5:2: The day of HE YAH-ABE will come as a thief, a moyibi. When a thief comes to visit you, he is not going to send you an SMS, saying, I am coming, so all your stories from the calendar of gods of the pagan MAYA 2012 , and other prophecies of Jehovah Witnesses, 1914 would be the end, or William Branham the Edomite demon, are only pure illusions. Do not dwell on it, let the ba’ngos, the nations and those who lose themselves speculate. The end, happens, it is when the nations, the Ba’ngos, the enemies of HE YAH-ABE: Edomites and Ishmaelites will have peace and prosperity, the economy restarts (safety), and they will say it and let it known to the world via their mouth, the media, there will be little time . This is where the sudden destruction will come 1 THESSALONIANS 5:3, for now we live the heraldic signs: war, famine… No one will know the time nor the day.

Oh my people, MY PEOPLE AWAKEN, produce the fruit worthy of REPENTANCE. MATTHEW 3:8, prove that you have changed or that you want to change.

PROVERBS 28:13 He who conceals his transgressions does not prosper, but he who confesses and neglects them gets mercy. 14 Blessed is the man who is continually in awe! But he who hardens his heart falls into misfortune. “

My people, remember DEUTERONOMY 32:36 HE YAH-ABE will judge his people (Bantu); But he will have mercy (mercy) of his servants… ” So if you want to escape the great judgment that comes, do what Proverbs 28:13 recommends you “Confess your sins, and forsaken your sins, it is only at this price that you will get mercy on the day of Judgment of the people Bantu” otherwise you will be cut off from the saint People, thou will not enter any of the twelve gates of the new SALAMAH REVELATIONS 21:12, and thou shall be cast to the fire MATTHEW 3:10 and REVELATION 21:7-8



to them: I tell you in truth, when the son of man (BENA MUNTU), at the renewal of all things, will be seated on the throne of his glory, you who have followed me, you as well will be seated on the twelve thrones, and you will judge the twelve Tribes of YISSA’YAH (Bantu) “THE TWELVE BANTU KINGDOMS, WHOSE JESUITS MAPS AND PROPHETS CONFIRM WILL BE JUDGED SEVERLY, SO REPENT YE, BANTU PEOPLE LIVING BEYOND THE RIVERS OF CUSH.

Talk about this book, to all our Bantu, Congo and brothers. HE YAH-ABE will judge his people; The Bantu of the two Congos, the Bantus of Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Rwandan Hutus, the Bantus of Tanzania, Burundian Hutus, Bantus of Zambia, Mozambique, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Kenya, South Africa, Angola, Central Africa, Bantus of the Comoros, the islands, the captive Bantu: Caribbean, Islands, Haiti, Santo Domingo, Cuba, the former slaves of South, Central, Northern America, Brazil, Europe, the Bantus of the captive Zanzibar that the Arabs and the Somalis have sold in India, in the Middle East, the Bantus of the diaspora, talk about this book, instead of doing the will of the PRINCE of THIS WORLD and of his carnal DISTRACTIONS and pleasure you’d better repent in order to save yourself. I remind you that the coming judgment will be without mercy, without pity, and the PUNISHMENT will be ETERNAL DANIEL 12:2-3, never Ending, read (YAQUBA) JAMES 2:13


Let us go back to the Ngalas. So the Ngalas were scattered in Africa and some among the Greek edomites JOHN 7:35 “on which the Jews (the people) say among them: Where shall he go that we wouldn’t find him? Will he go among those who are scattered (the Ngalas remember JAMES 1:1) among the Greeks, and teach the Greeks?


LIKE THE UNGODLY EDOMITES, GREEKS, they had to give up circumcision, they ate pork, which is an abomination, some Ngalas went into the Greek gyms to beautify their body instead of embellishing the spirit. The Ba Ngalas were corrupted under the authority of the Edomite ANTIOCHUS IV EPIPHANIUS, who abolished the religious traditions of the Bena Beto, the Bantu for the traditions of the ungodly Edomites read the apocryphal (TOB) 1MACCABEES 1:41-50

The bakongos followed the infidelities of their sister NGALAS, and began to give their sons the name of Baalah instead of Bana. So Balaah became son in Laris KONGO and other Bakongo as the sons Shama (Simeon), the Bantu tribe, of the MBALAS in the region of Badoundoun (DRC) JOSHUA 19:1-9 “The second part came to Simeon, to the tribe of the sons of Simeon, according to their families. Their inheritance was in the midst of the inheritance of the sons of Judah. 2 They had in their inheritance: Beer Sheba, Sheba, Molada, 3 Hatsar Schual, Bala, Atsem…

See our video site YouTube YAHABI17 here is the link Http://


The LINGUA language (language in Latin ROME Judea, YAOUNDE as the capital of Cameroon Bantu, with the arrival of the sons of Esau, the Roman Edomites in YISSA’HÉ was divided into three provinces GALILEE, SAMARIA, and JUDEA,Galilee the Ngalas and Samaria. There were in Samaria mostly Canaanites of Tutsis, Falashas, Massis, and some Ngalas and Judea of the Kongos. Remember the Bantus do not use the final consonant of the Hebrew, GALILLE in Hebrew is לילגָּH1551-Galiyl water in Hebrew is םִ מַיH4325-Mayim- the Ngalas The Narayanan say “mayi” the “M” is voiceless, Galil the “L” is voiceless Gali

So Yahounde דוּהְִיH3061-Yĕhuwd (Aramaic) JUDEA in Hebrew and the Galen, GALIL in Hebrew, the Ki in Sumerien,  
the language of Babylon, means land, place, KI-GALIL, KIGALI, Land of Galilee named by the BA-HUTUS (who are  
Ngalas) Bantu of RWANDA, or MO’GALIL, MO or MOU, in Hebrew indicates the origin, means derived, read  
GENESIS 19:17 as MOAB, (MO-ABE), from the father, so MO’GALIL became MOUNGALI district of Brazzaville, the  
Hebrew word GALIL, GALI (GALILEE in French in your Bible) means district, district or Arrondissement, coming  
GALIL, name from given by the NGALAS BAR of Congo BRAZZAVILLE, thus JUDEA (YAOUNDE) and GALILEE  
(GALIL = NGALI) were under Roman authority remember. Since 63 BC the Roman language is Latin, read JOHN  
11:47-48. LUKE 2:1 MATTHEW 22:17- 21, there were even Kongos who lived in Italy, in Rome, read ACTS 2:10 and  
Acts 18:2, the epitre of PAUL to the Romans was written to these Bantu living in Rome) Lingua (language in LATIN)  
+ GALA (exiled Hebrew הגּלָH1540-Galah) = lingua-GALA = LINGALA language of the Ngalas, it is known that some  
kongos, wore already liked nicknames or Latin nicknames Acts 1:23 “.. JOSEPH called Barsabbas, nicknamed  
Justus “or as SIMEON called the BLACK (NIGER, NEGRE) read ACTS 13:1 SINCE THE  
KONGOS WERE SO BLACK. We find Latin words in the Bantu language as suffering Passi, in Latin it is the same  
word from which comes patience, wait with suffering, which means suffering, remember the movie of MEL  
GIBSON, the Passion of Christ (suffering of Christ), one finds even Greek words in the Bantu like Pema, breathe,  
pneuma in Greek lung, Kayani, to hear in Kikongo that comes from the Greek Adam, means to hear, that is how we 141

find names like Adam, in the Ngalas, which means in Greek the one who hears. Before the Romans, the Greeks settled Judea read the book of the Apocryphal of the Maccabees (MAKABAH As the singer Narayanan South African Myriam MAKEBA) 1 and 2 for more details. I advise you to buy the book of Pastor MELO or see this YouTube link: JESUS the African



LET US EXAMINE these murals of theTemple of RAMESES III, 20th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt. This temple was also, a religious temple, where all the neighbors, vassals of the Egyptian empire, and the prisoners of the NORTH of EGYPT, on the walls of this temple, were both a representation of friends, and enemies of Egypt, we notice unpublished images, see for yourself, among the people of northern Egypt, there is a Kongo, a Jew, let us examine this Kongo priest, with the biblical narratives you go to the Truth.



EXODUS 32:2-3 “Aaron said to them: Take away the golden rings that are in the ears of your wives, your sons and your daughters, and bring them to me. 3 and they all put away the golden RINGS that were in their EARS, and they brought them to Aaron. “


EXODUS 35:22 “men came as well as women; All those whose hearts were well disposed brought loops, EARRINGS, rings, bracelets, all kinds of golden objects; Each presented the golden offering he had devoted to HE YAH-ABE. ” This Bantu custom dates back to the time of YAQUBAH, to their refuge in CENTRAL AFRICA, as on this postage stamp of the genocidal Belgian king Albert II, let’s Read

GENESIS 35:1-4 “HE YAH-ABE said to (YAQUBA) Jacob: Get up, go up to Bethel (BETOU’HÉ), and stay there; There you will erect an altar for HE YAH-ABE who appeared to you, when you fled Esau, your brother. 2 Jacob said to his house and to all those who were with him: take away the foreign gods that are in your midst, purify yourselves, and change clothes. 3 We will rise, and we will go up to Bethel; There I will erect an altar for HE YAH-ABE who has answered me in the day of my distress, and who was with me during the trip I did. 4 they gave Jacob all the foreign gods that were in their hands, and the rings that were in their ears. Jacob buried them under the Terebinthus which is near Shechem.


LEVITICUS 8:13 “Moses (MASSA) also approached the sons of Aaron; He wore them tunics, the girded himself (KANGA in Hebrew H2296רגַחָ) from BELTS (KONGO),

And fastened them with beanies, as YAH-ABE had ordered Moses (MASSA) “


NB. This belt, which reflected the clothing of the Angels, passed from the waist 2SAMUEL 20:8 to the chest. Know that in Hebrew, chest, means abenet H73-‘ abnet טִֵנבְאַ which means in Bantu, breasts, chest, from women “abenet” REVELATION 15:6 REVELATION 1:13 belts

EXODUS 28:40 “For the Sons of Aaron you will make tunics, you will make them belts, and you will make them beanies, to mark their dignity and to serve them as adornment.”


The Edomites Amalekites, they also copy the Kongos, they have beanies (which they call kippah or Yamurke in Yiddish), and notice especially the ungodly Edomite Amalekites are making FRINGES.



EUROPEAN, OR THAT JESUS CHRIST WAS EDOMITE, MINDELÈ. Wake up!!! The ready-made real Jews, on the walls of the temple of RAMESÈS III prisoner in Egypt, drawn on the walls of this temple had all that described the BIBLE on how were later the true Jews. Here is how they were identified they wore, and had : Beanies, belts, fringes, e earrings back to the fringes, let’s read

NUMBERS 15:38 “Speak to the children (YISSA’HÉ) of Israel, and tell them to make FRINGES for themselves from generation to generation on the edge of their garments, and let them put a blue cordon on that fringe of the edge of their garments.


NB: A Fringe, looks like vegetation, turf, which the Kongos call my ‘ tsitsis, Tsetse, among the Bantu Ngalas of Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, which also gave the name of tsetse Fly, flies living in vegetation, fringe equally looks like turf. To the vegetation fringe in Hebrew as in Kongo language, Fringe is H6734-Tsiytsith תציצ

DEUTERONOMY 22:12 “You will wear FRINGES to the four corners of the garment that you will cover”


The ancient Jews were belted, they were called the belted wires, in Hebrew (bar Kango) why?

Because the belt is the symbol of the truth EPHESIANS 6:14. So hold firm: Have your waist the truth for belt; Put the breastplate of justice


LEVITICUS 8:13 “Moses also approached the sons of Aaron; He wore them TUNICS, girded them of BELTS, and tied them with their beanies, as YAH-ABE had ordered Moses to do. Remember that the belt in Hebrew is khag•ōr – H2290 who gave KONGO: Dressed and belted רוֹגחֲ. Click, and watch the photos above, mural in Egypt of Kongos and judge yourself. HE YAH-ABE wanted the Bantu, Kongos and ngalas to dress like angels the belt on the waist (EPHESIANS 6:14) passing through the chest REVELATION 15:6 “and the seven angels who held the seven plagues came out of the temple, clad in pure flax, bursting, and having gold belts around the chest “THE BELTS WERE RED,

AND WENT FROM THE WAIST THROUGH THE CHEST AS SHOWN IN THESE IMAGES. YISSA’YAH WAS, IS, AND COMES AS A KONGO, THE KONGO WORD (H2290 comes from the Hebrew word -khag • ōr רוֹגחֲdressed and belted Kangor consonant final is voiceless “r”, which gives Kango belted) IN HEAVEN, the Angels are belted, REVELATION 15:6

But, let’s read REVELATION 1:13 and, in the midst of the seven candlesticks, someone who looked like a son of a man, dressed in a long robe, and having a golden belt on his chest “

1SAMUEL 18:4 “Jonathan (in Kikongo YAH NATAH, which means Yah accompanies, takes) made a covenant with David (in Kikongo DAWIDI, the one who hears), because he loved him as his soul. 4 he took off the mantle he wore, to give it to DAWIDI; And he gave him his clothes, even his sword, his bow and his belt

Note: This belt was red EXODUS 28:8 “The belt shall be of the same work as the ephod and fixed on it; it will be golden, blue wire, purple and crimson (red), and fine linen devious.



Setting the station, THE STAR OF DAVID, IS NOT A BIBLICAL SYMBOL. THIS SYMBOL OF THE ANCIENT KINGDOM OF KONGO, IS A CORRUPTION OF OUR PEOPLE, DO NOT DO LIKE THE BUNDU DIA KONGO WHO PROMOTE IT DEUTERONOMY 4:19, AMOS 5:26 “Take the tent of your king, the pedestal of your idols, the STAR of your god that you made for you f!

Read ACTS 7:43 repent, return to HE YAH-ABE, YAH our Father JEREMIAH 4:1-2

This BOOK will reveal the SECRETS hidden by the VATICAN and the other EDOMITES and ISHMAELITES the enemies of HE YAH-ABE Psalms 83:6-8







Apocryphal the site cancelled by the Catholic Church

Ask yourself the question, how does the word ZAMBIS, which means the Almighty, in some Bantu languages is found in apocryphal books, according to EZRA, the Prophet, in the KING JAMES version in English dating from 1611? These are the names that the ancient Jews bore. According to the apocryphal TOB BIBLE 4ESDRAS 9:34, the Jews were called ZAMBIS, see the English version 1ESDRA 9:34, modified in TOB version by ZAMBRIS. Why did the Catholic Church hid this word ZAMBIS? Look at the evidence in pictures underneath. EVIDENCE A-Let me remind you, that the word apocryphal comes from the Greek apokrupha, which means “hidden”, Why did Mama Catho, the Catholic Church, the Council of Nicaea, want to hide the truth? Observe the images below, the word ZAMBIS was altered by the Catholics into ZAMBRIS, why? But preserved by the English Edomite Protestant king; King JAMES, who translated the BIBLE and published it in 1611, with original manuscripts, by his own scholars and Bantu Semitic language experts.



Know that in Bantu AFRICA, beyond the rivers of Cush ZEPHANIAH 3:10, there are two Bantu countries that bear the names of Zambis: ZAMBIA and MOZAMBIQUE. Remember the prefix “Mo” indicates the origin, PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGES FOR READABILITY, GOOD TRANSLATION THE WORD “ZAMBIS” IS





THE PREFIX “KI”, IN AKKADIAN LANGUAGE OF THE BABYLONIANS WHERE THE JEWS, THE BANTU WERE IN CAPTIVITY. WHEN YOU ARE CAPTIVE FROM 588 to 515 B.C., THE KONGO LANGUAGE, HEBREW HAS UNDERGONE TRANSFORMATIONS; THE LANGUAGE OF THE OPPRESSOR INEVITABLY PARTICIPATES IN THE CORRUPTION OF A LANGUAGE. 1 CHRONICLES 9:1 All Israel has been identified and recorded in the annals of the Kings of Israel. The population of Judah was deported to Babylon because of his infidelity. 2 The first to establish themselves again in their properties and in their respective cities, were Israelites, priests, Levites, and servants of the temple 3 in addition, people of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh (that is to say House of JOSEPH, the NGALAS read JOSHUA 17:17) settled in Jerusalem

KI EXPRESSES THE EARTH IN AKKADIAN, Babylonian language, SUMERIAN GODDESS, or the sons of YQUBAH, ISOLOLE BANTU WERE CAPTIVE, read 1 CHRONICLES 9, remember when is captive for 70 years according to JEREMIAH 25:9-12, this leaves traces, we use the vocabulary of the oppressor…,






The ancient Hebrews of the Bible were Bantus, which comes from the word BETO, which means us, bisso for the Ngalas or all of the 12 tribes of JUDAH, and ISRAEL. Before it was Betou, as a city of the bar Ngalas north of the little Congo, Betou, means home or community. Beta in the fake Jewish means meeting place, the us, Bitu in Assyrian as you can see; thanks for clicking on these images of the dictionary of Semitic languages, this dictionary in Hebrew English at the top Left.

It is clear that this word existed; we notice that it was the Ngalas who were the first to bring this word “Betou” house in Hebrew “Beto” translated as the us, the community, the house.

In Africa the Ngalas who were once in captivity among the Assyrians, the bar Ngalas are the Ephraimites of the Bible, the famous house of Joseph, in the picture below, the book The BIBLE EXPLAINED by JAMES L. KUGEL PAGE 173. Other books in English exist the book in English Picture History of Jewish Civilization, published by Harry H. Abrams INC. PAGE 94


“The Secret hidden by the papacy, Esau is: ROME you can see, ESAU, EDOM It is Rome, and it is the last kingdom that YISSA’YAH (JESUS) will destroy read ISAIAH 34:5-11, see TOB Bible Apocryphal 4 Ezra 6:9” ESAU is the end of this century, and YAQUBAH is at the origin of the next “, this is why the VATICAN has long refused to publish the apocryphals of Ezra which yet exist in the ancient Protestant bibles like KING JAMES 1611

Let’s go back to the secrets, the A (its e) is the first letter of the Hebrew, it expresses the name ELAH, God, or EL, HE. The B is the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In the form of Pyramid, it expresses the house Tata YAH-ABE, whose name was power of Betu’El, Beth’El Betoue. This is how he presented himself to YAQUBAH our grandfather GENESIS. 28:2; Read GENESIS 31:13 PLEASE CLICK ON THE PHOTOS FOR MORE VISIBILITY AND READABILITY ACTS 1 THE NAME OF GOD OF THE BIBLE, WHO ARE THE ANCIENT ISRAEL SHEEP OF THE ALMIGHTY?

Salamah (fulfillment, be done) to the whole house of Yaqubah, the Bantu to my whole family, to the Prophet YAH-MOSSI (AMOS) -YAH means UNIQUE, and to all his family sister Bibiche, blessing to all 12 Bantu (ISOLELE) tribes, Kingdoms, fear HE YAH-ABE, REPENT, FORSAKE SIN, READ THE BIBLE, nothing but the BIBLE, and HAVE FAITH IN THE GOSPEL MARK 1:15 and MARK 16:16. How to repent?


YAH-ABE. READ ISAIAH 44:1-3 Listen now, O YAQUBAH, my servant! O Israel, (BANTU ISOLELE), which I have chosen! So speaks HE YAH-ABE who made you, and who formed you as soon as you were born, the one who is your support: Fear nothing, my servant YAH’QUBA, my Israel (ISOLELE), whom I have chosen. 3 for I pour waters on altered soil, and streams on parched earth; I pour my SPIRIRT on your RACE, and my blessing on your offspring.


You who live beyond the rivers of Cush, ancient Nubia, as the Ngouzas and the Nabis had prophesied in the book of ZEPHANIAH 3:10-20. all my greetings and blessings to the Bantu of the diaspora, and to all the captive BAR-KONGOS ancient JUDAH, may the ALMIGHTY HE YAH-ABE, be your support and may his kingdom come. May he gather and avenges us, for all the evil which the Edomites, Ishmaelites, the Canaanites, the Berber Moabites Ammonites have done to his people the Bana Beto known as Bantu: HE YAH-ABE revenges us as he promised.


My name is Pastor YAH ‘ TSELEKAH, I am a BA KONGO, a KONGO, a Ngouza, BA Lemba, alter boy (h3824 בבל lebab, the final consonant voiceless, Leba, a Levite in your Bible), I will speak to you in French, the language of the Edomite oppressor. A true KONGO is a ruthless servant, HE IS A SPIRITUAL SOLDIER, a LION, thirsty for RIGHTEOUSNESS, VENGEANCE, he preaches VENGEANCE against all the enemies of HE YAH-ABE and feeds his Bantu brethren with WORDS OF TRUTH, he preaches only for the holy PEOPLE: the BANTU. He does not feed the nations MATTHEW 7:6, he condemns all the enemies of HE YAH-ABE: you have the list in PSALM 83:1-9. This is what the Holy King YISSA’YAH KONGO says. MATTHEW 5:6 “Blessed are those who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness, for they will be satiated!

YES, I AM A MO’ KONGO, I do not compromise, my friend is JUSTICE, my enemy is evil. My words will be bitter for the enemies of HE YAH-ABE, and the Mboua za ntantous, the dogs of the enemy, but THEY will be HONEY for the chosen, the true servants of HE YAH-ABE.

Before we begin we will thank, the FATHER, THE ALMIGHTY YAH-ABE of our fathers, ABBA-BANAH (Abraham, father of children), YI’SEKA (ISAAC -he laughs, h6711קחצ Tsekaq, GENESIS 17:17-19) YA’QUBAH (JACOB- He is strong, he strikes – hardens, from the Kongo Quba, hitting, Hardening Force See GENESIS 25:23, would be stronger than his brother ESAU the father of the Europeans, in Hebrew dumdum albino in Kikongo םדָּמְדַאֲ. Adomdom, Adumdum H125-‘ Adamdam



GENESIS 25:25-26 Reddish, albino “25 The first came out entirely RED, (h125 םדמדא ‘ Adamdam, in Hebrew, םדָּמְדַאֲand dumdum in the Kongo language) as a coat of fur; And we gave him the name Esau. Notice the Bantu scribe, does not give the epidermal description of Y’QUBA, because he was black as his parents and as the whole creature from the Earth’s silt GENESIS 2:27. So the name of the Mindeles was adumdum, albino, those hate the Bantu people, the people whom HE YAH-ABE hates forever, MALACHI 1:4, people doomed to EXTERMINATION, ISAIAH 34:5, and about it HE YAH-ABE, will not change Malachi 3:6


These ungodly edomite Mindeles, who changed the BIBLICAL NAMES, making of history a fiction for their own glory, it is by falsehood, that they seduce people, they changed names that were originally Bantu, for example: TSAMU’ELAH (became SAMUEL, TSAMU, SAMU, as Sister Marie MISAMU, so SAMU, TSAMU, in Kongo language means: Concern, conflict, problem, and ELAH, EL, HE means power, or God.

The name of the Prophet predestined his mission in Latin OMEN NOMEN: NAME PREDICTION, he had to solve the problems of Bana Beto. TSAMU’ELAH had to solve the problem of royalty that concerned the Bantu Bana Beto people. Read 1 SAMUEL 8:5-22. He chooses a KING, for all the Bantu, the name of this king, was SAUL, SAULA in the KONGO language,, meaning the choice, Elah, EL, meaning God (he). You see well that the biblical Bantu names have all been Westernized or edomised.

MA’LEKI became MALACHI in our Bibles, MALACHI in Biblical Hebrew it is MA’LEKI, (the word MA’LEKI, consists in two Bantu words, the prefix MA and the suffix LEKI. The “Ma” expresses the plural in Bantu, example Di’kondi, a banana, Ma’kondi bananas. The suffix LEKI in Bantu means, brother, so MA = “THE”, and “LEKI” means “THE BROTHERS” the Angels are our brothers, the MA ‘ lekis, means the angels who say read REVELATION 12:10 are they not the sons of Elah YAH-ABE, the Arabs say MALEK, Kings or Angels JOB 1:6-7 GENESIS 6:2 We bantu, are we not the first born of HE YAH-ABE EXODUS 4:22.


Kikongo, in Lari, Kuissa, in Kituba, which means coming, he who comes, coming from , sow, providence, beget, ELAH or EL, or HE means GOD, Jizrael, Yizrael (falsely Israel). Read JOSHUA 15:56 OSEE 1:4, the ancient name was ISOLELE, JIZRAEL, in your Bible, which gives, YISSA’HÉ, YISSA’EL, or YISSA’ELAH in the Bibles, JIZRAEL or Yizrael, spawn, Sow, coming from God) in Hebrew, Yasha עשִַָׁיH3467-Yasha IS CONJUGATED YISSA IN LARIS (KONGO LANGUAGE OF KING DAWIDI, DAVID), ISSA AMONG THE ARABS.


This is the root YISSA (in the KONGO BA Laris), which means coming from, come, the one that comes, which gives the name of Jesus, YISSA ‘ Yah, the one that comes from YAH

The Bible states that the last Kingdom on earth, will be the kingdom of the Dumdum Edomites. (h125 םדמדא ‘ Adamdam, in Hebrew, םדָּמְדַאֲand dumdum in Kongo language), son ESAU, GENESIS 36:1, ESAU is Edom, i.e. the nation of Albino dumdums) read APOCRYPHAL TOB 4 EZRA 6:7-10 The kingdom that YISSA’YAH will come to destroy is the kingdom of EDOM

ABDIAS 1:21 “Liberators will ascend to the mountain of Zion, to judge the mountain (KINGDOM) of Esau; and to HE YAH-ABE will belong to the reign.” IN OTHER WORDS, THE END OF THE REIGN OF ESAU, AND THE BEGINNING OF THE REIGN OF YISSA’YAH KONGO CHRIST

Read ISAIAH 34:5 “My sword has become intoxicated in heaven; Behold, she will descend on Edom (the MINDELES, DUMDUMS), on the PEOPLE (it is well said the PEOPLE, women, men, children all) whom I have devoted for extermination, for punishment (INFLICT A SENTENCE)


You have to be a real fool, a sleeping idiot, to believe that the mindele Edomites will escape the great judgment, or that they shall be saved, even the animals know that there is an almighty, the dog, the birds believe that the written words will be fulfilled.

THE HOLY WORD says, the whole earth will rejoice in the fall of EDOM,

The proud, the one who opposed HE YAH-ABE. When HE YAH-ABE, said he created all GENESIS 1 +, Edom opposed by inciting other people to teach his lies. No, said Edom, it was the Big bang; the creation of the universe was by chance. When HE YAH-ABE said that he made man and woman GENESIS 1:27, Edom opposed and said that man would come from the evolution of primates, ape… when He YAH-Abe said that man is the head of woman 1CORINTHIANS. 11:3, Edom opposed, teaching the people via his demon-cracy, no, the man is not the head of the woman, there would be equality between man and woman, when HE YAH-ABE said that marriage only, between man and woman MATTHEW 19:3-4, Edom opposed, no, taught Edom: homosexuals and Lesbians, in the name of love, can marry LEVITICUS 20:13….. I remind you that the word SATAN means the one who opposes,


Oh Edom he who, by his science, has soiled his wisdom, has polluted morals, has spread iniquity: pornography accessible to all humans without exception: via the Internet, via these various media, all: small, old, and even children, can see iniquity, pornography without taboo of any kind in the world, Edom has taught the People Wars, the first seller of weapons of war, the one who fanned the conflict by falsehood, pretexting weapons of mass destruction to plunder the people. Edom, has taught the peoples sexual practices of all kinds, even with babies, children, even with animals, all have been initiated to sexual practices Pedocriminals, oral, anals, zoophile…

Edom will no longer be forever, the oppressor of the people will no longer be forever, the one who robbed the lands of the nations by giving these names, YES, the oppressed people, will rejoice at the fall of the ungodly man, yes the aborigines of AUSTRALIA, of NEW ZEALAND, will rejoice at the fall of Edom, the one who stole their land, after the silent genocide of their people, the Indians of: South, Central, north AMERICA, of CANADA. They shall rejoice in the fall of EDOM, who slaughtered their people and stole their land. Even the pigs will rejoice for at last, they will have and see their offspring, Edom, will no longer be forever. He will no longer use their unclean blood, to make puddings, Edom will no longer use their bodies, to secretly feed the people of pigs, via the gelatin of pork : In capsule drugs, in candies, yoghurts, shower gels…., Edom will no longer use the body of pigs to make unclean foods: sausages, hams, pâté, terrines… and other abominations…

Even the earth that has moaned so much, will rejoice, the chosen Bantu: the righteous will rejoice PSALMS 58:11, to see the VENGEANGE, ROMANS 8:22, the trees will rejoice, for the ungodly Edom, will no longer cut them, to have magazines publish to the glory of his stars , unholy celebrities, and homosexuals, Edom, who cut the trees for his propaganda. The land, the sea, the fish will finally breathe, because polluted for years by the ungodly edomite, yes the trees also will rejoice ISAIAH 14:5-8 “The ALMIGHTY HE YAH-ABE has broken the stick of the wicked, the rod of the dominions. 6 The one who in his Fury smote the people, through relentless blows, the one who in his wrath subjugated nations, and pursued unsparingly. 7 all the Earth enjoys rest and peace; We burst into songs of gladness, 8 the cypress even the Cedars of Lebanon, rejoice at your fall: Since you fell, no one goes up to shoot us. “


But the Mboua Ntantous, the dogs of the master, who take advantage of the oppressive system will lament at the fall of Babylon, the house of EDOM, it will no longer be. The people of EDOM will be no more, the corrupt kings, belonging to the Masonic stable, which EDOM has subtly placed at the head of the Bantu states and other peoples will lament at the fall of EDOM. REVELATION 18:9-13 “All the kings of the earth who have prostituted themselves and who have lavished in luxury with it will weep and lament about it , when they see the smoke from his ignite.

10 Standing at a distance for fear of his torment, they will say: what misfortune! What misfortune! The big city, Babylon, the strong city! In one hour came your judgment! 11-Likewise, the merchants of the Earth mourn and mourn over it, for no one buys their cargo, 12 cargoes of gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, thin flax, purple, silk, scarlet, any wood of scent, of any object of ivory, of any object of precious wood, of bronze, of iron and of marble; 13 cannelle, aromatics, perfumes, myrrh, incense, wine, oil, flour flower, wheat, oxen, sheep, horses, chariots, bodies and souls of humans. “

Little reminder to say that these words will be fulfilled, ISAIAH 55:11. ISAIAH 46:10 “I announce from the beginning what must happen, and long in advance what is not yet accomplished; I say, my judgments will subsist, and I’ll carry out all my willpower. “

It is clear, EDOM (the Mindeles) will no more. I say to you all the dogs of EDOM, your master will be no more, there will be no more edomite on this earth, let’s read it in JEREMIAH 49:10 “But I will rip off Esau (THE MINDELES), I’ll discover his retirement s, he will not be able to hide; His children, his brethren, his neighbors, will perish, and he shall no longer be.”

But it is too clear, the mindeles will no longer be, they will be destroyed forever. It is written in your Bibles, black on white, only the Bantu know the secret codes of the Bible, the word dumdum in Hebrew adumdum, as in Kikongo, Albino, for the Bantu Identifies EDOM. It’s not me who says it but the Bible, I challenge you to prove to me otherwise, you can always gossip, but the facts are in your Bibles, the mboua za ntantus , the dogs of the enemies, the dogs of EDOM, wonder, the Ba Nkakas knew that this bible would be in the hands of EDOM, so it was written in parable, so that the enemy does not realize it.


The dogs of the enemies will do their their best to say, oh no, Edom, it is not the mindeles. They will make videos, to defend their master EDOM, ESAU, the Mindeles, to defend their Edomite friends, their Edomite disciples, their Prophet Branham, their Mindele Edomite Jesus with blue eyes, their mindeles wives, girlfriends They’ll say, oh racist.

You are only dogs, you look strangely like Judas (YAOUNDE in Hebrew as in the Bantu language), who dealt with the Roman Edomite to deliver YISSA’YAH KONGO to the Roman edomites.

What about racism, because I tell the truth, you want to hate me, GALATIANS 4:16 “Did I become your enemy by telling you the truth?” If this is not written, I would be a liar, but if it is written then I tell the truth. If you hate what I say so you hate the word of HE YAH-ABE, I’m just telling you the truth. You want more verses, well I’ll give you some.

The BIBLE says that the day of HE YAH-ABE will come as a thief, does it not? 1 THESSALONIANS 5:2 So it has not happened yet, we do agree. According to JEREMIAH 46:10 It is a day of VENGEANCE against the enemies of HE YAH-ABE and his people the Bantu, you have the list of enemies of HE YAH-ABE in PSALM 83:1-9, including the Mindeles (EDOM), Ishmaelites (Arabs), Ammonites and MOABITES (Berbers, MAGHREBINS), AMALEKITES (Sephardic your false Jews), SIDONIANs (Canaanites)…

ISAIAH 34:8-9 “For it is a day of VENGEANCE for HE YAH-ABE, a year of retaliation for the cause of TSI’YANI (ZION: His land in Kongo Laris) 9-The torrents of Edom (MINDELES) will be changed to pitch, and its dust to sulfur; And his land will be like burning pitch. 10 It will not extinguish day or night, the smoke will rise forever; Age of age She’ll be sorry, never will anyone pass. Now read REVELATION 19:1-3 you will understand who the GREAT PROSTITUTE is, it is the HOUSE OF EDOM (the MINDELES, THEIR POWER, AND THEIR PEOPLE)


EZEKIEL 25:12 “So speaks HE YAH-ABE because Edom has indulged in vengeance towards the house of Judah (YAOUNDÉ, THE BAKONGOS, slavery, colonization, systematic looting of wealth, introduction of viral diseases, pharmaceutical experiments, installation at the top of the Bantu states of corrupt leaders and freemasons to serve Edom and his people, pedophile tourism etc…)

Because he made himself guilty and took revenge on her, 13-so speaks HE YAH-ABE: I lay my hand on Edom, I exterminate the men and the beasts, I make a desert from Teman to Dedan; They will fall by the sword.

ABDIAH 1:18 “The House of YIQUBA will be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame; But the house of Esau shall be thatch, which they will light and consume; And there will be nothing left of Esau’s house, for HE YAH-ABE spoke. ” The future of the MINDELES is the EXTERMINATION, it is not I who say it, it is the BIBLE.

THE GREAT JUDGMENT ARRIVES YOUR EYES WILL SEE IT, whether you like it or not edom shall burn, Esau the mindeles shall no longer be. No one will see a Mindele alive; they will be no more read it in JEREMIAH 49:10, slavery, will return for the Ishmaelites, Berbers, the Canaanite Tutsis, and other enemies of HE YAH-ABE will have their turn; they must PAY for the crimes committed against the HOLY KONGO AND NGALA PEOPLE; the Bantus.


THE LAST KINGDOM ON EARTH. Only the effeminates, the fools will never understand, the ALMIGHTY, IS TERRIBLE, HE WILL REMEMBER THE CRIMES OF EDOM, here is a link, a YOUTUBE link to see:


Rejoice, and pray for the fall of Edom, of the last Neo-Babylonian Kingdom, REVELATION 18:20 We pray for this great day of VENGEANCE. FOR HE YAH-ABE said it does not CHANGE MALACHI 3:6


YAQUBAH my Bana Beto and Bantu people, read this BOOK, Matondo , na mfumu HE YAH-ABE ya Beto, the one who was, who is and who comes, the almighty Ma tondo REVELATION 1:8 whose name was YAH-ABE, and SECRET NAME YAH-EHO often translated as Joab, YAH THE FATHER.

Ah the enemies of HE YAH-ABE PSALMS 83:1-12 and of the BANA BETO, Bantu, laugh They rejoice of the woes of the holy people, with them the mboua za ntantus, the dogs of Edom, the traitors, the prosperous villain, they buy gifts to celebrate the pagan feasts, celebrating the end of years of a calendar that they themselves invented JEREMIAH 10:1-3, and with EDOM these dogs, the traitors follow him ignoring the warning of the HOLY SPIRIT in PROVERBS 3:31, they do the same…. you my Bantu People, separate yourselves from the EDOMITES and other nations and their Customs 2CORINTHIANS 6:17 out of their midst, REVELATION 18:4

HE YAH-ABE’s enemies, laugh, they make weddings, they rejoice, they multiply, I read JOB 27:14, and I understand, they make babies, I hear cries of joy, in the houses of the wicked MALACHI 1:1-4, of the ungodly, meanwhile beyond the river of CUSH, ZEPHANIAH 3:10, the scattered, the true worshippers of HE YAH-ABE, the Bantu, the Ba Kongos, the Ba Ngalas suffer, my people suffer. I hear cries; the cries of their suffering afflict me everywhere. The mandalas, the sellers of coffins make money, their business thrives, corpses are many.

The drug sellers get rich, the sick multiply, who will console KONGO, who will mourn YAOUNDÉ? who cares about them? Nobody thinks of them, nobody talks about them, they have all abandoned them.


Edom, used his trick, he uses his HATRED, against the posterity of KONGO YAQUBA, his HATRED is ETERNAL, he put bastards at the head of Bantu states, and of his stable sorcerers, Masonic Rosicrucians, to curse the people, drink the blood of the innocent children, I hear in GABON, Masonic practices multiply, crimes tinged with Masonic rites, Bantu South of Cameroon the same thing, in both CONGOS, ANGOLA, Zambia, worse, the pedophile tourism of the Edomites is spreading, the male children are sodomized , in the secret of hotel rooms, cars, beaches, and the echo spreads through the holy belt beyond the CUSH rivers of Central to South Africa. The ungodly Edomites in their wiles multiply the acts of hatred against the BANTU PEOPLE, the Gospel of INIQUITY is preached to those who want to enrich themselves via the Pink Cross: “Make human sacrifices” so do the edomites secret societies say, masonic ritual crimes multiply, alcohol breweries work at full speed. Alcohol sells well, the goal is subtle; destroying youth, and all this is done with the complicity of the Masonic authorities that EDOM controls.

Only the blind do not see the world of darkness. It is necessary to be KONGO, having the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT to have the visions that we have, for, I tell you, NOTHING WILL SAVE EDOM, THESE CRIMES ARE SUCH ABOMINATIONS, that the cries of my people demand VENGEANCE NIGHT AND DAY REVELATION 6:10.

How can I rejoice? THE ENEMIES OF HE YAH-ABE, LAUGH: The Edomites, the Ishmaelites, the Moabite barbers, the Canaanite Tutsis and other nations, the Asiatic Japhetists, the other nations of the UN, all gather like vultures, birds of prey, as had so well seen by ISAIAH 18:6-7; and the holy people was abandoned to the birds of prey, grouped in the turn of the corpses of the people once and always holy, they take advantage of them, they slaughter them, water them with alcohols, rape, incite them to iniquity. I see everything, nothing escapes me, oh Nkaqa YISSA’YAH KONGO, until when are we going to suffer?


Your enemies take advantage of your people, yes, they all benefited from the fall of the Ba Kongos, THE STRENGTH OF THE BANTU, the Bana Beto. Our bloods continue to flow, how can I sing you in joy, what joy, would I have, will I dance with joy? When my people suffer, my people, your people Oh Tata YAH-ABE, let your KINGDOM come, deliver us from the hands of EDOM and his dogs, the people weep, it is plundered, divided, raped, ignored, humiliated…

Do the same people who preach human rights, preach reparation for the CRIMES of colonization, for the slavery of my people? For 400 years the Bakongos, Judah, Yaoundé (LAMENTATIONS 1:3-5), and the West African Egyptians who underwent slavery (EZEKIEL 29:12-16), worked for Edom, without pay, for four hundred years. They had as only reward whips and insults. How could we forgive ourselves? Edom was enriched; he did not even dare to ask forgiveness for these CRIMES, he did not even pay my people for slavery. On the contrary he continues to kill us, plunder, and destroy via his Masonic stables which he subtly placed above the Bantu peoples. But for Amalekes, with the so-called Holocaust, he paid huge sums of money. That is to stay money must remain in the Edomite family.

Yes Edom enriched itself of his trade, his tricks, his wickedness, his oppression, and he does not share, he steals lands of weak nations, he installs his oppression, Edom does not care about his victims, he kills, but hides these crimes? He cries for JUSTICE, but he remains unjust.

KONGO suffers, the NGALAS suffer. How do you expect me to rejoice? It’s impossible for me to celebrate, I am too sad and angry, I hear every day the cries, the complaints, the prayers of my people and nothing is done to comfort them.

So I read PSALM 44, and I understand. The Bantu of Zimbabwe suffer the EDOM embargo, because they wanted to take back lands that Edom had stolen from them. Behold my people, the Bantu of Zimbabwe have been embargoed for years, they suffer famine, because Edom hates and PUNISHES those who resist these Machiavellian projects.


No one claims JUSTICE for the Bantu, but Edom prospers, PSALM 44, Edom even has Bantu dogs that bark for his cause, display, and worship the image of the Beast, the EDOMITE JESUS that they pray and preach to the point of insulting their opponents.

The dogs of the master make videos, for the cause of EDOM, the pastors sing the praises of an EDOMITE JESUS, when they are vengeance that belongs to HE YAH-ABE ROMANS 12:19, to us the thirst for JUSTICE and VENGEANCE MATTHEW 5:8, they are hounding us.

All mboua za tantous, the dogs of Edom, the enemies, the Qadia Mpemba, they defend their master, but nothing is done for the BANTU, the BA KONGO, the BA NGALAS. Nothing is said, for all the humiliation of COLONIZATION, the million of the hands cut, the million of Congolese killed for nothing, our Bana Zulus brothers in South Africa massacred by the Edomites, and many others. The free genocide of my people, by the Edomite King of the Belgians Leopold II and this, after SLAVERY OF THE BA KONGOS committed by the ungodly Edomites, The Amalekites (Sephardic false Jews) the Arabs, and Berbers, the Somali Sidonnians, and no one mentions it.

Edom was enriched in the sale of the Bantu slaves; Kongo Yahounde son, and the West African sons of Cham, speaks and he says ZIKA’YAH (ZECHARIAH. 11:5) “Those who buy them who slaughter them with impunity; The one who sells them says: Blessed be HE YAH-ABE, for I get rich! And their pastors don’t spare them.” BUYING AND SELLING MEANS THE TRADE OF MEN: SLAVERY

I hate INJUSTICE, I LOVE JUSTICE, and I cry VENGEANCE, I THIRST for it. I will never celebrate your worldly feasts, I will never rejoice, as long as my eyes will not see the VENGEANCE and the fall of EDOM. UNTO HE YAH-ABE BE VENGEANCE ROMANS 12:19, unto us be THIRST MATTHEW 5:6, because EDOM

must pass to the cashier he must pay dearly for these CRIMES. HE YAH-ABE will not judge individuals, but nations read JOEL 3:1-6, for what they did to the bakongos and to the Bantu.


And you’re partying with the enemies of HE YAH-ABE, you say my buddy, you fool, you believe that the ALMIGHTY loves you when you sympathize with his enemies? He will love you, if you give him water when he is thirsty, food when he will be hungry, because if we are the sons of HE YAH-ABE let’s be fair, careful, but not idiotic as you.

ROMANS 12:20-21, there is a time for all things, there is a time to love , there is a time to hate, a time for peace, a time of separation TA QUOELAT (ECCLESIASTICS) 3:1-8, and we are living the time of separation.

What does 2 Corinthians 6:14 tell you? “Do not put yourself with the infidels under a foreign yoke. For what is the relationship between justice and iniquity? Or what is there in common between light and darkness?

Don’t you know that there are souls of Kongos, Bantu victims of the crimes of EDOM, and other enemies of HE YAH-BE, these Bantu souls cry out VENGEANGE, Express night and day, like us, they thirst for VENGEANCE, and who cry Vengeance night and day to THE SAINT OF SAINTS; HE YAH-ABE REVELATION 6:10 “they cried in a loud voice, saying: Until when, master holy and True, do you delay to judge, and to draw vengeance from our blood on the inhabitants of the earth?

ISAIAH 34:1-5 gave the answer, vengeance, the sword will come upon the Nations (UN), but on what NATION, PEOPLE, I say well PEOPLE first? ISAIAH 34:5 “My sword became intoxicated in heaven; Behold, it will descend upon EDOM (the Dumdums, the MINDELES), on the people whom I have devoted for extermination, for chastise him.”


You are with Edom, Ishmael, you laugh with them, you have edomites friends, girlfriends, wives, and husbands, but

you are nothing but fools, traitors, you are not made for the KINGDOM with 12 gates REVELATION 21:12, for you

do not like justice, you do not thirst for righteousness; YISSA’YAH will vomit you, for you will never thirst for

VENGEANCE, JUSTICE. MATTHEW 5:6, so your love for the Edomites is great, Edom, your buddies, you will say ah

these words are so harsh how would I do? If I preach it, I will lose my buddies, my disciples JOHN 6:60, JOHN

6:66. Had YISSA’YAH not lost disciples? Don’t get me wrong with the teachings of your false shepherds, who know

nothing. Good because they have an edomite Jesus at their bedside. I TELL YOU CLEARLY, HE YAH-ABE will judge

severely the NATIONS, PEOPLE not individuals for what they did to THE BANTUS.

JOEL 3:2 “I will gather all the nations, and I will bring them down to the valley of Josaphat; I will go to trial with them. (WHY WILL NATIONS BE JUDGED?) About my people, MY PEOPLE, THE BANTUS, my inheritance. You are idiots are they talking about other peoples? YISSA’YAH KONGO comes to JUDGE THE NATIONS (BA-Ngos, the others) about his PEOPLE ONLY THE 12 BANTU TRIBES kingdoms. It’s they ISRAEL (YISSA’HÉ).

Why? JOEL 3:2… Who are the scattered among the nations (the BA-Ngos), and about my country that they shared. “UN 1947 SHARING PLAN between ISHMAEL and the EDOMITE AMALEKITES, from the nations, EDOM at the lead owns the LAND OF ISRAEL.

Let’s read EZEKIEL 36:5 “So speaks HE YAH-ABE: Yes, in the fire of my jealousy, I speak against the other nations and against the whole of Edom, who have given my country in ownership, with all the joy of their heart and scorn of their soul in order to loot the products.

JOEL 3:2 TAKE NOTE OF THE WORD SCATTERED, where are these SCATTERED? whom the enemies of HE YAH-ABE have driven out of their land since the year 70 with the taking of JERUSALEM. ZEPHANIAH 3:10 “Beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my worshippers, my scattered, will bring me offerings.”


It is not said at the beyond the RHINE, MISSISSIPPI, the SEINE, the JORDAN in the land of your false Jews, but beyond the ancient ETHIOPIA (CUSH, NUBIA, SUDAN) SO CENTRAL TO SOUTH AFRICA. This is where the TWELVE TRIBES OF ISRAEL ARE. THE SCATTERED that JOEL 3:2 speaks of, whom no one defends, the sufferings of my people, persons no one speaks of. Congo is devoured, looted, no one

takes care of the Bantu, Congo, even the UN present in Congo witnesses the spectacle of the massacres without acting, I am angry, when the HOLY SPIRIT revealed to me JEREMIAH 30:12-17 Let’s read

JEREMIAH 30:12-17 “12 so speaks the ALMIGHTY HE YAH-ABE: Your wound is serious (KONGO), your wound is painful. 13 No one defends your cause, to blindfold your wound; You have no remedy, no way of healing. 14 All those who loved thee forget thee, none take care of you; For I have struck you as an enemy, I have punished you with violence, because of the multitude of thy iniquities, of the great number of thy sins. 15 Why complain of your injury, of the pain that your evil causes? It is because of the multitude of your iniquities, of the great number of your sins, that I have made you suffer these things. 16 However, all who devour thee will be devoured, and all your enemies, all, shall go into captivity; Those who rob you shall be stripped, and I will abandon to plunder all those who plunder thee. (The riches of Congo looted) 17 but I’ll heal you, I’ll groom your wounds,


Says the ALMIGHTY YAH-ABE. For they call you the repulsed, this tsi’yani of which no one cares. I tell you openly, whosoever will be ASHAMED of the word of TRUTH, whosoever shall keep the TRUTH captive to please his interests, his buddies, his disciples, well YISSA’YAH also will be ashamed of him. LUKE 9:26, he will be VOMITED, we say what the SPIRIT has shown us, and we cry loudly, we thirst for righteousness, vengeance. Whether you like it or not, we are not born to please mortals, we serve the father alone, and we obey to the SON his WORD, we thirst for vengeance, it is written Matthew 5 : 6.

Meanwhile Edom continues to divide to better reign, to kill our brothers and sisters, the Bantu, with its pedophile tourism to sodomize our children, and no one mentions it. Come out of the MIDST OF THEM MY PEOPLE, it is not said “the whole world” but MY PEOPLE the BANTU REVELATION 18:4 “… Come out of the midst of her, my people, that you may not partake in her sins, and that you have no part in her plagues. “

If you are not with us, you are against us; you are with EDOM, MATTHEW 12:30. The lukewarm Bantu will be vomited, REVELATION 3:16 read the Apocryphal TOB BIBLE, Sirach 6:12 “Get away from your enemies…” Who are our enemies, let us read, DEUTERONOMY 28:68 “HE YAH-ABE will bring you back to Egypt (LAND OF SLAVERY), on ships (boats), by the way I told you: Thou shall not see him again; And there you will be sold to your enemies (not friends) to be men and women in bondage, and no one will buy you (save) “So those who have made the slavery of the Bantu ZECHARIAH 1:21 and the WEST AFRICAN (Egyptians) EZEKIEL 29:12-16 are our enemies? EDOM, ISHAMAEL, and what will be their punishment? Their punishments.

Read PROVERBS 26:24-26, SIRACH 12:10, SIRACH 6:12, TOB BIBLE, apocryphal, VENGEANCE is coming.

We should pray for the destruction of the kingdoms of the ungodly Mindele Edomites, it is necessary that the kingdom, of CHRIST YISSA’YAH Kongo comes MATTHEW 6:10, for since the ungodly Edomite reigns, the saints of the Bantu people are sad, even the people of the Earth are sad PROVERBS 29:2


BRUSSELS, is not the capital of EDOM? Do you know the crimes of BRUSSELS? The Tutsi Canaanites rape our wives, kill our brothers before the eyes of the UN forces, who laugh at the show by taking pictures with laptops, IPHONES, whose raw material comes from Congo, and nobody talks about it, and you want I’ll have a party, I’ll rejoice. The people are DEVORD, NO ONE CARES.

WOE UNTO YOU, all nations you will pay dearly for all the evil you do, your children, your wives, your old all, you will pay! Does he who created the eye not see what you do in the secret of your encounters?

Does not know your plans, your witchcraft, your hatred for the Bana Beto Psalms 94:9-10?


it is coming, and she will be fulfilled, tremble, NATIONS, he is coming, and he IS VERY BLACK, KONGO, his name is not JESUS, he comes with the spirit of DAWIDI, yes the GREAT KONGO KING is coming, tremble, it is TERRIBLE. He is angry, his anger, turns into a FEARS FIRE, yes he is coming to ruthlessly execute the PSALMS 149:2-9, he comes to kill, and make slaves, he comes to judge without favor, yes our King is powerful YISSA’YAH KONGO, the truth, even the rebels within his people, the traitors, will pay, they shall be banished from the people, THEY WILL BURN.


PSALMS 149:2-9: Let Israel (YISSA’HE, the Bantu people living beyond the rivers of Cush, Nubia, Sudan as ZEPHANIAH 3:10-20 and ISAIAH 18:1-7), THE ETERNAL YAH-ABE alive, asks you to rejoice, let my people rejoice in the one who created him! May the sons of Zion, Tsi’yani (KONGOS) be in joy because of their KING! 3 Let them praise his name with dance (BINAH), let them celebrate him with the tambourine (and the harp)! 4 for HE YAH-ABE takes pleasure in his people (The 12 BANTU KINGDOMS), he glorifies the unfortunate by saving them. (SALVATION) 5 let the faithful triumph in glory, may they push cries of joy on their diaper! 6 let the praises for HE YAH-ABE be in their mouths, and the two-edged sword in their

hand, 7 To exert VENGEANCE upon the nations, to chastise the peoples, 8 To bind their kings with chains and their great with iron vine stocks, 9 To execute against them the judgment that is written! It’s a glory to all his followers. Worship HE YAH-ABE!

This prophesy is coming JEREMIAH 30:13-20 “No one defends the cause of the suffering of the Kongos and Ngalas” Wait see, read this prophesy, it is coming, it will be fulfilled, read this prophecy JEREMIAH 30:13-20, THE NATIONS WILL PAY DEARLY, VERY DEARLY, THE DAY OF VENGEANCE IS COMING. Woe to

those who laugh today for tomorrow you will cry. LUKE 6:25 “Woe unto you who are satiated, for you will be hungry! Woe to you who laugh now, for you will be in mourning and in tears!


Avoid the name GOD, the word “God” comes from the Latin Deus, itself from the Indo-European root or Edomite dei-“Shine” Jour in French, the DAY, it is the sun, the light (he that shines, Sol Invictus, the invisible sun pagano-roman deity) the Catholics require him to be worshipped on Sunday “Sunday” (Sun Day- day of the sun), Sun (day that shines) By contrast to the night: Darkness, the first principle: the first day of creation GENESIS 1:2 obscurity, first, then Came, Dei, the light. And the vicar of Sol Invictus, on Earth is the pope ” vicarius filli dei ” The vicar, or the representative of Dei (DAY THA SHINES), Lucifer on Earth. The Word dei enlarged, gives Deiwo-and ‘ in Dyew-, serves to designate the luminous sky, or the being of light Lucifer, as an Edomite deity as well as celestial beings as opposed to terrestrial beings, men. The name Lucifer means light bearer look at this picture of the Statue of Liberty that carries the flame, the light. Expresses the love for the Edomites for their FATHER: Lucifer, BELOVED,


Bantu brothers, renounce to use the name “God” better to say the Almighty, our Father who is in Heaven, Creator, or say the one who was, who is, and who comes. Read REVELATION 1:8 “I am the alpha and Omega, says YAH-ABE, the one who is, who was, the Almighty”

The name God, is closely linked to this notion of light, is the oldest Indo-European or Edomite denomination of the divinity that is found in the name of the Greek god Zeus, whose genitive is Dios. From ZEUS, ZOUS, SHOUA, the ungodly edomites, nation of ESAU, the MINDELES, the MWINDAS, SEMO, son of Lucifer, with their masonic sect, they subtly introduced into the Bible, the Greco-Latin name, IE ‘ SOUS, which gave, YE’SOUS, in the Yiddish language of false Jacobins, False Jews, YE’SHOUA, or “G” ZEUS, Jesus. The name, Jesus is already a lie, because the letter “J” does not exist in Greek or Hebrew. The letters J and U were invented in their imaginations, by the Edomites, around 1270 to solve the problem of words such as “SERVUS” and “JUVENIS” which were written in ancient Latin SERVVS and IVVENIS. Subtly, the name, JESUS, (pronounced in English “DJI Zeus”), the “G” is a masonic god, known as the great architect,

Let’s go back to the word DAY, Word of the same root is gotten from the designation of daylight (daytime) and day, light, itself (die in Latin), see the Masonic bucket on your right. Zeus, in Greek, Jupiter is his name in Latin, it is Lucifer whose symbol is the eagle or lightning, source of light, it was Horus, Yeru, Heru, among the West African Egyptians. Today ZEUS is JUPITER, IESOUS, Y’ZEUS, G’ZEUS, Y’SHOUA, JESUS. All these names are Pagan, avoid them. Remember MATTHEW 24:4 do not be victims of EDOMITE seduction.

Jesus’ real name, the Bakongo is YISSA’YAH Kongo, others say YESHA’YAH, it is almost the same name as Isaiah the Prophet, so do not let yourself be seduced, because we live the time of the seduction LUCIFER (the DRAGON) is on earth REVELATION 12:12 “for the Devil Came down to you, animated with great anger, knowing that he has little time”. Yes, he has little time!

HERE is a secret, REVELATION 13:2 “The Beast I saw was similar to a leopard; His feet were like those of a bear, and his mouth like a lion’s face. The Dragon (LUCIFER) gave him his power, and his throne, and great authority.” REVELATION 12:3 Another sign still appeared in heaven; And behold, it was a great red dragon (why RED? Remember GENESIS 25:25 “The first one went out entirely RED” which comes from the RED adumdum in Hebrew


Albino”, as (comparison) a coat of fur; and was given the name of Esau (the father of the Europeans). Having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven tiaras.

REVELATION 12:4 “… The dragon stood before the woman who had to put to birth, in order to devour her child, when she had given birth.” REVELATION 12:3 “This DRAGON, LUCIFER is” red “what is the color of his people, the Edomites? ESAU his son is “RED” GENESIS 25:25. Which Kingdom had already occupied ISOLELE (Israel) before the birth of YISSA’YAH KONGO (Jesus)? ROME and who are the Romans, des Edomites, sons of ESAU, the RED people, TOP OF THE PAGE, FROM THE BOOK OF JAMES L. KUGEL page 173, ESAU = ROME, IT IS THE SECRET, I advise those who know English to read the famous book by Charles WEISMAN: Who is ESAU-Edom? You will understand the secrets.

The POWER OF LUCIFER is in the hands of his posterity: the Edomites, the Dumdums, the Mindeles, the Reds, REVELATION 13:2 their strength is PYRAMIDAL.

The place of habitation of Lucifer can only be religious, since Satan is Spirit, REVELATION 2:13 Satan has a place of habitation, built on the ruins of the pantheons of a range of pagan Edomite deities, (the Fallen Angels) it is at the VATICAN, thus at top the pyramid, is the Vatican (Lucifer) on both sides, there is Samael (USA the United States) and the purse is LONDON (The Devil Mani, which means “money” in English, money, it is a Babylonian deity, called Mamon in MATTHEW 6:24 who had seduced the Ba Kongos back from Babylon ISAIAH 65:11. But you, who give up HE YAH-ABE, who forget my holy Mountain, who draw a table for FORTUNE (poorly translated as Gad or troop), and fill a cup for Meni or MANI. Louis SECOND) fallen Kingdom of Kongo of the authority of the Macoco, Nkaqas, today MANI Kongo. Please click on the image map of ORTELIUS left in the apocryphal (TOB BIBLE) 3 Ezra 9:30 The bena kongos gave themselves the name “MANI”

GUESS which KINGDOM YISSAYAH will come to DESTROY ISAIAH 34:5 the Kingdom of EDOM, the Mindeles. Guess who occupies and controls ISRAEL today: the NATIONS what do they call them? EZEKIEL 36:5 “So speaks HE YAH-ABE: Yes, in the fire of my jealousy, I speak against the other nations and against EDOM (the dumdums, the albino, the mindeles) as a whole, who has given my country into ownership (they took ISRAEL, by FORCE, remember LUKE 21:24 and JOEL 3:1-2), with all the joy of their hearts and the contempt of their souls, in order to


plunder the produice, it is the same who call themselves JEW (KONGOS), when they are not, REVELATION 2:9, they are the seed of the ancient SERPENT. According to the BIBLE, LUCIFER will have a posterity GENESIS 3:15.

Another SECRET be attentive, let us go in the prophesy of DANIEL 9:26, who Prophesied, the resurrection of YISSA’YAH and the fall of SALAMAH, by the people of Satan, the Romans, the people of the Prince.

The good translation is in the King JAMES in French, I advise you this biblical version, here is the free Internet link: Let’s read DANIEL 9:26 “and after the sixty-two weeks, [the Messiah] will be entrenched (YISSA’YAH resurrection), not for him; And the people of the Prince (ROME, PEOPLE OF PRINCE LUCIFER) who will come, will destroy the city and the sanctuary (THE FALL OF JERUSALEM IN THE YEAR 70), and his end will be with overflow, and the desolations are determined until the end of the war.” Here is wisdom: who is the PRINCE of this world whose people have destroyed SALAMAH (JERUSALEM in the year 70)? It is SATAN, read the JOHN 12:31 “now is the judgment of this world; Now the Prince of this world will be thrown out. ” French KING JAMES translation. HOW WAS THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD THROWN OUT? REVELATION 12:7-9 You REVÉLERA

Even more, let’s go in OBA’YAH, ABDIAS 1:1-4 those who are Kongos or Bantu will understand the explanations in parenthesis in capital letters, please read the Biblical references given. Abdias 1:1-4 “So speaks HE YAH-ABE, on Edom: (The Mindeles, albino, the DUMDUMS) we learned a new one from HE YAH-ABE, and a messenger was sent among the nations: stand up, let’s walk against Edom to make him war! 2 Behold, I will return small among the nations, you will be the object of the greatest contempt. (BECAUSE ACCORDING TO MALACHI 1:4 PEOPLE WILL KNOW THAT IT IS THE RACE OF THE WICKED, AND IT IS THE PEOPLE THAT HE YAH-ABE HATES FOREVER ROMANS 9:13) 3 The Pride of your heart has led you astray, (THE PRIDE OF EDOM IS ITS UNBELIEF, TO SAY THAT THERE IS NO CREATOR, THE BIG BANG, EVOLUTION, CHANCE WOULD BE THE CREATOR, AND THEY DEMAND THAT OTHER NATIONS TEACH IT IN SCHOOLS, THE PRIDE OF EDOM THE PREDICTION OF THE SUPERIORITY OF ITS UNHOLY AND HOMOSEXUAL CIVILIZATION, TO THE CONTEMPT OF TRUTH, AND THE LAW HE YAH-ABE) ABDIAS 1: 3-4 You who inhabit the hollow of the rocks, which you sit on the heights

(THEY LIVE IN THE SKYSCRAPERS) And who say in yourself: Who will rush me to the ground? 4 when you place your nest as high as the eagle’s, when you place it among the stars, I will rush you, says HE YAH-ABE. (THE



GENESIS 3:15 “I will put enmity between thee and the woman, between thy seed (THE WORD HEBREW IS ZERA H2233, WHICH MEANS SEED) AND HIS SEED: this one shall crush your head, and you shall injure her heel.” Lucifer had POSTERITY with CAIN, it was destroyed, Lucifer had another posterity, ESAU GENESIS 25:25, it will also be destroyed by YISSAYAH ESAU 34:5 NUMBERS 24:20 “Balaam lives Amalek (THE STRENGTH OF EDOM). He uttered his oracle, and said: Amalek is the first of the nation (that is in the last days, Amalek, the strength of EDOM will be the head of the nations, and this is the case today). But one day it will be destroyed (EDOM will be exterminated) “Read this book with your Bibles, we’ll prove it to you. Ma’ tondo.


Finally, here is the PROOF, that the last KINGDOM that will reign before the coming of the kingdom of YISSAYAH’ KONGO, is the kingdom of the EDOMITES, NDUNDUMS, as the apocryphal TOB BIBLE had announced: 4 Ezra 6:9, but beloved, let’s read the evidence in 1:21 “Liberators (ANGELS) will ascend to the mountain of Zion, to judge the mountain (kingdom) of ESAU, and unto HE YAH-ABE will belong to the reign “. Everything is clear, for YISSA’YAH to reign it is necessary that the kingdom of EDOM, either judged, and falls and its DESTRUCTION shall leave, an Eternal smokes. Beloved brothers and sisters, I let you compare these two biblical chapters to see the truth , be attentive to the details: ISAIAH 34:9-10 and REVELATION 19:2-3, the keyword is eternal smoke, this destruction of EDOM, the great prostitute, who will let forth an eternal smoke REVELATION 19:6. Exactly as we have just read in the 1:21, comparing these verses, you will understand that BABYLON THE GREAT, the great prostitute, is EDOM, the kingdom of the Mindeles, the ungodly man of 2 THESSALONIANS 2:8-10.


YAH (h3050), is the diminutive of superiority, YAH-YAH big brother, or sister, this prefix associated with the name of a brother, or sister among the Bantu means GREAT. Yet, YAH is pronounced every day in the multiple churches of our towns and villages, that’s how we find YAH, in the group of words, praise ALLELOU’YAH, WORSHIP’ YAH


REVELATION 19:1-31-After that, I heard in the sky as a loud voice of a large crowd that said: Hallelujah! (ALLÉL’YAH) Salvation, glory, and power are to our YAH-ABE, 2 because his judgments are true and righteous; For he judged the great prostitute who corrupted the earth by her fornication, and he avenged the blood of his servants by asking by asking with his hand. 3 And they said a second time: Hallelujah! (ALLEL’YAH)… and its smoke rises to centuries. (The great prostitute is EDOM, the MINDELES, read ISAIAH 34:9-10), a great prostitute who corrupted the earth by her fornication, and he avenged the blood of his servants by asking him with his hand. 3and They say a second time: Hallelujah! (ALLEL’YAH)… and its smoke rises to centuries.

The name YAH is explicit in the PSALMS, read PSALM 68:4 yah הִָּיoften translated as the Lord in the Louis Second Bible, and others but this name is translated as JAH in the English Kings James Bible of 1611, but the letter “J” does not exist in Kikongo Hebrew, we find, YAH as prefix or suffix in the names of several NABI prophets such as YILIMA’YAH, today JEREMIAH, now OBA’YAH

YAH’ELAH or YAH’HÉ became JOEL, MAKA’YAH became MICHEE, KANGA’YAH, became AGGEE, or ZIKA’YAH (ZIKA, Bury, remember), later ZECHARIAH, YISSA’YAH became ISAIAH, BENA’YAH (son of YAH) became BENAJAH read 1KINGS 1:38 (see all his names are in Hebrew, former Kikongo, remember like the other Semites, the Kongos uses Bayou, Bana, to mean son, for the Ishmaelites, it’s Ben, like Ben-Ali (son of Ali). Benzema, (son of the singer, Zema,) Zamar, Zuma meaning singer, as Jacob Zuma Bantu President of South Africa… The Bantu say son Bena, Bana. The name YAH is blasphemed by the enemies, the ntantous of YAH, read ISAIAH 52:5 the Edomites, the Adumdums, YAH’s holy NAME was associated by the ungodly Edomites, people of darkness. The Synagogue of Satan, accursed people, the ungodly edomites have associated the holy name of HE YAH-ABE ya Beto, with the name unlucky in Hebrew, H1943-הוֹהָ hovah JEH-OVAH (JEH-YAH)

Hova (h1943 הוה hovah means bad luck), eve, Ava, meaning misfortune, ruin. It is an abomination to pronounce JEH-OVAH in your prayers, because they associated the Holy Name of YAH (JEH) with Hova, bad luck, This is the work of the Khazar Edomite

Charles Taze RUSSELL an Amalekite-Edomite freemason Khazar demon, creator of The Satanic Masonic Church of the Jeh-Ovah Witnesses. Beloved Bantu brothers, know that the word Hova, OVAH, whose Kongo-Hebraic root is


Ava, Eve, הוּהַָH1942-Havvah comes from the Bantu word “Eve”, ava, ruin, disorder, of this same word with the word HavAnga, (disodre), Ma’havanga, (disorder), or EP-Evé, Mouth “pe” in Hebrew mouth, like Mo ‘ pe, the breath, the wind, that which comes out of the mouth twice, pe, pe, H6310-cdb הפֶּand “eve” bad luck, later on spirit or evil spirit. For the Bantu pe-eve means the mouth that pronounces bad luck, disorder


Here’s how is translated the name father in Hebrew, in three ways: ABE, ABI, ABBA

  1. –AB (abe) (h01) באָ, means father even the Catholic churches have been using it since the eighteenth century. The Aramaic term Abe, used in French to designate a secular cleric, is thus called

a Parish vicar, or a secular priest: “Father, Mr. Father. “

The use spread in the years 1970 to call secular priests “Father”, what is blaspheming, only YAH is our father, not the popes. Avoid the names Pope which means Papa, or Father, that the churches of the Edomites impose on our people, do not call any man Father men Read MATTHEW 23:9 “and call no one on earth your father; For only one is your father, the one who is in heavent.” Only HE YAH-ABE is our father.

This word is Hebrew Abe, Aramaic read the names ABANAH father of the Banas (Ben in other Semites), children in Kikongo (ABRAHAM), or ABSALOM, ABASALAMAH, 2 SAMUEL 3:3, used by the NGALAS TRIBES (EPHRAIMITES, HIPHORANII)

2)–ABI (h0229) יבאֲmeans my father read, 2 KINGS 18:2. ABIYAH, 1SAMUEL 8:2-5. ABIMELEK JUDGES

8:31 An example former president of Congo Brazzaville Marien NGOUABI, Israelite Bantu, ba ngala, here is the meaning of his name: Ngo, Ngou, ein Hebrew יגּוֹ H1471-Goey, pronounced “gō ‘ • ē” meaning foreign, nations, sons of nations, which became Bongo, Ba’ngoe, (the others in Lingala), so Abi (Abi יבאֲ), my father, so NGOU-ABI, (ngo, stranger + ABI, my father) NGOUABI, means my father is abroad, or among foreigners, see photo next

ABI is used by the Kongo tribes or affiliates that is to say; JUDAH, LEVITE, BENJAMIN, SIMEON, and ISSACHAR as we have just seen with Ngouabi, THE NGALAS TRIBES, northern Israel also used it


3)-ABBA (h2) Aramaic language in use at the time of YISSA’YAH (Jesus), ABI was used by the Ba Ngalas tribes, we find words like Yahmba, to receive in the tribes of northern ISRAEL read MARK 14:36, ROMANS 8:15, GALATIANS 4:6 means Father.

WRITE THE NAME OF ‘ YAH with ABI, or ABE, or ABBA, you will find the SECRET of the name of God

YAH’-ABÉ, YAH’-ABI, YAH-ABBA because of the oral transmission, which is corruptible, the letter Y, is pronounced Z, for some Bantus. It is thus, that we have in the bakongos ancient kingdoms of Judah, Yehoudi, or Yahoundé like the capital of Cameroon,

Yah הִָּי(God) + ABI (gives Yah is my father in Hebrew) = YAH’ABI, ZAH ‘ ABI. We find the same sound for the bayas of Central African Republic or the Loszis of Zambia, even the name Zambia (from the tribe of Issachar, Lusaka: whose root is Sakar, reward רשָׂכָh7939) , Zambia comes from YAH’ABBI. Yah is my father or the Herero of NAMIBIA djambi, the Sound “j” does not exist for the Bantu, its pronunciation came with the Edomite invaders and oppressors, but the good sound YAH-ABI is found in the Bashilele or the Lele of the DRC YAH’ABI. For the Bassas, the name is N’YAHMBE, YAHABA. Among the barotse of the ZAMBIA, YAH’ABBA, YAH’AB, remember (ABBA means father). God the Father, YAH’ABI (ZAHABI) = YAH is my father, remember MATTHEW 6:9 “Here is how you must pray: Our Father (HE YAH’ABI, or YAH’- ABÉ, בוֹאָי, h3097,)… “or JEREMIAH 31:9… I AM A FATHER, FOR ISOLELE (ISRAEL the Bantu) says HE YAH is our FATHER.

Conclusion, the Bantu are the only people living exactly like the prophesy, had announced beyond the rivers of Cush (Sudan ex Nubia, mistranslated as Ethiopia), read ZEPHANIAH 3:10-20 or ISAIAH 18:1-7 that is from Central to South Africa.

It’s the only people in the world to call YAH, the Lord their FATHER, REMEMBER THAT YAH, lies in the term ALLELOU’YAH,( worship yah הי וללה) is used 24 times in the Hebrew BIBLE, 12×2. This term that comes from Hebrew HELLEL, hellel, shine praise, meanwhile this term exists in Kikongo like, in the word MA ‘ HELLEL, (he who is intelligent or brilliant in Kongo language, praised). Remember that the Bantu language does not use the sound of the final Hebrew consonant, like, BAR, (son in Aramaic Bar-IAH, YAH read 1CHRONICLES 3:22, BAR-THOLOMEW or BA THELEMA read MARK 3:18, BAR-ABBAS (son of the father) JOHN 18:40, Bar-IONA MATTHEW 16:17) We find


names in CONGO for the Bantu BAR TEKE, Levites, as ABI’IONA, (my father is a dove) pronounced BA, for the Bantu, Ba “R” NGALAS, Ba “R” KONGO the Moon , Qodew, in Hebrew, in Kikongo Qodah, which moreover means the month (yearly) Read PSALM 104:19 He made the moon to mark the Times; The sun knows when to fold “

So here’s the picture, the example of the name YAH-ABE (mistranslated as JOAB), YAH is my FATHER which is pronounces YAH-ABE, בוֹאָי, h3097, not Yo Abe but YAH-ABE, this is taken from the book Dictionary of the proper nouns of the BIBLE, page 206, please click and read . Besides this name YAH- ABI, ZAH-ABI, was preserved by the Kongo leader of the Brazilian slaves ZUMBI DOS PALMARES, which comes from ZAMBI, ZAH’ABI, YAH’ABI, this name ZAMBI existed among the Jews back from the Babylon see EVIDENCE A at the beginning of the book.


Here is the classification of Biblical nations and the kingdoms they created in AFRICA, today according to the zones. Click on the photo COMMERCIAL SLAVERY (THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS) THEN RELIGIOUS (THE JEWISH BANTU)

Hello to all, I am called pastor of the lost sheep of the house of YAQUBAH as had already announced our holy savior YISSA’YAH (JESUS) in the Book of MATTHEW, in Kikongo MATTEYAH (the teacher) explaining his mission, MATTHEW 15:24 He replied: I have been sent only to the lost sheep of the house of ISOLELE Known as the Bantu, we will prove it to you. Those in captivity among the nations in BOATS and sold read DEUTERONOMY 4:27 and DEUTERONOMY 28:68 The BAKONGOS (JUDAH and JERUSALEM = Benyamoun), enslaved with the other people of Cham, the true Africans (Wolof, Beninese, Ghana, Togo, Yoruba, Soninke, Igbos, who are not Bantu but people of Cham, Mizraim, ancient Egyptians) indigenous people have built kingdoms (Empire of Mali, Songhai, Ouagadougou, Empire Oyo…), religion Voodoo. Yeru, Heru (is the name of Horus) and ba as a suffix among ancient Egyptians indicates the soul, Yoruba of the Nigeria means the soul of Horus, Osiris, Akanji here are the pictures of ancient Egyptians of yesterday and today (West Africans),

Other peoples, such as the Asante, who later became Ashanti, are descendants of the Akan people, the people of the Horites, an ancient chamic prejacobine people, living in Mount SEIR before the arrival of the Edomites. A prejacobine people, that is to say, this people existed Before the birth of Y QUBA, and of SEQAH, read GENESIS 14:6, this AKAN people, whose biblical name are the Horites, sons of Cham, are in Ivory Coast, and in GHANA,


GENESIS 36:27, “Here are the sons of ETSER, BILHAN, ZAAVAN, and Akan” (the grandfather of the Akans)

The Egyptian Africans are the only people to whom HE YAH-ABE will give a neighboring KINGDOM to the new SALAMAH “JERUSALEM” with 12 gates. Read EZEKIEL 29:14-16 in this coming kingdom, there will be a TEMPLE dedicated to HE YAH-ABE read ISAIAH 19:19, it is the only non-bantu people which will speak the “KONGO” Hebrew (the language of Canaan) at the time of recovery ISAIAH 19:18 “at that time, there will be five cities in the Land of Egypt (LAND OF CHAM PSALM 105:23 AFRICA), who speak the language of Canaan (Hebrew KONGO), and who swear by HE YAH-ABE of the armed forces: one of them will be called city of destruction. ” The West Africans are the only people that HE YAH-ABE will bless as his people, but only the Bantu will be heir to the Kingdom of Heaven ISAIAH 19:25 “HE YAH-ABE of the armed forces shall bless them, saying: Blessed be Egypt (West Africans), my people, and Assyria, work of my hands (nothing but a creature), and Israel (the Bantu YISSA’HE), my inheritance! The West Africans (former EGYPIENS) have experienced slavery, and have been dispersed among the nations, such as the Bantu tribe of Judah (Yaoundés, YAHNDIS,) read

LET’S READ EZEKIEL 29:12-16 “I shall make the land of Egypt a solitude between the devastated countries, and its cities will be deserted between the deserted cities, for forty years.

I shall disperse the Egyptians (WEST AFRICANS) among the nations; I shall disperse them in various countries. (ONE DOES NOT DISPERSE A PEOPLE AMONG NATIONS WITH CAMELS, HORSES, THEY ARE DISPERSED BY BOATS). 13 So speaks the almighty YAH-ABE: After forty years (KEEP THE FIGURE 40 YEARS, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE SECRET). I shall gather the Egyptians of the midst of the peoples Where they will have been dispersed. 14 I will bring the captives of Egypt (the West Africans gone into slavery), I will bring them back to the land of Pathros, in the land of their origin, and there they will form a weak kingdom. 15 It will be the least of the kingdoms, and it will no longer rise above the nations, I shall diminish them, that they may not dominate the nations. 16 This kingdom will no longer be for the House of Israel (THE BANTU) a subject of trust; He will remind her of her iniquity, when she turned to them. And they will know that I am the almighty YAH-ABE”




It is by the balloon ROMANUS PONTIFEX of January 08, 1455, the Pope of Edomites NICOLAS V

Decreed the slavery of the Bakongos; Jewish Bantus of Africa He targeted: CONGO, ANGOLA, GABON, ZIMBABWE, CAMEROON, ZANZIBAR…. with the complicity of the Arabs, the Somali Nilotic who are a Canaanite tribe of Sidon,

the ancient Phoenicians, the people of the sea today of the fearsome Pirates of Africa, ZECHARIAH 1:21 “I say: what are they doing? And he said: it is the horns that have dispersed Judah, so much that no one raises his head; And these blacksmiths came to scare them, and to slaughter the horns of the nations that lifted the horn against the land of Judah, in order to disperse the inhabitants.” JUDAH (BAKONGO) will have to undergo dispersal among the nations “Judah (the Bana Yandis, Yahoundé, Makongo) is also among the nations. ISAIAH 11:12″ He will raise a banner for the nations, he gathers the exiled (NGALAS) of Israel, and he shall collect the Dispersed from Judah, (THE BAKONGOS) of the four ends of the earth.” It is not all the Bakongos who had to undergo slavery, because HE YAH-ABE had said this concerning the Makongos

EZEKIEL 6:8-9 “But I will leave some REMNANTS of you, who will escape the sword among the nations, when you are scattered in various countries 9-Your survivors will remember me among the nations where they shall be captive, because I have broken their adulterous and Infidel hearts, and their eyes that became prostitutes after their idols; They will take themselves in disgust, because of the infamy they have committed, because of all their abominations. “



JEREMIAH 9:25-26 “Behold, the days come,” said HE YAH-ABE, where I punish all circumcised who are not of heart, 26 Egypt (WEST AFRICANS. Read EZEKIEL 29:12-16), Judah (THE BAKONGOS read ZECHARIAH 1:21 and LAMENTATIONS 1:3-5), Edom (SOON EDOM, THE MINDELES WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL THE EVIL THEY HAVE DONE TO THE BANTU AND TO THE EARTH, ISAIAH 34:1-10 LAMENTATIONS 4:21-22), the children of Ammon, Moab (THE BERBERS, TOUAREG, MAGREBIANS, ARABS WILL ALSO HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST THE BANTU, THE SLAVERY OF THE BANTU OF ZANZIBAR, KENYA, AND UGANDA). All those who shave the corners of the beard, those who inhabit the desert (THE ARABS, SOON WILL ALSO HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SLAVERY OF BANTU); For all nations are uncircumcised, and the whole house of Israel has uncircumcised heart.” HERE IS THE MYSTERY, JEREMIAH 9:26 “EGYPT, WILL BE PUNISHED, THEN JUDAH (BAKONGO)… (Remember, 40 years EZEKIEL 29:13 the Egyptians, West AFRICANS will know captivity among nations, the punishment. Guess how long Judah (Kongos) shall know slavery, 40 years (after 40 years the days and years do not count the Same way in heaven as down here), let’s read the EZEKIEL 4:6 “When you have finished these days, lie down on the right side, and thou shall carry the iniquity of the house of Judah for forty days; I impose on you one day for every year.” THIS MAKES 40YEARS. THEREFORE, THE ALMIGHTY WILL BRING BACK both the captives of the West Africans in Africa whom he shall give a KINGDOM, EZEKIEL 29:13- 16, shall separate them,

STILL after 40 years HE YAH-ABE WILL BRING BACK the slaves, captives of JUDAH and JERUSALEM (BAKONGO) after IN AFRICA JEREMIAH 29:14 “…, I will bring you back to the PLACE (AFRICA) where I made you go into captivity” WHAT IS THE PLACE WHERE, THE BAKONGO WERE CAPTURED TO GO INTO SLAVERY? AFRICA. Once in Africa, what will happen? Let’s read EZEKIEL 20:35-28 “I will bring you into the wilderness of people, and there I will judge you face to face. 36 as I entered into judgment with your fathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt (AFRICA), so will I enter into judgment with you, said HE YAH-ABE, the Lord. 37 I will make you pass under the verge, and I’ll put you in the bonds of the covenant. 38 I will separate from you the rebels and those who are


unfaithful to me (like the Bundu dia KONGO, and all those who have rejected the BIBLE, to go to other books, repent while there is still time); I will pull them out of the country where they are foreign, but they won’t go to the land of Israel. And you will know that I am the Eternal YAH-ABE” (The Rebels will not enter the new JERUSALEM (SALAMAH), which I remind you will have only 12 gates, one must be among the sons of the 12 KINGDOMS once led by the MACOCO, the TEKES.

REVELATION 21:12 “She had a great, high wall. It had twelve gates, and on the gates twelve angels, and written names, those of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel “Every gate determines your tribe, how would a Bango, non Bantu be entered?

JOEL 3:1-2 “For behold, in these days, at this time, when I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem (the tribe of Benjamin, which constitutes the house of the KONGOS BENA’YA MOUN, my son read JOSHUA 18:28) JOEL 3:2” I will gather all the nations (the BA NGO , Lingala,the others, the nations), and I will bring them down to the valley of Josaphat; There, I will enter into judgment with them, about my people, of Israel, my inheritance, that they have dispersed among the nations, and about my country that they have shared “WHAT PEOPLE? AND WHERE WERE THEY DISPERSED? JUDAH ISAIAH 11:12 “He shall raise a banner for the nations, he will gather the exile of Israel, and collect the scattered of Judah (it is the BAKONGOS), (WHERE DID THE NATIONS DISPERSED THEM?)



To my Bantu brothers, those of the diaspora, wandering and those living beyond the rivers of Cush (ex Nubia), translated as Ethiopia into Protestant Bibles.

You have to know, that being a pastor, is a full-time job, it is also proving that we really love YISSA’YAH ya Beto (Jesus, the Kongo), Bayou DAWIDI (son of David, the one who hears), we advise our people to read this book with their BIBLES, we will open the eyes of our people, for the time is near, so everyone who loves YISSA’YAH must be a pastor, it can be read in the Book of YAHKANHA (JOHN. 21:16)


JOHN 21:16 He said to him a second time: Simon, son of Jonah, Do you Love me? Peter replied: Yes, mfumu , you

know I love you. Jesus (YISSA’YAH) said to him: take care of my sheep.

But who are the sheep of YISSA’YAH?

To understand who are the sheep which YISSA’YAH recommends to us take care of, we will read the Scriptures, THE MANDA (knowledge, the LAW) and the NABI (prophets)

The book of JOHN 10:1-16, illustrates the link of the shepherd, whom YISSA’YAH is, and those sheep which are his property, moreover in verse 3, he says JOHN 10:3 “The keeper opens him, and the sheep hear his voice; He calls them by their name the and he leads them out.”

The possessive adjective is the rule, to speak of belonging. When we read the BIBLE, we find that this possessive pronoun is used exclusively for the 12 tribes of the house of YAQUBAH. Read, ISAIAH 43:1 “So now speaks YAH-ABE who created you, O Y’QUBAH! The one who trained you, O ISOLELE! Fear nothing, for I redeem you, I call thee by thy name (isolele): Thou art mine! (Belonging, possession

The Book of EZEKIEL 34:11-31 goes further, it will open our eyes to understand who the sheep of YISSA’YAH are

So everything is clear, like water, the sheep is the house of ISOLELE, moreover a beautiful psalm of DAWIDI confirms it read PSALM 100:3 know that HE YAH-ABE is the HE! It is he, who made us, and we belong to him (ISAIAH 43:1); We are his people, and the flock of his pasture. (i.e. these sheep)


To answer this question, we go as we have just done, again examine the scriptures. For anyone seeking the truth it is necessary to look for it in the Scriptures

Why should we trust the scriptures? Let’s read this ISAIAH 34:16 “Check out the book of HE YAH-ABE, and read! None of them will fail; neither shall they fail; For his mouth ordered it. It is his spirit that will bring them together.


Let’s read another chapter ISAIAH 46:9 Remember what happened from ancient times; For I am HE YAH- ABE, and there is no other, I am God, and no one is like me. 10 I announce from the beginning what must happen, and long in advance what is not yet accomplished; I say: my judgments will subsist, and I’ll execute all my willpower

So we have confirmation that the decrees of HE YAH-ABE will be fulfilled, we know that they fulfilled themselves. Glory, honor, power to him who was, who is, and who comes this is his name Revelation 1:8 and Revelation 4:8

Bantu Brethren, we will see the biblical prophecies that have been fulfilled concerning ISOLELE (the true ISRAEL of the BIBLE, the Bantu).

The question arises what happened to the people of HE YAH-ABE, ISOLELE?

When we read the Book of JEREMIAH 31:35-37, what does it reveal to us?

Let’s read JEREMIAH 31:35 so speaks HE YAH-ABE, who made the sun to illuminate the day, destined the moon and the stars to illuminate the night, who raises the sea and makes low its waves, he whose name is HE YAH-ABE of the armed forces :

36 If these laws come to an end before me, says the Lord YAH EOH, the race of YISSA’ELAH also ceases forever to be a nation before me.

37 So speaks HE YAH-ABE, if the heavens at the top can be measured, if the foundations of the earth down can be surveyed, then I will reject the whole race of YISSA’ELAH, because of everything they have done, says HE YAH-ABE. “

Chapter Analysis

This chapter of JEREMIAH 31:35-37 informs us that as long as the world exists the 12 tribes of ISOLELE will exist, and YAH-ABE the Almighty will never reject us

But what happened to the people of YAH-ABE and the 12 tribes?


Carefully examine two prophecies that will permit us to understand, first let’s go into the MANDA and the NABI (the BIBLE)

DEUTERONOMY 32:26 “I would like to say: I will take them with a breath, I will make their memory disappear among men! 27 But I fear the insults of the enemy, I fear that their opponents will misapprehend, and that they would say: Our hand has been powerful, and it is not ELAH YAH-ABI who has done all these things 28 It is a nation which has lost common sense, and there is In them no kind of intelligence. 29 If they were wise, this is what they would understand and they would think of what is happening to them.

PSALM (83:2) For behold, thy enemies are agitated, those who hate thee raise their heads. (83:3) They form a cunning plan against your people, and they deliberate against the ones you protect.

(83:4) Come, they say, let’s exterminate them from the midst of the nations, and we shall not remember the name of YISSA’HE again!

They came poisoning us with false doctrine

Chapter Analysis

These passages of DEUTERONOMY 32:26 and PSALMS 83:2-6, explain to us that the true ISOLELE of the Bible, will be erased from the memory of men, the whole world will not recognize them as Israel (ISOLELE). Their identity will be erased, forgotten. And we understand that the enemies of YAH-ABE, will do their best to be so that no one remembers the true Israel any more, they’ll use tricks and deceptive methods to reach their goal (these ungodly edomites, and others change the names of the true Bantu Jews; Yohmbe becomes JOB, ISOLELE becomes Israel, YI’SEQA, becomes ISAAC, Massa becomes Moses, or Moshe Moussa, for the Ishmaelites, KANGA’YAH becomes HAGGAI or AGGEE, MAKA’YAH becomes MICAH, YISSA’YAH becomes ISSA, for the Ishmaelites, JESUS, IESOUS for the ignorant Yahshouah, even the colors will undergo black changes will become burnt etc….) We know the

culprits, the Edomites (Adumdam in Hebrew; albino. Word still in use among the Kongos dumdums), Ishmaelites, Arabs, etc. Read in PSALM 83:6

If men the world over do not remember the true ISOLELE, then who do they remember? IMPOSTORS! REVELATION



We continue our analysis of ZEPHANIAH 3:20. We learn that this people, refugees for centuries over the rivers of Ethiopia (Ex Nubia) has captives. The question now is how did their brethren go into captivity? And who went into captivity?

Let’s look at two things, the definition of the name Egypt. According to the Bible, the word Egypt has two meaning in the Bible. The first is spiritual, the second geographical and linked to the House of the sons of Cham (Africa)

-Spiritual Egypt EXODUS 20:2 “I am-HE YAH-ABE, thy God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the House of servitude.”

So 1st Definition- Egypt equals house of servitude

  • Geo-chamitic Egypt, PSALMS 105:23 “23 So Israel came to Egypt, and Jacob stayed in the country of Cham” so

2nd definition- Egypt equals country of Cham today Africa, remember Cham had several sons….

Now let’s look at how the Bantu captives went into captivity DEUTERONOMY 28:68 “and HE YAH-ABE, will bring you back (again) on ships in Egypt (Definition 1 Servitude House), and you will go that way I told you: you will not see him again! There you will offer yourself for sale to your enemies, as slaves and as maids; And there will be no one to buy you (saved). “

So here is revealed how the captives of this Bantu people should undergo slavery, the verb bring back indicates a second time, the people will suffer slavery, and by what means of transport? Ships, boats once ashore they will be sold. Now the current occupied Egypt and Israel are so close that one just has to walk to access it, no need for ships. We see that one speaks of Egypt as the land of Cham, i.e. Africa according to PSALM 105:23, of the House of servitude according to EXODUS 20:2.

Now we know how the captives of the Bantu bakongo, JUDAH, went into captivity those of the center and those of the east. They worked four hundred years for the Edomites without income, without a penny; read JEREMIAH 22:13 and JEREMIAH 30:16 Now let’s examine who Went into captivity? It is necessary to understand the history of YISSA’HE the birth of 2 nations, JUDAH (BAR-KONGO) and ISOLELE (BANGALAS) 1 KINGS 11:35-36 “But I will remove the kingdom from the hand of his son, and I will give you ten tribes; 36 I will leave a tribe to his son, so that David, my servant, always has a lamp in front of me in Jerusalem, the city in which I have chosen to put my name.”

So the kingdom was divided into two, the Ba Ngalas, Northern tribes Hebrew words meaning exiled son, H1540 called Ephraim HIPHORANII, and the Southerners, the Bar Kongos that comes from the Hebrew bar; son, and Kongo, which comes Kangor H2290, belt, the girdled, the Hebrew verb Kangar H2296 Close the belt, girdled son called Judah and Jerusalem (Benjamin, Benyamounou. Read JOSHUA 18:28 Tsela, Eleph, Jebus, which is Jerusalem, Guibeath, and Kirjath; fourteen cities, and their villages. This was the inheritance of Benjamin’s sons, according to their families.

Let us examine a sly prophecy of Moses, MASSA his vision, DEUTERONOMY 33:7 “7 This is What he says


concerning Judah (Judah and Jerusalem BAR Kongos): Listen, o HE YAH-ABE! The voice of (Bakongo) Judah, and bring him back to his people. May his hands be powerful, and may you help him against his enemies!

One notices that some of the Ba Kongos will be separated from their people. MASSAH uses the same verb as ZEPHANIAH 3:20 uses “bring back”. You can see that they are prey to their enemies remember the Deuteronomy 28:68 you will be sold to your enemies. Deuteronomy 28:64 64 HE YAH-ABE will disperse you among all peoples, from one end of the earth to the other; And there you will serve other gods that have not known you, neither your fathers out of wood (REPRESENT CATHOLIC CROSS, EDOMITE CHRISTIANITY) and of stone (ISLAM, THE STONE WORSHIPPING IN MECCA), Wood also symbolizes the Bitekis, moreover the word bitekah is a word Hebrew which means trusted object, or trust H985

Not all the Bakongos (JUDAH) are supposed to undergo slavery, no! Remember it is not all the people who are captive, it is a great part, let’s read Ezekiel 6:8-9 “8 But I will leave some remnants of you, who will escape the sword among nations, when you will be dispersed in various countries. 9 Your survivors will remember me among the nations where they will be captive, because I have broken their adulterous and unfaithful hearts, and their eyes that have become prostitutes after their idols; They will take themselves in disgust, because of the infamy they have committed, because of all their abominations.” Everything is clear, if some of my people are in captivity it is because of their infidelity, idolatry of our fathers. But the mighty all bring them JOEL 3:1-6 ISAIAH 11:11-13



Mboté, Salamah (accomplishment, to be done) The Bena Beto, Bena Mbundu dia KONGO Ma’TONDO הדָתּוֹ na fumu, HE YAH-ABE ya Beto

I read your mail carefully, blessed be the Holy name of HE YAH-ABE ya Bisso, ya Beto may he give us his wisdom to answer your questions KONGO son LUKE 21:15

Indeed in your mail, you first promoted your book, the MAKABA (later on MACCABEE, the gift, sharing, and attention. From the Kongo root, qaba, sharing, goten from the verb ngala, qeba , danger

see apocryphal TOB) as the Bantu Jewish Ba Ngala, Ephraimite, and Hiphoranii South African singer: Miriam MAKEBA, then you have put in evidence what you wrongly believe to be contradictions in our thesis. Which leaves us to think that there would be on your part some underlying or implicit questions from you, our duty is to respond to the concerns of our ISOLELE people bayou YAH-ABE, בוֹאָי, h3097, of which you are a part. Cheer Up! Be careful!

Because in our last mail, it was a matter of caution: THE PURE RACE OF THE BAKONGOS must be PRESERVED, for we told you, the one who belongs to the holy KONGO and NGALAS people and has bent his gaze upon you. Before acting, he warned you ISAIAH 4 3:1. This mail is important, read it and you will have the BINAH ‘, H998הִָניבּthe dance, movement, receiver, the passive, the woman understanding and the NGOMA, H2451 המָכְthe sound, the emitter, wisdom, the active, the man, reading this parable you will have clues to understand.

Our fathers, the bakokos, spoke the coded language, which is called parable, if you have the spirit of KONGO, you will understand. Here is the first: THE MAKOMA: WISDOM chokmah Aramaic H2451 המָכְ



There was a man called Nsatu na pimpa BENAYAH ya TSIBA, what is translated as hungry in the night son of YAH, this man of small size was hungry, he wanted to eat, so he saw by far a man called KABASELE, he approached him, and told him I saw light in you, who are you?

KABASELE, replied, I am a mountou, who comes from the ancient Kongo, Hebrew Muth H4191 תוּמ The mortal you will find him in the MANDA: H4486 עדְִַּנמַLAW, knowledge, and the NABI, H5030איבִָנProphet?

Nstatu na pimpa BENAYAH ya replied, I created my book, I do not need the book of ntantous, the BIBLE?

KABASELE, replied him who told you that this sacred book the BIBLE belongs to the ungodly ntantou Edomites,:

The Mindeles ndun Ndun?

Nsatu na pimpa BENAYAH answered him without hesitation, but this book speaks to the Jews, it does not speak of us, the Bantu, every people must have its book.

KABASELE asked him the question: do you know the meaning of my name?

Nsatu na pimpa BENAYAH ya TSIBA, replied, it is a Bantu name, there are many here: to both CONGO, moreover there was a Congolese singer who bore this name, but it is no longer

KABASELE: You have just told me that the book, named The Bible was written by the Ntantou Edomites, for the Mindeles, the ungodly, if you find my name that is the same as that of our fathers, Ba Nkaqas in this book. That would mean that it is our fathers who wrote it, not the ungodly Mindele Edomites, right? Nsatu na Pimpa BENAYAH replied, it makes sense, KABASSELE, asked him to take the book the BIBLE written by the Mindeles for the Mindeles, he said to him: I ask you to read JOSHUA: 15:21 and 2 SAMUEL 23:20


Nsatu na pimpa ya TSIBA, took the Bible JOSHUA: 15:21 “The cities located in the region of the south, at the end

of the tribe of the sons of Judah, towards the border of Edom, were: Kabtseel, Eder, Jagur,” he took book of 2 SAMUEL 23:20

“Benaiah, son of Jehoiada, son of a man of Kabtseel, filled with value and famous for his exploits. He struck the two lions of Moab. He went down in the middle of a cistern, where he struck a lion, a day of snow. “

Nsatu na pimpa BENAYAH ya TSIBA, was amazed to see the name KABASELE (Kabtseel), the Bantu name of his interlocutor and even his name (Benaiah) appear in the BIBLE, 2 SAMUEL 23:20 He said: Are you a magician? Wow.

KABASELE: I am not a magician, I am a mountu, a mortal, you are KONGO. How do you say water in your Kongo language?

Nsatu na pimpa BENAYAH ya TSIBA: replied: MASSA H4532 הסַּמָ for the Kongos, MAYI H4325 םִ מַיfor the Ngalas why?

KABASELE: Then he tells him go in the book EXODUS 17:1-2 “The whole assembly of the children of Israel set off from the wilderness of Sin, according to the steps which HE YAH-ABE had ordered them; And they camped in Rephidim, where the people found no water to drink. 2-Then the people sought quarrel with Moses. They said: Give us water to drink. Moses replied: Why do you seek me quarrel? Why are you trying HE YAH-ABE? KABASELE, Interrupted, BENAYAH YA TSIBA, he tells him the subject is water, right? Nsatu na pimpa BENAYAH yaTSIBA: replied “yes” because the words drink, thirst, and water come back often. So, Nsatu na pimpa BENAYAH ya TSIBA: continues reading EXODUS 17:3-7

3 The people were there, hurried with THIRST, and murmured against Moses. they said: Why did you bring us out of Egypt, to make me die of thirst with my children and my flocks?

4 Moses cried to HE YAH-ABE, saying: What shall I do to this people? A little more and they’ll stone me.

5 HE YAH-ABE said unto Moses: Pass before the people, and take with thee the elders of Israel; Also take in your hand your rod with which you hit the river, and walk!


6 Behold, I shall stand before thee on the rock of Horeb; You will strike the rock, and out of there shall come WATER, and the people WILL DRINK. And Moses did so, in the eyes of the ancients of ISOLELE. (AGAIN THE TOPIC IS WATER HERE IS HOW THE BANTU PEOPLE GAVE THE NAME OF THE WATER IN YOUR BIBLE)

7 He gave this place the name of MASSA (WATER), WHAT? MASSA, H4532 הסַּמָ READ AGAIN. Insisted KABASELE, WHAT? MASSA and Meribah, because the children of Israel had disputed, and because they had tried HE YAH-ABE, saying: Is HE YAH-ABE in our midst, or is he not? “

Nsatu na pimpa BENAYAH ya TSIBA: Wow how did you do it, it is not possible, the water in ourlanguage is MASSA, H4532 הסַּמָ, WOW!!!


KABASELE: I am a bayou HE YAH-ABE a Moutou, a mortal, praises HE YAH-ABE, feared YISSA’YAH thy King, Thou shall have wisdom, keep his commandments, thou save thy soul, for HE YAH-ABE will bring all works into judgment, read the BIBLE, apply what you read ISAIAH 34 : 16, believe in the gospel MARK 1:15, seek your salvation asks the Holy Spirit to Almighty YAH-ABE, YISSAYAH (Jesus) will give it to you LUKE 11:13. Flee sin, look at it as ngazi, disgust, it’s better to live in the suffering of solitude and its heavy burden , than to wallow every day in the mud of sin, or to be with the ungodly or sinners. Do not resist the HOLY SPIRIT AS YOUR BA Kokos in the desert. Better the reading of the Bible studyinf, meditation, prayers and songs than Sunday attendance Churches that preach the abandonment of the law and the abundance of sin, subtly saying in their preaches God forgive everything. Lies HE YAH-ABE punishes those he loves. PROVERBS 3:12. Here is the secret, which proves, that the holy people are in AFRICA, the Bantu. The good translation is in the King JAMES in French, I recommend you this Biblical version, if you can not buy it, here is the free Internet link: Begin with, GENESIS 49:1, indeed, YA’QUBA, announces what will happen to the 12 Bantu tribes in recent times, get it well the last times. Questions, where is the tribe of ZEBULUN, in last times? Read GENESIS 49:13 “Zebulun (Zabulun) will remain (place of HABITATION) in the harbor of the seas; And it will be a haven for ships, and its borders will extend to Sidon (AFRICAN SONS OF CHAM according to GENESIS 10:15) “Note, the Prophesy tells us that in the last times, GENESIS 49:1, ZEBULUN would share its frontiers with Canaanites, Sidonians (African), Zebulun will be a coastal country, close to the seas, which was not the case before, because the territory of Zebulun was landlocked between his brethren, read JOSHUA 19:10-16, but in the KINGDOM? No, beloved, same kingdom this will not be the case read EZEKIEL 48:27-33, so when will the borders

ZEBULUN will extend to Sidon? Answer GENESIS 49:1, in recent times, today also read the Apocryphal TOB Bible, 4ESDRAS 1:11, today, SIDON is no longer in the West, but in the east of the land of Cham, EAST AFRICA, THE HORN OF AFRICA. CONCLUSION, if you can receive it, ZEBULUN, is the Bantu especially, from KENYA, associated with those of TANZANIA whose borders extend to Canaanite SOMALIA… East of the land of CHAM, AFRICA, 4ESDRAS 1:11


KABASELE: KABASELE resumed his breath, he told Nsatu na pimpa BENAYAH ya TSIBA. Let’s look at your last name, if you observe your last name, which the same as that of a Congolese great Minister Ba Teké, Florent NTSIBA, CONGO BRAZZAVILLE, could be found in the Bible , a member of the family of King Saul (Saula, chooses, choose in the Kongo Lari language, first mfumu chosen Isolele), an employee of the royal court of DAVID, who was a Kongo of the tribe of BENJAMIN, Benayamounu (my son), read the Book of 2 SAMUEL 16 : 1-3 “When David (DAWIDI) got a little past the top, behold, Tsiba, servant of Mephiboscheth, came in front of him with two donkeys, on which there were two hundred loaves of bread, one hundred masses of dry raisins, one hundred of summer fruits, and another of wine. 2 The King said to Tsiba: What do you want to do with this? And Tsiba replied: The donkeys will serve as a mount at the King’s house, the bread and the summer fruits are to feed the young people, and the wine to quench those who will be tired in the wilderness.

3 The King said: Where is your master’s son? And Tsiba replied to the king: Behold, he remained in Jerusalem, for

he said: Today the House of Israel will make me the Kingdom of my father.

Is this name NTSIBA, brother or sister of one of the twins, not Bantu? So, why do you doubt, when I speak to you, wake up, you are Jewish, the Bible was written by the Bantu and for the Bantu only, AMOS 2:11 and PSALM 147:19-20, remains in SAMUEL’s book.

2 Samuel 23:20, you will find better, the first name is BENAJAH your name (Bena, Bana children in Bantu language, Ben for other Semites and YAH, great among the Bantu, YAHYAH, Fumu eto YAH-ABE, YAH our father, the one who gives in Hebrew), because the “j” does not exist in Kikongo even less in Hebrew.

Kituba, Bena YAH, now if you want to know the meaning of my name KABASELE, you have to go back to the source, that’s what I did, the source is the language that our ancestors spoke.

KABASELE, one last point, you talked about Job (Yombe in Hebrew) H347 ביּוֹא, who was according to your words a non bantu, here is still proof of your ignorance. I always tell my disciples you should never accept all that you read. If you do research, you will understand.

The word JOB comes from the ancient Kikongo that the ungodly Edomites Sons of ESAU, Mindeles call job. His 199

name was not job, in Hebrew Job means H347 ביּוֹא”yombe” which means hatred, unloved, rejected. There is a tribe in our home, which bears the same name BAR or BA which means “son”

The Bar’Yombe, the Ba Yombes. Whom HE YAH-ABE protects, took for themselves and for all the Bantu, the unloved sons. So JOB, YOMBE, was a Bantu, a bayombe, who had been enriched among the ntsetes, the Arabs. Besides, this same JOB gives us clues, to say that he was Bantu, Negro, and what was the breed of the sons of ISOLELE.

JOB 30:3 “Withered by misery and hunger, they flee into arid places, long abandoned and deserted…” JOB 30:30 “My skin darkens and falls, my bones burn and dry out.”

KABASSELE, asked the question to TSIBA, can the skin of a Mindele Edomite blacken when they are hungry or when they’re sick?

Nsatu na pimpa BENAYAH ya TSIBA: No they become pale.

KABASSELE: So job was a black according to the BIBLE JOB: 30:30

Notes, the effects of hunger on the sons of Zion, tribes of JUDAH, of which is derived, CHRIST YISSA’YAH according to HEBREW 7:14, read French KING JAMES TRANSLATION, LAMENTATIONS 4:2 “The Precious sons of Zion (TSI’YANI, this is the tribe of Judah according to PSALM 78:68, City of DAVID himself from the tribe of Bakongo Bena Yaoundé 2SAMUEL 5:7), comparable to fine gold, as they are esteemed as jugs of land, the work of the hands of a potter!

LAMENTATIONS 4:8-9 “Their face is blacker than coal; They are no longer recognized in the streets; Their skin attaches to their bones; It’s parched, it’s become like wood.

9 Those who are slain by the sword are better than those who have died of hunger; Because they are gradually dying, struck by the failure of the products of the fields.



UGANDA comes from the Hebrew word HOR – GUIDGD or GOUDGANDA, Dgdgh rx, (encampment) in the Bambala language. Gouganda also means encampment. The Bantu call nganda their place of encampment. GOUDGANDA means Israel’s encampment in the wilderness (Num 33; 32, Deut. 10; 6-7).


  1. KAMPALA comes from the Hebrew word PALAL, PALAL (paw-lawl ‘) LLP (God has judged). Name of the son of Ouzaï who contributed to the reconstruction of the Rampart of Jerusalem (Neh 3; 25).
  • ISHASHA (South West city), see KINSHASA.


AGANDA comes from the Hebrew word GOUGANDA (this word was used in Germany to refer to the Jews and was attributed to the Hitler and Stalin concentration Camp in Kazakhstan: KAR-AGANDA (see the Deportees at RAVENSBRÜCK, edition du Seuil, Paris VII).


Rwanda comes from the Hebrew word YOADDA, hdewhy, [email protected] how’addah, (Yeh-ho-ad-daw ‘) “The Lord adorned, unveiled” or “may he (God) be praised” Judah also bears the same name (as Luanda in Angola) son of Saul; (1CHR 8; 36 Dan 9:42).


KIGALI comes from the Hebrew word Gilgal (Gedi-Gawl ‘) lglg “act of rolling”; JOSHUA 4:19. In Rwanda Gigali or Kigali was a city of Hutu priests who belonged to the kingdom of Buzi Houra. In Jewish history, Guilgal; Gilgal act to roll. 1. First settlement of the Israelites after the crossing of the Jordan, and their headquarters during the conquest of Canaan; 12 commemorative stones removed from the bed of the Jordan were erected in Gilgal Jos 4.19 -24


By pun, the name Gilgal (roll, remove) recalls the disappearance, thanks to circumcision, of the opprobrium of Egypt. Jos 5.7-9 The camp had been established between the Jordan and Jericho. On this site later arose a city, on the northern border of Judah (15.7). We do not know whether Judge Samuel’s circuit included this Gilgal, or another locality of the same name 1Sa 7.16 where it appears that the kingship of Saul was proclaimed and affirmed (11.15). In any case, it was in Gilgal of the Jordan Valley that the Israelites gathered to resist their philistine oppressors. Saul was unable to prevent the dispersal of his men, who were impatient because Samuel was unable to offer the Holocaust, and he offered it himself (13.4-15). Because of his disobedience, Saul was deprived of the privilege of founding a dynasty (c. 13-14).

It was also in Gilgal that the king, having being obstinate to spare Agag, was deposed; This is where the spirit of God abandoned him (15.20 -23; 16.14). Also in Gilgal, the representatives of the tribe of Judah came to welcome David, after the death of Absalom #2Sa 19.16, 41 under the Monarchs successor of Jeroboam, Gilgal became, like other holy places, a hotbed of idolatry. Prophets stigmatized them. #Ho 4.15; 9.15; 12.12; Am 4.4; 5.5 The Beth-Gilgal (or: House of Gilgal) mentioned after the captivity, is prob. The same locality. #Ne 12.29 The site of Khirbet Al’Athlah, approx. 2 km. to East Of Jericho, corresponds to the Bible data and to tradition. J. Muilenberg proposes another site in the North-West. of Jericho, very close to Khirbet el-Mefjir, but so far nothing confirms these identification. 2. Village from where Elijah and Elisha descended to Bethel #De 11.30; 2Ki 2.1-4 (maybe also 4.38). We need probably identify it to the current village of Djildjilia, more than 11 km away North Northwest of Bethel. 3. City mentioned with Dor and Tirtsa #Jos 12.23 it’s probably Djildjulieh a little to the North of the torrent of Kanah, 8 km away North East of Antipatris, on the edge of the Saron plain.

It is also a place of unlawful worship and a home of the prophets, in the north of Israel, about 7 km from Silo and Bethel. These Hutu priests were exterminated by the German right-wing militants in the 19th century and probably with the help of the Catholic Church, which at the time had to put an end to any practice of Judaism on this hill with the help of the Tutsis.

GISENI comes from the Hebrew word GUÉCHÂN, Geyshan (gay-shawn ‘) Nvyg “; heavy, massive, massif “; Man of Judah, son of Yahdaï (1Chr, 2:47).



HUTU or HUMTH, comes from the Hebrew word Chumtah (khoom-taw ‘) hjmx, as HUMTATA in South Africa; Semitic People or HUMTA (mountainous city of Judah (Jos 15; 54)

TUTSI: Hamite CANNANITE People responding to the form of the PHILISTINES, CANAANITES, SABIANS JEBUSEENS… by their physical form and culture. TUTSI comes from THOUTI-HOTEP a great trader based in Maguedo who sold the cows in Egypt. He formed a large commercial empire with several cows’ sleds (see Egypt and the Bible). It may be possible that this word comes from TUTIS as some think it is the Archers of TITUS.

TWA; comes from the Hebrew word abad (aw-bad ‘) dba primary root; comes from the Hebrew word TWOT which means to lose its place or Nomad (Deuteronomy 26:5); name given to the Pygmies; Nomadic (lost) people spread in the African forest. This word appears as a prefix in the word TWARHEGUE (nomad).

N. B: The names of people, places, language and culture in Rwanda belong to the HUTU; this is the case for the entire region covered by countries such as UGANDA, RWANDA, and BOUROUNDI. (See the Last Mage King).


BOUROUNDI comes from the Hebrew word BAHOURIM or Bachuriym (Bakh-oo-reem ‘) or Bachuwriym (Bakh-oo-reem ‘) Myrxb or Myrwxb “Village of Young men” (although the name Bouroudin exists among the Jews of today, the biblical word we found is this one) 2s; 17:18. The Hutus of Bouroundi are called “Caroundis”.


BOUJUMBOURA comes from the Hebrew word OUZI – BOURA or OUZI; OUZZI Buwziy (Boo-zee ‘) yzwb, (the Lord is strong). Man of Issachar (1 Chr 7; 2-3).

MBOURA comes from the Hebrew word HOURAI, CHUWRAY (khoo-rah’ee) yrwx one of David’s heroes. 1 Chr. 11:32, 2 S. 23.30.



The names of the African countries and cities that were once Jewish settlements became, over time, names of villages of major cities and of countries. Each of these camps has a name of Jewish origin. They are either names of people or place of Israeli origin, very few are of Egyptian origin.


Everywhere in these countries the meaning is the same: powerful kingdom or Hebrew language. Nwa or Na (Own), pronounced in a shortened way. Congo; The word was changed into Zaire, which according to the legend is a distortion, by the Portuguese, of the word NZADI meaning river or great waters. The country had to bear that name because of its great river. But this legend seems to be unconvincing, by the fact that the word “Jair” came from a sandy island of Yemen, on the Red Sea and meant: God Enlighten (1 Chr 5:23, Nb. 32:4)

NZADI is close to ZABDI ydbz which means in Hebrew: God gaven or gift of God.

Man of Judah of the family of Zerach, founder of a patriarchal family. (Joshua. 7:1). Man of Shepham, proposed under King David to the stewardship of the wine reserves in the vineyards (1 Chr. 27:27)

a). Application of Hebrew prefixes on the names of the city of Kinshasa

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a city formed by the Lemba people whose name comes from Zimbabwe. Its real name is Banza-Lemba, which exists to this day at the foot of the hill on which the University of Kinshasa is built. (ex Lovanium University).

Kinshasa was a Jewish pectoral town like all the ancient Jewish cities.

The name KINSHASA (capital of Congo) is taken up in Uganda as ISHASA. It comes from the Hebrew word KUSCHAJA (whyvwq) who was a Levite of the family of MERARI:( 1 Chr. 15:17).

Kinshasa was also called MALEBO, which comes from MERIBA or Marib. It is a city that has twenty four municipalities or communes, each bearing a name of Jewish origin. These names are also found in the neighborhoods and avenues of this city.


-From the east to the west of the city of Kinshasa:

MALUKU comes from the Hebrew word MALUK or MELIKU, kwlm or ykwlm: Levite: Chief of the priests who returned with Zerubbabel (Ne. 12:2; ESd. 10:29-32).

One of the priests who put their seal to the Covenant (Nehemiah. 10:5 and 29).

NSELE comes from the Hebrew word TSELE? which means crevasse, one of the heroes of King David (2 Sam.

23:37; 1 Chr. 11:39).

KINKOLE comes from the Hebrew word KOHELETH or KEL KOHELETH (leader of the assembly of Sages), according to historians, QOHELETH appears to be the author of the Book of Ecclesiastes. (See Biblical dictionary).

MASINA comes from the Hebrew word MARSENA; Anorm. One of seven Persian princes who had permission to see the King (is. 1:14)

The name Masina is from Yemen through Mali, Ivory Coast, the two Congos to the border of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

KIMBANSEKE comes from the Hebrew word BEZEK or KELBEZEK: qzb: Place where Saul made the review of the troops of Judah (1 Sat 11:8).

MATETE comes from the Hebrew word MATTITIA or MATITI, hyttm or whyttm meaning: Gift of the Lord. Levite whom King David placed at the fourteenth rank of the cantors (1 Chr. 25:3; ESd. 10:43; Ne. 8:4).

LEMBA comes from the Hebrew word LEHEM, Mxl. Meaning peace: (1 Chr. 4:22). This name also means peace in Kongo, Luba and other Bantu languages…

SELEMBAO comes from the Hebrew word SELEMIA or CHELEMIAOU? hymlv or whymlv, meaning the Lord has rewarded. Doorman of the Temple under King David: (1 Chr. 26:14; Jeremiah: 26:14; Jeremiah 36:26; Ne 3:30; ESD. 10:39-41).


YOLO comes from the Hebrew word YALO? Nwly, son of Ezra of the Tribe of Judah: (1 Chr. 4:17).

LIMETE comes from the Hebrew word LEHEME-METEJ.

LEHEM; Meaning peace and METEJ, meaning brake of the capital, city which David took away from the Philistines:

(2 Sat. 8:1).

KAZAVUBU comes from the Hebrew word ZAVOUB; dwbz; Son of Nathan, 1st Minister under Solomon (1 R. 4:5).

NGAFULA comes from the Hebrew word AFULA. City located north of Jerusalem

NGIRI-NGIRI comes from the Hebrew word KIR; ryq, place where the Assyrians deported the inhabitants of Damascus, (2 R 16:9; Am. 1:5; ‘re. 22:6).

MAKALA comes from the Hebrew word MAKHELOTH or MAKELA, tlhqm, meaning assembly.

Settlement of Israel in the desert (number 33:25-26). This word is found in Yemen, Sudan, the two Congos and Angola where it is pronounced: Makhelat.

LINGWALA comes from the Hebrew word GUELE; lawag, meaning majesty of God, spy of the tribe of Gad: (Numbers 13:15). The root GUELE is found in LING-GWALA and in NGANGUELE (NGAN- GUELE), a port of sinners along the Congo River.

NGALIEMA comes from the Hebrew word GALIM or GAL-LEEM, Mylg, meaning heap. Neighboring Village of GUIBEA of Saul (1 Samuel. 25:44; 2 Samuel 4:13-16; Jos. 15:59).

MBESEKE comes from the Hebrew word BEZEK: (1 Samuel 11:8).

NGABA comes from the Hebrew word GABAI, ybg, tax collector, Benjamite who consented to settle in Jerusalem after captivity (Ne 11:8).

ZABA comes from the Hebrew word ZABAD, dbz means God has gaven (1 Chr 7:21).

GOMBE comes from the Hebrew word GOB or swallow, bg or bwg. Which means well or cistern. Place where the


Israelites, under King David, battled with the Philistines. (2 Samuel 21:18-19).

BARUMBU comes from the Hebrew word BAHURIM see BURUNDI.

(b) Application of the prefixes to the names of provinces, cities and people of the Congo.

-Bandundu Province.

BANDUNDU is also the name of a tribe:

BENUNU comes from the Hebrew word BENINU? wnynb, meaning our son. One of the Levites who put their seals to covenant with the Lord (Ne 10:14).

KUTU comes from the Hebrew word KOUTH, the city of Babylon where some inhabitants had been taken to Samaria after the deportation of the ten tribes of Israel.

MUSHIE comes from the Hebrew word MOUCHI, yvwm. Levite son of MERARI, founder of a clan (Ex. 6:19; No. 3:20, 1 Chr. 6:4)

KWAMOUTH comes from the Hebrew word YARMOUTH, twmry, meaning a height. Territory attributed to Judah (Jos. 10:3-27; 15:35; Ne. 11:29).

YAASA comes from the Hebrew word YAASSAI; wvey; The Lord made (Ezra. 10:37).

NKANA comes from the Hebrew word KANA? hnq, meaning torrent of Ephraim and of Manasseh (Jos. 16:8; 17:9.) In Zaire, Nayak also means a torrent.

-Some ethnic groups of the Bandundu

The names of the ethnic groups are preceded by BA, which comes from BEN.

BAYAKA comes from the Hebrew word BEN YAAQAN or Ben-ay ‘ yah-ak-awn, Nqey-ynb ‘, ancestors from whom the Israelites camped after leaving the MOSEROTH (No. 33:31-32; Deut. 10:6; 1 Chr. 1:42).


BAMBALA comes from the Hebrew word BEN BAALA, BAALA, hleb, meaning Mountain of Judah (Jos. 15:11), is also a city south of Judah (Jos. 15:29).

BASUKU comes from the Hebrew word BEN SOUKKOTH? twko or tko, the first camp of the Israelites in the desert after that of RAMSES in Egypt (Ex. 12:37; 13:20; No. 33:5-6).

BAYANSHI comes from the Hebrew word BEN YASCHEN? nvy, meaning; sleeper, one of King David’s Valiant Men (2 Samuel 23:32).

BA TSINI or BATENDE comes from the Hebrew word BENTSIN? Nu or Nyu, meaning dwarf palm, (Num. 20:1; 27:14; Deut. 32:51).


BATEKE comes from the Hebrew word BEN TEKOA (Tek-O-ee ‘) yewqt or yeqt; means city of Judah (1CHR 2:24)

Not far from EN-NGUEDI (2CHR 20:20)

-Some cities in Bas-Congo

TSHELA comes from the Hebrew word TSIELA (tseh’-lah) chosen, meaning flank. Town allocated to Benjamin:

(Jos. 18:28). The bones of Saul and Jonathan were transported to TSIELA (2 Sam. 21:14).

BOMA comes from the Hebrew word BAMA (baw-maw ‘) hmb,: high place. (Ez. 20:29), Israel’s settlement in the desert (No. 21:19).

LUOZI comes from the Hebrew word LUWEZIYEL or Luwz (Looz) zwl, a town about seven kilometers from BANIAS.

(Jug. 1:23; Jos. 18:13).

INKISI comes from the Hebrew word KISHI or Qiyshiy (kee-shee ‘) yvyq name of a Levite (1 Chr. 15:17).

SO-NABATA comes from the Hebrew word NEBATH? N @ Bat (neb-awt ‘) jbn; Officer of Solomon (I King, 11:26) father of Jeroboam.


-Some cities of Ecuador

MBANDAKA; Of his true pronunciation: MANAKA.

MANAKA comes from the Hebrew word MANAKHAT, txnm. Located five kilometers south of Jerusalem where, the Benjamites of GUEBA were deported by the members of the other tribes 🙁 1 Chr. 8:6)

GEMENA comes from the Hebrew word GUEMANA, hyrmg or whyrmg, meaning the Lord has completed. Name of one of the ambassadors of Zedekiah, King of Judah, sent to Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon: (Jer. 29:3).

ABUZI comes from the Hebrew word BUZI, yzwb, father of Ezekiel: (Ez. 1:3)

-Ethnic groups in the province of Ecuador:

BANGALA comes from the Hebrew word BEN GAALAD, delg, meaning endurance and rigor.

Son of NAKIR, grandson of Manasseh, who founded a clan: (No. 26:29-30; Jos. 17:1).

MBUZA comes from the Hebrew word BUZ, zwb, descendant of Gad, founder of a clan (1 CHR5:14).

BA NGUANDI comes from the Hebrew word BEN EN-GUEDI + EN-NGUÉDI (2 CHR 20:20)

-Some cities of upper Zaire

ITURI comes from the Hebrew word ITUREE, rwjy, Itouraia, Itouryah (ee-too-rah’-yah) city of Palestine conquered by the Israelites.

(1 Chr. 5:19). Mountainous region, northeast of Palestine, west of Damascus. Placed under the control of the Jews by King Aristobulus around 100 B.C.

UELE comes from the Hebrew word UEL, Lawa, will of God, son of BANI: (ESD. 10:34).

BUNIA comes from the Hebrew word BUNA, hnwb: (1 Chr. 2:25; Don’t. 10:16).

ISIRO comes from the Hebrew word YITSERO or YTSERI, yruy, Levite, head of the fourth class of the sacred cantors (1 Chr. 25:11).


-Some cities in Kivu

KIVU comes from the Hebrew word KIVROTH, meaning tomb of covertfulness, place where the Israelites were struck with a wound, because of their covertfulness. (Num. 11:33-35; Num. 33:16-17; Deut. 9:22). The word is also in the form IVVAH (iv-vaw ‘) or Avva, (av-vaw ‘) which means ruin. 2 Kings 17:24 hwe or awe BUKAVU; comes from the Hebrew word KAVOU, lwbk means: gage or city of Aser (Jos. 19:27).

KINDU comes from the Hebrew word KINDON or Kiydown (kee-dohn ‘) Nwdyk: meaning javelin or Area where Uzzah fell when he was struck by the Lord (1 Chr. 13:9; 2 Samuel. 6:6).

GOMA (see BOMA) comes from the Hebrew word BAMA, hmb Bamah (baw-maw ‘), High Place: (Ez. 20:29), settlement of Israel in the desert (No. 21:19).

UVIRA comes from the Hebrew word HAVILAH, hlywx: (Genesis. 10:29; 1 Samuel 15:7).

BARAKA comes from the Hebrew word BERAKA, qrb (baw-rawk ‘) Barak: Lightning, Lightning Barak also means divine blessing. The name of a Benjamite; (1 Chr. 12:3).

-Kivu people

REGA comes from the Hebrew word ROHEGA, hghwr; Descendant of Aser, of the family of Beria (1 Chr. 7:34).

BASHI (plural of MUSHI) comes from the Hebrew word menon, yvwm or yvm, Levite, son of MERIRA, founder of a clan (Ex. 6:19; No. 3:20; 1 Chr. 6:4).

ZIMBA comes from the Hebrew word ZIMMA, hmz or Zimmah (Zim-Maw ‘), intention. Levite, grandson of YAHATH (1 Chr. 6:5; 2 Chr. 29:12).

-Province of Shaba or Katanga

SHABA (southeastern region) Name of the Pharaoh of SO or SEWE (SHABA or SHABAKA, SHABA- KABAKATA).

The one to whom Hosea, the prophet, asked for help against the Assyrians. (2 Kings 17:4).


-Cities of the province of Shaba

KOLWEZI comes from the Hebrew word LUWEZIYEL (ly) (judges: 1; 23 Jos. 18:13).

PANDA comes from the Hebrew word PADDAN or PADEN? Ndp (ransom, redemption). Nethinien family which returned with Ezra (Esd 2; 44, Neh 7; 47) The word Panda in the Bambala, means; Redemption as in Hebrew, Lupanda among the Luba.

-Peoples of the Province of Shaba

LUNDAS comes from the Hebrew word LOUD? dwl; People placed in the ranks of the Semites, (Genesis; 10; 22).

People related to the Egyptians (Ge 10; 13).

LUBAS See Kasai.

HEMBA See Lemba and Jerusalem.

LAMBA See Lemba.

-The province of Kasai

KASAI (Central province) comes from the word SAÏ, SO in Egypt where it means Delta and Sudan SAÏ has taken other forms such as MISAÏ, MANZASAÏ and has even kept its form SAÏ or SO in other countries.

-Cities in the province of Kasai

KANANGA comes from the Hebrew word KANAANA, (Ken-ah-an-aw ‘) Hnenk (trader or woman of Canaan) Benjamite of the family of Yediael (1 Chr 7:10).


MBUJI-MAYI See Abuzi Ecuador.

MAYI comes from the Hebrew word Mayie (water). It is the same word in Lingala, a language spoken in Kinshasa, Brazzaville, Mbandaka and Guemena. It is also the same word in Tshiluba, language spoken in the two provinces of Kasai (Kananga, Mbuji-Mayi) and in the province of Shaba

KABINDA comes from the Hebrew word ABIDAN, Abiydan (ab-ee-dawn ‘) Ndyba; Means judge. Leader of Benjamin’s tribute in the wilderness, his father’s name was Guideoni (Nb 1:11, 2:22, 7:60-65 and 10:24).

-Kasai Tribes

LUBA comes from the Hebrew word LUBBAN; Between Jerusalem and Shechem, 5 km north of Silo;(see Biblical Dictionary).

BA SAMBALA (Batetela) SAMBALA See SANBALLAT, (SAN-bal-lat ‘) Jlbno (Neh 2:10).

MUTETELA comes from the Hebrew word METUCHELA, xlvwtm, but in Hebrew the vowels are not presented so the word still Mutetela. (Gen. 5:21-27).

BA KUBA comes from the Hebrew word KUBA, bwk; kuwb; People closely linked to the Louds, Pouths and Ethiopian (Ez 30:5).

Geographically, the Loumas, BA Kubas and Ba Mpoutu are close to each other on several planes in Zaire.

-Names of the Kasai people

KABASALE comes from the Hebrew word KABSEEL; laubq Qabtsa’el (Kab-Tseh-ale ‘) (God will gather), a city in the extreme south of Judah. (Jos. 15:21). One of David’s Heroes (2 Sam. 23:20; 1 Chr 11:22).

NDAYA comes from the Hebrew word DAYAN or DAHAN.

NZEBA comes from the Hebrew word ZEBEH, baz (Zeh-abe ‘) and means: sacrifice. King of the Lord Gideon Tua (Judges 8:4-28, Psalms 83:12).


NZEBELE comes from the Hebrew word ZEBEDE, ydbz, means the Lord gave. Name of the father of James (Mat 4:21-22.).

MOUTSHI-PAYI? comes from the Hebrew word mouschi (see Bashi in Kivu).

Country: GABON

Gabon comes from the Hebrew word GABAON, Gib’own (ghib-ohn ‘) Nwebg; Means quoted from a hill. Name given to the territory assigned to the Benjamites (Jos. 18:25).


OGOUE, name given to a province and the river, it comes from the Hebrew word GOUEL, lawag which means majesty of God, it is the name of the spy of the tribe of GAD (Numb. 13:15).

N’THEM, name of a province of the country, it comes from the Hebrew word TEMAH, xmt; Founder of a family of NETINIENS whose members returned with ZERUBBABEL to the land of Judah (ESD. 2:53; Neh. 7:55).

BA TEKE; comes from the Hebrew word BEN TEKOA, [email protected]’iy (tek-o-ee ‘) or [email protected]’iy (tek-o-ee ‘) yewqt or yeqt.

This is the name given to the tribe of President Bongo (see Bateke in Zaire).

Israelites in East Africa


TANZANIA comes from the Hebrew word JAAZANIA, Ya’azanyah (Yah-az-an-yaw ‘) or Ya’azanyahuw (Yah-az an-yaw’-hoo); hynzay or whynzay “The Lord listens” Jr. 35:3 grandson of Habatsinia whose name corresponds to Abyssinia.


HARUCHA comes from the Hebrew word HARCHA Charsha ‘ (Khar-shaw ‘) avrx, “dumb” Israelite, who returned with Zerubbabel (ESDR 2; 52, Neh 7:54).

Dar es SALAAM comes from the Hebrew word DAR and SALEM. Dar; Stroke weapon, smaller than spear; Job 41; 213

21, Is. 17; 6 See Biblical dictionary. Salem; Land of rest like JERUSALEM.

TABORA comes from the Hebrew word TABOR, Tabowr (taw-bore ‘) rwbt. Tertre (Muntain of Issachar and Zebulun (Jos; 19; 22, Judge 4; 12-14) City given to the Levites; (1Chr 6; 62).

MPANDA, City to the West comes from the Hebrew word PADDAN, Paddan (pad-dawn ‘) Ndp (ransom, redemption) ESD 2; 44 See SHABA, Zaire.


KENYA comes from the Hebrew word QENIENS, Qeyniy (kay-nee ‘) or Qiyniy (Kee-nee ‘) 1Ch 2:55

Ynyq (Blacksmith) Gn 15; 19, Num 24; 20-22. People incorporated with the Midianites at the time of Moses; (Judge 1; 16, 4; 11 num 10; 29).

MOMBASA comes from the Hebrew word BASHA Ba’sha ‘ (Bah-shaw ‘) hveb (Wicked) son of Ahiya; Tribe of Issachar (1r 16; 7, 1r 15; 25).

HARUCHA comes from the Hebrew word HARCHA see HARUCHA in Tanzania

Generally all names are from the North East, from the east to the center and the south of the African continent. This phenomenon is justified by the Roman aggression of the 7th century led by the Byzantine Empire which was the Roman Empire of the East (Mamluks and Sabians). The fugitives gave the same names to the new camps in memory of the places they had just left. A phenomenon that is even seen in the movement of the people from Europe to the Americas. That is why the same names are everywhere in Africa, from north to south, showing the movements of displacement of peoples.


Israelites in Southern Africa


This word comes from the languages of the south coast of Zaire and means: Stone House. (NZOU – MABWE)


HARARE comes from the Hebrew word HARAR; Epithet applied to several heroes of David (it is noted

that Lusaka and Harare are two close capitals, as Saka and Harar are brothers in Jewish history, which is not a coincidence. (2 S 23; 11.33 1CHR 11; 34-35). See Sahara or Harariy (hah-raw-ree ‘) or Harariy (Haw- raw-ree ‘) yrrh of Harar (Harare): “who dwells in the mountain”

  1. inhabitant or descendant of Harar; Maybe only a mountaineer.
  • Hanibal of Harar, one of David’s heroes
  • Shammah, of Harar, one of the heroes of David
  • Sacar, of Harar, father of Achiam, one of the heroes of David

LIMPOMPO river separating Zimbabwe and South Africa This name is also that of the River Zaire (Congo) at the level of its capital Kinshasa.

MESSINA See Massina in Congo


MOZAMBIQUE ZAMBI that comes from the Hebrew word Jabne (God made build), NZAMBI , NZAMBE, JAMBE are variants of JABNE. Bantus invoke Jabneel in order not to despair. JABNE or YABNE [email protected]’el (Yab-neh-ale ‘) Lanby; City of Judah, (2CHR 26; 6, 1 MACC 4; 15, 5; 58, Jos 19; 33).

NIASSA, Northern Province, this word is taken as Nyanza, Yassa in Tanzani, Bouroundi, Zaire. Niassa comes from the Hebrew word YASSA or YASSAI son of Bani; (ESD 10; 37), (see Congo).


MANICA comes from the Hebrew word NIBCAZ. Nibchaz (nib-khaz ‘) zxbn “the one who barks” one of the two idols of the Eviens, peoples brought to Samaria to occupy the country after the deportation of the 10 tribes. (2r 17; 31).

SOFALA comes from the Hebrew word SO + PHARA

GAZA comes from the Hebrew word GAZA, Azzah (az-zaw ‘) hze “strong Place” city of Judah (Jos 15; 47)

BEIRA comes from the Hebrew word BEERA or BEEROTH B @’erowth (Be-ay-rohth ‘) twrab “Wells” City attributed to Benjamites (JOS18; 25, ESD 2; 25).


During colonization, ZAMBIA and ZIMBABWE were the same country and were called RODHESIA, north and south.

RHODESIA comes from the Hebrew word RODHE S or Rhode (hrod’-ay) Podh (Rose) Island of the Mediterranean measuring 72 km long and 32 km wide, known in the Middle Ages by the Apostles of Jesus (act 12; 13-16).

ZAMBI Probably comes from the Hebrew word ZABNE, see Mozambique.

CITIES: LUSAKA comes from the Hebrew word SAKA or Sakar (saw-kar ‘) rkv “Gages” (LU + SAKA) Saka is native of Harar and father of one of David’s Heroes (1chr: 11; 35) Sons of Obed – Edom (1chr 26; 4) NDOLA or NGOLA come from the Hebrew word GOLAN, plan of Judah (see Angola). SO LWEZI comes from the Hebrew word SO + LWEZI, (see KOLWEZI and LUWOZI, Zaire). CHIPATA comes from the Hebrew word YIPHTA or Yiphtach, (yif-tawkh ‘) xtpy (God opens) City of Judah (Jos 15.43) Unknown site

ANGOLA: The word is pronounced NGOLA in the Angolan language

NGOLA comes from the Hebrew word GOLAN or Gowlan (go-lawn ‘) Nlwg “their captivity”, “passage”, “Exodus” This word comes from the North or from Sudan (Dongola see medieval map)


WAMBO comes from the Hebrew word VAHEB (vaw-habe ‘) bhw, “what it did” place close to the Arnon (Num 21;



This word is taken up in several countries of the South (Wamba, Wembo and Lwebo in Zaire; Lwebo, Lwemba and Owando in Congo Brazzaville; Ovambo in Namibia and Wambo in Angola).

Do-ZAIRE; Northwest City -comes from the Hebrew word of or-ZAÏR, father of Palal who built the ramparts of Jerusalem, (Neh 3; 25) This town is, as if by chance, close to the town of PALA-BALAA.


Namibia or Nmibia comes from the Hebrew word MIBEHAR rxbm (choice) One of the heroes of David son of Hagri (1CHR 11; 38,)


OVAMBO See WANBO in Angola.


Botswana- comes from the Hebrew word TSAANAN or Beth-TSAANA. Tsa’anan (Tsah-an-awn ‘) Nnau (House of the herds) (Micah, I; 10), Botswana is the country in Africa where the number of cows exceeds, as by chance that of the human population.


NGALAGADI comes from the Hebrew word GALAA + GADDI See Mogadishu

GALAAD comes from the Hebrew word Gil’ad (ghil-awd”) Delg (Num 26:29, Jos 17:1

GADDI comes from the Hebrew word Gaddiy (gad-dee ‘) ydg; my happiness (num 13; 11).

NGWATO comes from the Hebrew word GUIAH-TO or GUIAH Giyach (ghee’-akh) xyg and that means; gushing like a spring), (2s 2:24).

GHANZI comes from the Hebrew word GAZA. 217


Several names of the places in South Africa mark the presence of the English and German settlers, but the names of the Blacks mark the presence of the Hebrews. Remember that the country was before called Yaazania like Tanzania. (see Tanzania).

The most important are the following names:

ZULU comes from the Hebrew word HOUL Chuwl (khool) lwx meaning, sky or high; 2nd son of Aram (Gen 10; 23, 1CHR 1; 17).

INKATAT comes from the Hebrew word HYK-QATTAT Qattath (kat-tawth ‘) tjq meaning: Small town of Zabilon (Jos 19; 15).

KOSA comes from the Hebrew word Hosa or Chocah (Kho-saw ‘) hox

HUMTATA comes from the Hebrew word HUMTA; city of Judah (Judah 15; 54) See Hutu in Rwanda

VENDA comes from the Hebrew word VANIA or Vanyah (van-yaw ‘) hynw “The Lord is praise” descendant of Bani (ESD 10; 36); The word keeps its Hebrew form in Congo in the region of Bandundu.

SOWETHO comes from the Hebrew word SO + WETO which means OUR-SO or OUR TERRITORY.


LESOTHO comes from the Hebrew word SO + ETHO (see SOWETHO)


Africa has experienced two major deportations, that of the Africans, sons of Cham (EZEKIEL 29:12-16): Then that of the Makongo Judah (Zechariah 1:21, Lamentations 1:3-5)

1- That of the 7th century which led the captives to Europe, the Indian Ocean and Asia.

2- That of the 14th century that led to the Americas but long before this mask that made all blacks of America

slaves, the African communities from Mali were inventoried and known by scientists. Read John G. Jackson, in Introduction to African civilizations, by Ed. Editorial Offices: 600 Madison Avenue. New York 10022


YAOUNDE (capital of the country). comes from the Hebrew word YEHOUDI. [email protected] (Yeh-hoo-dee ‘) ydwhy means man of Judah, messenger that King YEHOYAQUIM sent to Baruch to ask for the rolls containing the prophecies of Jeremiah. YEHOUDI then had to read it to the king who, furious at the hearing of these predictions, cut the scroll with a knife and threw it into the fire. (Jr. 36:14-23).


MOUCHI Northern Province, the name comes from the Hebrew word MOUCHI, Muwshiy (moo-shee ‘) or Mushshiy (mush-shee ‘) yvwm or yvm, means Levite, son of MERARI, founder of a clan (Ex. 6:19; Num. 3:20).

BAMOUN one of the provinces, comes from the Hebrew word HAMMON, Chammown (kham-Mone ‘) Nwmx shiny, warm. Village on the border of Aser (Jos. 19:28).

BAMILEKET comes from the Hebrew word HAMMOLEKET or MOLEKET, Moleketh (mo-leh’-keth) tklm. Name of the Queen. Sister of Gilead (1 Chr 7:18). Several clans of Manasseh are from her. (BA comes from BEN: see prefix).

Basa; Name of a tribe from Nigeria that comes from the Hebrew word BA’SHA ‘ (bah-shaw ‘) Hveb it means wicked. It is the name of the son of Ahiya of the tribe of Issachar (1r 16; 7, 1r 15; 25).

Country: GABON

Gabon comes from the Hebrew word GABAON, Gib’own (ghib-ohn ‘) nwebg; means quoted from a hill. Name given to the territory assigned to the Benjamites (Jos. 18:25).


OGOUE, name given to a province and the river, it comes from the Hebrew word GOUEL, lawag which means majesty of God, it is the name of the spy of the tribe of GAD (Num. 13:15).

N’THEM, name of a province of the country, it comes from the Hebrew word TEMAH, xmt; Founder of a family of NETINIENS whose some members returned with Zerubbabel to the land of Judah (ESD. 2:53; Ne. 7:55).

BA TEKE; comes from the Hebrew word BEN TEKOA, [email protected] qow’iy (tek-o-ee ‘) or [email protected]’iy (tek-o-ee ‘) yewqt or yeqt.

This is the name given to the tribe of President Bongo (see Bateke in Zaire).


In a place called BARAKA, which comes from the former Kikongo or Hebrew Barack ךרַבָּwhich means blessing, a city


in the province of KIVU which comes from ancient Kikongo kivroth which means tomb.


There was a family man who lived in a big house called BETOU’EL’s house of HE with his two boys and their families,

He was called YISSA’YAH-ABE, by his neighbors the Nsetes (Ishmaelites, Moabites, Edomites Sephardic). He once said to his children, love Elah’YAH-ABE the God of your fathers with all your heart and all your soul, it is him that you should FEAR. Love JUSTICE, love my food, you will lose my food in a little time. By the grace of Elah’YAH-ABE you will find it with some modifications but the background will remain the same. My children, one day your children are going into captivity by those who will burn my house soon, beware, for they shall come to seduce you with bad intentions, beware. Don’t let it seduce you!

This man YISSA’YAH-ABE worked hard in his corn field to feed his children and grandchildren, he always prompted his children to abide by the principles of Elah’YAH-ABE in his home, but these children have always resisted complexed by the color of their Skin. After a hard day’s work, he paused; he decided to go home to eat, to take back some strength. On his way home, he was surprised to see strangers, with eyes of felines, surrounding his poor abode: the Edomite Mindeles.

Ruthless, the Ntantou people of the darkness came, killed YISSA’YAH-ABÉ, and beheaded his wife. They plundered his meager wealth, the profaned his sanctuary, the Ntantus Edomites decided to burn his house, but before doing so they were hungry.


So they took the food that YISSA’YAH-ABE had planned to eat, the food that YISSAYAH-ABE liked to eat with his children, they tasted it, this food had a rare flavor, never had the Edomites Ntantus eaten such delight. They wanted to know the recipe, after burning the house of YISSA’YAH-ABÉ they began to search for the two sons and their family. The two sons learned of the death of their father and their mother, they left BARAKA, with their wives and children in order to escape the Mindele Edomites; unholy people, corrupt people, violent people, people of darkness, they went to the land of the KAMATA, ntoto dia NTANGU, the land of the sun.

But the ungodly Ntantu Edomites were always on their way, the first son Baka’elah, Bakallah (takes, or the choice of ELAH) told his brother Leki, we must separate, remember BARAKA,

We must keep the memory of our father; keep the tongue, the names of the towns of Baraka so that our offspring may remember where we come from and our father, and his enemies the Mindeles and the ntsetes who betrayed us. We no longer have the food of our father, the ntantous have stolen it, and they burned the house. Here we are orphan, nevertheless we still have our mouth to transmit what we know to our children; the SECRET. Let us not reveal to them all the SECRETS lest their emotional talkative instincts, causes them to betray our hiding place. Remember, my brother that the transmission uses the mouth for the ears. For this to be done well, teach your family to love the truth, because from the mouth can come out good and evil, blessing and curse, truth and falsehood. Know the power of the word, the one that Elah YAH-ABE has used to create mankind, the Mo pe pe (the mouth that makes two sounds) “pe” means mouth, and “Mo”, indicates the origin of, inspiration and expiration, the BREATH.

So he tells his little brother LEKI, we must separate, if one dies, the other will live, I’ll cross, the TIYA ייּצ, fire or desert. I’ll go to the West in the ntoto dia KATI, you and your family you have to cross the MASSA, the water. You will go the ntoto dia NTAMA , to the east and we will take in the forest beyond the rivers of Ethiopia sub-Saharan Africa, from Central to South Zephaniah 3:10-20, so the ntantus with their horses will not be able to reach you.


For there are rivers in the country where you are going to take refuge, ISAIAH 18:1-7, it is to thee who have the responsibility to keep the recipe of the food which the Ntantous are stolen.

For with time, transmission will be done in its time, the memory will be recovered the information will be spread, then will come the END OF OUR SUFFERINGS. TATA YISSA’YAH-ABE will return with the spirit of DAWIDI. So he warned his brother; know that when the Ntantous come to penetrate the forest, the AMALEKITES, the Sephardic, the Ishmaelites will be at their head. They shall penetrate place of our refuge with ships, remember Deuteronomy 28:68 and Deuteronomy 4:27 , but others of my BAKONGO tribe will escape EZEKIEL 6:8

We are going to lose our children the people of TANZANIA, ZIMBABWE, CONGO, ANGOLA, GABON, and they will go into captivity among the nations with other Africans of Cham, by the same who burned our father’s house and stole the food. These Nyokas , unholy serpents will not stop biting us, as our fathers in the desert with Massa, he will send spies, corrupt our mfumus, control our land, to seek to know the recipe of the food, but they will never have the key to the recipe. Go said the elder Baka’elah Bakallah to his brother, be cautious.

After their heinous crime, the ntantous kept the food stolen full of delights, they decided to make copies, they said to each other that we would tell the world that it is they who are the cooks of this food, the ntsetes, the ancient neighbor of YISSAYAH-ABE killed but resurrected heard about this recipe

They also made a copy based not on the original but on the hearsay, which they called Koran, but they also wanted to know the original recipe to understand the future, which will be, because like the Mindeles, the ntsetes knew that in Having the recipe, they will be able to understand the future, they’ll have the key.



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