“The Concert I have done with you is one of life and happiness. Have you not read what I did when Solomon asked me for wisdom? Didn’t I transform the daughters of my servant Job? If I have given him and so many others abundance, would I not do the same to you, also granting you all that I have promised through my servant? Has the word of my servant not had the testimony of the Holy Ghost? Do you want to divorce from my good concert, which I have celebrated with you? Look and listen to me carefully: the Concert I have done with you is of well-being, abundant peace, fraternal union, wisdom, and whoever deviates from it, I say: behold, I will withdraw in him my peace, my love and all my protection. When his enemies persecute him and devour him, I will not cover him, and for many prayers he makes, I will divert my ears from him. Oh! my people! You who have seen my wonders, how long will you remain unbelieving? Straighten your steps on my tracks and walk according to my statutes. Fulfill my law, which I have sent to the world, and which my servant Mayamona has transmitted to you. What I put in you, I didn’t put it in everyone. To my servant, I have given you the valuable gift of interpreting all that surrounds you. Everyone is not given the gift of interpreting the Scriptures or the manifestations that take place within you.” Words of the Lord.

Sacred Council 2:5-10.40.

Remembrance of Christ’s Church

1.From today and forever, you will no longer close your eyes when you are in prayer1. Psalms 121:1-2.

1-Regarding the Tocoists not closing their eyes when they pray, Toco narrated to reverend Makindekwa the following: “There lived a blind, blind, blind boy from birth with his father and his hand. Whenever mom and Dad went to the farm, they’d leave their things neat in one corner of the house and by the wall. As the boy had a desire to see and know what the shape and color of things looked like, one day an old man appeared to him who approached him:

Good afternoon, boy. You don’t mind giving me a glass of water?

  • I don’t lack will, but it turns out I’m blind, I can’t see where mom leaves things, because the ones that are within my reach, I have nothing left.
  • Since that’s the way it is, when I tell you , you will say .

The boy did as the old man had ordered him and suddenly saw his eyes open, and fed and drank the old man. Arriving at the parting point, the old man said:

  • When I tell you , you will say . The boy proceeded as the old man had commanded him and his eyes closed again. And I said to him, “Don’t tell anyone about this.” After a while, the old man appeared to him again and history repeated itself. The parents when they returned home, they were amazed:
  • Son, did anyone come into the house during our absence? No, Mama.

And who set up the house? I did it myself.

He told us everything that had happened from the first moment to that time. Hearing his father succeed, he said to him, “This man will surely come back!” And if he ever shows up to you again, do everything according to his ordination. But in the farewell, proceed the other way and you should not say . As much as he insists, just say . Thus proceeded the blind boy, according to the command of his father, and his eyes opened forever and never again closed.

After this narration, Simão Gonçalves Toco interrogates his interlocutor, Reverend Makondekwa: Do you understand what this is? Read John 9:16-30, 17:1-3; Psalms 121:1-2.

2.The Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ was remembered yesterday 25.07.1949 and all authority over it was given to me by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

3.From now on, our motto is: work and pray. Go tell everyone everything you’ve seen and heard in this place2.

2-At the time of its emergence, the Church was put to the test in the face of social theories concerning the negative impact of messianic movements on the economy. Toco responds with the maxim: Work and pray. 2:161 a.m.

The Church of Christ-3

4.Christ’s Church has come into the world three times4. The first came to the prophets, Christ came to build his Church on the stone where the St. Peter and the Devil sat continued to persecute the disciples or apostles.
3-See at 1:9-46 and 5:131

4-Epistle of 11.08.1973.

5.And without the world knowing, by the power of the Holy Spirit, that word which Christ once said to the woman in St. John 4:21-245.

5-Jesus said unto him, Woman, believe me, the hour comes, when neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem ye will worship the Father. You worship what you do not know: we worship what we know; because salvation comes from the Jews. But the time comes, and now is, when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth;

161.I send you the hoe with the seed of , plus the machete. Work and pray.

Complaint about the attempted death in Caconda

162.It is okay, let them do what they want, because the person who did this did it did it on purpose50. I know what their intention is, but they won’t get anything either.

50-I touch Caconda, it is slaughtered by the tractor in which he was Mr. Palma’s helper, and his body is divided into four parts.

163.How can Mr Palma say he did not see me, if he was the one who told me to pluck the grass that was under the tractor51??

51-Elder Pauline Malongi describes what happened:

164.But as soon as I got under the tractor to take out the grass, it took off and began to give me with those hoes52.

52-On this event, the Donfonso Elder Fernando Manzambi tells us: <When we met with the Elders of the South, they informed us of what had happened on this day. He instructed him when he should be there, and the nearby place that was supposed to remain under observation. And so they did. Then, Mr. Palma (tractor) ordered the Leader to pluck the grass that was trapped under the hoes of the tractor. After all, Mr. Palma had already arranged with the Administrator of the region to carry out such an action, that is, to physically liquidate the Leader. When he went under the tractor to remove the grass, he started the machine and as soon as the tractor walked, he was being dragged through the hoes.

Allegory about the four African animals and god’s mission-53

165.Open the Bible in Daniel 7:254, that’s where you’ll know. The Lord Jesus before he was born, his things were first announced.

53-Epistle sent in the Loge Valley, when the Leader was in southern Angola. In 1956 he composed the hymn , chapter 6, hymn no. 4.

54-”Daniel said, and said, I was looking in my vision of the night, and behold, the four winds of heaven stirred the Mair Grande. “

166.Many prophets spoke of him, but when things were fulfilled, the prophets no longer existed, and only John the Baptist was the only one who saw the Lord.

167.They also know that it was the prophets who had announced that His name would be Emmanuel, etc. Isaiah 7:14;9:655

557:14 – Therefore the same Lord will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive, and give birth to a son, and call his name Emmanuel””

168.Was this not the way it had happened? We too before we were born, the prophets had already announced what God had told them about us, and all that must happen in our time.

169.When these things were said to Daniel, Daniel wanted to know their meaning, but God said:

170.”They are not sealed; write them only, but you will not know what they mean, when you finish writing, you will have to…”56

56-On the announcement of the mission of the present prophets, Toco said, “The Bible that walks in the hands of the Catholic and Protestant Missionaries was mutilated, and the page on which Jesus’s return to the earth is proclaimed under the traits of a negro” was cut out. 3-73-94. On sealing them, see in 5:71.

171.”When the birth of the Lord approached, the angel of God said to Mary and Joseph the following:

172.”Behold, the virgin will conceive, and give birth to a son, and they will call him Emmanuel, which translated is: God with us.” Matthew 1:23

173.Has it not been fulfilled? Aren’t these the names that were given to the Lord? The event is first prophesied.

174.Open the Bible in the book of Daniel 7:357, there are four animals – what kind of animals? Whites always say that black is , i.e., .

57-“And four great animals different from each other, they rose from the sea.” Look at it in 6:4.

175.Even in the where we came from58, say the black ! Monkey, isn’t that what they say?

58-It is understood, belgian congo, present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo.

176.After all this word has its meaning for us who seek the way of life.

177.Let us in verse 4 where the four black animals are mentioned59.

59″The first was like a lion, and had eagle wings, as I looked, his wings were plucked from him, and was lifted up from the earth, and put on two feet like a man; and he was given a man’s heart.” 4:40-42, 176-184.

178.The first lion-like black man was aggressive, not in the sense of wickedness, but of seeking the way of salvation for blacks – but he was arrested and taken on foot to likolo60. Do you know him? He is a native of Ngombe and is always with you in spirit.

60-Upper Congo (Lumbumbashi)

179.Verse 5: The second animal raised on one side, that is, on the shore of the earth where the Kingdom of God will arise61.

61-“After this, I shall continue to look, and here is the second animal, like a bear, which rose on one side, having in its mouth three ribs between its teeth: and he was said thus: Arise, devour a lot of flesh”

180.That is, on the bank of the River Zaire – Brazzaville. Do you know who this second animal is? It’s a Lari and it’s been eased in Europe.

181.Verse 6: The third animal that had wings and was given dominion62. Take a good look at this animal to see if its wings have been plucked or not:

62-“After this I kept looking, and beheld another, like a leopard, and had on his back four wings of a bird; he also had this four-headed animal; and he was given dominion.”

182.It was for this reason that he flew, that is, he was airlifted to likolo by his enemies.

183.But he disappeared inside the plane, because he had flown with both spiritual wings. And they never saw him again until then.

184.Who is it? It is Mutandu, born of Madimba from parts of SonaMbata. Do you remember him?

185.White people call us monkeys! Thanks, but it’s okay for us monkeys… But while they say that, God within himself is saying this:

186.”The monkey and the white will live under the rule of a single command, when my promise is fulfilled.” Read in Oseas 1:10-1163.

63-“But the number of the children of Israel shall be like the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured or counted; and in the place where it was said to them, You are not my people, it will be said unto them, You are the children of the living God. And the children of Judah and the children of Israel together shall gather together, and shall constitute upon themselves one head, and shall rise from the earth; for great shall be the day of Jizreel.” 3:479-480 and 5:321.

187.Verse 7: The four animal, i.e. black room64. Read verses 7 and 8.

64-“After this, I kept looking, in night visions, and here is the fourth animal, terrible and amazing, and very strong, which had great iron teeth; he devoured and made to pieces, and trod at his feet what went up; was different from all the animals that appeared before him, and had ten horns. I considered the horns, and behold, among them rose another horn, small, before which three of the first horns were torn off; and behee, in this horn there were eyes, like those of men, and a mouth that spoke great things.”

188.This animal is extraordinarily strong and fearful, but its strength has not yet manifested itself, because it is reserved.

189.If your strength were to come now, it would be disastrous. That’s why God kept his strength.65 Yes, the first animals started very hard, but in the end the forces were plucked. Read verse 8.

65-Where and when had the strength of the 4th animal manifested itself? This was the figure of Christ that Adolf Hitler in 1942, advised by the masters of the occult, sought to find among the Jews, leading him to decimate millions of Jews. However, it was not successful because the man he wanted to hit said, “Christ turned his coat.”

190.The first three animals were plucked, i.e. their forces were taken.

191.The three blacks and their roots as well. This is their bodies have run out of strength. I want to ask you:

192.Can you receive any more written messages from these three black people?

193.They now only work in spirit, while waiting for their awards, for the work they have done when the last day comes – Verse 12.

194.Let us return to verse 8, the fourth animal. The fourth animal is very small. After all, in the time we were in , which of all the tribes on earth was the most despised?

195.”Niangalakata mabe muzombo66″. Because it’s a small animal and this is the one that’s saying great things.

66-Be cursed this muzombo.

196.Read verse 1767: The four animals are four kings that have arisen, that is, without being appointed by anyone. But they just settled in the world.

67-“These great beasts, which are the four kings, shall rise from the earth.”

197.It is known that every person, to be King, has to be elected first. But in the Kingdom of God, it is only God who makes the appointment. Who should make known his word, who has not been loved?

198.Verse 1868: The saints of the Highest, it is that people who practice the things that have been uttered by the little horn.

68-“But the saints of the Highest shall receive the kingdom, and possess it forever and ever, even for all the time”

199.And they are those who shall enter the kingdom and reign eternally. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

200.Let’s sing the anthem. Mr. Ulamba! Mr. Ulamba! Mr. Ulamba! Hallelujah (tris) Satana Vokuta. Stand still and remain silent for eight minutes. At the end of the eight minutes of silence, say the prayer.

201.I ask Brother Vuvu Simão to direct the prayer. Thank God for his mercies for us, we poor black people, in order to multiply our strength, courage, power, and perseverance on this path where we are. Amen. Stay another three minutes in silence.

202.Verse 19-2269: The Elder is Jehovah God when he brings victory to his saints, so that they may receive the Kingdom. For our Lord Jesus said: . Read Matthew 25:31-3470..

69-“Then I had the desire to know the truth concerning the fourth animal, which was different from all others, most dreadfully, with iron teeth and bronze nails; he devoured, made to pieces, and trampled the feet of those who were left; and also concerning the ten horns which he had on his head, and the other which went up, and before which three fell, that is, of that horn which had eyes and a mouth which spoke great things, and seemed to be more robust than his companions. As I looked, the same horn made war against the saints, and prevailed against them, until the elder came for days, and the judgment was executed for the saints of the Highest; and the time came when the saints possessed the kingdom.”

70-“When the Son of man shall come in his Glory, and all the angels with him, then shall he sit on the throne of his glory; and before him shall all nations be gathered together; and he shall separate one from one another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; and he will direct the sheep, but the goats to his left. Then the King will say to those on his right: Come, those of my Father. Inherit the kingdom that has been prepared for you since the foundation of the world.”

203.Verse 2771: All nations, both Jews and Greeks, etc. will serve you. They’re really going to believe him.

71-“The kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdoms under all heaven, shall be given unto the people of the saints of the Highest. His kingdom will be an eternal kingdom, and all dominions will serve him, and obey him.”

204.Verse 2872: The end of everything, keep these words your hearts. Philippians 4:473 to the end. Amen, amen!

72-“Here is the end of the matter. As for me, Daniel, my thoughts are very disturbing to me and my countenance has moved; but I will keep these things in my heart.”

73-“Rejoice always in the Lord, again I say, rejoice. Be your known moderation of all men. Nearby is the Lord. Do not look forward to anything; but in all be your requests known before God by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving; and the peace of God that exceeds all understanding, will keep your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus. What’s more, brethren, all that is true, all that is honest, all that is just, all that is pure, all that is kind, all that is of good fame, if there is any virtue, and if there is any praise, think about it. What ye have also learned, and received, and heard, and saw in me, do this; and the God of peace will be with you. Now I am very pleased in the Lord that you have finally renewed your care for me; of which you actually remembered, but you lacked opportunity. I’m not saying this because of the need, because I’ve already learned to settle for the circumstances in which I find myself. I know how to miss it, and I also know how to have abundance; in every way and in all things I am experienced, both in abundance and in starving; both in having abundance and in suffering from needs. I can do all things in the one that strengthens me. Yet you did well to take part in my affliction. You too know, oh Philippians, that at the beginning of the gospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no church communicated with me in giving and receiving, but you alone; for being still in Thessalonica, not only once, but two, you sent me to meet my needs. Not that I seek gifts, but I seek the fruit that grows for your account. But I have everything; I have it up in abundance; I am full, after I received the Epafrodito what was sent to me from you, as a gentle smell, as an acceptable and pleasant sacrifice to God. My God will supply all needs according to their riches in the glory of Christ Jesus. Now, may our God and Father be given glory for centuries to come. Amen. Salute each of the saints in Christ Jesus. The brothers who salute, especially those who are of Caesar’s house. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.”

Root of Christ’s Church in Africa-74

205.When we built this land in 1950, we had baptized it with two names; the third is the original name. Here are the names:

206.Mbanza Luvuvamu75, Ndimba Nzengo to Yave76, and Loge.

74-Confirm the announcement about in 3:374-386; 4:571 and 5:125.

75-City of peace, that is, Settlement of the Loge Valley.

76-Valley of the Lord’s decision. Check out 4:268.

207.In all the locations where we were desised, the success of our work depends on the good news that comes to us from the Loge Valley.

208.You are the roots of Christ’s Church in Africa, while we are the others who are scattered in the various localities, we are nothing but branches, leaves, flowers and fruits.

209.The trap has its strength at the base and not at the end. What testimony will we bear of you, good or bad? God willing, this land will turn into a city.

210.Raise your eyes to the top of the Valley and then lower your eyes to the lower part of the Valley.

211.Ah!… If they knew why this Valley and this Loge River were created that bathes it! Haven’t you understood to this day?

212.Do you not know that in the beginning the fruits are green, and then they are ripe?

213.All those who keep my teachings will be transformed as the tadpole that generates the frog or even as the larva that generates the butterfly.

214.I ask the Iran Domingos Afonso Nzila Pereira to explain this small example, about metamorphosis. Will you or won’t you give the larva?

215.The tadpole to become a frog, lives in the water, but after turning into a ra, begins to live in both environments, that is, in and out of water.

216.The larva, after entering its casing, turns into a butterfly. After completing all its transformation, it makes a living in both spaces: on the ground and in the air.

217.This is the glory that awaits you, do you want to stop it? God and Christ are willing to grant you this same glory. 1st Corinthians 15:4977.

77-“And as we have brought the image of the earth, we shall also bring the image of the heavenly.”

218.Our God the Father has always loved us, but we are the ones who have provoked Him.

219.This is the will of the Creator and the will of Christ, so that we may return where we have lost our way.

220.If we had not made way for the Spirit of Satan who is dominating you78, you would have seen with your own eyes the great splendor of the Valley of God’s decision in Africa, the Loge Valley.

78-Toco refers to the action of the bad spirit that arose simultaneously in the Valley of the Loge Kinshasa and Luanda in 1953, which manifested itself in the Valleys which held responsibility within the Church. First, in the Colonate, with Ntumissungu Cardoso, then in Luanda with Pululu Alberto in the same year, and in the Belgian Congo with Dielumbaka Alberto. This situation was also experienced in Bembe, Kuilu Pombo and other localities. Here the true Vates suffer a targeted attack, as the spiritual front opens up which was extraordinarily difficult. As for elder Dielumbaka’s situation, see 4:297.

221.You yourselves sometimes have prevented the realization of certain things that God intends to give you for your good. You yourselves have stopped Him.

The wonderful trees of the Loge Valley

222.If Ambrose Mvanga was not ill and was not sent to Luanda, he could tell you and take you there where the three great trees are.

223.In those trees is where nine letters mysteriously written by God are engraved.

224.I have already given them the meaning of each letter and its years mentioned therein79. We were with Mvanga, Uncle Mfinda, Uncle Afonso and João Kaku.

79-On one of the trees it says: “NAMPAKA-PAKA”. In this locality, a commission of more than 20 people had the possibility to visit the grave of the prophet Moses. The Leader made this decision in reaction to the anthem of Simon Lazarus <Mose wakafwa… Moses, when he died, his grave was not known.

225.The scriptures mentioned in those trees reveal God’s purpose for this locality.

226.Therefore, the evil of the negro is to want to see things happen at the same time as they are being done.

227.I can’t tell if he’s still alive or dead. I just took your name as an example. If you don’t work, you have nothing to eat.

Desolation approaches

(Epistle of 29.05.1958)

228.The moment we are going through is very dangerous and tempting for all of God’s servants on earth. In the councils it is where we must stand firm.

229.Satan will increase your fury, be careful. Remember the great word Jesus said: No Scripture will escape81; everything will be fulfilled.

81-3:354-351 and 4:111.

230.Reinforce your prayers as desolation approaches. St. Matthew 24:15-2282; St. Mark 13:1483; Luke 9:20p.m. Jerusalem means: this world… Daniel 9:27, move on to chapter 12:11-1385.

82-When ye therefore come to be in the holy place the abomination of desolation, foretold by the prophet Daniel (who reads, understand), then those who have in Judea flee to the mountains; whoever is in the threshing floor do not go down to take things out of their house, and whoever is in the field does not go back to take their cover.

But that’s the ones who are pregnant, and those who breastfeed in those days! Pray that your flight may not come in winter or on the Sabbath; for there will then be such a great tribulation, as there has never been since the beginning of the world until now, nor will there ever be. And if those days were not abbreviated, no one would be saved; but because of the chosen, those days will be abbreviated.”

83-“Now when ye see the abomination of desolation be where it should not be (he who reads, understands), then those who are in Judea flee into the mountains.”

84-But when ye see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, know that his desolation is come.”

85-“And he shall make a firm covenant with many for a week; and in the middle of the week will cease sacrifice and oblation; and upon the wing of abominations will come the raveling; and even the determined destruction, which shall be poured upon the rave. And from the time when the continual holocaust is taken away, and the bleak abomination is established, there will be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Blessed is what awaits and reaches the thousand three hundred and thirty-five days. But thou son goes, until the end comes; for the shall rest, and shall be in thy fairest at the end of the days.”

231.Brothers! We don’t have enough time to explain these things better, because it’s impossible to narrate everything in the letter. They remember chapter 12:11-13.

232.If we do not beware, many will fall into disgrace; but I don’t say that, we’re changing our way of thinking and behavior.

233.If christians do not speak, seek a form of understanding.

234.For the word desolation is not a joke; it is understood for many people, they do not know its meaning; but thanks to the Father, for having given us his Holy Spirit, who is drawing our attention.

235.Desolation is no joke. Desolation is near and has begun.

236.Desolation means: Selfishness and anger of wanting to harm others; rivalry and resentment of wanting to kick the other;

237.To persecute and mistreat people in ways that no longer allow them to obtain well-being;

238.Endless sadness, abundant killings, damage and chaos; separatism, killing and courting.

239.All these evils that will be done to Christians are called desolation.

240.Remorse and affliction of conscience approaches, but do not be afraid, for if we have true faith, we will be hidden by the prophet Daniel 12:12; Romans 11:2086.

86-“All right; by their unbelief have been broken, and thou by thy faith you are firm. Don’t be proud, but fear

241.Who among the brethren will overcome these sufferings? I don’t know who will be the ones who will overcome the desolation. Exodus 32:32-3387.

87-“Now therefore forgive your sin; or if not, cross me out of your book, which you have written. And the Lord said unto Moses, He who has sinned against me, I will cross him out of my book.”

242.Remember the little book you swallowed that looked sweet, but inside the stomach was bitter.

243.When the desolation of men in the world is multiplied, it is at this time that god’s desolation in the whole world will also come down, and no one can escape.

244.Only those who flee to the mountain will escape. Verse 16 and 15 of St. Matthew 24.

245.”The men of the world, after killing Christ, organized an assembly under satan’s guidance..

246.In this Assembly, they chose a person to serve god and put him in the Holy place (God of Catholics); this is the who replaced him in the Holy place.”

247.The Holy Place is the Kingdom of Our God which is guided by Christ in spirit. Therefore, the suffering will not end because we do not want to serve the of that time. God of invention.

248.We will have to suffer a lot. It is okay, verse 16 of Matthew, we turn to the mountain. Monte means Jesus Christ.

249.God of death, they made him descend into the valley of death, went out and rose to the

mountain. Christ is our refuge. Hymn in B.M.S in Kikongo 18688. Christ was not born to save everyone, but those who await Him St. Matthew 1:2189.

88-1st E mbek’ampwena i Mvuluzi, Diasikila Etininu! Fika mpe day a sumbula, Etininu diasikila. Ngyaku: Mu nsi a lunioko Yisu i ‘Tininu. Etininu, Etininu! A nsi a lunioko Yisu i ‘Tininu diasikila!

2nd The mwini Yisu i vevelo; Diasikila Etininu! The fuku yandi i ntanini. Diasikila Etininu!

3rd A tembwa nkutu ya nza yayi, I ‘tininu diasikila! Tutati’lak’o Mvuluzi, Diasikila Etininu!

4U mbek’eto a mvu ya mvu, Etininu diasikila! U nsadisi a fwa sntangw’a. Diasikila Etininu!

89-“She shall give birth to a son, whom you shall call Jesus; because he will save his people from their sins.”

250.Sinners will never see it except true believers. Hebrews 9:2890.

90-“Thus Christ, offering himself once to take away the sins of many, shall appear a second time, without sin, to those who await him for salvation.”

251.If you want to be saved, do not escape suffering. St. John 15:18-1991 will never love us.

91-“If the world hates you, know that, first of all, he hated me. If you were of the world, the world would love what was yours; but because you are not of the world, before I have chosen you from the world, which is why the world hates you.”

252.In the place where our perks were to come out, Satan occupied him; only if we endure to the end, that is, in the new world; where Jesus and his angels will be in Heaven; and we and the prophets will reign92.

92th 4:482-504

253.The Prophets will be the Governors of the new world. Hebrews 11:13-1693.

93-“All these died in faith, without having attained the promises; but having seen and greeted them from afar, they confessed that they were foreigners and pilgrims on earth. Now, those who say such things show that they are seeking a homeland. And if they actually remembered that one they left from, they’d have a chance to come back. But now they want a better homeland, that is, the heavenly one. Therefore God too is not ashamed of them, of being called their God, because he has already prepared a city for them” 4:482-487.

254.Although we lead sad lives, we must rejoice because the one we believe in will save us. We will win by prayers.

255.If there is, among the brothers and sisters in Christ, someone who does not understand oneself with the other, seek immediate reconciliation;

256.Desolation and damage are approaching. 1 John 3:13-1594. The Lord will keep you. Amen, amen.

94-“My brethren, do not be adoring yourself if the world hates you. We know we’ve passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. Those who do not love remain in death. Everyone who hates his brother is homicidal; and ye know that no murderer has eternal life remaining in him.”

Change of the background color of the star of the alva-95

95″ 1:130-131. I play in a letter addressed to the Churches of Benguela, Luanda and Loge, between 1955 and 1961, declares the change of the color of the background of the star from eight corners of red to green, marking the end of a stage in the spiritual struggle of the Tocoists. The red one that was used from 1949 to 1961 and the green one that is currently used. 3-50-54.

257.Now do not use the red background anymore, but green.

258.We will use the star again. The red background symbolizes the blood that was already shed in the war.

259.The two colors of the star background are necessary.

Main hymns conceived by Toco in this period

260.And Yave nge unzambi eto;

261.Tata zulu oku;

262.Mfumu Yisu wafwa;

263.Nani okutuvambanisa;

264.Mfumu Yisu nzodi;

Announcement about the manifestation of three signs in the world

34.Three signs will manifest14. Three signs remain for them to be manifested in the world. Many scholars will go back and forth in search of the meaning of these signs, but they will not be able to interpret them. And that’s where they’ll know who I am15.

14-Touch prophesies the appearance of three signs: first, the appearance of Jesus Christ with his cross, followed by three days of darkness; second, the war of Armageddon, and lastly, the peace of Christ shall reign in his kingdom here in the world 4:553-570 and 5:78.

15-Toco is the one which is described in paragraph 90 and who holds the power which can be seen in paragraphs 154 and 157 of this chapter.

35.Know that Pope16 sent two emissaries who came to see our work.

16-Pope John XXIII. Check it out at 4:524-527.

36.But still more other sages will come in the coming years, but they will not turn here to the Church. You will be welcomed into the Governor’s Palace and that is where I will be called.

37.Mene, Mene, Tequel, Ufarslm17. In Daniel’s time the wise men could not interpret the king’s dream and had to call Daniel. And later they all worshipped the God of Daniel.

17-Daniel 5:25-28. . 4:422

38.Three signs will appear in heaven. Jesus will appear in heaven with his cross. When this sign is seen, the world will darken for three days.

39.I do not know, but many sages will come from all over the world. I will be called and questioned about the meaning of this sign. And I will answer: Mene, Mene, Tequel, Ufarslm.

40.The third sign will be green in color. In this world peace will reign (the new birth of Jesus Christ and peace for all the blessed). We will explain the meaning of Mene, Mene, Tequel, Ufarslm.

41.When the world prophesies war, then peace will come. If this does not happen, then we will only wait for the War of Armageddon; at this hour, the whole world will cry out: Peace! Peace!

42.Now say, who is the king of peace? The king of peace is the one who will explain the meaning of the sign that will appear. All nations will ask: .

43.And whoever accepts it must sign. Whoever refuses it will have to be arrested.

44.The great Archangel, Isaiah 9:618, who is Michael, the length of his leg can be compared with the height of 10 people. And he’s going to measure your steps. Europe and Africa, purify hearts because suffering is coming19.

18-“For a child was born unto us, a son was given unto us; and the government shall be upon his shoulders: and his name shall be: Wonderful, Counselor, Strong God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.” 2:167 and 3:81.


45.It’s not a lie, there’s no other war left. If you hear this war has arisen, then know that it’s all over. But it’s true that it’s coming, that’s my truth.

46.We await only the sign of Jonah20. The three days that Jesus was under the earth, each day he did a certain work, and which also have its meaning.

20-What event shall come of this sign? In Ninive, Jonah was in the belly of a whale that brought him ashore.

47.Third sign: five (05) continents constitute the whole world and seven great kings throughout the world.

48.Three signs will manifest themselves in the world: First: Jesus Christ with his cross, that is, there will be three days of darkness;

49.Second: The War of Armageddon; Third: And the Peace that will reign in the world. But even though these things are a secret, you write and keep them in your hearts.

The flag of the kingdom of Christ.

50.Until everything is fulfilled. The star we used will become bigger, and become the flag of the new world21.

21-Chapter 1:129-131, where Toco says “In Sona-Mbata when I was about to die, at night, sous who in the morning arrived the vehicles with the members of the Choir and sang farewell hymns directed by Samson (Afonso) that said . Before the Choir arrived, in the bed where I was, I saw, came a person with four emblems of stars and said: .

Angola: land of Emanuel and the reign of Christ

96.Angola is the land of Emanuel32. This Angola is Emanuel’s land. And the war will begin here.

32-According to Toco, here in Angola the war of Armageddon and the resurrection of the dead will begin. Here too will be the Holy City of the Great King and in it will be exercised the reign of Christ. Chapter 4:260-276,460-504.

87.The person should not know or ask. But this is the land of Emanuel. Everything will be fulfilled in Angola. Word!

98.1 John 4:1033. There are 14,000 who will go to The Holy City34, but of these, only seventy will be European. How are we going to get to the Holy City? Acts 1:835. There’s nothing more to say. What we said before is what’s been going on.

33-“In this is love: not in which we have loved God, but in which he loved us, and sent his Son as a propitiation for our sins”


35-“But ye shall receive power, as the Holy Spirit descendth upon you, and shall be witnesses unto me, both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samary, and unto the ends of the earth.” 3:170-178.

99.This Angola is the land of Emanuel. This will be where the kingdom of God will begin, and only then will it extend to the whole world.

100.You will be transformed36, because if it were not, there would be much suffering. Because now it’s the who will come to do the job. God has to do something urgently to protect believers.

36 Chapter 2:211-221.

101.Take care and do not worry about men anymore. Christ is benevolent and does not want anyone to die. But when you get angry, you don’t forgive anymore.

102.If we were to ask as our other brothers have asked, we would have received this country long ago. But we have longed for the kingdom of the whole world, so we have been subjected to all this suffering and we wait until he himself wants to give us.

103.But when the kingdom comes, many believers will be razed. Be firm because it is written that the same kingdom will come through strength. Have hope. You Elders must encourage the people every day.

104.This Spirit, who is not known to the world, descended from Heaven on us blacks in 1949.

105.I would like to indicate the localities where I have taught and which are directed by the Holy Spirit. The Loge Valley Settlement. They are part of those who were dispersed in the woods because of the war.

106.Fled in the ex-Belgian Congo, others are in Maquela do Zombo. Few stay in the woods. I have my own people and I went looking for them.

Posture of the soldiers of Christ in rows126


401.For it is very interesting to me to see in you the faith and courage to show the world that you truly are soldiers of Christ in rows that march to the front of the spiritual battle, against the enemies of God,

402.Struggling with the hope of one day winning victory through our Lord and his angels.

403.That day, we will know that we are soldiers of Christ in a row, and not only will we have that name of soldiers, but the soldier before going to fight must resign first, and swear to the National Flag.

404.This is what soldiers have done, those who fight for material cases to the death. Now, we being soldiers of Christ in a row, spiritually we are fighting Satan’s visible and invisible enemies127.

127-The official hymn of the Church says that The Tocoists are volunteers of Christ in a row. This hymn was composed at the time of the emergence of armed movements in 1962, in the presentation of the Peace Plan for Angola.

405.This struggle will only end until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, on an unknown day, sooner or later. His promise will be fulfilled sooner or later, and we – his soldiers – have also sworn to the Flag of Christ to the death.

406.It is clear that not everyone who swears to the Flag, fulfills his oath and does not advance to the front of the battle, others retreat, some weaken, etc. etc. etc. In any case, the good soldier advancing or retreating will continue to fight to the death.

407.We are called great liars and false prophets of this world. Very well, but I ask: the book of God teaches us to worship God in spirit and in truth, and not to make pictures or images and worship them.

408.Now, on the day of God’s final judgment, who will be punished? Those who worship God in truth and spirit, or those who worship images that God bores?

409.Therefore, my brethren, let us fight in prayer until the day of the coming of the son of God, it will be on that day when we will see who were the true soldiers of Christ.

410.What the Great of this world are doing to us, is what they have done to the prophets, to Christ and to his disciples or apostles.

411.Obey the services that these men (who are seated in the chair of Moses, who do not belong to them) give us, for they are the men to whom God has given great powers.

412.For the rest of God’s word, read St. Matthew 23:2-12128.

128-“In the chair of Moses sit the scribes and Pharisees. Therefore, whatever you are told, do and observe it; but do not do according to his works; because they say and don’t practice. For they tie heavy burdens and difficult to bear, and place them on the shoulders of men; but they themselves don’t even want to move them with their fingers. All his works are made to be seen by men; for they enlarge their phylacterios and increase the fringes of their mantles; they like the first place in the banquets, the first chairs in the synagogues, the greetings in the squares, and being called by the men: Rabbi. But you do not want to be called rabbi; for one is your Master, and you are all brothers and sisters. And to no one upon the earth you call your father; for one is your Father, the one who is in heaven. You do not even want to be called guides: for one is your Guide, who is Christ. But the greatest among you will be your servant.

The power of God in the world and the eight nations

453.Dear brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the World residing in Angola138.

138-“Epistle of 27.02.1974. Check out page 116.

454.Jehovah God created the world and wanted everyone to be one, that is, to love each other.

455.Jehovah God is not word, but power that is, a mandate or sovereignty of the state charged with making and discussing God’s laws for the people and laws of the nation.

456.In addition to the power that each nation has for its homeland, there is another power that God has granted to one nation to guide the other nations of the world. I don’t know if my brothers are getting it right.

457.The kingdom of God is not the word, but it is virtue, strength, the usual disposition for the practice of good and all good moral qualities, etc., or I can even tell you that it is the Kingdom of Christ in the world of God:

458.First: Well, BABYLON did not obey this order of God, that is to say, this power. What have you done? They built the tower of Babel to know where God resides. As a result, God confused the tongues and spread.

459.Second: The power of Babylon is over and Jehovah God gave it to Egypt to guide the world well. What did Egypt do?

460.He enslaved the children of Israel for 400 years, and Moses was the only man chosen for the deliverance of his brethren, that is, the children of Israel left Egypt but did evil because they built idols.

461.Therefore Jehovah God condemned them to be scattered in the world, but they will be forgiven if they know and believe in their brother (Jesus Christ) that they have killed. The power of Egypt eventually enslaved the children of Israel.

462.Third: But the power to represent the whole world continued and God appointed another nation, GREECE, to represent all nations, that is, to imply the will of Jehovah God for all nations and the King was ALEXANDER the Great. They did not fulfill Jehovah God’s mandate, and God took away their power.

463.Fourth: God gave power to ROME to represent the nations. What did Rome do? He began to venerate the images, so St. Paul wrote this veneration in the book of the Romans himself, chapter 1:18-32139.

139-“Therefore heaven is revealed the wrath of God against all the wickedness and injustice of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness. For what can be known of God is manifested in them, because God has manifested it to him. For their invisible attributes, their eternal power and divinity, are clearly seen from the creation of the world, being perceived through the created things, so that they are inescusable; for having known God, they did not give him grace, but in his speculations they faded, and his foolish heart was obscured. By being wise, they became studes, and changed the glory of god incorruptible in likeness of the image of corruptible man, and of birds, and of quadrupeds, and of reptiles. Therefore, God gave them, in the lusts of their hearts, to filth, to be their bodies dishonored among themselves; for they exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed eternally. Amen. For what God has given them to infamous passions. Because even their wives have changed their natural use in what is contrary to nature; similarly, also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, inflamed in their sensuality towards each other, man with man, committing bad things and receiving in themselves the proper reward of their error. And just as they rejected the knowledge of God, God in turn delivered them to a depraved feeling, to do things that do not fit; being filled with all injustice, malice, greed, wickedness; full of envy, murder, strife, deed, malignancy; being murmurers, proud, presumptuous, inventors of evils, without natural affection, without mercy; who, knowing well the decree of God, which declares worthy of death those who do such things, not only do them, but also approve of those who practice them.”

464.Fifth: These instead of fulfilling their mandate began with the wars and Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of France, wanted to reign the whole world by force and lost the war. God took away his power and gave it to GERMANY.

465.Sixth: In 1914 Germany also failed to fulfill its mandate and lost the war, although in 1939-

1945 it wanted revenge to win the whole world, but Hitler lost the war;

466.Seventh: Jehovah God took away all his power and gave it to England, but also disobeyed and Jehovah God took away his power.

467.Do not be confused with the power of every nation and the power that God has given to guide the nations well. I have explained everything to you;

468.Eighth: Jehovah God gave power to the United States of America. Today the representative of all nations in the world is AMERICA that has now surrendered in wars. They began to notice their mistake and formed the LEAGUE OF NATIONS, so that they could fulfill the mandate of Jehovah God.

469.Are you complying? I can’t tell. They began with peace throughout the world, but although the war is diminishing, before Jehovah God things are not following His will.

470.The United States of America must pay attention, for in Heaven things are in another way that we poor people in this world cannot decipher.

471.Let us now count how many nations Jehovah God has given His power to represent or organize the world well: Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, France, Germany, England and America. There are eight nations140.

140-Revelation 17:10-11 and Daniel 2:37-38, 7:4-7

472.What does 8 mean? You mean the 8th Kingdom. Do you understand? I tell you, my prophets, my good prophets. They’re going to say whatever they want to say.

473.If I do not die quickly, you will hear more things that you have never heard since you converted to Christ.

474.This is the time to clarify the word of God, so that Christians who are forgetting the coming of Christ are comforted, while the world is mocking.

475.Is the world thinking that if One day Jehovah God takes away the responsibility of the world to America, will he appoint another nation of this world to represent the nations? Not at all141. Finish, finish. I tell you my truth.

141-As happened at the end of the reign of Babylon, at this turn of the millennium, the fall of the twin towers marked the end of the reign of the United States, setting bare the farce of the current paradigm of economic development.

476.If one day the United States of America fails, it will snatch Jehovah God’s own war and thenations will all wage war against the Lamb, and this war is called Armageddon142. Revelation 16:13-141 43 and 17:14144.

142th 5:145-148

143-“And from the mouth of the dragon, and from the mouth of the beast, and from the mouth of the false prophet, I saw out three unclean, frog-like spirits. For they are the spirits of demons that operate signs; who go to meet the kings of the whole world, to gather them together for the battle of the great day of Almighty God.”

144-They shall fight against the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, for he is the Lord of lords and the King of kings; they shall also overcome those who are with him, the called, and elect, and faithful.”

477.After the American nation, the number eight (8) will turn into zero or nine out, zero. Spiritual mathematics: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36. Adding 3 and 6, it will be equal to 9; taking the proof of the nine, is equal to zero (0).

478.Now, if there will be no more representatives of Jehovah God in the world to represent all nations, who can then enter into the place of these nations?

479.Answer: “However, the number of the children of Israel shall be like the area of the sea, which cannot be measured or counted; and it shall happen that, in the place where they were told:

480.You are not my people, it will be said to them: You are children of the living God. And the children of Judah and the children of Israel together shall gather together, and shall constitute upon themselves a single head, and shall ascend from the earth; for great will be the day of Jezreel.” Oseas 1:10-22145.

145-I touch with this chapter, seek so to describe to us God’s purposes to the chosen people. 2:165-204.

481.Attention Tocoists, beware. Oh! Oh, I’m so sorry Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Hosea said: “And they will rise…”.

Governing freedom

482.Why does everyone want to become independent?

483.It is the prophecies that are being fulfilled. Revelation 17:7-15. Jesus had made these things known to John, to communicate them to the 7 Churches, to the kings of the world. Read verse

10 of Revelation 17.

484.The 7 kings are: Babylon – Egypt – Greece – Rome – France – Germany – England.

485.Verse 11 of Revelation 17 refers to the 8th kingdom, the United States of America.

486.This kingdom is of all peoples, from those who have reigned to those who have never reigned. That is why the mess is taking place all over the world.

487.All nations shall be free to govern themselves in their own countries;;

488.This is how they will no longer remember God and the destruction of the world. 1 Thessalonians 5:1-10; Matthew 24:43-45; Habacuc 2:3; Revelation 13:8-10. Read them well, calmly, and for many times.

489.The whole world is very alarmed, saying “We are committing stupidity. We should focus on

academic training because it has a lot of value.” Do you know why? Daniel 12:4151; 1 Corinthians 1:22-25152.

151-“But thou, Daniel, surrounds the words and seals the book until the end of time; many will run from one part to the other, and science will multiply.”

152-“For while the Jews ask for a sign and the Greeks seek wisdom, we preach to Christ crucified, which is scandal to the Jews and folly to the Greeks, but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ – power of God – and wisdom of God. For the folly of God is wiser than men; and God’s weakness is stronger than men.”

490.When this scripture was fulfilled in the days of the Jews about the multiplication of science, God commanded the prophet Jeremiah, but the wise had rejected it.

491.Now, even in our time too, academic formation is smelling good, for even old people with bald or white hair will all want to graduate and they all claim to be believers!

492.It’s a lie, they’re relying on independence. Even if they confess not to adhere to the ideal of struggle for independence. All this is pure lies; fear the reprisals of the colonialists.

493.In the future we will know those who will strive to serve God. But for now, we’re going to let everything run the way it is. Malachi 3:16-18.

Vate’s Mission in the Church

494.All Vates are just envelopes, and within them is the secret and ministry of God.

495.A Vate who plays must be put outside the Church, and among the Vates there will be if Jehovah God wills, discerned from Spirits to protect the Church…

496.Do not forget my brethren, nephews, and nieces, that the City of Jericho is where there will be the School of Prophets and children of Prophets and was the second City of Judea in the time of Our Lord.

497.In this city the children of the prophets studied prophecy. II Kings 2:1-11155

155-“When the Lord was about to take Elijah into heaven in a whirlwind, Elijah departed from Gilgal with Elisha. Elijah said unto Elisha, Stay here, for the Lord sends me to Bethel. But Elisha said, The Lord live, and live thy soul, which I will not leave thee. And so they went down to Beter. Then the children of the prophets who were at Bethel went out to meet Elisha and said unto him, Do you know that the Lord shall take your lord over your head today? And he said, Yes, I know; Shut up. And Elijah said unto him, Elisha, stay here, for the Lord sends me to Jericho. But he said, Live oh Lord, and live thy soul, which I will not leave thee. And so they came to Jericho. Then the children of the prophets who were in Jericho came to Elisha and said unto him, Do you know that the Lord shall take your lord over your head today? And he said, Yes, I know; shut up. And Elijah said unto him, Stay here, for you send me to Jordan. But he said, Live the Lord, and live thy soul, which I will not leave you. And so they both went together.

And fifty men were among the children of the prophets, and they stopped before them from afar; and they both stopped by the Jordan. Then Elijah took up his cape and, bending it, smote the waters, which were divided from one band; and they both walked dry. Having passed them, Elijah said to Elisha, Ask me what you want me to do, before there is a folded portion of your spirit over me. Elijah answered, “You asked for a hard thing.” However, if you see me when It is taken from you, so shall it be done to you; but if not, it will not be done. And as they went and talked, a fire cart, with horses of fire, separated them from the other; and Elijah ascended into heaven in a whirlwind.”

498.If the Vates of Christ’s Church loved each other, and if the Tocoists loved each other according to the will of Jehovah God and Christ, the City of Luanda was formed the School of Prophecies, because the Spirit of God is with you and sometimes hangs in the air above your heads…

499.I asked Jehovah God to give you the true Vates to begin to discern true and false Spirits, but it takes mutual love for all Tocoist Christians.

500.Tocoism goes, Tocoism comes, Tocoism will live.

501.You, Vates, are the ones who must take care of the Church, helping her. Therefore, Christ and Jehovah God gave you this service to defend it and are not playing in the tabernacle.

502.It is to pray and watch the service on all sides. You are spiritual soldiers.

503.The Church needs to be purged, because my Spirit does not like confusion and just wants God’s service to be well organized156.

156-This is one of the themes that most disturbs the Church and the Tocoists. It is at the origin of spiritual deviations and the various tendencies resulting from the various religious movements that emerged in the former Belgian Congo (DRC) before the emergence of Tocoism. The problem of espititismo is at the basis of the emergence of various factions of Tocoism.

504.Do not arise in your middle someone who prophesies as him Simon Toco157.


505.Evil is multiplying because you cannot examine the spirits.

506.From now on, all the evil that is being done within the Church must be denounced, for only in this way will God’s service know its good growth.

507.There are leaders who deserve to be punished, because they do not walk as God wants.

508.If you see in your middle someone who is prophesying things that do not contribute to the building up of the Church and come out of the blasphemy in her mouth, know that she is with the devil. Kick him out to prophesy elsewhere.

509.The Spirit of God is not violent, but he is meek and expresses himself with all respect. The Spirit of God cannot assault people or utter blasphemy in his mouth.

510.No spirit should determine the choice of conjugal partners. This responsibility rests with the parents. They will later communicate to the Church for the celebration of the matrimonial act.

511.I do not also admit that anyone accuses that the suggested to him in dream a conjugal partner. All the spirit that does so does not belong to me.

158-Lord despised.

512.If a spirit that claims to be that of Simon Gonçalves Toco arises in your midst, do not follow him. Otherwise, you will be diverted159.

159-On the subject, pastor António Mário said in 2004: <These are things we see in this Church. From that very experience is that when you say “Éh, éh…”. Who’s that? “It’s me, John the Baptist.” And we used it right away in the Bible. Is it correct what you’re going to say? Because we live these situations with Brother Tumissungu Cardoso in 1953. We live these situations in Luanda with Brother Pululu Alberto in the same year. We also live in this situation with Brother Dielumbaka Alberto. These two were Vates de Simão Gonçalves Toco. We experienced this situation in the years 1050/51 with Brother Paulo Alfredo in 1958. A Vate put the Elders and Counselors in a dimuka river from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. waiting for a ship to take them to the United States of America. We also had another Simon Toco in the Pigeon Kuilu and who did his feats. We have Brother Sebastian Lucila in Ntaya Makela de Zombo who instead of prophesying the eighth kingdom of Christ, he prophesied the seventh kingdom. We have the case that is recent, of Brother Mateus Rogério of the 18 Classes and 16 Tribes where Mr. Simon Toco was living inside a house. We have the case of Brother Abraham – António Zaza, etc etc… 4:294-319.

513.God tells all spirits posing as Simon Toco to be silenced in all places where they are prophesied.

514.This spirit that arises in the name of Simon Toco is God himself who has sent him to beware, but yet you do not gain caution.

515.The true Spirit of God comes as a thief, with all calm, penetrates the person and this in turn begins to prophesy.

516.The Spirit of God is meek, the spirit of the Devil is agitator.

517.In certain places there are strife between brethren because of the Spirit, and they want to cast out from the Church all those who are loyal to the Spirit. But they’re going to examine whether a given spirit comes from God or is satanic.

518.The Spirit of God cannot love only half or a dozen people. The Holy Spirit does not curse, but enlivens the Church. John 6:63160

160-“The spirit is what enlivens, the flesh for nothing enjoys; the words I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.”

519.The service of the Holy Ghost is to minister the teaching of Christ.

520.In all localities, you all have the Holy Spirit. If on one side the evil spirit dominates, on the other side he prophesies the true Holy Spirit.

521.Now the Spirit dwells in the person. This person, in turn, begins to say things about God. After the transmission of the message, the Spirit will go away.

522.In this case, the inhabited person will know nothing about what the Spirit said, but the people present will make known to him what the Spirit has done or said.

523.Our Lord Jesus Christ said to Nicodemus, “What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of the Spirit is spirit.” St. John 3:5-7.

524.Therefore, in the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the World, both adults and minors inhabited by the Holy Spirit can explain the word of God. Because it is not they who speak, but the Holy Spirit.

525.I am instructing you all about the word of God. This God who has dwelt in your midst, his name cannot be attributed to the Vate body where He dwells.

Action of the Holy Spirit in the process of evangelization.

526.I now speak to the brothers who came from the ex-Belgian Congo161. The word you brought from the ex-Belgian Congo was very strong because it was accompanied by the Holy Spirit who dwells in you.

161-Thou stola of 13.12.1971. These are members of the Kibokolo Choir, repatriated in Angola.

527.But before you came from the Congo, there were already Christians in various parts of Angola.

528.For example in Luanda there was the Methodist Church, idem in Malange or Quessua, and there were Churches in Ambrizete and Cabinda, as well as in San Salvador, Kikobolo, Bembe, Uíge and Kikaia that is, in northern Angola.

529.In the part of Cuanhamas and in the South of Angola, Dondi, Bié, Andulo, Nova Lisboa (Huambo), Lobito and Benguela, Kaluakembe, Caconda and especially the Catholic Churches scattered everywhere.

530.There have been Pastors, Catechists who continue to this day. These Christians from the north, south, east and west know the Bible and are true Christians, but the consoling Holy Spirit who is the best explainer is missing.

531.Therefore, God wanted us all to be well taught by the Holy Spirit we lacked.

532.I had already explained to you that it was at the Missionary Congress around the world, which took place in Leopoldville in 1946, where much was dealt with for Africa.

533.At this meeting of all the white, black Portuguese of Angola and the ex-Belgian Congo who lived in Leopoldville, Mr Tucker or Tak and Mr. Doctor of Kalukembe appointed two blacks from Angola162.

162-There is still a third black, which was the Reverend Jesse Chiula Chipenda.

534.The first was Reverend Gaspar de Almeida of the Methodist Mission of Luanda and the second was I who am writing this letter. Each had his own things to ask God for.

535.Mr Gaspar de Almeida prayed first and when it came my turn, the two Missionary Doctors told me in my ear to ask the Holy Spirit.

536.Because it is the only thing that Africa lacked to better understand the word of God, but that it did not take long to ask and I prayed only three minutes.

537.I knew something about the Bible, which was enough, but thank God I began to understand a little more of the Bible after Our God gave the Holy Spirit, and I gave praise to God.

538.I thanked the two Tucker Missionary Doctors of the Dondi Mission, and the Rodolph Brechet of the Kalukembe Mission.

539.And in my house in Mayenge no. 159 in Leopoldville, the Holy Spirit descended in the midst of 35 people who prayed that night of July 25, 1949, the day God gave the answer of prayer.

540.What does the world want more? What we lacked was the improvement of god’s word so that the Holy Spirit could work strongly among the Africans of Angola, for the salvation of the whole world.

541.What is worse is that the spirit that the Vates have instead of being good and meek remains agitating, raw and cruel to their brothers.

542.When persecution is too much, the Spirit flees and the body begins to suffer disgracefully.

543.Jesus’ prophets and disciples suffered unto death, but all remained united by faith until death.

544.But we at this time have done God’s service with olive oil in one hand and tacula in the other.

545.Enmities and enmities… is this the service that God and Christ have recommended?

546.It was not Simão Gonçalves Toco who invited you to gather the Christians from the 4 corners of Angola. Who can do that? It’s Christ. You ask yourself very naturally.

547.We the Tocoists of the ex-Belgian Congo, we were educated by the Protestant Missionaries Baptistas, luanda, Catete and Malange were educated by the Methodist mission, those of Uíge, Quiecheia, Sanza Pombo, etc., by the Mission of northern Angola.

548.Those from southern Angola were educated by the Mission of Dondi Chilesso, Moçamedes, Filafricana de Kalukembe, etc. etc. etc. You wonder these missions all exist?

549.Only those of Luanda Quessua, Filafricana and Chilesso remained; the others were bombed. But I ask:

550.Was Christ also bombed? Heaven and earth will pass naturally, but your word will never pass.

551.The first religions were separated into Catholics, Protestants, Adventists, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Orthodox, Pentecostals, Salvation Army, etc.

552.But the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ has only the same corral as Christ and all scattered Tocoists have the same faith.

553.The same prayer, the same order and respect for our superiors, even if the authorities persecute us, we will always present our obedience.

554.This is what is called a Christian Tocoist. We obey everything our authorities say, one less thing: We will never accept to stop praying.

555.People who do not want Tocoism, stand back while it is early. In Tocoism we do not want those of Paul, those of Apollo and those of Cephas, not gentlemen, my brothers. In Tocoism there is no Paul, Apollo or Cephas.

556.Brethren, let the strife and be all one. You have two names: In the flesh, Portuguese163 and in Spirit, Christians of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the World. But you are not of Paul, Apollo or Cephas. 1 Corinthians 3:1-23164.

163-Portuguese, because Angola was not yet independent.

164-“And I, brethren, have not been able to speak unto you as a spiritual, but as carnal, as the little children speak in Christ. Milk I gave you for food, not solid food, for you could not bear it; nor yet can ye; because you are still of the flesh; for when there is envy and strife among you, are ye not of the flesh, and are ye not walking according to men? For saying one, I am of Paul; and another: I am of Apollo: are you not only men? For what is Apollo, and who is Paul, if not ministers for whom you believed, and this according to what the Lord has given to each one? I planted; Apollo watered; but God gave growth. So that neither what plants is anything, nor what waters, but God, who gives growth. Now one thing is what he plants and what he waters; and each will receive his reward according to his work. Because we are god’s co-workers; you are God’s farm and God’s building. According to the grace of God given to me, I cast as a wise builder, the foundation, and another builds upon him. Because no one can lay another foundation, other than what is already laid, which is Jesus Christ. And if anyone on this foundation raises a building of gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, the work of each will manifest itself; for that day shall show it, for it shall be revealed in the fire, and the fire shall prove what the work of each one is. If the work that someone has built upon him remains, he will receive an award. If someone’s work is burned, it will suffer injury; but this will be saved nonetheless as if by fire. Do you not know that you are the sanctuary of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If one destroys God’s sanctuary, God will destroy it; for sacred is the sanctuary of God, which you are. No one deceives himself; if one of you is wise in this world, go mad to become wise. For the wisdom of this world is folly before God; for it is written, He catches the wise in his own cunning; and again: The Lord knows the cogitations of the wise, who are vain. Therefore no one is gloating in men; for everything is yours; be it Paul or Apollo or Cephas; be it the world, or life, or death; be it the things present, or the coming, everything is yours, and you of Christ, and Christ of God.”

Manifestation of spiritism in the Church

557.In Tocoism there is a great mixture of spirits: The Spirit of God and spiritism.

558.But as we are improving the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the world, the spiritism that the Devil has introduced is almost over.

559.Therefore, in Tocoism there are no mediums, but there are Vates. These Vates will be found by Christ. They’re going to do a lot before you come.

560.And many have been strange about the things the Tocoists do. Sounds like a joke, but these are serious things that are happening.

561.There is spiritism and spiritualism.

562.We are not spiritualists, but spiritualists. Spiritists believe in unclean spirits and we Tocoists believe in the Holy Spirit of God.

563.But we asked the soft Spirit that Moses had. Thank God, many have been converted and are enlightened with the meek Spirit.

564.The Spirit is in your midst and He is the best teacher. Embrace him, but always prove this spirit, because Satan multiplied his spirit to confuse us. (2:12).

565.In the past years we have worked with thousands of deceitful spirits and God has stopped the work, but by mercy he has lifted us up and the service has multiplied.

566.But if you don’t pay attention, close for good. I’m very upset with you.

Rebuke to the Elders of the Central (Removal of the Central)

567.My letter is entitled “REBUKE” for the whole Church, especially for the Central – The Elders165.

165 Central, that is, the Central Class of Luanda, where the Central Direction of the Church operated. From 1976 to 1984, it was subtly assumed by the Summit of Elders and Councillors.

568.Why? I’m going to say it. All of God’s people, the Tocoists of all ages, pay attention. Almost all of my letters this month always speak of this word — attention to god’s service in which Jehovah God has entrusted you.

569.Yes, you are not guilty, for you have never entered the Bible School since you received that word, but Jehovah God wanted to help you.

570.Therefore poured out the Holy Spirit that the devil mixed with his evil spirit which until now we are fighting for God’s strength to extinguish it.

571.And this evil spirit which entered into the midst of the Tocoists, meddling in confusion between the Holy Spirit and the devilish spirit, forced our authorities to spread the people of God.

572.But thanks to Jehovah who has protected us to this day, if not, Tocoism would disappear once and for all in the Portuguese world166.

166-Part of this account is set out in chapter 2:11-18 and following.

573.Everywhere we set foot in Angola, it was intended by God, because if our State did not arrest us, how could we teach the spiritual gospel in Angola?

574.As persecution was too much, the Spirit said to me, “Simon, warn the people I to enter into their homes, and pray until I tell you.”

575.That is why the Tocoists are praying to God within their homes, but the world calls Tocoism false prophets!

576.Okay. Pity is that the Tocoists do not know the value of the service that God has given them.

577.Therefore, a great punishment will come first for the 12 Elders, 12 Vice, Elders, especially Elders who came together with me167.

167-These Elders are those who were repatriated from Leopoldville to Angola. In the new configuration of the Church, they are gathered in the designated Direction of “12 Elders”.

578.They will take a great lesson so that they can learn the word of God that they are mixing with the word of the Devil.

579.Therefore, I am far away168, but I do not forget anything they are doing in the midst of Christ’s Church, and if they do not understand me, many 12 Older, 12 Vice and Elders, will be put out of the Church.

168-Azores, Portugal.

580.I have written to you much about your enmity and the mixture of god’s word with your ancient customs, mixing the spell with the word of God.

581.Therefore, the word shall be taken away and delivered to the students of the Bible (Young), for all shall have the same idea, of what you who have received the word and doubt it.

582.How can you teach others if you do not yet know what the word of God means?

583.The 12 Elders, 12 Vice and Elders, 48 A and B and 30 A stop the work first until this is resolved. Don’t you know why the girls came from the South?

584.It was to see your work and they are small, poor girls of 15 and 16 years, but it is the Spirit of God who took them to Luanda, in order to gather Luanda and the south.

585.Have you heard what Jeremiah’s Vate has explained to you about Jacob’s dream. Genesis


169-“Then he dreamed: a ladder was laid upon the earth, whose top came to heaven; and be it that the angels of God went up and down through it.”

586.What you are doing is a kind of theater of things that are to come among you. Can you show it?

587.For there is in your midst a mixture of the word of God with the word of the devil, and the Elders of the Central Class support this doctrine which has entered into your midst and you Mfuenge170 are asleep, is not it?

170-This is the Elder António Ferreira Lopes.

588.You could not enter into the customs of the old, because your mission to Christ must be different and besides you do not remember what archangel Michael told you about the hard hole you’ve been digging?

589.Do you know why? Do you know why? Do you know why? Your service is to oversee Christ’s service in Luanda. That’s why you stayed, you know what I mean?

590.It gives the people freedom to work at will without frightening them. The other Elders have not studied the Bible, but you have the principle of God’s word;

591.That is why I am inviting bible students to strive with Bible study, because later everyone will teach the word without stumbling.

592.Provisionally, the recipients of my letters will be An Elder who can read, write, and fulfill what the Bible teaches, named in each Class.

593.Therefore, there are 17 Classes or Neighborhoods, and each Class appoints a competent Elder in reading, speaking the Portuguese, and knowledge of the Bible. Therefore, there are 17 Elders with their 4 Writers.

594.In place of Brother José Canhanga, place António Lutango who will work with the Writers Gaspar Domingos Neto, António Neto and the other room.

595.The ancients of the Central rest until the case in the midst of the Church is resolved.

596.God was angry. The Central is hiding an animal that began to gnaw on the Church and did not communicate to me171.

171-What is this animal? This is the manifestation of the spiritist tendencies emerging in Tocoism. The Donfonso Elder Fernando Manzambi describes the situational framework of leadership in this period: <After the Leader returned from the Azores, we the 12 Elders were no longer part of the Church’s directive activities. If people were truly Christian and if they spoke the truth, things would be said from the bottom up, that is, from the beginning. But people said, “No, we’re all the same.” But what’s inside them, no one can know. From there began the struggle for power in the Church. The rest, … they want to lead, but they don’t know what they can do to be good leaders.

They eat, drink and sleep, but they don’t know what happened in Kinshasa, Angola, brazzaville.

597.If it were not for the views of the girls, everything would be stopped until the coming of Christ. Who will have a good answer in the presence of Confirmation in Jerusalem?

598.Henceforth, God’s service is thus organized: The Central belongs to the whole Church.

599.Therefore, each year change the occupants of the Central.

600.It is necessary for everyone to know the service so that there are no more troubles, nor to serve God with expired and diabolical ideas. A lot of people who aren’t Tocoists are watching your work.

601.Do you think that the women and children who attend the Branches are all Tocoists?

602.Many want to enter because they are even understanding that this is the true Church of Christ that He has left and that has been exchanged.

603.But workers do not work according to the will of the Lord. How do the Elders of the Central welcome, in service, a Christian and Elder who serves two masters and is dragging others along the way and letting them work?

604.Don’t you, Fwengwe, see the danger that’s appearing in the middle of the Church? This is the danger that has spoiled the Church of Ntaya and other parts because of enmity and superiority.

605.Each Class must prepare bread and wine and all that is needed for the Supper. Who doesn’t know how to prepare? At the age of 24, don’t the Classes know how to prepare the Supper?

606.Do not forget, the Center will be directed by the new and later by the students of the Bible and must at the same time learn the Portuguese language or choose those that are worthy for interpretation, according to S.Paulo.

607.Your work is something, but the Elders do not know how to distinguish evil in the midst of the Church.

608.How can children evolve with the word of God? Like, in schools, you have to have good teachers.

609.I will make you understand the meaning of the rebuke to the Central. I have questions to ask, and I want the whole Church to answer me. I mean, every class that answers me and explains everything they know about my questions.

610.Who called the healer in the midst of the Church? How many Tocoists have been deceived by the healer?

611.Why did Brother Kama Afonso give his head to the healer who cut his hair? Why was the healer arrested? Send me the names of all those who have embraced Viera-Viassa.

612.Brother Kama Afonso, who sought the power of the healer, did not know he was a Tocoist? What did the Elders of the Central Church solve?

613.Let the brother explain all that the healer did to him and to the other Tocoists. If you want to confess, both he and the Elders of the Central Church will cross their hands because Christ is about to arrive and many years are not to be left.

614.I speak now to the Vates: Ye must take care of the Church, helping her, so Christ and Jehovah God gave you this work to defend him and are not playing in the tabernacle.

615.It is to pray and watch over the service on all sides. You are spiritual soldiers.

616.God said that the service is delivered into your hands, but bear it and play not, otherwise you know.

617.Who were the people who fought on January 1 this year at Bairo cazenga 3? Were they from the city or Tocoists?

618.I repeat, what I have already told you: An Elder who understands the Bible, who speaks the Portuguese, who knows how to speak with good manners and respect before the people of God.

619.That is to say, God’s people are not only the Tocoists, because the Tocoists are only evangelists and for the people of God to believe, one must know how to draw them to God and Christ, and it is not with whips or with shouts.

620.For God wants all to be saved, unless one flees the doctrine of God of his own free will.

621.Therefore, the Central will provisionally receive a competent Elder from each District and a Suleno Elder.

622.Therefore, there are 18 with 4 Writers, already known form 24.

623.These will occupy the Central until they explain to me the case of Brother Kama Afonso and Cazenga 03.

624.The former Elders of the Central will continue to help the other brethren in serving God within their Neighborhoods (Classes).

625.These 24 will always take my news. God’s service is for everyone.

The triumphal return

670.I heard the voices and all that they said about me. Do you want me to go back to Angola to be with you?

671.I did not want to come to you because I do not miss it, but as my brothers, nephews and nieces want to join me in Angola to wait for the second coming of our Lord in the clouds,

672.I accept your call and will be with you this year (1974) even if Jehovah God will so and I must arrive in august181.

181-This is an audio recording sent to the author while he was in the Azores in captivity.

The truth of Toco (I know what Christ said)

673.Return to Luanda and today I still feel more like explaining the word of God. Are there shootings, confusion?

674.I’m not prevented from coming back. Maybe I’m one of the first to die, but if men are killing each other, they’re wrong.

675.If i am asked to speak, that is what I have to say, and I do so without fear. Just be brothers. This is the law that Jesus Christ left.

676.I have never spoken a word other than peace. But one should no more honor the creature than the Creator.

677.I say what I believe, but I do not force anyone to listen to me, but all be Catholics, Protestants, Tocoists, Adventists, and even atheists, in the end they will receive the reward of their work, good, or evil.

678.I’m not vengeful. I lost a lot of things: money, friends, everything. But I know what Christ said. That’s my only truth. That’s the one I’m going to defend.

Main hymns designed:

679.The heavenly homeland of God;

680.There is a country of splendor;

681.For the fatherland we will sing.

682.When earthly life ends;

683.Volunteers of Christ in a row;

684.Ngutuka kumi ye zole;

685.The Mvungudi eno wafilwa va sanga;

686.E Klisto e vita um ngenga se unia (Hinário BMS).

The power of God bestowed on the nations of the world (Daniel 2 and 7, and Revelation 17)


First Babylon Daniel 7:4; Daniel 2:37-38

2nd Egypt Daniel 7:5; Daniel 2:39

Third Greece Daniel 7:6; Daniel 2:39

4th Rome Daniel 7:7; 19-23; Daniel 2:40

5th France Revelation 17:7-10

6th Germany Revelation 17:7-10

7th England Revelation 17:7-10

8th USA. Revelation 17:11

0 New Jerusalem Oseas 1:10-11

“After the American nation, number eight (8) will turn into zero, or nine out zero. Spiritual mathematics: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36. Adding 3 and 6, it will be equal to 9, taking the proof of the nine is equal to zero (0). Now, if in the world there will be no more representatives of Jehovah God to represent all nations, who can then enter into the place of these nations? Answer: Oseas 1:10-11. Attention Tocoists, watch out! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, you will.

I have no other commandments-64

320.Tocoists residing in the Republic of Zaire are remembered from my last trip there65, until my return to Angola;

64-3:301 and footer.

65-Toco’s going to former Zaire took place on 22-24 November 1974.

321.It was not appropriate for me to write unto you again, but I am obliged to do so now because of the inequity of the people and the disorder that has entered your midst.

322.The Tocoists shall behave according to the Lord’s recommendations and commandments, until he shall place all enemies under his feet.

323.Know that the Father and the Son will do something on this planet, because the abuses are already too much; God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ have established a concert. Sophonys 1:2-366

66-“I shall consume all over the face of the earth, saith the Lord. I will consume men and animals; I will consume the birds of the sky, and the fish of the sea, and the stumbles together with the wicked; and I will exterminate men from upon the face of the earth, saith the Lord.”

324.When the promise is fulfilled, the whole world will keep its mouth open and cry, “Where shall we take refuge?” Malachi 4:167.

67-“Well, that day comes burning like a furnace; all the proud, and all who commit wickedness, shall be as stubble; and the day to come shall burn them, saith the Lord of hosts, so that he will leave them neither root nor branch.”

325.If you think this world is good, it is a sign that you are not being guided by the Spirit of God.

326.For all who will be guided by the Spirit of God, have knowledge that this world is going wrong. Matthew 24:32-3368.

68-“Learn from the fig tree his parable: When his branch becomes tender and leaves sprout, ye know that the summer is near. Likewise, when you see all these things, know that he is near, even at the door.”


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