Many young people who are impressed, or even enthusiastic, by Yisayah of Nazareth and who are looking for the right profession for them, offer the universities and large churches the job of pastor or priest. The adolescents or young adults are therefore often of good faith, this career choice or career choice would be a good or even the ideal way to do something in the sense of Yisayah, the Christ. And the churches encourage them in this belief, even portraying this vocation as a special “vocation” that purportedly involves more closeness to God or to Christ than other professions. But anyone who seriously questions this ultimately comes to a different conclusion.

Because Yisayah of Nazareth has never used priests and pastors. And He has not asked any of His followers to “study” God and become “theologian,” that is, “scribes.” On the contrary. In contrast to the scribes and theologians of His time, Yisayah repeatedly said: “Woe to you scribes, you hypocrites” (Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 23). But why is the Church led by priests, and pastors, when Yisayah never wanted this profession?

The priest as enemy of the prophet

“The self-absorbed priest senses in the prophet a rival and antagonist who exposes his presumptuous attitude: the power-hungry priest is by no means an exceptional case, and the higher you look up the hierarchical ladder, the more you see him He is by all means a representative of the Existence … But the Prophet, as a seer, has a very different concern from the priest, as a seer he has to pronounce what God is telling people today. “

The office of the priest comes from ancient pagan idol cults, summarized from the Baals cult. From there it has also invaded Judaism. But even the upright prophets of the Old Testament kept raising their voices against the priests! (see eg below). It is a spiritual struggle that has been going on for millennia: “prophets versus priests” and “prophets versus pastors and pastors”, just as the priestly-like evangelical ministers are called exclusively.

Already in the Old Testament, priests of the prophet Mose had taken possession of him, seized him, and in the so-called “Five Books of Moses” had subjected him to the whole cult of the priests with animal sacrifices and genocide, which never came from Moses. This also applies scientifically meanwhile as secured. One of the Old Testament bibliographies is called “Priestly Script”, and the name refers to the authors themselves (see, for example, below).

Jesus, the Christ, said, “You should not call yourself a rabbi.” And: “Follow Me!” and not a priest or theologians.

And Jesus of Naszareth taught people to pray to God, their “Heavenly” Father, the Eternal Father-Mother-God whom He simply calls “Abba”, “Dear Father”. No priest or pastor is needed for this. But, “But if you pray, go into your closet, and shut the door, and pray to your father, who is in secret, and your father, who sees in the secret, will repay you.” (Gospel of Matthew 6, 7)

But who has stood between God and His children? There were and are always the priests, alleged “mediators” to God, sometimes called pastors or pastors, all “theologians”, ie “scholars” of the “Scriptures”. The pastors and higher ecclesiastical hierarchs, such as bishops, are undoubtedly the “scribes” of our time, whose forefathers Jesus of Nazareth had once powerfully exposed. Today, therefore, in the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth, one can say to the priests and pastors: “You should not call yourself ‘Lord’, not ‘Monsignore’, not ‘Spiritual’, nor ‘Your Pastor’.”

This edition of the theologian presents some aspects of this topic.

Many a person may once have chosen this profession with good intentions. Some praise of believers for a supposedly “good” priest is put into perspective by the fact that the priest is well paid for it. If his private activity is selfless in addition to his office activities, this should not be devalued. But who is ultimately served with a “positive” act of a priest, if it is really positive? So what is the use of power when the pastor is “good”, as many church Christians say?

We now clarify some of the backgrounds that were not or were not sufficiently clear to us when we were still working as theologians in the ministry.

Generally speaking, what seemed right for the individual yesterday may later turn out to be wrong and lead to new directions for the present and the future. For what philosophy calls the “evolution of consciousness” could also be popularly expressed by saying, “We are on earth to learn.” This follows directly from the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus of Nazareth, in which He said: “Therefore you shall be perfect, as your Father is perfect in heaven” (Matthew 5: 48) – and around this goal image of human life – the Jesus of Nazareth in the Sermon on the Mount on the basis of many aspects – to fulfill at some point, it usually requires very many learning steps and, above all, the will to continue to develop here at all. This saying of Jesus is one of the most unpopular passages in the circles of priests and pastors who prefer to emphasize sinfulness – their own and those of others. And some people do this in order not to have to change and at the same time to be able to maintain their mistaken nimbus, a kind of “special vocation”. But in reality this is only the growth of the clerical ego, which often corresponds to an ethical low which drove and drives its cruel blooms, especially in the priests’ child molester crime. Here the Roman Catholic Church even claims that the status of the priest would not be affected by crimes unless the pope removes the perpetrator from the priesthood. Even a priest whose outrages z. B. can be hushed up, could allegedly transform a host into the “body of Christ” and the faithful to the alleged “salvation”. But even with a papal impeachment his Catholic so-called “ordinations” remain, even if he is no longer allowed to perform in accordance with the Church.

I say to you: The publicans and prostitutes are more likely to enter the kingdom of God than they do “(Matthew 21:31), understood as a chronological sequence:” customs officers and prostitutes “succeed as pastors, but at some point, if they speak of their high” spiritual “When Ross has descended or fallen down and vice versa, even the” lost “churchmen and theologians – apparently the last of all men – will find their way to God.

Jesus of Nazareth

and the theologians

The fierce clashes between Jesus, the Christ and the theologians and priests of His time escalated in the execution of the intrepid man of Nazareth. Again and again and as long as He was able to do so, He warned the people before His later hangman. So it is For example, in the Gospel of Mark:

“There was a great crowd gathered and listened to Him with joy, He taught them and said: ‘Beware of the scribes! They like to walk in long robes, they love to be greeted in the streets and squares, and they want

… the foremost seats and the places of honor at every banquet … and [they] do long prayers in their hypocrisy, but the harder the judgment that awaits them. ” (Gospel of Mark 12, 37-40, Protestant-Catholic unit translation)

Or in the Gospel of Matthew:

“They bind heavy and unbearable burdens and put people on the shoulders, but they themselves do not want to dig a finger for it, they do all their works to be seen by the people … They like to sit at the table …

and they like to be greeted at the market and called Rabbi by the people, but you are not to be called rabbi, for one is your master, but you are all brothers. ” (Matthew Gospel 23, 3-8;

“Him” can still hear some murmuring of they that say: “does he mean that we ca no longer quote the biblical verses at our will”?



A wise sentence [ a Scriptural verse, for e.g.] shall be rejected when it cometh out of a fool’s mouth; for he will not speak it in due season. (Sirach 20:20)




He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination. (Proverbs 28:9)


Ooh, I forgot the name of that lady, among the TWELVE DISCIPLES of “Christ”…. Can someone remind me of her please?

I know that the “Messiah” sets up a good example at all times! Possibly, he might have a female “Apostle” among the twelve?!!! Uhm?!! Tell me buddies… Just slide me a precept and I will be infinitely grateful…

As your slave-master applies the code of : “DIVIDE AND RULE”


An hour is come when the “son-of-man” is going to GATHER…

He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters. (Matthew 12:30)

Also in Luke 11:23


But before that “Him” will divide first


Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. (Luke 12:51)


B’se many have corrupted their mind and turned their hearts to the waywardness of the prince of this world.

Therefore come out from among them… Then he will gather you


Therefore, “Get away from them and separate yourselves from them,” declares the Lord, “and don’t touch anything unclean. Then I will welcome you. (2 Corinthians 6:17) &&&&&&&&&&&&&&


Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you don’t participate in her sins and suffer from her plagues. (Revelation 18:4)

My beloved daughter my beloved brother , you will now be given the last messages so that humanity can digest them before the end of time to save their souls.

There are now a large number of angels scattered throughout the world, as predicted, to prepare the earth for My arrival. Many of these angels are in human form and like you, My Beloved Daughter, they chose this role themselves. Their unfolding at birth was timed to coincide with the final “warning” and the end times.

Likewise, the demons released from the depths of hell are unleashed. When they present themselves on this earth, they do so through temptation and lies. They attract My children, who are open to their influence. They infect those souls who are already in the dark. They enter their minds by lying to them and convincing them that their belief in Me and My Eternal Father is nonsense.

From their outward appearance you would never associate these people with something that you think is evil. On the contrary, they will be charming, knowledgeable, intelligent and inspiring. They will also be very persuasive in preaching what My good children think is the truth. Sadly, there will be no love in their hearts, and you must be on their guard against their teachings.

Now I want to turn to My Believers. You, My children, through prayer and faith have received the gifts that I promise to all who follow Me. You are given different gifts and each gift is meant to convey My Word in a different way.

Judgment of visionaries

For those to whom I give the gift of knowledge to help identify those who come in My name, and those who come in the name of Satan, I say: Please be very careful. It is only right that you are wary of false prophets. But never and never judges those who say that they come in My name without first having a clear picture of their messages. You should never judge the messages sent by Me as “the outward appearance (of the seer)”. Just because a person says of himself that he comes in My name, you still can not believe that your estimation of this human being is infallible. Look for such prophets who will be ridiculed or cause outrage if they claim to receive divine messages from Me or My Mother.

Do not succumb to the temptation to make an immediate judgment about them without first having carefully listened to the messages themselves. These messages will not simply relate to My teachings, they will refer to My Word and will be full of love. They will give you instructions on how to live your life in My name in order to achieve salvation.

Never be upset when My real prophets claim that they receive messages about future events in which they are privy. Do not be tempted to commit the sin of prejudice by judging these messages because of the social class that these prophets represent. Some will lack education. Some will be the opposite and will be eloquent. Many will not live up to your idea of a “holy” person.

But there are ways you can be sure of their authenticity. Those who communicate with My beloved Mother will for the most part predict the apparitions My beloved Mother foretells by hour and date. Of those who attend the apparitions, many accompanying circumstances will be observed. In the case where My messages are conveyed to humanity, they are given to the world without the prophet fearing for glory.

Give judgment on people

Finally, in spite of their faithfulness to Me, My faithful will still overwhelm those with naked mockery who foretell future events and make disparaging remarks about those who are blessed with the healing powers of the Holy Spirit. Stop and wake up from your peaceful slumber. These prophets will upset your routine because they do not harmonize with your holy group. They will not be what you expect them to be. Note this. If you judge these people on the basis of hearsay and gossip by third parties or hidden hints, you commit a sin. The sin against my prophets insults me deeply. If you reject My real seers and prophets, you turn your back on Me.

But that is exactly what is happening in the world today, where more visionaries go public. It is not easy for my believers. Just do not forget that the messages of My prophets must be read before you judge them, and that includes even those messages that may come from the false prophets. Ask for guidance as you consider these messages. Authentic messages will be full of love. But they will be firm in their

authority. Messages that go against everything you have learned about My teachings and My apostles, no matter how subtle, will be easy to evaluate.

Do not be silent about your beliefs

Go now, My children, and open your hearts to My prophets. They are there to give you the assurance that the time has come for Me to prepare all of you, to open my mouth in My name. Remember, glory is given to My prophets, who open their mouths despite the humiliation and contempt they have to endure. But punishment is given to those who say that they follow Me, but remain silent about their faith, but, on the other hand, are quick to speak out against My real visionaries. You know in your hearts that those who have condemned you are speaking of coming events that, in your opinion, are very difficult to accept.

You may ask: Why is My Savior, Jesus Christ, working through such individuals? Basically, they are not holy devotees according to My specifications. Well, my question to you is, why do you think that only the few chosen ones who devote their lives to prayer have the authority to reject those who speak outside of your circle? Did not you learn anything? Do not you understand that those who spend their lives in prayer can also fall prey to the cheater?

My real prophets will be hated

Remember, even when I was on earth, I was mocked, mocked, rejected and treated from above by the elders and priests. If I have been hated, then you can be sure that My real prophets will be the most hated, just as they are worshiped in other places.

Shame on you all. My prophets will not come from your groups, yet you must honor them. In the life they have led, they will least look for prophets. Some will come from wealthier families. Some will come with little education, while others will be born with the gift of eloquence. These are My chosen prophets. Listen to her voice before you convict her.

Pray for her. Pray that My Word given to these prophets will not be rejected. Do not reject my word either. The non-believers will always try to discredit those brave souls who say My Word out loud, but that’s to be expected. But when My faithful, and especially those in prayer groups, monasteries, and other ministries, reject my true seers outwardly, then my heart breaks apart. Listen to my words. You will never deviate from the truth any more than you, My beloved followers, can influence the truth to match your interpretation.

Open your eyes. Wake up. The signs have started – visible to all. You, my faithful, do not have much time.

Hear. Pray. Stand together and proclaim My Word in unity to save souls before time runs out.

Your loving Christ – Jesus, the Savior and just Judge





Genesis 10:6 (See on the lower, left banner of this tablet) shows clearly that THREE out FOUR of Ham’s progenitors are COUNTRIES nowadays, neatly located in THE CONTINENT OF AFRICA INTERIOR. These are (Cush i.e. Aethiopia)

(Mizraim or Misiri i.e. Egypt)

(Phut or Put i.e. Libya) A man who carried Jesus’ Cross was living there i.e. Simon, from the Libyan city called Cyrene

THE QUESTION IS WHY WOULD CANAAN (KEN’ YAN) BE PLACE IN THE LAND OUTSIDE OF THE LANDMASS OF HIS BROTHERS’ INHERITANCE? If it Canaan had been exclusively set apart from living in the same landmass together with his siblings, we would have been given A SCRIPTURE ABOUT IT! AND THERE IS NONE.

YET, ALL THE LAND OF CANAAN was given for an inheritance to Jacob (Israel) => See Genesis 17:8

This explains well that Jacob does not live anywhere else except in the Land of Ham (aka Africa) => See Psalms 105:23.

So, why would Negrews keep asking me why I say that the Holy Land is in Africa? I already gave you the answer:


Seek ye out of the book of the UWITEKA, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate:

for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them. (Isaiah 34:16)


Use Scripural eyes to see clearly, never trust your own fleshy eyes or words from soothsayers…

In brief, consider which land fits the following features:

  1. Judges 18:10
  2. Deuteronomy 8:9

Should I go on?

I know Negrews despise their own! They trust in the fashion (literature) concocted by their slave-master. They consider everything they learn from their oppressor as sacrosanct!

Yet, someone from their own seed, also did the same as him. He never suffered Greek deceit and their far-fetched accounts.

This excerpts from the Works of Josephus Flavius shows that the latter expressed an utter indignation against the Greeks’ pomp to make up accounts that claim the Antiquities of the Races of Peoples that had preceded them. In brief, they hijacked other people’s history and identities (for e.g. calling themselves Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chaldeans,etc.). They continue to do so, even to the present day…

Writing was not a European invention (Josephus Flavius alluded)
Phoenicians helped pave the way… (Also remember: “Arabic numbers!”

Let me give you a test and see if someone has a brain.
Hints: Hyrcanus was a PURE JEW, and A HIGH PRIEST, in the lineage of King David!
Notice hereunder what is said of Africa that was prone to be invaded by a Roman King Caesar. The
question is: Why would this Jew-High Priest intervene in this rally of King Caesar to conquer Africa? Why
would he care? Just ponder on the following text…

Recall that Scipio (probably Africanus leo) was the one who was behind defeating a Negrew Emperor aka King Hannibal (Annibal). A whole chapter in the books of the maccabees (the 5th) deal with King Annibal’s war againt Rome.

Now, that Scipio (a former Roman Captain) is colonizing “Africa” why would a Jew High Priest care to ratify with someone (Caesar) who comes against the former?

Would this mean that Africa was the derogatory term that came to be assigned to the H.Land?

Just ponder on the following ” Psalms 83:3-4″ and tell me?

They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of ” – Israel -” may be no more in remembrance. (Psalms 83:4)

Let me give you an incentive (Stirring up your inquisitiveness towards digging deep into decapolis-dilemma


Parlez-vous Francais Monsieur?

“Pays peuples de Juifs ” means ” Dwelling Places/Countries of Jews” see to it that it doesn’t say of “exiled Jews”!

Notice that this is only a portion of West Africa!

So, where are the dwelling places of the other eleven tribes (Reuben, Simeon, Benjamin, Asha, Dan, Ephraim, Manasseh…)


So, were is the real -DECAPOLIS? You’ve seen more than enough! Maps like this have been banned and names changed!

However, “Zair (e)” is also on the blink towards falling into the oblivion. 2 Kings 8:21

There is more…

this one of the deepest truth I have come across ever smh its imperative we know history

only YAHUAH can deal with these people they are beyond evil this is without a shadow of doubt why YAHUSHA SAID about them in Rev 2:9 connect the dotsI

The Rwandan Genocide wasn’t a product of years of ethnic tension between Hutu and Tutsi as it so familiarly repeated in parrot-like fashion, an assessment awash in colonialist and orientalist undertones and overtones. It was the result of Zionist-Western intrigue, neocolonialism and intelligence operations at the highest levels. A devilish assassination was the spark of the massacres and ethnic cleansing that eventually became genocide. Juvénal Habyarimana, the third president of Rwanda, was brutally murdered on April 6th, 1994 when his plane was shot

down by the forces of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), led by current Rwandan President Paul Kagame, who holds office despite being accused of a plethora of war crimes

This was the culmination of seditious warfare that began in late 1990, when Kagame’s RPF invaded from Zionist proxy state Uganda, with backing, funds and arms from the CIA and the US State Department. Jewish-Zionist war criminal Madeline Albright, in collusion with Kofi Annan, covered up the origins of the RPF and its atrocities at the UN

Kagame was fully backed by the Zionist-occupied governments of America, Britain and, “Israel” itself provided direct support as well. Mossad agents were embedded with Kagame’s RPF from 1990 until the genocide concluded in 1994 The primary mover and shaker in the horrific travesty of humanity that unfolded in Rwanda during those years, the war criminal who can be considered the architect of the Rwanda Genocide, was “Israeli” spymaster David Kimche, a Zionist godfather who participated in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, designed Mossad’s doctrine and modus operandi, helped found Mossad’s research department, established Mossad’s foothold in Africa in the 1960s as an agent of its Tevel Unit, laid the groundwork for the Sabra and Shatila massacre by building up the Jewish occupation regime’s ties with the Phalangists and a whole host of other services to international Zionism

Kagame, Kimche’s puppet and protégé, surely as a repayment for its help in establishing his rule, has become one of the usurping Jewish entity’s most visible and vocal African allies. He visited occupied Palestine for the 60th anniversary of the Nakba and became initiated in the Jewish religion of “Holocaustianity.” During his visit, he met with “Israeli” war criminals Shimon Peres (real name: Szymon Perski) and Tzipi Livni, as well as Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaore , another Mossad asset who, with strong “Israeli” support, overthrew and murdered Burkinabé revolutionary leader Thomas Sankara, one of the great freedom fighters of the modern era

When it was all said and done, the Mossad-RPF-CIA nexus murdered about one million men, women and children and the majority of the victims were Hutu, not Tutsi as “official history (read: Jewish history)” has it. World opinion on the Rwandan Genocide remains diluted, largely in part to the viral viewing of the critically acclaimed film, “Hotel Rwanda,” which depicts Kagame and his RPF band of slaughterous thugs as heroes

Hotel Rwanda was produced by Lions Gate Films and United Artists, both owned and operated by Zionist Jews. Rwanda needs its freedom; and the perfect way to start a struggle for it would be to scrap the treachery of USAID and MASHAV, therefore alleviating the East African nation from anymore unnecessary Zionist plunder.

The African Jewish Congress is an affiliate of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and the World Jewish Congress one of the most powerful Jewish-Zionist groups on the planet. The executive director of the African Jewish Congress is Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft, Feigenbaum’s partner in Zimbabwe, who was rabbinically ordained in occupied al-Quds and is a citizen of the criminal Zionist entity To repeat, Feigenbaum is no “humanitarian,” no “human rights activist”; she is a cultural Zionist imposing cultural Zionism (also known as Jewish cultural imperialism)

The legendary Nigerian revolutionary and musical renegade Fela Kuti famously declared that European cultural imperialism was the biggest enemy of the African and was the thing most vital for him to fight against. In this spirit, an addendum should be added that Jewish cultural imperialism (Cultural Zionism) is an enemy just as deadly to the African if not more so due to Jewish religious teachings and Zionist occupation policy (which is rooted in Judaic “wisdom”) both being inherently anti-Black. Cultural Zionism will install in its African victims a brutal cognitive dissonance in which they vehemently despise racism but also love Zionists, despite their abyssal and ancient supremacist beliefs, specifically in regards to the African, who, in their Judaic worldview, is eternally damned to slavery and “blackness” because of the Curse of Ham.


Former President that the Jonathan regime brought in a team of Mossad and CIA operatives, overseen by “Israeli” Ambassador to Nigeria Moshe Ram, to probe (read: run) its security service The Zionist entity is attempting to break up Nigeria using boko haram islamic group cause the country has oil, gold etc

Central African Republic

Jean-Bédel Bokassa. The closest friend of the megalomaniac Bokassa was one of the usurping Jewish entity’s “famous generals,” General Shmuel Gonen-Gorodish. The “Israeli” general, in addition to his military and security advice, built up the public relations of Bokassa throughout the globe. Gonen-Gorodish also embezzled large amounts of taxes and customs from the state treasury. Though their relationship didn’t last long, when a military coup ousted Bokassa from power, Gonen-Gorodish helped him flee to the Ivory Coast

Sierra Leone

the small, troubled and diamond-rich Sierra Leone was “virtually run” by Marat Balagula, the Ukranian-Jewish mob boss of the most powerful criminal organization on earth, the Red Mafiya. Sierra Leone’s president, Joseph Momoh, didn’t have any problem with the Jewish syndicate setting up global smuggling and money laundering operations in Freetown because Balagula’s associates, in return, bankrolled Momoh’s 1985 presidential campaign. Mossad agent named Shabtai Kalmanovitch, who trained Momoh’s presidential guard and assisted in the crushing of an attempted coup in 1986. Balagula and Kalmanovitch were introduced by Rabbi Ronald Greenwald, a frontman for the interests of Marc Rich the famous billionaire Jewish criminal pardoned by Bill Clinton.

Congo DRC

Zionist network in the Congo they have a monopoly over Congo’s diamonds, a dominant stake in Congo’s copper and the largest cobalt-mining company in the world. Te Congolese government in exchange for high-level “Israeli” defense and intelligence assistance gives them access

Burkina Faso

Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara, the Burkinabé revolutionary, Pan-Africanist and righteous leader of Burkina Faso from 1983-1987, was certainly the “Che Guevara of Africa.” Sankara was known for his incorruptibility and radical (and successful) policies that included land reform, women’s rights, literacy promotion, education, famine prevention, resource nationalization, anti-neoliberalism, anti-Zionism, anti-imperialism, public health care, social justice and legal punishment for all previous oppressors, colonialist and collaborator alike. Thomas Sankara was nothing short of remarkable. Unfortunately however, his extraordinary and pristine life came to an end on October 15th, 1987, when he was overthrown and executed in a coup d’état by Blaise Compaoré. It has been known, for quite some time, in all actuality, that French intelligence and the CIA aided the coup, but there is yet another player that isn’t discussed. Not only has the usurping Zionist entity’s Foreign Affairs Ministry described Burkina Faso as “one of ‘Israel’s’ most loyal friends in Africa ,” but Blaise Compaoré is an honorary member of The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation


The Zionist entity has also fully restored its diplomatic ties with the West African nation of Ghana, more than four decades after Mossad overthrew Ghanian founding father and cherished leader Kwame Nkrumah in its secret war with the Chinese Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS). The usurping Jewish entity would end the war with CSIS after the “Nkrumah Affair” and then forge an alliance with it to curtail Soviet influence in Africa, as per the policy designed by Meir Amit to keep superpowers divided and weakened in the name of “Jewish survival”. Mossad would do just that in the years following, pitting Chinese operatives against Russian operatives and using Africa as the battleground


Kenyan freedom fighter and legendary revolutionary Field Marshall Dedan Kimathi Waciuri was hung by the Rothschild-financed British colonial regime, one of at least 1,090 Kenyans executed in this manner during the 1950s, along with 300,000 other Kenyans thrown into British concentration camps He chose dignity over humiliation. Liberation over subjugation. Death over a life in slavery. It is this kind of steadfastness that the African continent needs now, maybe more so than ever before. Without it, the Jewish exploitation machine will continue onward with its rampage throughout Africa, leaving an oceanic trail of blood in its tracks. Kenyan regime signed a security pact that would have “Israeli” security consultants sent to the East African nation to govern its assault against the Islamic Resistance of occupied Somalia, Al-Shabab. The Somali Resistance assailed the Kenyan regime for the traitorous move, slamming the deal as an attack on Islam


Qadhdhafi was planning to introduce a gold dinar into the African economy for oil trade, a move that would have devastated Jewish-Zionist financial domination of Africa.


From the moment of Zimbabwean independence from the Rothschild Empire, Mugabe, himself imprisoned by the apartheid regime for a decade (1964-1974), initiated a program of land reform aimed at redistributing the land confiscated by the Rhodesian settlers back to their rightful owners: native Zimbabweans. The British government, an agent for Rothschild interests, entered into an agreement with Mugabe that it would take care of the Rhodesian settlers. Typically, it reneged, in a deliberate attempt to break the back of the Zimbabwean government and send the country into chaos. Mugabe, who built excellent programs of national health care and education, resulting in a literacy rate of 95% among indigenous Zimbabweans, the highest in Africa, as compared to an abysmal 39% during the apartheid years, resisted in the name of his people. And as a result of his sincere resistance to the Western plot, the American and British governments, as well as the IMF, an institution dominated by Zionist Jewry, imposed

devastating sanctions on his country. The sanctions have prevented the Mugabe government from importing raw materials, laying the agricultural and industrial sectors of Zimbabwe to waste

Because of Mugabe’s historical principled stance on Palestine, and his courageous efforts to stop Jewish monopolization of Zimbabwe’s clothing and textile sectors, the usurping “Israeli” regime has joined in the economic aggression against the southern African nation of Resistance. The Zionist regime’s Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry, along with the Kimberley Process, an “Israeli”-run forum that fronts as a “human rights” group interested in stopping the flow of blood diamonds onto global markets, and Human Rights Watch, the notorious NGO funded by billionaire Zionist mega criminal George Soros to the tune of $100 million teamed up to punish Zimbabwe for alleged (read: non-existent) human rights abuses and corruption

A Zionist Plot In Uganda: Kony2012 Sensationalism and Disinformation Galore

On March 5th, 2012, the worldwide web was set ablaze by a glossy, emotional and deceptive video called “Kony2012” about a Central African rebel group known as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and its leader Joseph Kony. Produced by a group called Invisible Children, the Kony2012 campaign attracted celebrities from across the (Jewish-run) Hollywood spectrum and garnered major attention from the Zionist media. If these weren’t suspect enough, the red flags were solidified upon examining the campaign poster, which featured Joseph Kony alongside Osama Bin Laden and National Socialist Germany’s Adolf Hitler.

Slamming a leader as “Hitler,” his country as “Germany” and his people as “Nazis” is a common, tiresome, ad hominem and reprehensibly slanderous attack that the Jewish Power Matrix has utilized incessantly since the horrific fall of National Socialism at the hands of the genocidal Allied Axis during WW2, most specifically against the German people themselves, Palestinians and Iraqis. And Osama Bin Laden of course, has been the boogeyman used by international Zionism to justify its ongoing Orwellian “war on terror.” The matter was quite reminiscent of the “Save Darfur” farce, a campaign that began as an exclusive project of the American Jewish community, with hardline Zionist groups like the American Jewish World Service and Jewish Community Relations Council leading the way in the propagandistic assault on the government of Sudan. More than half of the $100 million raised ended up in “Israeli” banks to fund illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank

Kony2012 is no less fraudulent as Joseph Kony is wrongfully depicted as this supremely influential warlord who has built up a massive, murderous army through the widespread physical, psychological and sexual abuse of child soldiers. Nowhere in the video does it mention

that Kony’s LRA was originally comprised of the Acholi people, an ethnic group repressed and enslaved by the Rothschild-financed British colonialists. Nor does it mention that the LRA was formed to combat discrimination and resist the military dictatorship of Yoweri Museveni, who receives $45 million yearly from the US government to assist the fight against Al-Shabab, the Islamic Resistance of occupied Somalia. Conveniently, it also doesn’t mention that the LRA hasn’t been active in Uganda or anywhere else in Central Africa since 2006 and Kony himself has been AWOL for some time. The video is a con, pure and simple, and a dangerous one at that, as it attempts to create a pretext (capturing Kony) to justify American military aggression against Uganda and deepen the already-troublesome presence of AFRICOM on the continent

Despite all of the hype however, Kony2012 is now in shambles. Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children and the driving force behind the viral video, has brought disgrace to the initiative after melting down in public by swearing and screaming to himself, behaving lasciviously and pounding the sidewalk with both hands, all while being in the nude Moreover, Invisible Children has been caught spying for the brutal Museveni regime and backing US-intelligence-led Ugandan military operations that left scores of innocent men, women and children dead

In the most devastating blow, and what is now absolute corroboration of previous analytical deductions that pegged Invisible Children as an organ of the arrogant powers, it has been revealed that the NGO is being funded and supported through the Northern Uganda Transition Initiative of USAID the State Department apparatus so often associated with CIA-type operations and spying, as evidenced most recently by its activities of infiltration in educational institutions across Lebanon

Steinberg is hated across the African continent for his role in the Rwandan Genocide, in which he advised the Jewish-run, philo-Semitic, war criminal Clinton administration to ignore the terrible bloodshed that would unfold. Steinberg now serves as Deputy President of the International Crisis Group, a mightily influential Zionist think tank founded by neoconservative hawk Morton Abramowitz and the aforementioned George Soros. Despite his “humanitarian credentials,” it is clear from his positions and associates that Steinberg is a top rank agent of the Cultural Zionism project in Africa. And as a commander of the powerful USAID, there is no doubt that Steinberg ensures a policy that grants loans only to those groups who are willing to pursue the Zionist agenda.

Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni is also deeply involved with the usurping Zionist regime, hence why he receives tens of millions in aid from the Zionist-occupied United States government, which never compromises “Israeli” interests when in comes to setting up client regimes. He made his first visit to Jewish-occupied Palestine in 2003 when he met with the genocidal mass murderer Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (real name: Ariel Scheinermann) and psychotic hardliner Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (real name: Benjamin Mileikowsky) for the purpose of securing arms. His most recent visit, in November 2011, with Netanyahu and

massacrer of Qana Shimon Peres (real name: Szymon Perski), was in regards to more arms and amplification of economic aid.

The meeting was organized by Rafi Eitan, the infamous former Palmach commander and Mossad operations director, who is now setting up business operations in Uganda (undoubtedly for further “Israeli” penetration) with the help of Museveni (35).

Museveni wouldn’t be in power today if wasn’t for the Zionist entity due to the usurping regime’s intimate involvement in the downfall of former Ugandan leader, the misunderstood and demonized Idi Amin, who reigned from 1971-1979. During the opening months of his presidency, Amin had close ties with the Jewish supremacist entity, forging economic and military alliances with it. “Israeli” military advisors set up training camps for the Ugandan air force and infantry and there were routine meetings between Zionist occupation and Ugandan officials. The Zionist entity sold Amin jets, tanks and guns of all kinds, while its companies became involved in building Uganda’s infrastructure, including houses and roads. In exchange, Amin agreed to assist Zionist efforts to fragment Sudan

“Israel” however, despite the vast involvement it already had in Uganda, was not living up to the agreements it had made with Amin and he began to look elsewhere in the region for assistance. His breakthrough came with none other than Muammar al-Qadhdhafi, the fallen Libyan leader who had been a thorn in the side of international Zionism from the very beginning of his reign. Qadhdhafi “berated” Amin for collaborating with Zionism and told him that the assistance was his as long as he promised to end his ties with the occupier of Palestine. Amin agreed and within two weeks, he had already taken measures to remove all Zionist Jews from Uganda and began issuing calls at the UN for “Israel” to be removed as a member and for “Israelis” to be expelled from Palestine back to Britain which he (rightly) viewed as responsible for helping birth the criminal Jewish “state.” He also began actively aiding the Palestinian Resistance. Right on queue, like clockwork, the Zionist media began depicting Amin as an “anti-Semite” and “brutal dictator” who ran a “terror regime” that “murdered hundreds of thousands of Ugandans. It was the “Entebbe Crisis,” which lasted from June 27th, 1976 to July 4th, 1976, that ultimately led to the disintegration of Idi Amin’s regime, tarnishing his image internationally and weakening him internally. Out of the ashes of what the Zionists would call “Operation Entebbe,” President of Tanzania Julius Nyerere would take action against Idi Amin at a time when he viewed the Ugandan leader and his army as weak. Nyerere would send 40,000 troops into the Ugandan capital of Kampala in April 1979, the culmination of three years of conflict, where the Tanzanian forces would emerge victorious drive Amin into exile (36). What isn’t known about these two events, other than that they are indeed connected, is that the Zionist entity fomented and manipulated both of them.

The Entebbe Crisis began when the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) allegedly hijacked a plane in Athens and subsequently flew the plane into Entebbe; 98 persons, most of them “Israeli” Jews, were held hostage. The operation was reported worldwide as an act of terrorism, with Idi Amin being a “state sponsor of terror.” This narrative, like every other narrative of the Jewish-Zionist media, is a lie. In truth, the hijacking was a false flag attacked

staged by the “Israeli” internal security service, Shin Bet (or Shabak), who had infiltrated the PFLP and planted “all sorts of wild elements” within the organization’s mix. The intention of the operation, other than to undermine Idi Amin, was to weaken the PLO in the eyes of France and the United States. The crisis came to a close when elite “Israeli” occupation commandos raided Entebbe Airport, bringing the Zionist false flag theater to its closing act and rescuing the hostages. “Israeli” Prime Minister Netanyahu’s brother, Yonatan, died .


led by Julius Nyerere from 1961 until his retirement in 1985, was an “Israeli” client state from the moment of its independence in 1964, establishing uninterrupted security, diplomatic and economic ties

Most recently, the Zionist entity has taken a substantial portion of control of Tanzania’s vast mining operations, with the Engelinvest mega corporation of “Israeli” moneyman Jacob Engel taking hold of three mines, and securing dominion over Tanzanian gold, copper, nickel and other metals Nyerere himself was not only an ally of the Jewish occupation regime but a devoted supporter of the Zionist cause, once ridiculously and insultingly declaring that war criminal Golda Meir (real name: Golda Mabovich) was the “mother of Africa.”

Nyerere personally (and nonsensically, for that matter) believed that any enemy of the Jews (“Israel”) was an enemy of the Blacks (Africa). The relations between Tanzania and “Israel” were of a special kind and there is no doubt that this was due to the ideological veneration of Nyerere which was highly peculiar for a Third World leader of his stature


in Yaounde which means city of Yahudah aka Judah the jewish open a 3d printing service d%C3%A9-587162

On November 23rd 2010, an important story reported in the Hebrew press of the Zionist entity, then picked up by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Press TV, revealed a rather bothersome development. A retired “Israeli” colonel by the name of Avi Sivan had died in a helicopter crash near Yaounde, the capital of the Central African nation of Cameroon. Sivan was responsible for training the Cameroonian presidential guard and was also the head of the Jewish supremacist entity’s military delegation to Cameroon

South Africa

The malevolent apartheid regime of South Africa is perhaps where the Jewish supremacist entity’s ties were the strongest. In South Africa, Jews benefited and thrived under the racist regime’s protection, maintaining and strengthening their ties with the Zionist entity. The Board of Deputies of South African Jewry, a major Zionist Lobby front on the African continent, declared “neutrality” in regards to apartheid so Jewish interests weren’t compromised. The “Israeli” security establishment saw the relationship with South Africa so vital in fact that, it actually believed the ties saved the Jewish “state” from extinction. The Zionist entity didn’t just provide a plethora of arms to the apartheid regime, it “created the South African arms industry.” Most astoundingly, Zionism provided South Africa with nuclear technology and expertise, helping it build its own miniature nuclear arsenal Needless to say, every drop of South African blood spilled by the apartheid regime, especially in its last days, is on the hands of “Israel.”


Speaking of Angola, where the Zionist entity was active with South African forces, it should be mentioned that Angolan warlord Jonas Savimbi, the seemingly eternal darling puppet of America’s Jewish Lobby, the neoconservative establishment and “Israel,” was assassinated by Zionist special forces when he no longer served a purpose

South Sudan

full diplomatic relations have been established between the two entities so Tel Aviv can officially take control of South Sudan’s oil-rich economy cause China also wants the oil


“Israel” has been exceedingly active in Ethiopia for decades upon decades but 1990 is where relations hit new peaks. The Zionist regime fueled the Ethiopian Civil War as a testing ground for what it could do with its real enemies, Iraq, Syria and Iran. “Israel” supplied the regime of war criminal and collaborator Mengistu Haile Mariam with cluster bombs, several hundred IOF military trainers to guide the Ethiopian Army, 150,000 bolt-action rifles and an unknown number of its patented “Uzi” machine gun

it must be understood that even America’s policies towards Africa, in fact, its entire geopolitical network of stratagems for the continent, are shaped by the Zionist regime itself and its plethora of think tanks

America’s Conquest of Africa: The Roles of France and Israel 6

Additionally, the concept of a US Military Central Command in Africa (AFRICOM), was designed and promoted by the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS), the same Zionist think tank that produced the infamous “Clean Break” papers

Conclusion: Welcome To Africa, Where Zionist Tentacles Extend Throughout The Continent smh

What the people of Africa, Black and Arab, Christian and Muslim, and everything in between, must know, is that the Zionist entity, inspired by a primordial Jewish supremacist ideology, has no interest in your land except to exploit it, and exploit you. Zionism is a cancer that infests, infects and destroys everything in its path. But like any other cancer, it can be counteracted and cut out, so it never returns.

O’ Africa! Cut out the Zionist cancer from your midst. Cut it out like a knife to flesh and vow never to mix with it again. For anyone and everyone who has suffered at the hands of the usurping Jewish entity; to all oppressed people from Africa to what lies beyond its beautiful and ancient borders, heed the call: cut out the Zionist infestation before it is too late.

Source: All info taken from, The Zionist Infestation Of Africa: Zimbabwe To Uganda, Congo To Somalia And Beyond by Jonathan Azaziah, Mask of Zion


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