Lovers of traditional Angolan literature now have the opportunity to add ” Dictionary of African Proverbs in Kikongo , translated and explained in Portuguese , French and English ” , made available yesterday at the Museum of Natural History, in Luanda . A work written by Emanuel Kunzika leaving with the seal of the Editorial Nzila . pages and contains 50 thousand sayings , the result of a research that took close to thirty years.

The work , presented by the Director Kukanda , is the first of its kind that is translated into three languages , two of which belong to the group of the most spoken in the world , as it enhances the preface Pinda Education Reform . ” The Dictionary ( … ) arrived at an opportune moment connoisseurs of the richness of African culture knowledge with the world around them to help the people of planet Earth , where we live , to cultivate the understanding, mutual tolerance and brotherhood based on culture Proverbs in the African Kikongo ” , unique in its format , mirrors , to its collection of books in the public presentation According to the author , the book of 300 of the Institute of National Language , Vatumene Simon , vice minister of education have an obligation to to share your as key factors for the development of peace we all seek, ” it reads .

According to the teacher , the ” Dictionary written ,” the extent and depth of knowledge that any society seeks to preserve and transmit to future generations , indicating that it contains a wealth of wisdom , well used , is an essential and rich knowledge instrument. “Posto available to communities , Universities , Libraries , Research Centers and Schools , will , I am sure that, to the knowledge of the reality and richness of the culture of Africa and , particularly , the kongo culture, thus helping to reaffirm our participate in building a better world in this century of globalization , “he writes .

The author

Emanuel is Kunzika veteran nationalist and national liberation struggle against Portuguese colonialism. Retired teacher at the Faculty of Economics of the University Agostinho Neto , was born in the village of Kinto in Maquela do Zombo , Uige province . Did all his studies in the Democratic Republic of Congo , from 1938 to 1963 , acquiring the Certificate of Social Policy Studies at the Institute of Political Studies of the then Leopoldville , now Kinshasa . He studied in New York and Philadelphia Universities Abraham Lincoln , 1963-1968 . Still in Congo , attended from 1968 to 1971, the School and Development, being graduated in Economic Science and Development and Political and Administrative Sciences and Law .

At the National University of Zaire (1970-1974) , he graduated in Political and Administrative Sciences , with the presentation of a monograph entitled The Formation of the Angolan nation and the liberation struggle . As a researcher in 1997 , was president of the Center for the Study and Development of Angola . This Dictionary of Proverbs Kikongo is the result of research carried along ethnolinguistic community of kongo , to which it belongs , whose philosophical imaginary is intended to help the promotion . In addition to this , has published other works, including ” Petition to Angola to the 16th Assembly of the United Nations ” ( New York , 1961) , ” Unit Angola , in for the Independence of Angola – WAY ” ( Leopoldville , 1963) and ” The Formation of Angolan nation and the Liberation Struggle ” ( Monograph , Université Nationale du Zaire , Kinshasa , 1974) .
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