Dura Europos Synagogue

Hand of God in Exodus and the Crossing of the Red Sea wall painting

In the Exodus and Crossing of the Red Sea wall painting, God’s hands are depicted as outstretched arms extending from the heavens, in a similar fashion to the form of the hand of God in the Moses and the Burning Bush wing panel. In this wall painting however, there is a slightly more naturalistic amount of space between the thumb and the fingers. The first hand of God appears in the right center, directly above the figure of Moses, who is depicted in the act of raising his black coloured staff to close the sea on the Egyptians. The second hand of God appears in the left center, touching the upper layer of standards carried by the elders of Israel, who are dressed in alternating pink and yellow chitons, as they successfully cross the sea that has been parted by the second and larger scale figure of Moses


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