Saturday, October 31, 2020



The Hausa Spirituality

The Hausa man is one of the most influential people in Africa. They occur mainly in Nigeria and Niger. If they are seen today as a group rooted in Islam, this is not always the case. In...

About Praying New Moon

Dear brothers,I write to you as another Kongo in spirit. The spirit of Yahweh came to me, and asked me to shed light on the misconception still surrounding the new moons. When we google on the internet on...

Prepare To Turn All Things Loose, Zion

Everything of this world is not for you, beloved Zion, for you are not of this corrupt world, and the temporary things this world offers can never ever satisfy you--not even in a...

Choose Today Whom You Will Serve, Ysolele

Many Christians, Gentile as well as Hebrew, through attending, hopefully, well-meaning churches from childhood and beyond were intentionally taught to not read The Bible for themselves on the pretense it was too hard...

Since 70 A.D. on a far away hill in Jerusalem until today

The Israelites of MESSIAH's time were terribly disappointed that HE did not come to destroy their persecutors and tormentors, wondering if HE truly was the One to rescue them or should they expect...

Nothing New Under The Sun

When Yahudah went into Babylonian captivity during the reign of Nebukadnezar, the king requested of his trusted eunuch to bring before him certain of the Hebrew children, those who were of royal seed--beautiful, pure and intelligent--those who...


Otis Boykin, The Electronics Engineer who helped create the Pacemaker

Otis Boykin, The Electronics Engineer who helped create the Pacemaker. Around you, whether it is the computer, the radio, the television, these...

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