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The Dry Bones

The Dry Bones – 400 Years Of This Day In History

The Dry Bones - 400 Years Of This Day In History The Dry Bones: " On August 20, 1619, 20 Angolans, kidnapped by Portuguese, arrived in the British Colony of Virginia. They were immediately bought by English settlers. The arrival...

The untold but true story of the Hebrews Israelite

THE CONSEQUENCES OF DISOBEDIENCE The untold but true story of the Hebrews Israelite's: The whole story all comes down to the fact that ancient Hebrews disobeyed God and the word of God was fulfilled against them. When we read the...

Remembrance of Christ’s Church

"The Concert I have done with you is one of life and happiness. Have you not read what I did when Solomon asked me for wisdom? Didn't I transform the daughters of my servant Job? If I have given...

End of the world

105.What answer will we receive from God and Christ when they come? 106.All religions that teach the word of God know very well what God said. 107."Thou shalt not make an image or any figure before Him, nor worship it." 108.Are these...

Nimrod Son Of Cush (Ethiopian Ancestor) Stretched From ETHIOPIA Unto India

Just before Emperor Napoleon, right before Nero the Emp, Greeks & Romans had been attacking Negrew-lands (Holy Land) trying to convert them into the Greco-Roman religion, aka Christianity invented by Constantinople. Those who resisted to give up their ancestral Laws (Holy Laws/Taboos) were put...

(Yisayah) miracles happened in Africa

(Yisayah) miracles happened in Africa Even in the time of Jesus( Yisayah ), Israel was still in Africa Revelation 1:14 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;...

Crossing the Red Sea did it really happen

0 e_Exodus uZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAAupWLb42ZxF4dOP_bzHgsFNR0x5 S2rIcM-4XVwZV0jgv1F3cXY_PU-udC-m23 -mAbS-S8GwSIosTcEFLQF0_Ko0a_irtDqZ3PP087afgnxvWEHPsxWmybGN6MCrGm_FnTwx5NeF5PzsXvdoG1kV48Klvx2ts3n-V5 IzQqdCPx7D C3%BCber-land-nach-israel Of course, 3,000 years ago there were no vehicles, in the desert no roads and no navigation system. Therefore, the Israelites could not make the shortest route from Egypt to Canaan, as on a modern transit...


7.7. Charity A practice of the Tocoists that consists of providing spiritual and social assistance to the sick, the afflicted and the helpless. However, all Tocoists are recommended to be charitable, helping each other. That is, those who have already created some social conditions should...

The Bible Unlocked, The Sunday Worship

Shalom's all the viewers out there tuning in, through the power and spirit of the Most High and through our Lord and King yahwahshai, who you call Jesus Christ, we come together to go over another message. Today what we're going to...

The Bible Unlocked, The Pork Decption

All right Shalom to all the viewers out there that have been following along in this Bible unlocked series. I want to say peace and blessings and hopefully the Most High has moved your spirit and opened your mind but without further...


MD. Imon Howlader – Youngest Musical Artist And Entrepreneur Of Bangladesh.

MD. Imon Howlader is a Bangladeshi Musical Artist & Musical Entrepreneur, Who has Made a Big Name in The Graphics Design & Digital Marketing...


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