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The Dry Bones

The Dry Bones – 400 Years Of This Day In History

The Dry Bones - 400 Years Of This Day In History The Dry Bones: " On August 20, 1619, 20 Angolans, kidnapped by Portuguese, arrived in the British Colony of Virginia. They were immediately bought by English settlers. The arrival...

The untold but true story of the Hebrews Israelite

THE CONSEQUENCES OF DISOBEDIENCE The untold but true story of the Hebrews Israelite's: The whole story all comes down to the fact that ancient Hebrews disobeyed God and the word of God was fulfilled against them. When we read the...
George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver, the exceptional destiny of a genius

Not very many are the men who have had as much effect as this African-American researcher and innovator. George Washington Carver will be regarded in the entire world for his accomplishments in the field of horticulture, industry and natural...

Historically, African Societies were not based on slavery

Historically, African societies were not based on slavery. Beyond everyone’s belief, what do historical facts tell about slavery in Africa? We are going to answer with the utmost objectivity. To do so, we will review the Pharaonic period and...

The Origin of Anti-Black Racism in the world

The origin of anti-Black racism in the world Where does the anti-black racism that exists in the world come from? If you are of African or African descent, this is a question you have had to ask yourself at least...

Manipulation: The education, The television and the media, The religion

Manipulative messages People are educated that black is usually something negative, while white is something positive: If you hit, for example in a lexicon the word "black", you will find there: Black: without color, completely absorbing light, not reflecting, very dark, dark,...


Bantu fishermen. stitching networks

Bantu fishermen. stitching networksBantu pescadores. cosendo redes

End of the world


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