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The untold but true story of the Hebrews Israelite

THE CONSEQUENCES OF DISOBEDIENCE The untold but true story of the Hebrews Israelite's: The whole story all comes down to the fact that ancient Hebrews disobeyed God and the word of God was fulfilled against them. When we read the...

Zumbi, the greatest fighter against slavery in Brazil

Zumbi, the greatest fighter against slavery in Brazil: Three centuries ago, this Congolese man led the most iconic uprising against slavery in Brazil. He is still considered the father of the black conscience   At the end of the 15th century,...

The contraceptive methods used in ancient Egypt

The Contraceptive Methods used in Ancient Egypt. 8th century BC, Homer, Greek savant, said “In medicine, the Egyptians were leaving the rest of the world behind”    We are transmitting an article from the French newspaper Nouvel Observateur: Did you know that the...

Africa Invented Writing

Africa Invented Writing It is taught everywhere that the first script of all time is the Sumerian script - Mesopotamia - which dates back to 3300 BC. BC appeared. However, the research of the Germanic Institute of Archeology under the...

Why do we focus African History around Ancient Egypt?

Why do we focus African history around ancient Egypt? Cheikh Anta Diop's recommendations for restoring African historiography were clear. Egypt had to be the reference to every interpretation of the past and to the experiences of Africa. We follow...

Debunking the myth of African savage

Debunking the myth of African savage: How did the term “wild Africa”, which causes so many of our brothers and sisters who are our cousins ​​in villages and communities as desert and solitary be regarded as savages, as opposed...

The Haitian Revolution : Africans’ greatest war of liberation

In three words and a thrill, an unprecedented act of heroism, the Haitian Revolution is a key event in the history of Africans, our greatest war of liberation. We will speak to you about these 13 years that mark...

Historically, African Societies were not based on slavery

Historically, African societies were not based on slavery. Beyond everyone’s belief, what do historical facts tell about slavery in Africa? We are going to answer with the utmost objectivity. To do so, we will review the Pharaonic period and...

The Royal Architecture of Danhomey (Modern Day Benin)

The Royal Architecture of Danhomey (Modern Day Benin): The Kingdom of Danhomey (today Benin) was founded by the Fon people in the 59th century of the African era (17th century of the Christian era). During the imperial era, it...

Um Nyobe, the forgotten father of the Independence of Cameroon

Um Nyobe, the forgotten father of the Independence of Cameroon. The story of this hero who is a taboo and is also the hidden story of the longest war for the independence of a former French colony, the determination...


Drawing of Ethiopia

Drawing of Ethiopia KHAQA (h2710 חקק kaqaq) Ancestor Samson Our ancestor Samson, destroys the Temple.. nkaqak or KHAQA (h2710 חקק kaqaq) Ancestor/Governorsame word in Biblical hebrew as...


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