Saturday, October 31, 2020

African Heroes

Grandville Woods, the man who changed train and communication

Grandville Woods, the man who changed train and communication. As the inventor of the communication system between trains, the telegraph, the electrical independence of trains, a switch and more than 50 other inventions, the role of this...

Lewis Latimer, co-inventor of the telephone and the durable light bulb

Lewis Howard LatimerLatimer was born in 1848 and belongs to a family of African slaves who fled slavery to settle in Boston. A slave owner named James B. Gray claims George Latimer,...
George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver, the exceptional destiny of a genius

Not very many are the men who have had as much effect as this African-American researcher and innovator. George Washington Carver will be regarded in the entire world for his accomplishments in the field of horticulture, industry...

The Haitian Revolution : Africans’ greatest war of liberation

In three words and a thrill, an unprecedented act of heroism, the Haitian Revolution is a key event in the history of Africans, our greatest war of liberation. We will speak to you about these 13 years...
Vivien Thomas

Vivien Thomas, Inventor of the Blue Baby syndrome treatment

The exceptional story of that African American laboratory technician is also a lesson on racism and perseverance.Vivien Thomas was born in Louisiana to a father's carpenter and received a good education. However, his...

Um Nyobe, the forgotten father of the Independence of Cameroon

Um Nyobe, the forgotten father of the Independence of Cameroon. The story of this hero who is a taboo and is also the hidden story of the longest war for the independence of a former French colony,...

Yahmesu (Ahmose I), the King who freed Egypt

Yahmesu (Ahmose I), the King who freed Egypt: Yahmesu (Ahmose I): In the year 1730 BC that foreign invaders entered Egypt. Ancient Egyptian Historian, Manethon, described them by these words: “unexpectedly, some men from an unknown race coming...

The Authorized Heroes

Why are Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King the only black heroes that the dominant system asks us to celebrate? Why them and not the others? Is there a goal behind these decisions?


King Dawid was ruddy what that means?

King Dawid was ruddy what that means?And when the Philistine looked about, and saw...

Similar customs?


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