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Amilcar Cabral, father of the independance of Bissau Guinea

On January 20, 1974, Amilcar Lopes Cabral, a great African fighter and activist, was murdered. This is a tribute to him.Young CabralYoung Cabral Remember that Amilcar Lopes Cabral was born on September 12, 1924 in Bafata in what is now...

Kandake Amanirenas, the greatest African woman ever

Barwa - Sudan or Nubia - was ruled by a dynasty of women entitled Kandake (Candace). As empress and regent, Amanirenas was characterized by her extraordinary warrior and her political skills. After Amanirenas, Amanishakheto and Amanitore reached the throne....

“Mwalimu” Julius Nyerere, in the name of the tradition!

“Mwalimu” Julius Nyerere, in the name of the tradition!: The first president of Tanzania was one of the most brilliant men of his generation. Baba was Taifa built a nation on the model of the African village. This is...

Zumbi, the greatest fighter against slavery in Brazil

Zumbi, the greatest fighter against slavery in Brazil: Three centuries ago, this Congolese man led the most iconic uprising against slavery in Brazil. He is still considered the father of the black conscience   At the end of the 15th century,...

Garrett Morgan, Inventor of the gas mask and the traffic signal

  If you can cross the street safely today or protect yourself from certain gases, you owe it to this African American inventor. Garrett Morgan was born into a poor family of seven children in the US state of Kentucky...

Grandville Woods, the man who changed train and communication

Grandville Woods, the man who changed train and communication. As the inventor of the communication system between trains, the telegraph, the electrical independence of trains, a switch and more than 50 other inventions, the role of this African American...

Lewis Latimer, co-inventor of the telephone and the durable light bulb

Latimer was born in 1848 and belongs to a family of African slaves who fled slavery to settle in Boston. A slave owner named James B. Gray claims George Latimer, Father Lewis, as his property. The Latimer family is...
George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver, the exceptional destiny of a genius

Not very many are the men who have had as much effect as this African-American researcher and innovator. George Washington Carver will be regarded in the entire world for his accomplishments in the field of horticulture, industry and natural...

The Haitian Revolution : Africans’ greatest war of liberation

In three words and a thrill, an unprecedented act of heroism, the Haitian Revolution is a key event in the history of Africans, our greatest war of liberation. We will speak to you about these 13 years that mark...
Vivien Thomas

Vivien Thomas, Inventor of the Blue Baby syndrome treatment

The exceptional story of that African American laboratory technician is also a lesson on racism and perseverance. Vivien Thomas was born in Louisiana to a father's carpenter and received a good education. However, his dream of entering medical school was...


A palavra hebraica SABABA em hebraico Bantu é YAWABA

A palavra hebraica SABABA em hebraico Bantu é YAWABA, e tem o mesmo significado, bom, legal, ótimo, sem problemas, tudo bem. Esta palavra SABABA que...


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