Bena Bantu buku (book of a bantu son)

The Bona Fide Hebrews of the Books of Moses
Originally published: 2008
Author: Baba Chaitezvi Kanyuchi Dehwe

What became of the Hebrew Covenant and how inclusive or universal to other races or strangers was the Hebrew Covenant? If the Hebrew Covenant was inclusive or universal, what was the motivation of the New Covenant as taught in Christianity? Is there a link between Hebrew Culture and African Culture? If so, what is the link between Vanhu/Abantu (Africans), Jews and Arabs? How does Judaism of the Jews relate to Hebrew Culture and who are the Jews in relation to the Hebrew patriarchs? Is there a link between the Hebrew Diaspora especially the mass movement of Hebrews to Egypt under the leadership of Johanan and Prophet Jeremiah at the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon and the Vanhu/Bantu Migrations? Is there a link between Vanhu/Bantu dialects, Arabic and Jewish Hebrew spoken by the Jews? Basing on scriptural race evidence in the Hebrew Scriptures, what was the race of the Hebrews of the Books of Moses? What was prophesied of the Hebrews in their later days and where are they today? What is the Messiah and what became of the Lost Hebrews (Lost Tribes of Israel) Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the bona fide hebrews of the books of moses


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