Ambundu, Kimbundu (or Dongo), Angola musicians.
Traditionally girded with the red belt. Ephesians 6:14 So stand firm, having girded your loins with the truth,..
To gird the loin means to encircle, or to close, to belt the loin. this belt was red in color and is a spiritual symbol of truth.

The word close in Bantu Hebrew Semitic Kimbundu (or dongo), Kikongo, Lingala, Kiswahili, as in Biblical Hebrew means Close, is from that word where the word KANGA “R” חָגַר, H2296, KANGO supposedly originated, which becomes KONGO. Hence the well-known Hebrew term Bar Kãgor (kangor) which becomes ba kongo, which comes from the term bana kongo, which means girt children, or clothed children.


Ambundu, Kimbundu (or Dongo),Angola musicians.
Tradicionlmente Cingidos com o cinturão vermelho. Efésios 6:14 Estai, pois, firmes, tendo cingidos os vossos lombos com a verdade,..
Cingir o lombo, significa cercar, ou fechar com um cinto o lombo. esse cinto era de cor vermelho e é um simbolo espiritual da verdade.

A palavra fechar na linguas Bantu Hebraico Semita Kimbundu (ou dongo), Kikongo, Lingala, Kiswahili, como no Hebraico Biblico significa Fechar, é dessa palavra onde supostamente originou a palavra KANGA “R” חָגַר, H2296, KANGO, que torna-se KONGO. Daí o conhecido termo hebraico Bar Kãgor (kangor) que torna-se ba kongo, que vem do termo bana kongo, que significa filhos cingidos, ou filhos vestidos.Follow us on our Bantu Africans social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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