Africa Invented Writing

It is taught everywhere that the first script of all time is the Sumerian script – Mesopotamia – which dates back to 3300 BC. BC appeared. However, the research of the Germanic Institute of Archeology under the direction of Gunter Dreyer made it possible to grant this crucial invention to humanity, which can be affected, that is to say, the blacks of Africa.

The famous Congolese linguist Theophile Obenga tells us that the Phoenicians of Africa, who were the first black inhabitants of the Middle East, said that the scriptures were created and transmitted by the Egyptians. The Greek scholar Diodorus reported that the Nubians – from southern Egypt-Sudan – had told him that their Egyptian descendants had inherited the letter from them [1]. The German Institute of Archeology discovered the oldest scenario in human history in Abydos, in the south of Egypt. The inscriptions discovered by this team made it possible to date the hieroglyphs which were there at -3400 [2].

The plates of Uruk and Akkad in Mesopotamia show a kind of “writing” from -3200 BC. The problem is that this “writing” does not express sounds. That is why he does not write. If you compare this to Africa, we have the Lebombo bone in Swaziland and this is the first proof of human mathematics. The inscriptions on the Lebombo bone date from -37000. We must, therefore, compare -37,000 to -3,200. The authentic Sumerian script dates from -3060. And the said Sumerians were black.

Source: Presentation by Upahotep Kajor Mendi; Ubuntu Mboa 6250
The sumerian script, 2600 BC.
The letter was brought to Greece by black Phoenicians led by Cadmus after settling there – 1450. and this information was confirmed by the ancient Greeks themselves. In contact with the black civilizers of Africa from the Middle East, Europe had for the first time around the ninth century BC. A writing; almost 2,600 years ago to say to Africa. It is this Greek alphabet which gave birth to the current Latin with which we wrote this article. The French historian and epigraphist Pierre Bordreuil, an experienced researcher at the CNRS (France), declares: “The particularity of the Phoenician alphabet is that it is the ancestor of our alphabets” [3].

Since European writing comes from the Phoenician and the Phoenician from African, European writing comes from African.

Africa Invented Writing
Africa Invented Writing


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